This is when Sue fights off Sophia for Noby’s heart has begun in Noby Ran Away from Home: The Musical.

Sue: Okay Sophia. It’s you and me, who gets to win Noby’s heart.

Sophia: Foolish girl!! You know I had already won Noby’s heart once. And I shall do it again!

Sue: [grabs a sword and shield] Not going to happen!!

Sophia: Fine!

Have it your way, but
I’m the mermaid queen remember
I know you and Noby have a great time,
But you have broken his heart and I had fixed it.
No you didn’t all you did is put him under you spell
To take him away from me
I can’t let you have him
He’s mine
Okay then Sue, Let’s see who gets to win Noby’s heart!
I accept that challenge and now is time
Noby is mine

Sophia: [grabs a sword and shield] We’ll see about that! [swings her sword]

Sue: [doges Sophia’s attacks]

Sophia: You’re very clever, but can you keep up with my speed!

Sue: I don’t care how fast you go, I will win Noby back!! You’ll see!!

Sophia: Very well then.

You really think you can defeat me
But you can’t because
I’m the most strongest queen
And Noby will be mine
You’re wrong
I know that Noby loves me
Just like I love him
And the matter of fact Noby will be mine

Sophia: Well, I guess that’s how it starts isn’t it?

Sue: Oh, yeah!!


Noby: Where’s Sue?

Doraemon; She’s fighting Sophia for your heart.

Noby: [gasps]

Tino: Don’t worry, Sue we’ll be fine. I’d promise.

Noby: I hope so.

Sue: [swings her sword]

Sophia: That is pathetic. You think that could stop me

You can’t deny the fact
That I had won Noby’s heart
And now he’s mine
And there is nothing you can do
To stop me!
I will stop you
And win Noby back
I really do love him
I know him ever since
Sometimes I get mad
But didn’t meant to break his heart
I love him with all of my heart!
We’ll see about that
After all
Noby is mine

[Sue and Sophia continue fighting, as they ending up outside of water]

[Blossom comes out and fights Sophia]

Rick O'Connell: [fires his gun]

Sue: What are you doing!?

Rick O'Connell: Hey you, hey!

Sue: Rick! Get out of here! This is my fight!

Sophia: [grabs Blossom's foot] It's my fight! [slams Blossom] And you all gonna die!

[Rick and Sophia fight]

Doraemon: They're in trouble!

[Rick and Sophia continue their fight]

[Sue punches Sophia, but she is outmatched by her]

Sue: (Dammit, Sophia’s strong! There’s no way I can bet her, except the sun. Of course the sun dries her up. If I can lure her into it) Sophia! Try to kill me I dare you!

Sophia: Oh I will kill you, ONCE AND FOR ALL!!!

Noby: SUE!! Look out!!

Sophia: This ends now!!

Sue: Yeah! [dodges it]

Sophia: What the…?! Oh no! The sun! I need water. [fainted and falls into the water and she refreshed]

Doraemon: Oh so that was her plan all along.

Brian: What?

Elsa: What do you mean?

Tino: Sue was luring Sophia into the sun so she would dry up and needed water to survive.

Brian: Oh! I get it!

Tino: That’s right because Sophia is a mermaid. Mermaids are half-human and half-fish, remember.

Cadance: Yeah!

Sneech: Sue had finally won Noby back!!

Tammy: Hooray!!!

Noby: Way to go Sue!!

Sue: [safely landed on the ground]