Here is how the Suicide Squad fights against the Villains to get to Optimus in Crash, Thomas and Ryan Meets Sofia the First: The Curse of Princess Ivy.

[we see Ren holding an innocent civilian hostage with the Force, Stormtroopers everywhere, and his lightsaber drawn]

Kylo Ren: If you do not join us, Jessica Fairbrother, I will kill this civilian.

[we see Crossbones using his sensors installed into his mask to watch it]

Crossbones:[takes out a gun] Captain Boomerang: Too risky, mate. Use this.[hands him a boomerang] I've made sure it's one of explosive ones. Throw it at the lightsaber. When he realizes it's a bomb-a-rang, he'll throw his saber, to avoid the blast. That'll give you time to attack him. That's when we strike. Sides, it was Nighlock's idea.

Crossbones: Well he always was the man with a plan on the team.[puts away the gun and grabs the bomb-a-rang] Say nighty night to your saber Ren.[throws it]

[the bomb-a-rang lands in the saber and Ren see it]

Kylo Ren: Uh oh.[throws it just in time before it explodes, destroying his lightsaber]

Crossbones: Move in.[activates his hard punchers and throws a punch from behind]

[the force of the punch sends Ren flying forward, face first]

Crossbones: Come back here, jerk!

Jessica Fairbrother: C'mon! Don't let him get away! Ren's a monster.

Crossbones:[punches Ren in the face damaging his mask] You're not goin' anywhere![pins him against a wall] This is for all the innocent people you killed in cold blood![unsheathes a blade from his gauntlet and drives it forward, but Ren stops it with the Force] That don't work on me no more![knees him then body slams him]

Captain Boomerang: A bit overkill, don't ya think mate?

Crossbones: Get these troopers off of me![bangs Ren's head against the wall]

Evil Ryan: [puts the Stormtroopers in a glass box] This is one thing my sister GLaDOS likes. Neurotoxin. [fills the box with neurotoxin]

Space Core: I love space.

Ryan F-Freeman: C'mon, Doc. We got bad guys to fight!

Harley Quinn: [swings her bat and fires her gun] This is fun![acts like she is shooting her bat]

Deadshot: Nighlock![aims his wrist guns in one direction]

Nighlock[activates his cosmic powers]

Deadshot:[fires in said direction]

Nighlock:[redirects them with his Cosmic Telekinesis]

Cyberman: You are not upgraded.

Ryan F-Freeman: You mean her? Well. Upgrade this! [Swings his Keyblade and the Cyberman is flow away] [laughs crazily as he swings his Keyblade at the Cybermen]

Harley Quinn: Ryan, that was my thing![pouts]

Ryan F-Freeman: Sorry.

Katana(DC):(in Japanese) I'll give you upgraded![slices her sword through the Cyberman's head]

Rick Flag: Show off.[shoots a trooper and a Heartless]

Killer Croc:[snaps a trooper's neck] Though you guys were supposed to be tough![rips another in half]

[we see Ren crawling on the ground to take cover from his beating]

Kylo Ren:[takes out a comm device][in his mask's amplified voice and normal voice] Help me! Help me.

Crossbones:[shoots it] I don't think so![picks him up and throws him] With all that power, I thought you would put up more of a fight![puts his head against a passing train]

Kylo Ren:[yells in pain as the rest of his mask is destroyed]

[we see his right side of his face is bleeding badly]

Ryan F-Freeman: We make a great team, Harley. [grabs a Cyberman] Wanna do the honors?

Bertram T. Monkey: [shoots stormtropers and Cyberman with his wrist-mounted blaster on his robot arm] These guys are better at dying, Nighlock. With Ryan's plan to reform Ivy, what will Grievous have? A futile quest for power, a robo-body and his place as Dooku's errand boy.

Nighlock: I think so, Bertram. Matau did tell me that you are a heroic siren like Evil Ryan and Evil Anna.

Evil Ryan: And the Dazzlings are good too.

Nighlock: Just Keep fighting.[stabs four troopers with his swords]

Harley Quinn:[bats the Cyberman's head off] It's going. It's going.[head lands in the dump] It's gone! It's a homerun folks!

Ryan F-Freeman: Well done! After this, Harley. I will make you my partner.

Taskmaster: That'll have to be in five years. We still have our sentences.[sees Sonata do back flip and does the same to dodge a Cybermen] Moron.[drives his sword up its chest then shoot its head]

Aria Blaze: How did you just do that?[backhands a trooper] Do what Sonata did, I mean?

Rick Flag:[shoots a Cybermen behind her] He can copy an opponent's moves just by watching them. He can predict what someone is going to do next, before they even do it.[stabs a trooper in the neck] By far, he's as deadly as Rumlow.

Crossbones:[punches Ren twice in the face, disfiguring it][in Megatron's voice] You're so weak.[chokes him]

Evil Ryan: [slashes his Keyblade and lightsaber at the storm troopers] Take that and that! Oh. I think we would sing at them.

The Cyberlings: What we have in store (Ah-ah)~

All we want and more (Ah-ah)~

We'll see Ryan's plan come true (Ah-ah)~

[as they look at some troopers] Now it's time to finish you!~

[Ryan's pendant glows blue then he and Nighlock pulls a Super Battle Droid in half]

Ryan F-Freeman: Piece of tin.

Nighlock:[deactivates bottom part of his mask and uses his Ice Breath to freeze some troopers and Cybermen] William, Wayland! Clear out this ice field i just made!

Air Strike and Killer Croc:[jump into the separately creating shockwaves and at the same time destroying them]

Sunset Shimmer: Losers!

Cody Fairbrother: I hope this hero thing is good, Sunset. At least you and I are friends.

Crash Bandicoot: YEE-HAAA!!!![spins with his Keyblade and the Cybermen flies away]

Nighlock: N.I.G.H, do you have a lock on the target building?

N.I.G.H: Yes sir.[shows him the building]

Nighlock: Alright, N.I.G.H's got a lock on the target building where Optimus is hiding with the Villains! Suicide Squad and Code Red, we're moving up. Whoever's not part of either team, keep the troopers and Cybermen off of us!

Crash Bandicoot: You can count on me, Nighlock.

Sci-Ryan: [swings his Lightsaber and Keyblade at the Cyberman] Wow. This is so cool. Sunset will help me with this.

Captain Hook: Ye are right, Sci-Ryan. [chucks and EMP bomb at a storm trooper]

Brian the Crocodile: Gotcha! [eats a storm trooper]

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