Rainbow Dash learns that the next Daring Do book is going to be delayed, and insists to her friends that they need to go help the author A.K. Yearling to finish the book faster. They find Yearling's cabin a mess before Yearling herself arrives, and insists she doesn't need help. However, as they watch, Yearling is approached by Dr. Cabelleron and his lackeys, trying to take a golden ring from her. Yearling fights back, revealing to Rainbow and her friends she is really Daring Do. Cabelleron steals the ring, and Rainbow offers to help get it back for Daring but she refuses, insisting she works alone. Rainbow follows Daring to where she is trying to buy the ring in disguise, but ruins her plan, with Daring and the ring being captured by her arch-nemesis Ahuizotl and taken to a nearby temple. Rainbow and her friends are able to rescue Daring and while Rainbow's friends keep Ahuizotl distracted with the ring, Daring finds that the mechanism to destroy the temple requires two ponies to complete, and appreciates Rainbow's help. They destroy the temple and escape safely, and Daring thanks Rainbow for her help. Some time later, Rainbow gets an early copy of the next Daring Do book to find herself part of the story

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