This is how Superhero World, here we come goes in Adventures in Superhero World.

Penn Zero: Hi, guys!

Twilight Sparkle: Hey, Penn!

Penn: Have you ever had the dream of becoming a superhero?

Jay: I have!

Cole: Me too!

Zane: So have I!

Thomas: All of us have!

Penn: Well, today that's going to happen.

Percy: [gasps] You mean we're going to become superheroes?

Penn: Yep.

Pinkie Pie: YA-HOOOO!!!!!!!

Spike: I have always wanted to be Humdrum again.

Twilight Sparkle: And I can't wait to be the Masked Matter-Horn again.

Penn: Well, then let's go!

Miko Nakedi: Whoo-hoo!

Jackson Darby: Let's do this!

Rafael Esquivel: Superhero World, here we come!

Thomas: I can't wait.

Arcee: What would you guys rather have? Super Strength or Super Speed?

Blythe: I want all the abillities of a cat.

Thomas: I don't know what Powers I want. Flight? Super Strength? No, that doesn't really work.

Knock Out: I want to have the ability to shoot paintballs.

James: I'm going to have laser beams.

Bumblebee: I want all the powers of bees.

Hiro: I want ninja skills.

Smokescreen: I want to have powers of Super Speed.

Arcee: I want super x-ray vision.

Kevin: I want to be really careful.

Penn: Guys, why don't we wait until we get there to see what powers we have?

Thomas: Yeah, that's probably a good idea!

Pinkie: Let's go!

Rainbow Dash: Do your thing, Raven!

Raven: Azarath Metrion Synphos!

[Raven uses her magic

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