This is how Te Kā starts to erupt goes in The Great Forest Rescue.


Tahu: If she's dormant, why would she suddenly start erupting?

Umarak the Hunter: She is supposed to be that way. And the Great Prince told me if something upsets the balance of nature, Te Kā will get angry.

Gali: What makes her angry?

Umarak the Hunter: Mostly people cutting down trees.

Pohatu: Cutting down trees isn't gonna make a forest guardian erupt.

Umarak the Hunter: Maybe not by cutting them, but anything harms the animals she gets really mad.

Lewa: Like that would ever happen.

Umarak the Hunter: But what enrages Te Kā the most is if Man and other hunters shoot and kill animals.

Onua: Then we have to stop them.

Kopaka: We must drive Man out.

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