This is how Talking to the Sphinx Truck/The 3 Days A Human potion goes in Crash, Thomas and Ryan Meet the Swan Princess.

12th Doctor: Ryan? What happened to you?

Ryan F-Freeman: Nightmare turned me into a swan on Rothbart's behalf.

Crash Bandicoot: Can you change back?

Ryan F-Freeman: No.

Evil Ryan: So. When the moonlight leaves the lake, you and Odette....[transforms into a swan] Honk, honk.

Ryan F-Freeman: Yeah.

Blaze (BatMM): I have an idea. We can ask the Sphinx Truck how to save N. She's wise and knows everything.

Evil Ryan: You do? How do you come to this world?

Sci-Ryan: Odette?

Blaze (BatMM): Ryan called me. Now, follow me if you wanna meet the Sphinx Truck.

Red (Angry Birds): Cody? Stay with Odette while we go see the Sphinx Truck.

Cody Fairbrother: On second thought. Have Odette to come with you.

Ryan F-Freeman: Okay.

Odette: Yeah!

Sci-Ryan: Ok. Let's go find the Sphinx Truck! What is the Sphinx Truck?

Newt Scamander: She's a character from Blaze and the Monster Machines.

Sci-Ryan: Wow. You and I could hope N will be saved.

[They arrive at a pyramid and the Sphinx Truck comes out]

Evil Ryan: By Ryan's mentor Primus.

Sci-Ryan: She's beautiful.

Evil Anna: Hello. She is, like, sphinx-like.

Sonata Dusk: Yeah.

Sphinx Truck: Hi. I hear you've come seeking my help.

Mighty Eagle: You know very well of why are you here in this world. You saw Ryan helping Odette.

Ryan F-Freeman: Sphinx Truck? Can you tell me about what happened to me when my friends and I escape from Rothbart?

Sphinx Truck: Yes. He turned you into a swan. He made Nightmare do it on his behalf.

Evil Ryan: Nightmare Moon. Luna's evil self.

Sci-Ryan: You think Nightmare Moon teamed up with Rothbart?

Sphinx Truck:

Sci-Ryan: Miss Sphinx Truck ma'am. Ryan and Odette can't turn back because Rothbart told us that there is no moon tomorrow night. That means...

Ryan F-Freeman: Odette and I will remain as swans.

Sphinx Truck: Yes, Ryan. And the reason why Nightmare Moon team up with Rothbart is that she wants to free her male counterpart, Darkhorse Knight.

Ryan F-Freeman: But, how am I suppose to turn back to my human form to get to the ball now?

Jessie Primefan: If there is some kind of potion that will make you human, Ryan.

Sphinx Truck:

Matau T. Monkey: You do? Wow. It's like that Little Mermaid adventure we would have soon.


Ryan F-Freeman: You think this potion helps me become human?

Sphinx Truck:

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