Here is how The Spinosaurus kills T-Rex in Thomas and Twilight Sparkle visit Jurassic Park III

Alan: It's okay, it's dead.

Rarity: Ew! Gross!

(Then a T-Rex appears)

Mako: But he isn't!

Thomas: Gasp!

Percy: Gasp!

Hiro: Gasp!

Mane 6: Gasp!

Luke: Oh My!

Spike: AAH!

The Cutie Mark Crusaders: Gasp!

Sir Handel: Oh, no! I know that dinosaur!

Steam Claw D.: It's the T-Rex!

Alan: Nobody move a muscle.

T-Rex: ROAR!

Twilight: RUN!

Duncan: AAH! No! Help me! AAAAH!


(then, the Spinosaurus appears)

Spinosaurs: ROAR!

T-Rex: ROAR!

Alan and Rarity: [screaming]

(Spinosaurs and T-Rex go into battle)

(the Spinosarus bites the T-Rex's neck)

T-Rex: ROAR!

(Then the Spinosaurus snaps the T-Rex's neck and falls to the ground])

Spinosaurus: ROAR!

(after the team escape)

Rainbow: What the hay was that thing?!

Willy: That... was a Spinosaurus.

Pinkie: What's a Spinosarus?

Mucker: Next to the T-Rex, the Spinosarus is a deadly giant but not as deadly as the T-Rex.

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