This is the scene when Sue gets really angry with Noby and broken his heart in Noby Ran Away from Home: The Musical.

[At Sue’s house]

[Noby, Sneech, Big G, and Ace Goody]
Happy Birthday to Sue
Today is a special day
Happy Birthday to you, Sue
Because today is a special day for
Us to celebrate the day

Sue: Thank you everyone, I’m so happy

Noby: (Man, this is going to be the day, after having cake I’ll give her my present and she will be surprised what I got her)

Sneech: Here’s my gift. Paintings

Sue: Oh Sneech, you’re too kind

Tino: Here’s mine to, chef’s gloves. Happy Birthday

Sue: Thank you Tino.

Rarity: [hold the cake] Precisely sweet and fancy if I do say so myself. 

Sue: [takes the cake] I got the cake

Noby: COOL!!!

Cadence: Wow I didn’t realize how wonderful this birthday party is.

James: I know a day like this nothing can go wrong.

Shining Armor: That is absolutely correct, right little sister?

Twilight Sparkle: Yes.

Tohka: (Oh no!) Noby!!! Look out for the…

Noby: WHOA!!!

Tohka: Banana peel.

Carver: Oh no, here we go again!

Brian: What’s that supposed to mean?

Tino: He means that Noby is going to ruin another birthday party for Sue. But when she gets angry at him, it’s not going to be beauty.

Shido: Tino’s right. Who knows what happens?

Noby: OH NO!!! SUE!!! LOOK OUT!!!!

[Noby ran into Sue, and she dropped the cake into her face, and she is really angry]

Sue: NOBY!!!

Tohka: Uh oh!

Carver: See what I mean?

Mana: Oh, we see what you mean by ruining a birthday for Sue.

Carver: Thank you! Now take a look at this and see what happens to Sue when she's mad.

Sue: I can’t believe you ruined another birthday for me!! I thought you won’t do it this time but now you did!!

Noby: I’m sorry, I just stepped on a banana peel that’s all!

Sue: “That’s all!?” “That’s all!?” Is that all you’re going to say, Noby!?

Origami: Sue, look. He just did it by accident.

Sue: Just stay out of this!!

Noby: Origami’s right!

Sue: I know!! ARRGH!! All right that’s it!! From now on, Noby!! This year, I’m opening the present you gave me last!!!

Everyone: [gasps]

Noby: [crying] No, you wouldn’t do that. I know you wouldn’t do that.

Sue: I would! Now get out of my house and go home!!!

Noby: [crying] Fine, I’ll get out, heartbreaker!! [ran out]

Tino: ([in his mind] Dammit, Sue broken his heart!) Noby wait!! Come on!! Sue didn’t mean to make you heartbroken!! Stop!!

Noby: ([in his mind] Damn, I can’t believe Sue broken my heart. The nerve of her!!) [as he runs]

Sophia: ARRGH!! Sue has broken his heart! She has gone too far this time. Don’t worry Noby, I fix that broken heart of yours. But we’ll have to wait till Noby makes a decision to come here or not.

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