Sunset's CHS Adventure is an alternate version of the EG first movie.


When Princess Luna's former student, Twilight Sparkle, steals Princess Sunset Shimmer's necklace and brings it to the human world, Sunset must go to that realm in order to get it back and adapt to being a human teenage girl.


Prologue: The Princess Summit (SCHSA)

The film starts at CHS and Ryan pulls out a book to read to the Dark Stars about a pony princess named Sunset Shimmer and how she became a human in order to get her necklace back from a school bully called Twilight Sparkle who had stolen it. As he begins reading the story, we zoom in on the book and the pictures in it come to live. A train arrives at the Crystal Empire station and Sunset and her friends depart from it and head to the Crystal Empire. But Sunset is both nervous and excited about the summit or nervictied (as Daisy Do-Little puts it). When she enters the castle, Sunset bumps into a techno-organic boy named Cody Fairbrother, who introduces her as "Her highness, Princess Sunset Shimmer". The friends are greeted by Princess Luna, her sister Princess Celestia and Sunset's favorite foal sitter, Princess Chrysalis


  • AU Cody will help Sunset in this film.
  • will work for



  • This Strange World

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