Super Power Pups

Super Power Pups

The Super Power Pups are a group of puppy dog superheroes who fight alongside Bee-zooka and the Bot Force.


The Super Power Pups traveled with Bee-zooka, Wonder-bot, Emmet, Finn, Rey, Vitruvius, Wyldstyle, Batman, Gandalf, Batman (The LEGO Movie), M2-T2, Captain Cody, Sir Kylo Ren, The Princess Dazzlers and other comic book characters to Equestria to find Bumblebee, Sci-Ryan and the others. When Adviser Sci-Ryan tells them that their new team are waiting, they team up with Ryan and the gang to fight bad guys but Chase reviled to Ryan that the Super Power Pups are Yo-kai


  • Chase
  • Marshall
  • Zuma
  • Rocky
  • Skye
  • Rubble


  • It revealed that they are Youkai from the PAW Patrol.
  • They have their own Yo-Kai Medals.
  • They have their on Song Medals. Chase's Song. Marshall's Song. Rocky's Song. Skye's Song. Rubble's Song and Zuma's Song. And they have own Band song called "Power Patrol".
  • They have their own Friends in Yo-Kai World.
  • Chase and Rocky are part of the Usurakage Tribe. Marshall and Zuma are part of the Isamashi Tribe. Rubble is part of the Goketsu Tribe. And Skye is part of the Pretty Tribe.
  • They have their own Moves. Marshall has "Staff of Flame". Chase has "Taser Beam". Zuma has "Sword of Water". Rocky has "Saber Raid". Rubble has "Meteor Punch". Skye has "Hurricane Wand".
  • They do the Kamen Guts Move.
  • They have their own Weapons. Marshall's Bo Staff. Chase's Taser Gun. Skye's Wand. Zuma's Sword. Rubble's Hammer. Rocky's Lightsabers.
  • They are Friends to Jibanyan, Whisper, USApyon, Komasan, Komajiro and Fuyunynan.
  • They have their own Adventures in Yo-Kai World as a Spirit.
  • They are protecting Yo-Kai World with their Youkai Friends from Bad Youkai and Keima.
  • Every Night their Spirits went to the Yo-Kai World when the PAW Patrol are sleeping. And when PAW Patrol wakes up, Their Sprits went to their Body and the PAW Patrol have no Memories about the Adventures in Yo-Kai World.
  • They have many Missions from Captain Bully in Yo-Kai World.
  • They met Ryan F-Freeman in Bumblebee's Bot Force.
  • They all meet Apollo the Super-pup in Yo-Kai World.
  • They don't like People who hate Kamen Guts, Hurting People and being mean to other Yo-Kai and get bullied by Ryvine, Rothbart and other Yo-Kai even Pete.
  • They are Merican Yokai.
  • They have their own Movie Paw Patrol in the Six Super Heroes Yo-Kai. Parody to Mickey, Donald and Goofy Staring the Three Musketeer's.
  • Their Leader is Apollo the Super-pup.
  • They like having Adventures around the Yo-Kai World, making new friends and having a Summer Vacation.


These are song from the Super Power Pups from the Song Medals.

  1. Chase's Song Medal
  2. Marshall's Song Medal
  3. Rocky's Song Medal
  4. Skye's Song Medal
  5. Rubble's Song Medal
  6. Zuma's Song Medal
  7. Super Power Pup's Song Medal