Super Alphablocks to the Rescue! is a new episode.


S, U, P, E, R, H, E, R, O, T, E, A and M form the word SUPERHERO TEAM and E, A, O, U and M become superheroes and try to save B's younger brother D from peril.


Forming a word

Ryan is walking with Crash then he saw A and O. A asked Ryan why is he happy to see them and Ryan explains that he wants to see them make a word. Crash comes with S, U, P, R, H, E, T and M. Ryan makes another two Es and one more R with his magic and the Alphablocks spell the word "SUPERHERO TEAM". The Es become one and two Rs become on as E, A, O, U and M become superheroes.  E is Epic E, A is Aplier, O is Octipus O, U is Ultra U and M is Magnificent M. B then runs to Crash saying "Please, help me, super Alphablocks. D my brother is in trouble.". E says that he, Crash, Ryan and the others will save D from whatever predicament he is in.

Finding D/Formulating a plan

B leads the gang to D who is dangling from a very high branch sticking out of the side of a cliff and yelling for help. Ryan thinks of a plan and is about to tell the Super Alphablocks about it when they all decide they want to be the one to rescue D. E tries to use his Epic Extending Arms to reach D, but he is too high and Ryan says to let A have a go while he go to fetch his 3 siren friends, the Dazzlings,


  • This episode is based on "



  • Everything is Awesome

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