Here is how Swackhammer knew about DT and Silver Spoon, Game 4 and Headliners vs Fur Power goes in The Headliners.


Mr. Swackhammer: This is ridiculous! How're the Headliners keep on winning?

Flim: They kept on winning like never before!

Flam: No doubt they'd never give up!

Squilliam Fancyson: They must have a weak spot!

Rinkus: Mr. Swackhammer! You're not going to believe this!

Sierra: We heard tell that Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon were once bullies to the Cutie Mark Crusaders during their filly-hood.

Mr. Swackhammer: I knew it. I have an idea! But we must wait until after the Semi-Finals! We'll show them!

Meanwhile, at Sponge-Bus RV-Pants.

SpongeBob SquarePants: We're here!

Squidward Tentacles: New York City!

Princess Sharon: The Big Apple itself!

Princess Yuna: The old home of Alex, Marty, Gloria and Melman.

Snowdrop: Is this where we go up against Alex's team?

Turbo: I think so.

Skipper: Are you up for it, Orlean?

Orlean: More than ready, Skipper.

The Game 4 is on.

Perch Perkins: Perch Perkins here with GIR, Welcome to New York City for Game 4! Headliners baseball is on the Internet.

GIR: If it's the Big Apple, How come there's no Big Apple!?

Perch Perkins: Silly GIR. Silly, silly GIR.

Princess Yuna: Good luck at the game, Alex.

Alex: You too, Yuna.

Perch Perkins: And here's the pitch.

Snowdrop: (hits the ball)

Perch Perkins: It's a high fly ball!

Nyx: (caught the ball) I caught it!

Perch Perkins: Bad news, The headliners are behind, 2-0! Patrick is up. Skyla's on third.

Patrick Star: I'm gonna knock on out of the Park! (hits the ball on a home run)

Perch Perkins: He smacked that one! This game is all tied up!

Later, the Headliners won again.

Perch Perkins: That was close! Headliners, 3-2! New York Glass is shattered!

GIR: The crowd is Wild!

Perch Perkins: You maybe right about that one, GIR

GIR: I like fish!

That night at the Sponge-Bus RV-Pants.

Scrooge McDuck: Alright, Wee ones. Lights out. The Semi-Finals at Monstropolis starts tomorrow.

Princess Yuna: (wearing the deep blue nightgown) We're ready, Mr.McDuck

Snowdrop: (brushing her teeth with her favorite toothpaste, and prepared for bed) I can hardly wait.

Scrooge McDuck: Good night, Wee ones.

Princess Skyla: Good night.

Zeñorita Cebra: Buenas Noches.

Nyx: Good night

Princess Twila: Night.

Princess Yuna: QUIET!

Nyx: Sorry.

Princess Sharon: Good night, Everypony.

The foals went to sleep in their own hot water and trampoline beds.

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