Bill Sykes

Bill Sykes is the main antagonist in the movie, Pooh's Adventures of Oliver & Company: a modern-take on the Charles Dickens's story of Oliver Twist.


Sykes is a loan shark who terrorizes Fagin, who has fallen victim to his wrath due to continually failing to pay his debt. When the stray kitten Oliver comes into contact with Fagin and his gang of canine thieves he also becomes ensnared in Fagin's plot to pay off Sykes.

However the plan backfires horribly on Fagin when a young girl named Jenny takes a special interest in Oliver, concerned when he leaves her care she heads to find him but is spotted by Sykes - who realizes she is from a wealthy family, he proceeds to kidnap her: informing a hapless Fagin his debt was now paid before driving away in his limo.

Oliver and his gang of friends, along with Fagin, pursue Sykes and rescue Jenny - this angers Sykes sufficiently for him to give chase in his limo - the chase is frantic and climaxes with Sykes driving his limo into the path of a moving train, which proceeds to hit the limo and kill presumably Sykes in a fiery blaze.