This is the episode script for episode 10 of Connor Lacey's Adventures of Beast Machines Transformers.

[Theme song]

[The story starts outside the Council Citadel. Megatron's and Ryvine's screams of rage can be heard. Inside]

Dianostic Drone: A temporary setback at most, my masters.

Ryvine Sparkle (BM): I know. I feel so much rage...

[Then, Ryvine changes into his beast mode]

Ryvine Sparkle (BM): My organic half is getting the better of me! [roars]

Diagnostic Drone: Eminace, please. Need I remind you that the point of these treatments is to eleminate your and my leage's beastly contamination. We could avoid this disappointment by simply transplanting your sparks into two purely robotic bodies.

[Then, Ryvine changes back to robot mode as well with Megatron (BM)]

Ryvine Sparkle (BM): And leave our sparks defenceless? I don't wanna risk it for something like that.

Diagnostic Drone: There is one other possibility. The Maximal unit Nightscream. Somehow, he's able to generate a beast mode on a planet devoid of organic life. But, if we replicate that process then reverse, the result will be a purely machine body from both your beast modes.

Ryvine Sparkle (BM): I think your directive is probable.

Megatron (BM): Jetstrom, Thrust, Tankor. Escort my diagnostic Drone to the catacombs and retreave the flying rodent.

Jetstorm (BM): Piece of cake.

Thrust (BM): Done.

Diagnostic Drone: Eminence.

[Tankor looks at Ryvine then turns and follows the two generals]

Ryvine Sparkle (BM): And don't kill him. Megatron and I want him alive.