The Symbiote Queen is the mother of all the Symbiotes, as well as their leader and the main antagonist of My Little Pony Transformers Bionicle: Rise of the Symbiotes and is the tritagonist of My Little Pony Transformers Bionicle: Girls' Night Out. She cares about her children and will always come to their safety when threatened.


My Little Pony Transformers Bionicle: Rise of the Symbiotes

She tried to take over Equestria with her children by having them take over the bodies of ponies, including Twilight and her friends, and turning them into her followers, which was thwarted the Autobots and the Toa interfered and returned the land of Equestria to normal.

My Little Pony Transformers Bionicle: Girls' Night Out

The Symbiote Queen teamed up with Nightmare Moon and Airachnid to get rid of all the stallions and mechs from Cybertron and Equestria. Their plan was thwarted when the girl ponies and Arcee used a sound reflection device to get all the men back.

My Little Pony Transformers Bionicle: The Symbiote Queen's Revenge

In the beginning of the film in the past, it is revealed that in order to keep her children healthy by bringing them food, the Symbiote Queen must drain the life force from female ponies. She then tried to drain the life force from the Mane Six but that failed and she had to flee.


The Symbiote Queen has a very different appearance than her children. She has black and blue skin and white eyes and tentacles on her back and she is twice as big.

Powers and abilities

  • She can use a powerful swing from her tentacles to make a man disappear.
  • She can turn into liquid tar to seep through small gaps.
  • She can split her body in two so she can take over a pony's body, as she almost took over Princess Celestia and Princess Luna's bodies if Tahu and the Toa hadn't interfered.
  • She can drain female ponies of their life force by inhaling it.
  • She can read the thoughts of her enemies.
  • She can manipulate someone to her will.

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