This is how Taser vs Terrashock and Power outage goes in My Little Pony Transformers: The Phantom Menace.

[We see a vast field]

[We then see the ground rise up as if to hit something or someone]

[We then see Taser fly across the screen, firing electricity at someone]

[We then see in zoomed out view that she is battling Elemental Force member, Terrashock]

Taser: Terrashock, this is your... [grunts as she dodges an oncoming boulder] ...warning. Stand down, and come with me quietly.

Terrashock: Can it, fly girl!

[He picks up a fuel tanker and throws it at her]

[Taser stops it telekinetically, and puts it safely on the ground]

[She takes out her nunchucks and charges]

[Terrasock dodges and destroys some power lines]

[As they fall down, Taser goes to hold them together]

[Terrashock takes advantage of this and escapes]

Taser: [to herself] No, no, no, no. [uses her electricity to hold the power lines together]

[Despite her strength, the power lines fall down, causing a power outage all over Jasper, Nevada]

Taser: [yells in rage and despair]

[At the Autobot base]

[The power goes out]

Everyone: Awwww!

[Flame Princess then lights some candles with help from Rapunzel]

[Everyone sits in a circle]

Anna: We could tell stories. Until Nighlock and whatever team of technicians he got together with get the power back on.

Ryan F-Freeman: Good idea.

Matau T. Monkey: I have a story. Listen to the story of Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace.

[screen goes black]

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