This is the part when Sue stops the wedding in time and sings to Noby that reversed the spell in Noby Ran Away from Home: The Musical.


Today is finally the day
The day that I’d dreamed since I was small
My plan is going well
And Noby is in my clutches
And Noby will be mine!!
This is finally the day
The day that I’d dream since I was small
But instead of having him
As my husband
He ended up as a king
But I know that he loves me
I would care for him
Just like I’d care for my people
Then Noby will say
Just until that moment that I want us to be together
And he is the one I loved
Yes, I love that boy in my heart
There is more room
But I want him to be
All mine!
We have to stop her before it’s too late
I hope the plan will save the day
Then I will say
I’m afraid to lose him to the one who wants him for herself
As he’s the one I loved
Yes, I love that boy in my heart
I do consume
Oh hang on Noby
I’ll be there very soon!!

[Sue beats the guards and the gang continues the plan to save Noby]

Finally he moment has arrived
For me
To be one lucky bride
I know this plan must work
Or Noby will end up marrying her
Noby will be…
All mine!


Counsel: We have gathered her today to celebrate the marriage of King Noby and Queen Sophia. For honor and for duty…


Doraemon: Oh no! The wedding has started!!

Tino: What?!! We’ll never make it there in time.

Sue: Don’t give up!! I love Noby so much and I can’t lose him now.

Todd: That’s right let’s go!

Evelyn: We can’t quit now!

Sunset Shimmer: Alright let’s go!

Ash: Right!

[Back at the wedding]

Counsel: Queen Sophia, would you take King Noby as you wedded husband?

Sophia: I do.

Counsel: King Noby, would you take Queen Sophia as you wedded wife?

Noby: I…

Sue: STOP!!!

Sophia: YOU!!

Tohka: That’s right and we’re going to take you down!!

Lor and Brian: Yeah!!

Kristoff: No way we’re going to lose!!

Sophia: You guys think you all can stop me. It’s too late!!! Noby is mine now, remember?

You’re wrong
All you did is put him under your spell
To do your pending.
I cared for him when I first met him
And I can’t lose him to someone like you!!
You see Sue
I fixed Noby’s broken heart
And you didn’t
You hated him and treated him bad!!
That’s not true
I loved him in all my life
And your plan to make him a king forever
So you won’t have to rule your planet alone
That’s right, I planned all this
And it had worked thanks to you
You had broken a heart of a lovable boy
I should thank you
But I’ll have to marry Noby now!
No you don’t
Just wait and see
I’ll prove that I love him

Sue: Noby, listen to me. I know you’re heartbroken because of me, but just let me help you.

Listen to my voice
I know that you love me
And I love you to
Just let me make it up to you
I’m the one that you loved

Noby: S…S…Sue?

Sue: [hugs Noby] Oh Noby.

Doraemon: The spell must have been reversed because Sue sings to him.

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