This is the scene how the male Tyrannosaurus Rex is in San Diego in Weekenders and The Lost World: Jurassic Park.

Peter Ludlow: Check the cargo hold! They may be crew down there!

Ian Malcom: Everybody off the boat!

(As they try to get off the boat, one of the security guards found a dead arm and grabs the device and he was about to press the button)

Max Taylor: He's going to press the button!

Zoe Drake: Don't do it!

Rex Owen: There's something down there!

Tino Tonitini: Don't touch that!

Ian Malcom: No! No! Get away from that!

(But the security guard presses the button as Ian grabs it and then the Tyrannosaurus Rex comes out and walks away letting out a roar)

Dr. Spike Taylor: A T-Rex!

Lor McQuarrie: Oh, no!

(The Tyrannosaurus Rex walks down the stairs trying to eat crews but they jump in the water and walks away)

Ian Malcom: Now you're John Hammond.

Tino Tonitini: What did you idots do?!

Rex Owen: Mr. Ludlow! You've made a terrible mistake, when you took the male Tyrannosaurus Rex from Isla Sorna, your men let him out and he's about to damage San Diego.

(The Male T-Rex scares the security guards then he walks to the shore and sees the city and let's out his roar)

Dr. Z: What you thinking bringing the Tyrannosaurus Rex in San Diego?!

Dan Kuso: Do you have any idea bringing a T-Rex here in the city was a bad idea?!


Zoe Drake: Whatever! Just set take him back to Isla Sorna! Cause now you and your dumb friends has brought the male T-Rex to San Diego! Instead of leaving him back to his wife and their baby!

Tino Tonitini: Zoe, calm down!

Zoe Drake: You're not just old, you're old and stupid!

Lor McQuarrie: Just calm down!