Tanner is a Character of Sora's Adventures of Teen Beach.

Tanner looking

A Future Member of Sora's Adventure Team.


Tanner is handsome and good looking, though, he's not the smartest guy. He's romantic, as shown when he wanted to write McKenzie a song. He always wanted to ride a motorcycle and thinks bikers aren't that bad. He is known for his "low" and "high" voice. He thinks girls like it better when he uses his "low" voice, though.


In West Side Story, Tanner is part of the Surfers. His rivals, along with the rest of the surfers, are the Both groups manage to work together in the end, though.

When Mack is transported into Wet Side Story, she falls into Tanner's arms instead of Lela. Tanner falls in love with Mack rather than Lela. Towards the end of the movie, Tanner ends up finding out that Lela is a better match for him rather than Mack. Tanner is seen in many song and dance scenes along with the other Surfers and Bikers. He helps Lela get both groups, the bikers and surfers, to work together so they can help find Mack and Brady In the end, Tanner, along with five other bikers/surfers, get stuck in the real world that Brady and Mack went back to.


He is one of the six people that accidentally got stuck in the real world at the end of the movie and Even Join in with Sora, Donald, Goofy and Their Team.

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