is the daughter of Rainbow Dash and Lightning Storm, She's the youngest of the 3 foals, thus is younger than the twins. She has an electric crimson coat with chocolate brown eyes and a messy yellow mane and tail. She’s energetic, playful, and a thrill-seeker. Sunbeam always has her wings closed and for good reason, unlike her family, she’s unable to fly and can only hover in the air for 10 seconds flat. Sunbeam’s very sensitive about being unable to fly and breaks down easily when other colts and fillies make fun of her for being flightless, so the red and yellow filly stays close to her mother most of the time for protection. Rainbow Dash, having actually softened up over the years, took notice of Sunbeam’s problem and tried to help the tiny filly learn to fly, but no success. With every failure, Sunbeam feels she let her mother down and feels useless, but the sky blue Pegasus just rubs it off and comforts the filly every time. Throughout the times of staying together and training, Rainbow Dash and Sunbeam began to form a bond together, so they’re usually seen together no matter what’s going on, whether it’s just sleeping in THE CLOUDS, walking through town, you name it. After a while, Sunbeam found a way to put her wings to good use when Scootaloo gave her old scooter to the tiny filly, Sunbeam quickly learned how to use the scooter and did various tricks and stunts on it without fail. Sunbeam had also formed a friendship with Fluttershy’s oldest daughter, Arachna, as they didn’t fly much and helped each other through some tough times. She’s also enjoy spending time with her Aunt Spitfire and Uncle Soarin’ from the Wonderbolts.

Relationship with Rainbow Dash's human counterpart

Sunbeam, along with Thunder Spectrum and Blue Star are growing very fond of their Mother's human counterpart because she's a lot like her.

Relationship with the Electriods



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