Here's how talking to Blackie and getting answers in The Silver Streak and Daylight Special.

[the group sooon arrive in the dinning car]

Blackie: Ah, there you guys are.

Nyx: Oh, hey Blackie.

Blackie: I asked you guys if you could join me for breakfast, but it's now lunchtime. What happened back there?

Skyla: Oh, we sort of fell behind.

Blackie: Is that so? Well, how about you join me now?

Minka Mark: Alright, besides I'm feeling hungry anyway. [grabs a banana, peels it, and then starts eating it]

Nyx: I guess we can stay. And grab a quick bite to eat.

Skyla: I guess, too.

[they take a seat]

[a little bit later, the group is finishing their food, then as Penny Ling grabs an apple and is about to eat it, she sees something (or more appropreitly: someone)]

Penny Ling: Guys, I think you should look at the last table.

Zoe Trent: What do you mean?

Penny Ling: Look who's there.

[We see the Dazzlings]

Sunil Nevla: Oh no, it is the Dazzlings!

Blackie: [takes a look after taking a quick drink from his coffee] So these 3 are the Dazzlings?

Nyx: Yeah.

Skyla: They're also the Sirens. Brian hates them, and they feed off negative energy.

Blackie: I know. Spongebob made them sound different in his letters to me.

Nyx: Wonder what they're up to.

Russel Ferguson: I bet they have something to do with what Skyla saw last night.

Skyla: I guess you're right.

Zeñorita: I say we go check it out.

[they get up and follow the 3 girls]

[the 3 girls don't notice the group following them]

Adagio Dazzling: Come on, come on.

[they head inside a coach suite]

Skyla: Why are they going in there?

Pepper Clark: It might be their coach suite.

Nyx: Let's ask those sirens a few questions.

[they head up to the Dazzlings' suite]

Aria Blaze: [inside] The sooner we get this done, the better.

Nyx: [knocks the door]

Sonata Dusk: [opens the door] Yes?

Nyx: We wanna ask you a few questions.

Sonata Dusk: Just a minute. [closes door]

[we hear chatter inside the suite]

Adagio Dazzling: [inside] Let them in.

Sonata Dusk: [opens door] Come in.

[they head inside and take a seat]

Adagio Dazzling: So, what is it you wanna ask us?

Aria Blaze: How our singing is so cool?

Zeñorita: No.

Aria Blaze: What are you doing here you little twerps?

Nyx: We just wanna know what Sunset was searching for in one of the suites of the Silver Streak.

Adagio Dazzling: Oh, she was trying to help a close friend of ours, Professor Gold Rush.

Snowdrop: Professor Gold Rush?

Aria Blaze: Yeah, he wanted to show us some interesting gold he found, but he cou;dn't find the papers that told him where the location of it was on the trains.

Nyx: How can we believe you aren't lying?

Sonata Dusk: Here's the Professor's book about his findings.

Skyla: [reconizes the picture] It's him!

Nyx: What's him?

Skyla: The man I saw.

Sonata Dusk: What are you talking about?

Skyla: Last night, while we were getting ready for bed, I saw a dead man fall of the Silver Streak.

Adagio Dazzling: And, you're saying he looked like the professor?

Skyla: Yeah!

[then a man that looks like the Professor comes in]

Professor: Hello girls.

Skyla: Huh?

Adagio Dazzling: Ah, Professor.

Skyla: [in her mind] "But... he's dead!"

Professor: Who are they?

Aria Blaze: A couple of pests.

Zeñorita: HEY!!

Sonata Dusk: No, just a couple foals and their friends. We were just sharing about that gold you wanted to show us.

Professor: I see. I suppose I'm to blame for the confusion since I misplaced my location papers.

Adagio Dazzling: Yeah.

Professor: Anyway, I think I'll go get a drink and lie down. Anyway, It was nice to meet you foals, I hope this trip will be just fine the rest of the way. [leaves]

Skyla: I guess I made a mistake.

Aria Blaze: Don't be silly.

Skyla: No, really. I've stuck my muzzle into stuff that's none of my buisness all based upon a dream I had. I guess I was dreaming.

Nyx: it's fine. We'll be going now.

Snowdrop: Sorry for the confusion.

Sonata Dusk: No trouble at all.

[they leave the compartment]

Adagio Dazzling: See, I told ya they'd fall for it.

Aria Blaze: Easy for you to say.

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