Surge and the Stinging Sparks is an upcoming movie project to be created by Princess Twilight Sparkle.


Mark Surge from Hero Factory is having problems with his bully, Conner LuckStrike. Then he tries serval attempts to prove he has to courage to take on villains himself but fails various times. And he has to show up at LuckStrike's ceremony and tries to hide his cowardice but ends up revealing it after a party guest threatens him. Just as LuckStrike and his two stooges Lucy Sparkleshot and Harold Thunderbolt start bullying Surge again, two new Rookies Millie Spark and Cameron Thundercracker save him and they form a secret society, the Stinging Sparks.


  • This movie is based off of the MLP FIM episode: "Call of the Cutie".


Invitation to the LuckStrike Promotion Ceremony

  • (scene shows Mark Surge and several other Hero Factory heroes in training)
  • Preston Stormer: Let's quiet down please. We have a very important training exercise to get to. [Heroes quiet down] Thank you. Today we are going to be learning how to be brave enough to stand up to villains.
  • Conner LuckStrike: Bo-ring. [sigh]
  • Raimundo: Tell me about it. What's the big deal?
  • Preston Stormer: You can all see my heroism, can't you? Like all heroes, I wasn't born with heroism. I was filled with cowardice.
  • Rainbow Dash (EG): And the point of that is...?
  • Preston Stormer: Please no interruptions. Then one day, when I was about your age, I just got over my fear of villains and worked toward becoming a better hero.
  • Applejack (EG): Yee-haa!
  • Preston Stormer: And that's pretty much it for the story. Now, on to training. First off, the karate chop-kick.
  • Conner LuckStrike: [to Surge] Psst! Psst! Psst! Psst! Psssst!
  • Mark Surge: What?
  • (LuckStrike gives Surge the urge to kick someone behind him and he does)
  • Raimundo: Ow! Watch it or I'll tear your armor off!
  • (Surge leaps back frightened)
  • Conner LuckStrike: Remind you of some bot?
  • (The other heroes start laughing as Surge sits in the corner completely filled with cowardice)

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