This is where we return to the rest of our heroes and where our heroes explain about the T-1000 in, Revenge of The Ultratron.

[it is now nighttime, and we return to our heroes as we view the Terminator snitching the slash on Anna's shoulder]

Anna: [silently breathing as the Terminator does his work, as she's covering her chest with her coat]

Elsa: Hey, not to be offensive. But do you know what you're doing?

Terminator: I have detailed files on humanity anatomy.

Anna: I bet, makes you a more effective killer, right?

Terminator: Yes.

Human Fluttershy: It's a good thing he has those files, Anna could've got an infection from that slash.

Terminator: Right.

[later, we view Mucker removing bullet slugs from the Terminator.]

Rabbit: [looking at the bullet holes in the jacket] Doesn't it hurt when you get shot?

Terminator: I sense injuries. The data could be called pain

Emmet: Will those heal up?

Terminator: Yes.

Human Rarity: So you're saying, this T-1000 can impersonate anything it touches?

Willy: Only, what it samples with physical contact.

Sharky: But only objects that are equal in size.

Human Rainbow: Well, why didn't he turn his hands into guns to try and kill Nyx?

Mucker: The T-1000 can't form guns or explosives, only melay weapons. Such as; knives, swords, spears, lances, and other stabbing weapons.

Human Applejack: Really?

Pepper Clark: Yeah.

Rigby: How long do you live or run?

Terminator: 120 years with my existing power cell.

Mordecai: Well, can you at least try, well you know... not be a dork?

Terminator: My C.P.U. is a neutral net processor, a learning computer. But Skynet presents the switch to read-only when we're sent out alone.

High-Five Ghost: Hmm, doesn't want you to do too much thinking, huh?

Terminator: No.

Nyx: Can we reset it?

[later, Mucker has cut off a section of the Terminator's head to access the CPU port]

Terminator: Rotate the 2 locking cylinders counterclockwise.

Steam Mech: [puts his claw on them.]

Terminator: Do it.

Steam Mech: [does so]

Terminator: Now open the port cover. Pull to break the seal.

Steam Mech: [does so]

Terminator: Good, now remove the shock-damping assembly.

Steam Mech: [does so]

Terminator: You can now access the CPU. Do you see it?

Steam Mech: Yeah.

Terminator: Hold the CPU by its base tab. Pull.

Steam Mech: [pulls it out]

Terminator: [shuts down]

Steam Mech: Here Twi, take this for a moment.

Human Pinkie: Hey? [snaps her fingers at the Terminator] Hello?

Rainbow: [moves his arm up and taps it] Hello? Anybody home?

Terminator: [does nothing]

Rainbow: [makes funny faces at the Terminator]

Terminator: [still does nothing]

Rainbow: [continues making funny faces] Ooh, you're good.

Twilight: [takes a sledgehammer]

Nyx: You find the switch? [notices what's happening] (gasp) NO!! NO!! [cover the CPU]

Twilight: Nyx! Get out of the way!

Nyx: Don't kill him!

Twilight: Not him, Nyx. It.

Nyx: Fine, it. But we need, it!

Twilight: Nyx, he's a Terminator. We're better off without him.

Nyx: But he's the other other thing we have helping us.

Twilight: True. I don't trust it.

Nyx: But he's my friend!

Twilight: Nyx, do you know how hard it is to kill a Terminator?! If something goes wrong this could be our last chance, so move!


Shining Armor: Twily, this is a bad idea! In case if you haven't noticed, Nyx has a T-1000 and the Deceptitrains hot on her tail. So we need this Terminator.

Cadance: What Shining means is, with those killers after your foal, she's gonna need a bodyguard. And since they've killed Thomas, the Terminator is all she has left.

Twilight: I can protect my foal just fine on my own, with or without a Terminator.

Princess Celestia: TWILIGHT SPARKLE!! We need him.

Princess Luna: Tia's right, we barely were able to defeat Tirek when he first came. But when we got guns and modern weaponry, it was way more easier. Even with our weapons, those Decpetitrains and T-1000 won't stop until they've completed their mission.

Twilight: Well, this what Thomas would want.

Percy: That's not what Thomas would say. He'd agree to this too, and he ordered the Terminator to protect Nyx.

Skyla: Auntie Twilight? I can understand why you wanna kill this Terminator but, I don't want Nyx to die. So I think you should do as she, Mommy, Daddy, and Percy say.

Sulley: I agree with them too.


Twilight: [slams it on the table] Okay, we keep him.

[They put the CPU back in, after resetting it]

Terminator: Was there a problem?

Nyx: No.

[Twilight is sitting on James' footplate]

Vinny: Man. I'm glad she didn't do what I thought Sarah was gonna do.

Glaceon: Me too.

Dile: I did when other crocodiles try to eat me, before I became a train. When I was a baby.

Brian: Guys, really, what are we gonna do?

Joe: Well, it seems obvious. We gotta find a way to kill the Deceptitrains, before they kill us.

Brian: Kill them? How about we just get the heck out of here?

Joe: Are you kidding me? They'll catch us. If the Deceptitrains send a spy, I bet it can fly. They can probably hear us right now. They've probably got a laser beam that can shoot us through the walls! [spins around screaming] They can't hit us, if we keep moving!

Quagmire: Can you... Can you not... Can you... I just had a heck of a day, by being chased by changelings, an evil terminator who's hunting Nyx. And a crazy foal who likes heating other equine hearts.

Nyx: You know what? I should turn myself in.

Twilight: WHAT?!

Yuna: Nyx, you can't turn yourself in!

Nyx: Look at what it caused. I have to do something and turning myself in is the only thing to do.

Terminator: Negative, it's not a mission priority. It's better if we try and stop the Deceptitrains on our own.

Vinny: Nyx, Megatrain said that your symbols lead to a source. What does he mean?

Nyx: All he said was, they lead to another source of energon on Earth. Nothing more.

Jimmy: Apparently, they must lead to something that can provide them with more Energon. We must find out what the symbols mean.

Twilight: Railan. Trax.

Trax: Yeah?

Twilight: Do you know what those symbols in Nyx's head.

Railan: Oh, those are old school. Cybertronian.

Twilight: You know it?

Trax: Sorry, we don't know anything what they mean. It's way before us.

Cindy: Well that's just great! THESE 2 DON'T KNOW WHAT WE'RE DEALING WITH!

Duncan: You know, you aren't really helping us here.

Mr. Great White: [puff his cigar] What pretty boy, said.

Cindy: Yeah, so?

Duncan: Will you think a bit more clearly, you dumb blonde? We've been friends with the Autobots and Trainbots longer than any of you.

Cindy: I will have, you know, I've meet the Autobots too.

Libby: Yes, we have but these guys have been with the longer than anyone here, I mean Thomas and the other engines have piratically became them!

Vinnie Terrio: [to the Terminator] Hey, you know what the symbols mean?

Terminator: Negative. We don't have info containing Deceptitrain info.

Snowdrop: I don't think anyone knows these symbols.

Apple Bloom: So what do we do?

Jimmy: I think I might have something that could help. To the lab!

[the next morning the Terminator busts the window on a car and gets in it, he then breaks open the steering cover and hot starts the car]

Nyx: [opens the visor and catches a pair of spare keys] Are we learning yet?

Terminator: [backs up]

Nyx: Hey!

[The Terminator drives up to the others and some of our heroes hop in]

Terminator: We have to get as far away from the Deceptitrains as possible.

Jimmy: [hops in] Head south.

Puffer: Kevin. You coming?

Kevin (train): No, I'll stay here.

Puffer: What?! Kevin! You have to come, if you wanna live..... if you're not scared.

Kevin (train): Hmm?

Puffer: Yeah, are you?

Kevin (train): [groans] Fine! I'll come, since I'm your best friend. [chuffs out]

[The Terminator drives off]