Suri Polomare's Revenge poster

Suri Polomare's Revenge movie poster

Suri Polomare's revenge
is another movie in Ed, Edd, n Eddy's Ed-ventures Chronicles


James tells Skyla the time when the Manehatten show; "The Designer of the Year" goes on, and Suri Polomare captures Rairty and forces her to make her dresses, to keep her from ruining her chance of becoming Fashion Designer of the Year. So James goes to Manehatten to save Rarity and stop Suri's evil plot. But in order to get into Manehatten descreatly, he has Zecora give him a potion that turns him into a unicorn stallion, disguised as a fashion designer and Zoe Trent possing as his private dog. With Brian as a pack up plan.


James' story begins

Skyla finds a picture of Rarity with a mysterious red stallion and she thinks that Rarity cheated on James, but James explains that he was the stallion. And he tells Skyla of the time of the Manehatten "Designer of the Year" show.

Making the dress

Rarity is working hard on a new dress that she'll show at the Manehatten "Designer of the Year" show. However, she can't come up with an idea for a unique design, but Pincher gives her a hand by making some spider-silk fabric dyed in a deep marron with red accents.

Rarity's story of Suri Polomare

After Rarity creates a dress from the dyed spider silk, she tries it on and it.

Rarity gets kidnapped

Once she finishes the dress, she turns in for the night. But that night a mysterious mare comes in and bounds and gags her. Taking some of her fabric and her new dress with them.

The scene of capture/searching for Rarity

The next day, James finds Rarity's home massacred and her and her dress gone.

The commercial

James becomes a unicorn/To Manehatten!

Where's James?

James finds Suri Polomare



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