Here is how Taking turns with Sebeena and Sylvia explains about being good babysitters goes in Candace and Stacy's time with Sebeena.

Meanwhile, Candace and Stacy took their turn with Sebeena. It's feeding time.

Sylvia Marpole: Alright, Stacy. You first.

Stacy Hirano: Open wide, Sebeena.

Sebeena Crophopper: (opens her mouth and eats)

Stacy Hirano: Candace, Why don't you give it a try.

Candace Flynn: Sure thing.

Sylvia Marpole: Alright, Candace, Do exactly as Stacy does.

Candace Flynn: Okay. (to Sebeena) Open wide, Sebeena.

Sebeena Crophopper: (opens wide and spits at Candace)

Candace Flynn: Ew! Not cool!

Stacy Hirano: Good try, Candace. (to Sebeena) Open wide.

Sebeena Crophopper: (opens her mouth and eats)

Stacy Hirano: There we go.

It was bath time.

Stacy Hirano: Okay, Here is your toy boat.

Sebeena Crophopper: (plays with her toy boat)

Sylvia Marpole: Now, Candace. What you do is put some baby shampoo on the baby while giving her a bath.

Candace Flynn: All right. (puts some baby shampoo on Sebeena)

Sylvia Marpole: Very good. See how happy she is?

Sebeena Crophopper: (giggles)

It was diaper time.

Sebeena Crophopper: (had a dirty diaper and is placed on a changing table)

Sylvia Marpole: Alright, Candace. Here's how it's done. You just change the baby's diaper while Stacy passes the equipment to you.

Stacy Hirano: Don't worry, It's not so bad. You'll do fine.

Candace Flynn: Well, Here goes nothing. (begins changing Sebeena's diaper)

Sebeena Crophopper: (giggles)

Sylvia Marpole: Just throw the old diaper in the diaper pale.

Candace Flynn: (throws the old diaper away)

Sylvia Marpole: Now you use baby wipes.

Stacy Hirano: (passes the baby wipes)

Candace Flynn: (wiping Sebeena's bottom)

Sebeena Crophopper: (giggles)

Sylvia Marpole: Now the baby ointment.

Stacy Hirano: (passes the baby ointment)

Candace Flynn: (use the ointment)

Sebeena Crophopper: (smiling at Candace)

Sylvia Marpole: Now the baby powder.

Stacy Hirano: (passes the baby powder)

Candace Flynn: (use the powder)

Sebeena Crophopper: (giggles)

Sylvia Marpole: And finally, Put a fresh diaper on her.

Stacy Hirano: (passes the fresh diaper)

Candace Flynn: (puts the diaper on Sebeena)

Sebeena Crophopper: (giggles)

Sylvia Marpole: Very good, Candace. Did you see how it's done, Stacy?

Stacy Hirano: I sure did, Sylvia. Way to go, Candace.

Candace Flynn: Thanks, I guess.


Stacy Hirano: I need a rest. (sits down)

Sylvia Marpole: You girls are doing a wonderful job babysitting.

Candace Flynn: You really think so, Sylvia?

Sylvia Marpole: I know so.

Candace Flynn: And just How would you know about babysitting?

Sylvia Marpole: I was a godmother to Daffodil. I was taking very special care of her while Percy and Rosie were working in Sodor. Do you now understand what it means to babysit?

Candace Flynn: I guess I do. (to Sebeena) Do you want to play, Sebeena? Hmm?

Sebeena Crophopper: (giggles excitedly)

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