Here is how Sunset talks to Bumblebee, Bumblebee wants her and Sideswipe to come with her, and Air Strike sneaks up on her goes in Pooh's Adventures of The Myth of Burton.

(we then see people thanking Code Red and the Autobots while the damage toll was counted, which Nighlock promised to pay for the damage done)

Senator Kelly: How do you hope to do that?

Nighlock:(tossses a large bag of money to the ground) I get paid a lot when I'm out bounty hunting.

(we then see Sunset Shimmer walk up to Bumblebee)

Sunset Shimmer: Hey Bee, could I ask you something?

Bumblebee: Fire away Sunset.

Sunset Shimmer(about Nighlock): How do you think he pulled that off without getting hurt by her?

Bumblebee: Well it's like he said, he was her only friend back in Jurassic World.

Bumblebee:(turns to walk away, then stopped) Actually there is one thing.

Sunset Shimmer: And what's that?

Bumblebee:(turns to look at her) I want you and Sideswipe to come with me to Code Red's home.

Sunset Shimmer: Why?

Bumblebee: Well.

Air Strike:(from behind her) To help you move past your mistakes.

Sunset Shimmer:(jumps and yelps in fear)

Arcee: How did he sneak up on her without her hearing him.

Bumblebee: Even big guys can be sneaky.

Sideswipe: So what do we do now?

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