Here is how Sunset asks Nighlock and Red Smoke a question and Bumblebee talks to Optimus goes in Pooh's Adventures of The Myth of Burton.

(We see crowds of people leaving D.C. with soldiers to protect themselves)

(We see our heroes and the partners walking at the back, ready to protect the civilians)

(A motorcyclist drives up to them and removes his helmet)

Motorcyclist: Anthony, Amy!

(They turn and see and old friend)

Nighlock: Graydon. It's been a long time old friend. Nice toy you have there.(points to Gradon Creed's gun) What's it called?

Graydon Creed: It's Stun Machine GunX3. The stun bullets are strong enough to knock out even the most powerful hybrid. Stronger the stun bullet, the easier it will be for you to restore her memory.

Red Smoke: Let's hope it works. That minigun they used barely made a scratch on her.

Graydon Creed: The needles are sharp enough to penetrate her skin. But the stun process will be slow.

Sunset Shimmer: Hey Anthony, Red Smoke, can I ask you something real quick?

(Red Smoke walks over to her)

Nighlock: Uno momento por va voor.

(He walks over to them)

(Graydon gets back on his motorcycle)

Nighlock: Alright, now what did you want to ask us?

Sunset Shimmer: How do you two get around so easily when everyone knows what you are and get past their insults towards you? How do you feel like you belong?

Nighlock: In order to truly feel like you belong, you must first accept who you are, your identity, and what you are exactly. Soon everything people call and tell you will slowly sink away, like a ship on the ocean. You must not pretend to be something you are not.

Sunset Shimmer: I never thought about it that way. Thanks for the advice.

Nighlock:(in his Russian accent) No problem my comrade.

Bumblebee(to Optimus): Optimus will the Magic of Friendship have to be used to save the day once again?

Optimus Prime:

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