Team Robot In Let's Follow That Bird is a Thanksgiving Crossover film to be made by TMNTSubspace12.


The plot involves an organization of birds called the Feathered Friends sending Big Bird to Oceanview, Illinois, to live with a bird family called the Dodos. However, after deciding that he isn't happy with them, he heads back to Sesame Street, not realizing that it will take more than just three hours to get back home.

Big Bird's road trip makes the news, and his friends on Sesame Street team together to find him. Also seeking him are Miss Finch, the social worker from Feathered Friends who sent him to live with the Dodos, and the Sleaze Brothers, owners of a carnival who want him as their main attraction.

Sega Unit Patrol Squad 1

  • Emerl
  • G-merl
  • Yoshi
  • Donkey Kong
  • Princess Unikitty, Prince Puppycorn, Dr. Fox, Hawkodile and Richard

Other Heroes

Main Cast

  • Linda
  • Luis
  • Susan
  • Maria
  • Bob
  • Gordon
  • Olivia
  • Willy

Sesame Street

  • Big Bird
  • Oscar the Grouch
  • Grover
  • Cookie Monster
  • Telly
  • Snuffy
  • Count Von Count
  • Honkers
  • Ernie
  • Bert


  • The Sleaze Brothers


  • Grouch Anthem
  • Your My Very Best Friend
  • Ain't No Road Too Long
  • Cashin In
  • One Little Star
  • Easy Goin' Day
  • Upside Down World
  • I'm So Blue
  • Have You Seen Him