Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff's Adventures of Katamari Damacy is an upcoming film in the Pooh's Adventures universe. It will be the first film in the Pooh's Adventures series to feature Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff or The Prince and the King of All Cosmos.


Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff travel to the cosmos with the spaceship that Fox McCloud gave them. There, they see the King destroy all the stars in the sky and the moon accidentally. The King asks for theirs and his son, the Prince's help to rebuild all the stars and the moon by rolling up objects using sticky balls called katamaris. As they rebuild the cosmos, they will have to face Lord Genome, Muddy Grimes, Dallas Grimes and Solomon Grundy who don't want them to fix the stars because it will ruin their evil plan.


Sweet Bro

Hella Jeff




Christian Weston Chandler



Lord Genome

Muddy Grimes

Dallas Grimes

Solomon Grundy

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