Here's the transcript for Team Robot In Back To The Future Part III



November 12, 1955

10:03 PM

Scene: The clock tower episode in 1955, changed because of Marty II's interference. DeLorean and Marty I speeding 88 miles per hour from Back to the Future I, getting sent back to 1985 as in the conclusion of the first movie.

Marty I: Doc!

The Marty from the first movie gets sent back to the future. The 1955 Doc (the 1985 Doc has already gone back to 1885) dances with delight because the experiment was successful.


The Marty from Back to the Future II (the one that continues with us throughout this movie w/o us missing any events in his timeline) runs towards

Doc. Marty: Doc! Doc! Doc! DOC! DOC! Doc spins around and sees him.

He is in shock.

Doc: AHH!

Marty: Okay, relax Doc, it's me, it's me, it's Marty!

Doc: No it can't be you...I just sent you back to the future!

Marty: I know, you did send me back to the future, but I'm back, I'm back from the future!

Doc: Great Scott! He faints.

Marty: Doc. C'mon.

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