This is the transcript for Super Sister.

(The episode starts with Jazz Fenton asleep in her bed)

(Alarm ringing)

Jazz Fenton: (jolts awake) I'm awake! I'm up! (checks her watch) And I'm late!

Danny Fenton: Hi sis.

Jazz Fenton: (runs by) Oh, hi, Danny.

Danny Fenton: What's the matter with you?

Jazz Fenton: I'm late for school.

Danny Fenton: As usual.

Jazz Fenton: I'm in a bit of a hurry so can you just give me some privacy?

Danny Fenton: Of course.

(Downstairs, Danny speaks with Timmy)

Timmy Turner: Hiya Danny.

Danny Fenton: (sighs) Timmy, Jazz is always in such a rush. She barely has time for me.

Cosmo: That's such a shame.

Danny Fenton: Did you ever have this problem with your parents, Timmy?

Timmy Turner: Sometimes.

Wanda: He even wished for them to be superheroes to solve it. But it gave them even less Timmy Time. So, he became a supervillain to make them give up their powers and then they became normal again.

(That night, Jazz arrives home late and tired)

Danny Fenton: This is so unfair!

Timmy Turner: I'm sure she's doing the best she can, Danny.

Danny Fenton: I know. But her rushing is getting way too ahead. She just can't do it all.

Timmy Turner: Well, she is only human.

Danny Fenton: Maybe I've got a idea. Cosmo and Wanda I wish that my sister is a superhero.

Wanda: You wish it, we dish it.

(Ding and poof)

(The next day, Jazz's alarm clock rings and she accidentally breaks it while turning it off)

Jazz Fenton: Whoops. I didn't mean to break you alarm clock.

(She sits up and looks at her reflection in the mirror)

Jazz Fenton: Whoa! What happened to me?

(She stands and suddenly, a ray of energy comes out of her hands towards the sky)

Jazz Fenton: What the huh?

(She floats just a few inches from the floor)

Jazz Fenton: I can't ​believe it! I can fly!

(She gasps when she sees a Crimson Chin comic on the floor)

Jazz Fenton: I'm a superhero! Just like the Crimson Chin!

Danny Fenton: It worked​!

Timmy Turner: Shush! She can't know that you know.

Danny Fenton: Oh. Right. Sorry.

Jazz Fenton: (gasps) I can't let Danny know about my powers. I have to hide them. Danny's a sharp kid.

Danny Fenton: Don't worry sis. Your secret is safe with me.

Jazz Fenton: Oh, well, that's good. Well, I'd better get to school.

Danny Fenton: See you there.

(Jazz runs to school and finishes early. She runs home)

Danny Fenton: So how's​ school?

Jazz Fenton: Was great. How was your day?

Danny Fenton: I haven't actually left yet. You've been gone for about 15 minuets.

Jazz Fenton: That's so awesome. I got superpowers.

Danny Fenton: School doesn't start for another two hours. So, wanna just talk?

Jazz Fenton: Sure. What is it you want to talk about?

Danny Fenton: Uh, well, I wanted talk about how babies are born.

Jazz Fenton: Well, that is an excellent thing to be known.

(Later, Danny leaves for school)

Danny Fenton: There's Sam and Tucker. I've gotta go now. Love you. Bye.

Jazz Fenton: Bye. (once Danny's gone) What a cool kid. It's so wonderful I got to spend this time with my brother. But now, I have the whole morning to do anything I want.

(With Danny, Tucker and Sam)

Tucker: So, you ready to see the Crimson Chin?

Danny Fenton: Yeah.

Sam: I've heard he is Chintastic.

Danny Fenton: Yeah.

(Suddenly, they hear a thud and look up and see Jazz posing heroicly in front of the sun)

Sam: Jazz? Is that you?

Super Sister: (in heroic voice) I know none of this Jazz. I am... Super Sister!

Danny Fenton: Super Sister?

Super Sister: That's right! I have resorted to fighting crime in Amity Park!

Danny Fenton: Whoa!

Super Sister: For justice!

Sam: Amazing!

(Super Sister flies off)

Tucker: Wow!

(Danny looks on in awe. Later, Super Sister has apprehended many criminals)

Super Sister: Who knew Amity Park was such a crime-invested rat hole. I have to keep fighting bad guys and keep the world safe for my brother.

Danny Fenton: Hiya Super Sister.

Super Sister: (flies by) Oh, hi, Danny.

Danny Fenton: So how's your time as a superhero?

Super Sister: Well...

(She's interrupted when an alarm goes off nearby)

Super Sister: Oh, gotta go. (flies off)

Danny Fenton: (sighs)

Timmy Turner: What's wrong now?

Danny Fenton: Jazz is so busy as a superhero that she doesn't have time for me.

(Super Sister blows up an oncoming meteor)

Super Sister: I could do this all night.

Danny Fenton: This stinks! I wish Jazz didn't have superpowers anymore.

(Wanda and Cosmo try to undo the wish but it doesn't work)

Danny Fenton: What happened?

Wanda: She's so super powerful she's invulnerable to magic. And in order to be normal again, superheroes have to willingly give up their powers on their own.

Danny Fenton: You're right! I've got a plan.

(He whispers it to Timmy, Cosmo and Wanda)

Super Sister: All seems quiet.

Planticus: Behold! Kneel before me Planticus!

Super Sister: Not gonna happen!

Galactimus: I am Galactimus and I will assist my partner Planticus in a battle against you Super Sister.

'(They fight but Super Sister is easily defeated)

Super Sister: What's happening to me?

Planticus: Galactimus, call in your fairies.

Galactimus: Cosmo and Wanda come forth.

(Cosmo and Wanda ride through the air on skateboards)

Planticus: I'm going to give you a choice Super Sister. Surrender your powers to me or the Earth and your brother get it!

(Wanda and Cosmo bring out Danny's duplicate in human form)

Danny Fenton: Don't worry about me Super Sister. You can do this. Defeat them.

Super Sister: I have no other choice. I surrender my powers to you.

Planticus: Very well. Galactimus, I wish her powers would disappear.

Galactimus: Your wish is yours to keep.

(Ding and poof)

Danny Fenton: Jazz, you're back to normal.

Jazz Fenton: Yep. I'm back to normal all right.

Timmy Turner: What do you guys say we hit the park for stargazing?

Jazz Fenton: You're on.

Danny Fenton: I'm in too.

(They laugh as the episode ends)

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