Sunlight is Benny the Beast's wife and new friend of the LionKingHeart Fantasy Films
Sunlight 001

Sunlight in her warrior garb.


Sunlight is a Tauren for the country of Mulgore from the world of Azeroth when her father was killed at the Battle of Wrathgate in northrend. Her mother was the only family she had but when she was older her mother was killed by the Grimtotem Tauren led by Magatha Grimtotem who wanted to seize Thunderbluff for herself following the Death of Carine Bloodhoof at the Hands Of Garrosh Hellscream. She escaped death when Baine Son of Carine Banished Magatha and the rest of the Grimtotem from Thunderbluff. Following this she had to defend for herself and a couple of days later she was attacked by the Quillboar Tribe and she was knocked out cold but she escaped death again thanks to the help of Benny the Beast and he and Leo brought her back to earth to recover from her ordeal, and both she and Benny had grown quite found of each other since.

Sunlight and Rae have a sibling-rivalry relationship, with the habit of Sunlight calling Rae a "kitty-cat." The reasons why is currently unknown, but it can be assumed that it is because the latter is a feline.


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