Henry's Senseai: In sanskrit writings there's an ancient legend about a group of good spirits - the Devas. The old writings stat they battled the evil demon Asura; preventing him from fully entering the world and conquering it. Or, at least, that's how the legend goes.  Henry: The Devas are good?  Henry's Senseai: That's a difficult question.  Henry: How so?  Henry's Senseai: Well, there were those that followed Asura, and they thought the Devas were evil. In a way, it's like eating an entire gallon of ice cream.  Henry: Un... huh...?  Henry's Senseai: Let me explain. At first, it seems like a good idea, but your stomachache proves you wrong. A change in perspective can make good appear evil or evil seem good. Now, does that clear things up for you?  Henry: Yes, sir. Thank you.  Henry's Senseai: Good, now how about some Ice Cream... These Digimon are Ultimates who are based on the tweleve animals of the Chinese Zodiac and from the twelve Warriors from Sanskrit and Buddhist Mythology. They are: 

Animal Sanskrit Warrior Deva Appeared Defeated
Tiger Mihira Mihiramon Episode 14 Episode 14
Snake Sandilya Sandiramon Episode 15 Episode 15
Rooster Sindura Sinduramon Episode 16 Episode 16
Sheep Pajra Pajiramon Episode 17 Episode 17
Ox Vajra Vajramon Episode 17 Episode 18
Horse Indra Indramon Episode 19 Episode 20
Monkey Mahoraga Makuramon Episode 19 Episode 35
Rat Khumbira Kumbhiramon Episode 21 Episode 21
Pig Vikarala Vikaralamon Episode 22 Episode 23
Dog Catura Catsuramon Episode 27 Episode 36
Rabbit Andira Antylamon Episode 33 Never, but became Suzie's Partner
Dragon Anila Majramon Episode 25 Episode 29

Thanks to TheDigiWorldNet for the Info on the Devas and D-Reaper and 04 enemies 

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