This is how the takeover of the Nightmare Family goes in Night Furies vs. The Nightmare Family Part 2.

[Previously on The Chronicles of Equestira and The Isle of Berk]

Princess Luna: I'm pregnent!

Hiro: Really?!

Princess Luna: Mm-hmm.

Nightmare Moon: And now, it's time for you to feel a nightmare. [evil giggles]

Yuna: NO! NO!! NOO!!!

Hicuup: [gasp] (panting) Thor Almighty, that was intense!

Astrid: [to herself] Hiccup, I know there's something wrong and I intend to find out.

Yuna: I had another nightmare!

Princess Luna: I saw it. and I'm afraid that the Nightmare Family is free!

Princess Luna: But from what I can tell, they seem to be targeting you and Yuna.

[Everyonne gasps as Nightstar and Toothless are shocked]

King Sombra: Not so tough for a viking.

Nightmare Moon: And now, Equestria will be ours!!

[Back to the episode]

[The 2 continue laughing]

Nightmare Moon: You may of defeated me once, but this time, I will win!

???: Stop that!

???: no, you!

[We see 2 black equines fighting]

King Sombra; [groans] Not this again.

[Then another black stallion wearing blue armor walks and picks them up]

???: Alright! Break it up!

Older black mare: Yes, honey.

Younger black mare: She started it!

Black stallion: I don't care! I'll end it!

Nightmare Moon: At ease, my partner.

Black stallion: As you wish.

[he then steps into the light and reveals to be Nightmare Hiro]

Princess Luna: Nightmare Hiro.

Nightmare Hiro: Were you expecting Clint Eastwood?

Younger black mare: Can you put us down?!

Older mare: Shut up, Black Hole!

Younger mare: No, you shut up, Trix!

Nightmare Moon: SILENCE!!!!

Mares: [in unison] Yes, mommy.

[Nightmare Hiro sets them down]

Astrid: Didn't you say they also had a train?

Princess Luna: Yes, I did.

Tuffnut: I don't see one.

???: That would be me.

[we now see Cerberus pull in]

Princess Luna: Cerberus.

Cerberus: Hello, Luny darling, no time no see. And is that your daugther? My, has she grown.

Black Hole: See almost looks good enough to eat.

Nightmare Trix: Well what the blue and white one? She's blind.

Nightmare Moon: Okay! We get it! Now, prepare for eternal darkness!

Princess Luna: GUARDS!!

[the Royal guards then race in]

Princess Luna: [to the others] Let's get out of here while we can.

Fishlegs: You read my mind!

[However, the mares block Yuna and Snowdorp's way]

Black Hole: Going somehwere?

Yuna: Yeah! Out of here!

Nightmare Trix: Then you'll have to go through us.

Astrid: [draws her axe] OUTTA OF THEIR WAY, SKUNKBAGS!!! [smacks them with her axe, sending them to the side]

Princess Luna: [grabs Yuna and Snowdrop] Nice one, Astrid.

Astrid: Anytime.

[they race out fo the castle]