Here is how Taking care of Yuna goes in A Sick Day for Yuna.

Princess Luna: How is she, Dr. Horse?

Dr. Horse: (looking at Yuna's temperature) It seems to me that Yuna's catching Pneumonia.

Princess Yuna: Pneumonia? (coughs) How long do I have until I'm better?

Dr. Horse: I can't say for sure, Princess Yuna, But I did invite someone who can.

Princess Yuna: Who?

Baymax: Hello, Princess Yuna.

Princess Yuna: Baymax, (coughs) What're you doing here?

Baymax: Your Aunt Celestia invited me to help Dr. Horse with the young foals just for today.

Princess Yuna: So, (coughs) How many days or weeks until my Pneumonia gets better?

Baymax: I will scan you now and find out. (scanning Yuna) Scan complete.

Princess Yuna: Well?

Baymax: You have only three weeks until your Pneumonia will be cured.

Princess Celestia: I'll have to get help, I'll be back soon.

Duck: Thanks for your help, Baymax, You've done your part for Yuna, You may continue what you're doing at the hospital.

Baymax: As you wish, Duck.

Duck: I'm sure you'll get better in no time, Yuna.

Princess Yuna: Thank you, Duck. (coughs)

Meanwhile, Celestia spoke to Discord and Catrina.

Princess Celestia: Discord! Catrina!

Discord: Oh, Celestia, What a pleasant surprise.

Princess Celestia: I need some help from the two of you, Yuna is terribly sick with Pneumonia.

Catrina: How awful, That poor poor filly.

Discord: Almost as awful as the time I got sick after I faked my Blue Flu to get Twilight and Cadance's attention.

Princess Celestia: Will you two help me take care her until she gets better?

Catrina: Of course, Princess Celestia, It will be our pleasure.

Discord: (dressed as a doctor) Anything to help a good friend in need.

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