Here is how Princess Yuna and her friends begin taming the Predatory Prehistoric Animals in Genesis World.

Meanwhile, Yuna and her friends begin taming the prehistoric predatory animals.

Princess Yuna: Alright, Copper! I'm ready! Let them out!

Yuna tames Charles, Douglas, Jigsaw and Blade.

Princess Yuna: Easy. Easy, Charles.

Charles: (screeches softly)

Princess Yuna: Douglas, Easy, Boy.

Douglas (Raptor): (screeches softly)

Princess Yuna: Good. Jigsaw, Stay.

Jigsaw: (staying at his spot)

Princess Yuna: Good boy, Blade.

Blade: (screeches playfully)

Yuna started to tame the three Smildons, Dagger, Ursa and Claudette.

Princess Yuna: Easy, Dagger.

Dagger: (growls)

Princess Yuna: Okay, Ursa. Good girl.

Ursa: (growls)

Princess Yuna: Good girl, Claudette.

Claudette: (growls)

Finally, Yuna tamed the Queen of the jungle, Heather the T-Rex.

Princess Yuna: Heather, Easy.

Heather: (growls)

Edmond begin taming the five dire wolves, Alpha, Scout, Jet, Flora and Fiona.

Prince Edmond: All right, Alpha. Stay.

Alpha: (stays in his spot)

Prince Edmond: That's a good boy, Scout.

Scout: (barks a bit)

Prince Edmond: Easy, Jet. Easy, Boy.

Jet (Dire Wolf): (barks a bit)

Prince Edmond: Easy, Flora. Good girl.

Flora (Dire Wolf): (barks a bit)

Prince Edmond: Good girl, Fiona.

Fiona (Dire Wolf): (barks a bit)

Princess Yuna: Okay, Let's go find Alexis and Jim!

Nyx: Right, Yuna!

Armor Bride: Let's do this!

So, the search begins.

In the woods, Yuna and her friends searched with the tamed animals.

Princess Yuna: Look!

The foals found the wrecked Gyrosphere.

Princess Yuna: That's where Alexis and Jim were. (and discovered a Piranhaconda tooth) Amazing size of this tooth.

Nyx: But where does it lead?

Yuna found a snake tail and hoof prints.

Princess Yuna: Right at that direction.

Nyx: (found some tracks) They made it out.

Princess Yuna: They could be out there somewhere?

Snowdrop: But where?

Yuna and Snowdrop took their flight.

Snowdrop: What do you see?

Princess Yuna: This way!

The trail ends at the Waterfall.

Princess Yuna: Look.

Princess Skyla: Hoofprints.

Sweetie Heart: Where could they be going to?

Snowdrop: Where do you think, Yuna?

Princess Yuna: My guess is somewhere closer and safer I hope.

Yuna and the others split up with the animals for the search.

Princess Yuna: Come on, Let's spread out.

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