Here is the movie transcript for Team Robot in Pokemon: Diancie & The Cocoon of Destruction.

(Pikachu the Movie XY)

(Opening Credits, Titles shown "Team Robot in Pokémon the Movie: Diancie and the Cocoon of Destruction", Inside The Domain, There was Several Carbink, and Diancie plays with Leonard and carbink servants)

Merrick: Please wait for us, Princess Diancie!

(Diancie Keeps Chasing from Leonard and Carbink Servants, Diancie jumps over and success, Carbink Servants And Leonard jumped over, and succeed, Merrick Almost falls and was saved)

Merrick: Princess Diancie! It's Time! Princess!

Leonard: Yoo hoo, Princess!

Diancie: (Giggles) Hide-and-seek is fun!

(Suddenly Many Carbink appeared and starts Chattering)

Diancie: Shh, No! Not right now...

Merrick: Princess Diancie!

Diancie: (Giggles) You found me...

Leonard: There you are Diancie, We were worried about you playing hide and seek.

Merrick: I'm not playing, Princess. It's almost time for you to...

(Merrick Accidentally Tip over Crystal Quartz, And falling on Top of Merrick, Bort and Allotrope)

Diancie: (Gasps) Merrick! Are you all right?!

(Merrick, Bort and Allotrope breaks free from the Crystal Quartz)

Merrick: (Starts Shaking) I'm fine, thank you. (Crystal Quartz lands on Merrick's Head)

Leonard: Ouch, That's gonna leave a mark!

Diancie: (Giggles)

Merrick: (Throws a crystal Quartz) This is no time for giggling!

Several Carbink: (Laughter)

Dace: Princess!

(Suddenly Several Carbink Walks Back And A Elder Carbink named Dace has Arrived)

Merrick: Elder!

Diancie: Dace...

Leonard: Grandfather.

Dace: Now, Princess Diancie, you have an important duty to perform, You must not forget that!

(the Carbinks, Leonard and Diancie arrive at the scene to see the Heart Diamond)

Dace: The Heart Diamond... For countless years, it has provided us with great energy and tranquility, But sadly, time has taken its toll on it, I know that someday the diamond will die out, and lose its sustaining shimmer.

Diancie: But look how beautifully it's sparkling now... Worrying too much will make you lose your luster.

Leonard: Luster means funny.

Dace: Please take what I'm saying seriously!

Diancie: Okie-dokie!

Dace: A simple yes will suffice!

Diancie: Uh Yes!

Dace: The sad truth is if the Heart Diamond were ever to be lost, our domain would be finished!

Diancie: You're exaggerating...

Leonard: Exaggerating means annoyed.

Dace: I am not exaggerating! Creating a new Heart Diamond is a task that only you can do, Princess Diancie! Before any more time is wasted, I want you to demonstrate your power!

Diancie: Okay, I'll do it. I mean I'll try... But I don't think I can.

Leonard: We're with you.

Dace: Princess!

Diancie: Right...

(As Diancie is using her new diamond to create, Merrick is pleased)

Dace: Yes, keep going...

Leonard: Wobbledy-Woo, Wobbledy-Wee, Make a New Diamond!

(As Diancie Try To Creating A New Heart Diamond Even Faster, She Was Struggling, The Diamonds fail to create A New Diamond and disappears, Dace Was Dismayed so to Merrick, Diancie Gives up)

Dace: (Sighs)

Leonard: Bummer.

Diancie: I told you. I just can't do it...

Merrick: Princess, you will one day! After all, it's what you're here for!

Leonard: Cheer up Diancie, I know many spells.

Diancie: I thank you for raising me ever since I was very young... But I'm afraid I...

Dace: Xerneas... You must go see it!

Diancie: Xerneas?

Leonard: Who's Xerneas?

Dace: That's right. Long ago, when I was journeying, there was a terrible catastrophe. This cataclysmic event occurred in a place called the Allearth Forest...

(Flashback Plays with Young Dace, Who was Trembling with Fear, Many Wild Pokémon was Running from the Destruction Smoke, A Black Tornado appears Turning The Whole Forest into stone, Dace and the other wild Pokemon began to Shiver in Fear, Seeing The destruction smoke getting closer)

Dace: (Flashback) My life force is being drained. I'm finished!

(As The Destruction Smoke gets Closer, Suddenly Xerneas Arrives, And Uses Fairy Aura, Dace Opens his Eyes, Seeing Xerneas Using Fairy aura, Protecting from the Destruction smoke, Dace Collapses into the ground and dies, However Xerneas Uses Fairy Aura To Revive Dace)

Dace: (Flashback) What? That's... Fairy Aura!

(Dace Sees Xerneas, Who Stands at the wild Pokemon, seeing whole forest was destroyed)

Dace: (Voiceover) It's Because of Xerneas that I am here today.

(Flashback Ends, when Several Carbink playing, while Diancie, Leonard, And Carbink Servants Walking)

Leonard: That's who we're going to meet Xerneas?

Dace: Yes. Leonard.

Diancie: So if I meet Xerneas and its Fairy Aura washes over me, then I'll discover my true power and be able to actually make a Heart Diamond?

Dace: You will! You have to trust Fairy Aura!

Leonard: Fairy Aura, Means trust the true power of Diamonds!

(As Diance Sees the whole Domain with Carbink playing Quartz, She Made A Determination)

Diancie: I'll do it. I'll go! I always wanted to see the outer world anyway.

Dace: You must take all of this more seriously!

Diancie: Okie-dokie!

Dace: What will suffice?!

Diancie: A simple yes. Yes!

Leonard: Then let's go!

(Later we cut the scene to inside a cave to outside a cave to see falling leaves, Diancie was Surprised to see the river)

(We View the skies with 3 fully evolved pokemon, Venusaur mega evolves into Mega Venusaur, Next to Blastoise who Mega Evolves into Mega Blastoise, and Finally Charizard Who Mega Evolves into Mega Charizard X and flies into the sky)

Narrator: The world of Pokémon. Incredible to behold! Home of the most mysterious of all creatures!

(we Scan At Pokémon in the Forest, Xerneas, Trevenant, Phantump, Foongus, Scatterbug, Several Combee, Multiple Vivillon, Dozens of Flabebe and Floette)

Narrator: In the forests.

(We see the view of Noibat And Noivern who are flying and changes into the sky)

Narrator: Up in the skies.

(We view the skies to see scan Dozens of flying Pokémon, Like Fletchling, Fletchinder, Spritzee, Wingull, Farfetch'd, Noctowl, Delibird, Murkrow, Ducklett, Chatot, Tailow, Swanna and Starly, After that, The Water Waves And Change into underwater)

Narrator: And in the seas...

(We view the underwater to see scan Dozens of Water Pokémon, Like Luvdisc, Goldeen, Seaking Sharpedo, Tentacool, Tentacruel, Skrelp, Dragalge, Clauncher, Clawitzer, Magikarp, Carvanha, Remoraid, Wailmer And Wailord)

Narrator: Pokémon can be found in places all around this world.

(Wailord's Tail Change into movies scenes)

Narrator: In Films of Team Robot Series and Pooh's Adventures series, We View Every we found like, Rescuing from Falling.

(Phoebus Saves Quasimodo from Falling into the molten copper)

Narrator: Epic Sacrifices.

(Hans Is ready to kill elsa and uses a sword, But Anna rushed in, Raised a hand To Stop Him, However Anna Began to turned to Solid Ice, This Causes the sword to Shatter, Recoiling at Hans and Knocking him Back)

Narrator: Big Showdowns.

(Hercules Punches Hades Into The River Of Souls)

Narrator: And Revived Secrets..

(Anna Began to thaw, realizing It was Elsa's True Love)

(We Change into this Scene at Night, We Scan Every Pokémon, Like Espurr, Meowstic, Hoppip and Jumpluff, And Sees The Stadium)

Narrator: The lives of people and Pokémon have been bound together since the beginning of time. Sharing the bonds of trust and respect.

(Diantha Touches the Key Stone And Gardevoir Mega Evolves into Mega Gardevoir, and also Scizor Mega Evolves into Mega Scizor, Wikstrom Battles Diantha, Wikstrom tells Scizor to use Night Slash and Mega Scizor Jumps to Attack Mega Gardevoir, But misses, Then Mega Gardevoir uses Moonblast And hits the moon and glows Moonblast at Mega Scizor And Was Attacked, Causing Scizor to Faint, Diantha And Mega Gardevoir are The Winner, We Change the Scene into Grass, When Our Heroes appeared, Emerl, Pikachu, Ash and Team Robot's Allies Was Running and Jumping)

Narrator: Now we come to a young man named Ash, who hails from Pallet Town. Along With Emerl the leader of the Sega Unit Patrol Squad 1, He and his partner Pikachu work together to battle and catch Pokémon!

(Pikachu Uses Thunderbolt At Barbaracle, Zapping it, As He Continued Battling, Serena, Bonnie and Clemont Arrived and watched them cheering)

Narrator: Ash is continuing on his journey as a Pokémon Trainer, along with his friends, Team Robot Members, also the mixels alongside The DigiDestined and their Digimon.

(We Change this scene into lunch scene When Our heroes are having Lunch)

Narrator: For every new Pokemon they meet a brand-new and exciting adventure awaits them!

(We turn the scene white into the River as we see Avignon Town)

(We View the Castle of Avignon Town, When Ash Was Battling Astrid, Rock Music Was Played)

Ash Ketchum: Go!

(Pikachu Dodges Pyroar's Flamethrower and Fire Fang, then jumps)

Yumi: Go Pikachu!

Emerl: (In Gary's voice) Go! Go! Go!

Mario: (In Skips' voice) Go!

I wanna be the very best Like no one ever was To catch them is my real test To train them is my cause

(Pikachu Uses Electro Ball at Pyroar and hits him, Astrid Looks At Pyroar, Causing him to Faint, Team Rocket and the other villains Scans At Pikachu and the other heroes, the villains plotting to get Pikachu)

I will travel across the land Searching far and wide each Pokémon to understand The power that's inside

(Meanwhile Diancie was hopping to find Xerneas, Suddenly Delphox And Marilyn Flame Appeared)

Marilyn Flame: Delphox.

(Delphox Uses Mystical Fire on Diancie, But avoids the attack, Diancie continued to hop, Honedge Appears And Flies into Town)

(Pokémon!) (Gotta catch 'em all), it's you and me (Pokémon!) I know it's my destiny (Pokémon!) Yeah, you're my best friend In a world we must defend (Pokémon!) (Gotta catch 'em all), a heart so true (Pokémon!) Our courage will pull us through You teach me, and I'll teach you Po-ké-mon! (Pokémon!) (Gotta catch 'em all) Gotta catch 'em all Gotta catch 'em all!

(Froakie hops on the wall repeatedly and jumps then uses cut on Female Meowstic But She uses Scratch to Deflect the attack)

Ash Ketchum: Alright Froakie, Use Cut Once Again!

(Froakie Jumps and uses cut again, But Meowstic Avoid cut)

Ash Ketchum: Keep it up!

(Froakie uses cut, while Meowstic uses scratch multiple times)

Ash Ketchum: Now, Use Water Pulse!

(Froakie Uses Water Pulse on Meowstic But misses, as everyone avoided the attack and hits the wall, Meowstic Appears And both Jumps, Froakie Uses Water Pulse on Meowstic, But Meowstic Uses Charge Beam on Water Pulse And Froakie, Ash Looks up in Surprised, Froakie Falls And Faints Meaning Meowstic Wins, Much to Astrid's Joy)

Every challenge along the way With courage I will face I will battle every day To claim my rightful place

(Meanwhile, Greninja Appears, Diancie Looks at Greninja, Also Ninja Riot appears, Greninja Uses A Tongue to Grab Diancie, But she Glows and Escapes, Honedge was flying, A Trainer's Gogoat was riding, While Greninja And Ninja Riot Looks For Diancie And Disappears)

Come with me, the time is right There's no better team, Arm in arm, we'll win the fight It's always been our dream

(Astrid Throws A pokeball And Absol Appears, Ash Sends out Hawlucha to Battle, She uses a Key Stone and Absol Mega Evolves into Mega Absol, Hawlucha Uses High Jump Kick)

Tai Kamiya: (In Benson's voice) Holy crap!

(Pokémon!) (Gotta catch 'em all), it's you and me (Pokémon!) I know it's my destiny (Pokémon!) Yeah, you're my best friend In a world we must defend (Pokémon!) (Gotta catch 'em all), a heart so true (Pokémon!) Our courage will pull us through You teach me, and I'll teach you Po-ké-mon! (Pokémon!) (Gotta catch 'em all) Gotta catch 'em all Gotta catch 'em all!

Astrid: Go Mega Absol!

(Mega Absol Uses Night slash to attack Hawlucha, Meanwhile Marilyn Flame, Delphox, Ninja Riot and Greninja Appears, But Diancie Escapes, Marilyn And Riot looks at Each Other and Jumps, Meanwhile Hawlucha Battles Mega Absol and Uses Karate Chop, But misses Absol Jumps into the Tower and jumps again then uses dark pulse on Hawlucha Causing him To Explode)

(Gotta catch 'em all) Gotta catch 'em all Gotta catch 'em all! Pokémon!

(As the Dust Clears, Hawlucha was Fainted, Ash Returns his Hawlucha back to his Pokeball)

Ash Ketchum: Mega Evoltuion's so Powerful!

Pikachu: Pika!

Tails: That was amazing!

Fluttershy: Oh my goodness!

Rainbow Dash: Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh!

Sonic: Awesome, Ash!

Chris Kratt: This battle was very tough!

Ed: Mega Evolutions are awesome! (Laughing)

Elsa: I'm very impressed!

Tommy Himi: Cool!

Raimundo: Nice!

Emerl: Yeah We Agree with that!

Flain: Talk about battling!

Vulk: How cool is that!

Magnifo: Very Magical!

Scorpi: You got that right!

Henry Wong: You did a very hard battle, Ash.

Twilight Sparkle: Nice battle. You did well Ash.

Ash Ketchum: Thanks, Twilight. I'll win another battle next time, right buddy?

Pikachu: Pikachu.

Tai Kamiya: That Battle Was So Intense and Epic, Right Agumon?!

Agumon: You bet ya, Tai!

Krader: Bummer, that Ash lost.

Seismo: Tell me about it.

Veemon: What a Shocker.

Hoogi: Sure Does!

Jenny: So did I!

Kari Kamiya: It's okay, You and Pikachu will win a battle another time.

Ash Ketchum: I will soon.

Magnifo: I really love that Astrid the Mega Absol Trainer.

Kimiko: Rock on Mega Absol Trainer!

(Mega Absol Returns to Normal, Astrid Returns her Absol back to her Pokeball)

Ami: Astrid. That was amazing!

Yumi: Yea, your Mega Absol is the coolest!

Takato Matsuki: Awesome!

Guilmon: (Raising his arms in joy) Mega Evolutions are so cool! Ya!

Astrid: Thank you.

Clay: Nice mega evolution girl.

Omi: No Problem.

Yolei Inoue: I don't know, what to say!

Hawkmon: But I Really love Mega Absol.

Matt Ishida: So epic you're mega evolution Absol.

Gabumon: Awesome Absol!

Rocko: Same here.

Bubbles: Can I have your autograph!

Bonnie: Oh Mega Absol Trainer?!

Yolei Inoue: Wow, really Bonnie?!

Zorch: Seriously, Not this again.

Kimiko: Here's with the Funny part.

(Bonnie Jumps At Astrid)

Yumi: Wha?

Bonnie: PLEASE! You're a keeper! Take care of my brother. (Dedenne speaking)

Mordecai: C'mon Bonnie not this again.

Jake the Dog: Bonnie! Seriously?!

T.K. Takaishi: Bonnie?!

Patamon: You gotta be Kidding me.

Clay: Same here.

Glomp: Heh, That's Very funny for being a Funny Bone!

Henry Wong: (Groans) Not this again.

Jawg: Fetch me a bone!

Glurt: That's my bone to me!

Dojo Kanojo Cho: Bones, I don't have any bones see, I'm Flexing!

James the Red Engine: Bonnie, Will you please stop, you keep bothering the girls!

Sunset Shimmer: Uh, well can you please stop this?!

Rainbow Dash: What's with her?!

Rika Nonaka: What's her problem?

Sunset Shimmer: Well you'll see Bonnie wants that Absol Trainer to take care of her brother.

Rainbow Dash: Oh, now I get it.

Twilight Sparkle: (Angrily sighing) Bonnie can you cut that out already!

Anna: Here we go again.

Biyomon: Yeah, That's Pretty Weird and funny.

Sora Takenouchi: Not again!

Rika Nonaka: When is she gonna quite it?!

Renamon: I have no idea!

Hawkmon: Same here.

Clemont: What are you doing?! I told you to stop this a million times! (He Uses Aipom Arm to Grab Bonnie to Get Away)

Rigby: Alright, alright that's enough!

Mordecai: Bonnie, Quit it!

Teslo: Come with us now, young lady!

Rocko: Right now!

Bonnie: Think about it, okay?

Percy: Bonnie!

Torts: Wow, talk about taking care of Clemont.

Glurt: So do we.

Fluttershy: Sorry about her.

Astrid: That's okay.

Knuckles: Don't worry about her.

Footi: I'm sure they will be fine!

Glomp: Yes, I'm sure Bonnie would love to take care of her brother.

Twilight Sparkle: I really hope you and you're Absol will always win in the battle.

Xion: Bonnie! That was very embarssing!

Matt Ishida: Can't you like stop bothering the girls?!

Takuya Kanbara: (In Benson's voice) Why would you do that?!

Bonnie: I was just trying to find a wife for him.

Takuya Kanbara: (In Benson's voice) Why would you keep bothering any girls after the Pokémon battle?!

Bonnie: But he needs someone to take care of him!

Takuya Kanbara: (In Benson's voice) Someone what?! You messed up after the Pokémon battle!

Zoe Orimoto: Knock it off, Why do you keep bothering the girls to tell them to take care of Clemont that make you scary!

Tai Kamiya: He's okay without a girl, okay.

Bonnie: But I can't look after him.

Mordecai: (Facepalm) Aaaugh! Quiet bothing many of the girls like that!

Clemont: They're right, this is very embarrassing.

Bonnie: But you need a wife!

Takato Matsuki: Be quiet! Let's just stop with that argument and relax.

Martin Kratt: Takato's right calm down, You'll get to that.

Heffer: Yeah, we agree with them.

Rainbow Dash: That Pokémon fight and Mega Absol was totally...

Davis Motomiya: (In Cheese Sandwich's voice) Epic.

Rainbow Dash: Yea, it is!

Emily: Wow, That's Funny!

Oggy: (meows)

Jack: (meows)

Olivia: (meows)

Aqua: Well, they are Such Being Cats.

Gabumon: Don't ever hear about cats.

Princess Bubblegum: That's okay, I love cats.

Takato Matsuki: Well since there are no villains around let's just like relax.

Shuff: Oh... Okay then.

Kimiko: Let's take a long rest.

Filburt: Kimiko, That's nice.

Gomamon: Well, I guess Major Nixel and The Nixels Are not Coming to get us.

Gumball: Alright, if you guys need anything I'll go get some ice cream.

Flurr: I love ice cream Come on guys!

Shuff: I'm getting a Strawberry ice cream.

Vulk: I'm getting a Vanilla Ice cream.

Torts: I'm Getting a Banana Ice Cream.

Gumball: So Elsa & Anna, which ice cream you want?

Elsa & Anna: Chocolate. (Giggling)

Sonic: Okay, all those who want some ice cream raise their hands.

(All Mixels raise their hands)

Tails: Well, there you go folks. Mixels and everyone else want some ice cream!

Serena: They like ice cream, don't they?

Sora: Of course they do.

Krader: Wow, I guess i'm going with Mint Ice cream.

Gumball: Okay fellas, time for ice cream, okay, got one for Hoogi.

(Gumball Throws Ice Cream at Hoogi and Catches)

Hoogi: Thanks!

Gumball: Okay, I got a ice cream sandwich for T.K.

(Gumball throws the ice cream sandwich at T.K. and catches it)

Gumball: Glomp, think fast!

(He tosses a ice cream at Glomp, but instead of catch it, it only hits Glomp in the face and gets splat)

Glomp: D'oh, I miscatch it!

Mordecai: (Laughs) Should've gone for it, dude.

Glomp: If I was a psychic type Pokemon I would've grab it.

Mordecai: Yeah that would be awesome.

(Gumball hands over another ice cream to Glomp)

Glomp: Thanks.

Rigby: Being a Pokemon Trainer with Mega Evolution Pokemon must rule, right, Joe?

Joe Kido: Well, Yeah.

Mordecai: I we could find more Mega Evolution Pokemon in the Kalos Region.

Ventus: Okay.

Omi: Right.

Joe Kido: Wow, guess The Mixels are Decided to have ice cream.

Magnifo: Appear, Have some Ice Cream!

(An Ice Cream fell into Lunk's Head)

Lunk: Wow, Ice cream.

Heffer: Speak for yourself.

(Many Ice cream fell into Team Robot)

Slumbo: Wow, That's alot of Ice Cream!

Flurr: It's like an Ice Cream Paradise!

Pinkie Pie: Who want's Ice Cream!

Dudley Puppy: Well, I Guess, The Villains and D.O.O.M aren't around.

Ash Ketchum: Don't forget about me. I want Vanilla and Chocolate swirl please!

Pikachu: Pikachu!

Darwin: Here.

(Darwin hands over a vanilla and chocolate swirl ice cream to Ash)

Davis Motomiya: Let's just take a nice break since there's no danger here.

Veemon: Yeah, let's just take nice moment to rest.

Kiva: I think this is the best place for us to relax without the villains ruining it.

Terriermon: Momentai.

Henry Wong: He's right. You don't have to be worried about that.

Cody Hida: Yeah, let's go with that.

Armadillomon: Okay then.

Emerl: Let's just relax and calm down.

Kari Kamiya: Bring some strawberry flavor for me too please.

Jimmy Z: Sure thing.

(Meanwhile, the villains and the thieves are trying to capture Diancie)

Chuck The Evil Sandwich-Making Guy: Not So Fast Princess, Let's see if You Find My Mustard Ray Confusing!

Dr. Neo Cortex: Fire!

(Chuck Fires Mustard, Also Delphox uses Flamethrower and Greninja Fires Water Shuriken and Blast diancie into the wall)

Chuck The Evil Sandwich-Making Guy: (Laughing Evilly)

Zazz: We got you now! Pokemon! (Laughing Evilly)

(Pikachu Heard A Sound)

Pikachu: Pika!

(Renamon hears a sound as well)

Rika Nonaka: What is it, Renamon?

Renamon: Trouble!

Flain: I sense Danger too.

Zorch: Then let's go see what it is.

Alvin: Did I Heard Something?!

Simon: No clue, It's those Villains I tell ya!

Theodore: Now they tells me!

Kitty Katswell: That's An Spy Emergency!

Raimundo: Let's go everyone!

Gumball: What if someone is in trouble!

Wizwuz: I'm not sure, but this isn't a good sign.

Glomp: Let's go see what it is!

Applejack: What in Tarnation is that?

Sora Takenouchi: We should check it out.

Teslo: It Sounded like a cry for help!

Henry Wong: Let's go, Terriermon!

Terriermon: Okay!

The Chief: Let's Go and hurry up!

(Pikachu Runs to see what is going on)

Oggy: (meows)

Jack: (meows)

Olivia: (meows)

Ash Ketchum: Pikachu!

Terra: Come on Let's Hurry!

Gumball: Let's go!

Darwin: Wait up guys!

Lunk: Don't Forget about me!

Torts: But I haven't finished my ice cream yet!

Teslo: There's no time for that Let's go!

(Meanwhile, Diancie is Trying To Escape by The Villains, However Marilyn Flame, Delphox, Ninja Riot. Greninja and the other Villains Appear blocking her way)

Major Nixel: You're not going anywhere Princess, You're Trapped!

Chuck The Evil Sandwich-Making Guy: We got you this time!

Psycho Yellow: There's no escape now princess.

Marilyn Flame: Sorry, Riot. General Nix. I won't allow you to get in my way.

Ninja Riot: That's what I should be saying.

Psycho Blue: Getting the way is a simple is that.

The Butcher: Oh yes, Riot, that will do.

Chuck The Evil Sandwich-Making Guy: Wait until I turn you into a diamond sandwich princess!

Zomom: I think I'll have you for dessert.

Psycho Pink: You want me to get a sandwich dessert diamond?

Zeena: Yes, I get that thing, because I want it for dessert.

Diancie: Well, then, if you'll excuse me.

Marilyn Flame: Stop right there!

Granny May: Not so fast!

Major Nixel: Don't let her escape!

Zavok: Stop her!

The Butcher: Pastrami Attack!

Chuck The Evil Sandwich-Making Guy: Do you like Honey Butter?!

(Delphox uses Flamethrower, Greninja Uses Water Shuriken, The Butcher Fires Pastrami and Chuck fires Honey Butter to Make And Explosion dusts, which cause Diancie to knock away)

Major Nixel: (Cackles) Now You're Mine!

Dr. Neo Cortex: You're Trapped Forever! (Laughing Evilly)

(Our Heroes Rushed in to stop the villains)

Tai Kamiya: Hey! Stop!

Ash Ketchum: Stop it! Ganging up like that.

Pikachu: Pika! Pika!

Zor: What? Seriously? You're not suppose to be here.

Sonic: You wish! You and you're friends are trying to hurt that Pokémon, for no reason.

Psycho Black Ranger: Just get away from there.

Agumon: Now this really isn't our day.

Zaptor: They're trying to Capture the princess.

Ventus: Not on my watch.

Ash Ketchum: What do you think you're doing?!

Major Nixel: That's none of your business!

Zavok: We we're just trying to be evil!

Zazz: It's our job to do this, guys!

Master Zik: Get out of our way! Or you face you're fear of wisdom!

Mixels: Not Cool! Not cool! NOT COOL!!!

Izzy Izumi: Looks Like the Deadly Six are having a bad Argument.

Tentomon: Yeah, You can hear that coming!

Thomas the Tank Engine: Stealing is the Villains' job?!

Percy: That's right, Thomas.

James the Red Engine: Indeed you are.

Dudley Puppy: What do you mean stealing is the Villains' job?!

Davis Motomiya: That's how villains do Dudley Puppy.

(Serena, Bonnie, Dedenne and Clemont Rushed in to see what's happening)

Marilyn Flame: Stay out of this.

Dr. Two-Brains: Just Move Away, We need some planning to do!

Lady Redundent Woman: We're just being so bad!

Dr. Neo Cortex: I needed this job to do.

Ms. Question: Questions need to do.

Marilyn Flame: I need the diamonds that only this one can make.

Fluttershy: Really, what for?

Major Nixel: We're here to capture that Pokémon, that's what!

Ninja Riot: You talk too much, Marilyn, and Guys.

Dr. Two-Brains: Hey That's My Line!

Dr. Blowhole: Oh, so aren't you listening?!

Armadillomon: Their Arguing about being a master Thief!

Cody Hida: Yeah. That's sickens me.

Ninja Riot: You're not a master thief, you're a master blabbermouth! You too Major Nixel you're a Major Blabbermouth!

Major Nixel: Who you calling me a Major Blabbermouth?! Ninja Thief Blabbermouth!

Dr. Two-Brains: That's A Blabbermouth thief for you!

Major Nixel: Hey! I heard that!

Serena: She's a thief?!

Psycho Yellow Ranger: This is getting annoying, Stop Complaining about it!

Zeena: Get out or I'll slap you in the face!

Granny May: Dearies, Please calm down!

Dr. Blowhole: No, You Calm Down! Grandma!

(The Villains Began to Argue over Diancie)

Gatomon: Did Ninja Riot called Major Nixel a Blabbermouth?

Kari Kamiya: Yeah, Major Nixel was such A blabbermouth.

Major Nixel: I heard that! As soon as I capture that Diancie. I'm gonna-

Dr. Blowhole: (Cuts Major Nixel's line) I'm gonna turn that cute little girl into a lobster!

Major Nixel: Hey stop interrupting!

Teslo: Sounds like he knows, what you said Kari.

Mesmo: Wow, who knew.

Sora: You should be careful not to make him angry.

Patamon: You know T.K, those villains are arguing over Diancie.

T.K. Takaishi: Yeah, That's Kinda weird, but funny.

Henry Wong: This might be a problem.

Kitty Katswell: Marilyn Flame is a thief!

Sam: But why, Isn't that a thief?!

Ed: She's Like A Female Thief?!

Double-D: Maybe A Worst Thief?!

Eddy: Or maybe a devil thief?!

Flain: Or Maybe a Criminal!?

Darwin: It's those Bad guys I tell ya!

Dudley Puppy: Like D.O.O.M?!

Magnifo: Looks like a magician full of Bad Guys!

Sora Takenouchi: Thieves are Magicians, Right?!

Magnifo: (Sighs) Yes, We get it!

Kiva: Whatever you villains are doing to her, but you not going to hurt her!

Donald Duck: You said it!

Takuya Kanbara: If they keep arguring I'm about to have a headache.

Luigi: Well, at least thing's can't get any worse.

Shuff: What's A Rock thief?!

Zorch: No that's a Diamond Thief?!

Mimi Tachikawa: That's A mean Thief and A ninja Thief here.

Kirby: Poyo?

Diddy Kong: Don't call Marilyn, A Poyo Thief!

Donkey Kong: Little buddy, that's how Kirby only talks like that.

Gobba: For the Last time Stop talking about thieves okay?

Jenny: Well, I think about wanted to say that.

Fluttershy: We're we arguing I'm sorry.

Ash Ketchum: Now's your chance! (As Diancie escapes) Pikachu, Use Thunderbolt!

Teslo: Come on guys, lets give them, what we got!

Volectro: Roger!

Zaptor: You got it!

Tai Kamiya: Give them a good fireball Agumon!

Agumon: Okay!

Davis Motomiya: Veemon! Take them down!

Veemon: Okay!

Takato Matsuki: Guilmon!

Guilmon: Alright!

Rika Nonaka: Get rid of those bad goons Renamon!

Renamon: Okay!

(Just As the Villains, Thieves, Delphox and Greninja, Ready to attack them, Pikachu uses thunderbolt, The Electroids also use thunderbolt, And both of the Thunderbolt attack the Villains, Including Delphox and Greninja)

Dr. Two-Brains: (In Bebop's voice) Oh dang!

Renamon: Diamond Storm!

(She fire the attack and hits all the villains)

Miss Power: Ow! Ow! Stop, it hurts!

Granny May: Stop it!

Dr. Blowhole: Ouch! Lousy Digimon!

The Whammer: I'm Whammed!

All of the Villains: That's hurt me so Badly!

Guilmon: Pyro sphere!

Agumon: Pepper breath!

Veemon: Vee Headbutt!

(They fire their attacks. Guilmon's pyro sphere hits the nixels while Agumon's pepper breath hits Chuck the evil sandwich making guy and Veemon's Vee Headbutt hits the Butcher)

Major Nixel: Why You Little!

Raimundo: Wind!

(He tries to attack but Raimundo kicks him in the face)

Emerl: (In Skips' voice) Run!

Serena: This way!

Sonic: Come on!

Tails: Let's get out of here!

Volectro: Flee while we can!

Hoogi: Yeah, Run for your lives!

Magnifo: Let's teleport out of the way!

Matt Ishida: You'll got that Right!

Cody Hida: Let's Escape!

Takato Matsuki: Let's go!

Clay: Got it!

(Our Heroes manage to rescue Diancie and everyone Escapes)

Bystander Man 1: Who't that?!

Bystander Lady 1: What're they doing?!

Bystander Man 2: Call Officer Jenny, Quick!

(As Delphox, Greninja And The others villains Regain their Strength)

Chuck The Evil Sandwich-Making Guy: That Digimon burnt my Mustard Ray!

Dr. Blowhole: Curses!

Theodore ‘’Tobey’’ McCallister III: I'll get you for this Team Robot and Wordgirl!

Major Nixel: (In the old man's voice) Curse you, Team Robot & Mixels! You're gonna pay for this!

Jack Spicer: This isn't over!

Dr. Neo Cortex: I'll show you mercy!

Psycho Red Ranger: Their Getting Away!

Zomom: That Digimon is the worst meal ever!

Master Zik: That Diamond Storm really hurts me!

Zeena: That Pikachu is gonnna pay for what he did to my hair!

Zor: Same here.

Zazz: Let's get them!

Zavok: (In Skales' voice) Forget it! Let's get out of here!

(As the Other Villains Escapes, Dedenne goes for a slide and lands of Bonnie's head)

Elsa: Thanks for Saving her.

Olaf: I Do what I can!

Clemont: It looks like we're all safe now.

Torts: That was close!

Zaptor: So did I!

Edward: I'm glad you're safe.

Diancie: Everyone, I'm very grateful to you all for rescuing me.

Clay: You're very welcome little lady.

Krader: You're very welcome.

Finn the Human: Yea, glad to help.

Ash Ketchum: You spoke!

Volectro: That's nice talking!

Footi: Yeah, Diancie is talking!

Tentomon: So I that Pokémon can talk!

Patrick: So, You talk eh?

Edward: Wow, she can talk!

Serena: Wow!

Anna: That's Right!

Olaf: And you are.

Diancie: Diancie.

Clemont: It's telepathy!

Bonnie: You're so cute.

Zoe Orimoto: She's very cute.

Zaptor: Hello Diancie!

Palmon: Great to meet ya!

Ash Ketchum: My name's Ash.

Diancie: Ash.

Ash Ketchum: And this is my partner, Pikachu.

Pikachu: Pikachu.

Diancie: Pikachu.

Emerl: My name's Emerl, leader of the Sega Unit Patrol Sqaud 1.

Diancie: Emerl.

Gmerl: My name is Gmerl.

Anna: I'm Anna.

Kristoff: I'm Kristoff and that's Sven.

Flain: I'm Flain and that's Vulk and Zorch.

Teslo: I'm Teslo and that's Volectro and Zaptor.

Krader: I'm Krader and that's Shuff and Seismo.

Flurr: I'm Flurr and that's Lunk and Slumbo.

Gobba: I'm Gobba and that's Chomly and Jawg.

Kraw: I'm Kraw and that's Balk and Tentro.

Magnifo: I'm Magnifo and that's Mesmo and Wizwuz.

Glomp: I'm Glomp and that's Torts and Glurt.

Scorpi: I'm Scorpi and that's Footi and Hoogi.

Olaf: I'm Olaf and I like warm hugs!

Elsa: I'm Elsa.

Gator: [Chuckles] well, my real name is Gerald, but I quite like being called gator.

Serena: And I'm Serena!

Diancie: Serena.

Ventus: I'm Ventus, Ven for short.

Terra: I'm Terra.

Aqua: Hi, I'm Aqua.

Jenny: I'm Jenny and that's my XJ-Sisters, and that's Oggy, Jack and Oliva.

Oggy: (meows)

Jack: (meows)

Olivia: (meows)

Sora: I'm Sora, he's Donald, and that's Goofy.

Mickey Mouse: I'm Mickey Mouse, and I'm a star of Walt Disney!

SpongeBob: I'm SpongeBob! this is Patrick and sandy!

Patrick: Hello.

Thomas the Tank Engine: I'm Thomas and these are my friends!

Twilight Sparkle: I'm Twilight Sparkle, and this is Applejack, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, and Rarity.

Spike the Dragon: I'm Spike and I'm a Dragon.

Sunset Shimmer: I'm Sunset Shimmer, and I'm a Neutral.

Rocko: I'm Rocko.

Daring Do: I'm Daring Do the Adventurer.

Heffer: I'm Heffer.

Filburt: I'm Filburt.

Fluttershy: We're ever so glad to meet you.

Applejack: We're just gonna have the best time!

Scootaloo: The names Scootaloo.

Sweetie Belle: & I'm Sweetie Belle.

Apple Bloom: Apple Bloom.

Sam: I'm Sam, This is Max.

Dudley Puppy: I'm Dudley Puppy.

Kitty Katswell: I'm Kitty Katswell.

The Chief: I'm the Chief.

Keswick: I'm Keswick.

Omi: I'm Omi and these are my friends!

Mark Evo: I'm Mark Evo and these are my friends.

Philmac: I'm Philmac.

Xion: I'm Xion.

Tai Kamiya: It's a pleasure to meet you Diancie. My name is Tai, this is my little sister Kari and these are my friends. We're the DigiDestined.

Agumon: I'm Agumon and These are my friends!

Davis Motomiya: My name is Davis, I look a lot like Tai.

Veemon: I'm Veemon, Good to see you.

Takato Matsuki: I'm Takato and this my friend Guilmon and these are my friends, Henry, Terriermon, Rika & Renamon.

Takuya Kanbara: I'm Takuya and these are my friends.

Meta Knight: I'm Meta Knight.

Alvin: I'm Alvin, this is Simon, Theodore, Jeanette, Britney and Eleanor.

Norbert: I'm Norbert, And this is Daggett.

Daggett: Why did I get to be the next one?

Bonnie: And Bonnie's my name.

Diancie: Bonnie.

Mario: I'm Mario, he's Yoshi and that's my brother luigi.

Donkey Kong: I'm Donkey kong, and that's diddy kong.

Ami: I'm Ami, That's Yumi!

Zoe: I'm Zoe.

Wordgirl: I'm Wordgirl and that's Captain huggyface!

Rich: I'm Rich and that's Dave, Smitty and scott.

Kiva: I'm KMT1 but everyone calls me Kiva for short.

Kirby: Poyo!

Diddy Kong: Oh, that's Kirby.

Skipper: I'm Skipper, this is Private, That's Rico and Kowalski.

Mordecai: I'm Mordecai, and this is Rigby.

Gumball: I'm Gumball, This is Darwin and That's my Sister Anais.

Ed: Hello my name is Ed.

Double-D: My name is Double-D, also known as Edd.

Eddy: I'm Eddy.

Blossom: I'm Blossom, she's Bubbles and that's Buttercup.

Sonic: I'm Sonic, Sonic the Hedgehog. And this is my buddy, tails.

Tails: Hello.

Knuckles: I'm Knuckles and I am Training to be a fighter.

Amy Rose: I'm Amy Rose, And I'll always like being a girl.

Sticks the Badger: I'm Sticks the Badger, and I like being a wild one all the time!

Finn the Human: I'm Finn, This is Jake.

Princess Bubblegum: I'm Princess Bubblegum, Ruler of the candy kingdom.

Coco: I'm Coco.

Huey: I'm Huey, This is Dewey, and that's Louie.

Riku: I'm Riku.

Leonardo: My name's Leonardo & these are my brothers, Michelanglo, Donatello & Raphael.

Razmo: I'm Razmo, This is Rapido!

Thomas the Tank Engine: And the little green tank engine is my friend, Percy.

Percy: Hello.

Chris Kratt: I'm Chris.

Martin Kratt: And I'm Martin Kratt and these are my friends.

Clemont: And my name is Clemont.

Diancie: Clemont.

Ash Ketchum: You're a Pokémon, Right?

(Serena Uses A Guidebook)

Eddy: So Serena what kind of Pokémon is that?

Serena: Let's see, It says you're called Diancie. With the power to make diamonds, just like that thief said.

Emerl: So this is Diancie.

Mimi Tachikawa: Wow, I never knew sense of The power to make Diamonds, I will see them Beautifully.

Palmon: Me too.

J.P. Shibayama: Diamonds are so cool!

Zoe Orimoto: Meraviglioso!

Double-D: I've seen and heard of Diancie in the history books of Pokémon.

Eddy: You do sockhead.

Double-D: That was back in the library in School Eddy.

Anais: I never seen this fairy type Pokémon Before.

Gumball: Well you're looking at it right now Sis.

Hoogi: Like Create Diamonds or something?

Sunset Shimmer: Even you make Crystal Quartz, jewels and diamonds, things are pretty.

Amy Rose: You can say these diamonds are so pretty!

Takuya Kanbara: I would really want a Diamond for me.

(Meanwhile The Dazzlings and the other villans Looked at Team Robot)

Bonnie: Diamonds?!

Clemont: That must be why they're after you.

Adagio Dazzle: (Gasp) Did you feel that?! Do you know what that is?

Ollie: (Holding a cup of tea) It'd been more frightening if you were on a Roof, Adagio.

Roy Koopa: Indeed, More impossible things about this.

Jessie: We're here looking for Pikachu.

The Chameleon: Even Rarer Pokémon.

James: and we find even better Pokémon.

Lemmy Koopa: Yeah, Even Special Pokémon!

Verminious Snaptrap: Well, we don't have find these Diamonds! How come none of our stuff works anymore?!

Diesel 10: Snaptrap, Stuff don't work as well.

Cubot: Guys, just settle down alright?

Bowser Jr.: Yeah, you're making a mess!

Sonata Dusk: Hello? We get it, like, all the time! It's how we get people to do what we want.

Verminious Snaptrap: (Speaks into can) Mole, great connection! You sound like you're right in the same room!

The Mole: (speaking into can) I did some digging, and learned The Heart Diamond is designed by Carbink. I'm sending you a photo. (stands, walks over to Snaptrap and hands him a piece of yellow pad paper; The Dazzlings, Snaptrap looks at a poorly drawn sketch of Diancie) Name's Diancie. We get her on our side, we'll not only have chairs, we'll have-

Adagio Dazzle: (Growls)

Sonata Dusk: Wha-What did I say?

The Mole: Well I didn't know that?!

Diesel 10: Mole, will you be quiet, I thinking about a plan.

Devious Diesel: A Plan to capture a Pokémon.

Orbot: Why yes, it because these diamonds are very rich and amazing.

Adagio Dazzle: What you meant to say was that being in a Lousy Domain sounds like a great way to meet other Heroes.

Verminious Snaptrap: The Heart Diamond, and Carbinks that don't Shatter! Brilliant! We'll capture The Princess and make her work for us!

Bowser: Yes But What about our plans?

Mal: Well what are supposed to do?!

Francisco: Get The Diamonds?!

Leather Teddy: Kidnap Those Mixels?!

Cubot: Defeat the Team Robot?!

Ollie: Become the Most Diamond Stealing Thieves in the world?!

Sonata Dusk: Lunch?!

Adagio Dazzle: (Groan) The chance to get our Diamonds.

Skunk: But what if we need our diamonds?

Iggy Koopa: Diamonds are things that we need for you big mouth.

Morton Koopa: Don't call me a Big mouth!

Sonata Dusk: Oh. Right.

Larry: Wait, But what is our diamonds?

Bad Dog: Adagio, What is Your news, By kidnapping Diancie?!

The Chameleon: The Rules not to get spotted by the heroes.

Adagio Dazzle: Our Senses are just strong enough to make them want something so badly, they'll have to get it.

Aria Blaze: So we're just gonna do what we always do? Stir up some trouble and then feed off Those Heroes? (Sarcastically) Some plan, Adagio.

Dr. Eggman: You can say that.

Bowser: Same here.

Ludwig Von Koopa: Yep, Troubling things about that.

Adagio Dazzle: It won't be the same as the times before! There is Some Magic here. Diancie's Magic will give us the power we need to get this entire world to do our bidding.

Sonata Dusk: But we can get lunch after though, right? It's Taco Tuesday!

Adagio Dazzle: Just follow my lead.

Aria Blaze: Or my lead.

Adagio Dazzle: My lead!

Meowth: Let's grab the goods, while the grabbing's good!

Francisco: Guys, you're a diabolical genius!

Ollie: (next to Francisco) And uh.. us too. (Both smile)

Team Rocket: (Laughter)

Bad Dog: You can hear that coming!

(Leather Teddy, Bad Dog, Ollie, Francisco, Mole, Skunk, Adagio Dazzle, Aria Blaze, Sonata Dusk, Bowser, Bowser Jr., Koopalings, Diesel 10, Devious Diesel, Dr. Eggman, Cubot, Orbot, Mecha Sonic, Miss Power, Dr. Rabies, Madame Catastrophe, The Chameleon, Mal, Seymour Orlando Smooth, Joey, Marky and Dee Dee react favorably)

Adagio Dazzle: So shall we?

Mal: Sure thing.

Larry Koopa: Let's make things greedy!

Diesel 10: Then let's go.

Verminious Snaptrap: To the D.O.O.M. mobile!

Devious Diesel: Right you are Snaptrap!

(Meanwhile, Back to our Heroes)

Bonnie: Right. Those people are thieves.

Jawg: The Thieves are very evil!

T.K. Takaishi: And also Villains are Thieves!

Patamon: Thieves had Worked for Villains!

Diancie: What do you mean by thieves?

Henry Wong: Thieves are very bad people.

Ash Ketchum: They take things that don't belong to them.

Emerl: Or Steal Things.

Seismo: Or Kidnaps them.

Michelanglo: Or Snatch Things!

Krader: Or Trap things!

Gmerl: Not to mention stealing Pokémon.

Sticks the Badger: Even wild things!

Balk: Or Doing Devious things!

Dudley Puppy: Thieves like D.O.O.M. Henchman!

Ash Ketchum: That's stealing!

Pikachu: Pikachu!

Bonnie: Yeah. They're bad!

Sora Takenouchi: Mean and Cruel.

Magnifo: Also, Thieves are so Villains and Evil!

Kristoff: Very bad people!

Flurr: And Evil too.

Anna: And also bad things.

Duncan: Not to Mention Mean Things.

Wormmon: Even bugging things!

Kimiko: Yeah, like Ninjas.

Finn the Human: And even terrible things.

Jake the Dog: That's right. (In Skips' voice) So stay away from them!

Biyomon: Staying away from the Thieves And the Villains are so Ridiculous!

Hawkmon: Staying away from the Thieves is very serious!

Rika Nonaka: It is very important to stay away from them.

Diancie: I guess that means thieves are bad people to watch out for, I can't believe how much I've learned already!

(Ed's Stomach Growls Very loudly)

Tai Kamiya: Whoa! Earthquake!

Emerl: Aw, snap!

Xion: Make it stop!

Joe Kido: Why is there an earthquake?!

(An earthquake occurs, while the heroes lost their balance and falls down. Ed stands up)

Flain: That was an earthquake I tell ya.

Ash Ketchum: Okay. Where did that earthquake come from?

Ed: (Stomach Growls) Yep, Belly's empty, Dinner Double-D?

Koki: Okay, Dinner it is.

Agumon: I'm getting hungry too.

Emerl: So that's why Ed made an earthquake because he's hungry.

Eddy: Yeah, dinner sounds good. I'm hungry.

Teslo: Next time ed, don't let your stomach make an earthquake!

(At Sunset in of Avignon Town, Our Heroes are going for dinner)

Ash & All the Heroes: (Eating some Food)

Tai Kamiya: Oh yeah. I haven't had a meal like this in this town. My stomach chiming.

Matt Ishida: If we have some ketchup to go with this, it would be perfect.

T.K. Takaishi: I love ketchup and Eggs.

Sora Takenouchi: That sounds pretty gross to me.

Twilight Sparkle: (messy eating noises) Mmm! Mmmm, mm! (with mouth full) I didn't realize how hungry I was! I'm so glad you asked me to join you here today... (swallows) I'm so honored! Mm!

Sora Takenouchi: Please don't talk with you're mouth full.

Twilight Sparkle: Oh right, sorry.

Terriermon: Buns and beans and sauerkraut. I'm gonna eat till I pass out! (Henry Wong grabs him by the ear)

Ash Ketchum: Diancie, you should try these!

(He gave a Plate of Cookies to Diancie)

Emerl: You're gonna love it.

Diancie: Thank you very much. (She eats a cookie) They're delicious!

Ash Ketchum: Eat all you want. There's plenty!

Pikachu: Pika Pika!

Sora Takenouchi: What do you think, tell me how you like your foods and I'll bring more for you.

Diancie: I really like them, Sora.

Sonic: I'm glad they have chili dogs! (He eats one of the chili dogs)

Emerl: This looks good!

Kari Kamiya: Delicious!

Tai Kamiya: You said it!

Diancie: You eat a lot, don't you, Guys?

Ash Ketchum: Yea. (Eats cookie)

Emerl: Of course we do.

Tai Kamiya: That's what we always do.

Flurr: Me too.

Ping Pong: This noodles looks good.

Omi: Yeah, too good.

Yoshi: Yummy. (Swallows a watermelon)

Kirby: Poyo!

Rarity: This Looks Beautiful and Delicious!

Sweetie Belle: You said it, Rarity!

Vulk: This looks really yummy!

Veemon: Sugary and Delicious, Right Davis?!

Davis Motomiya: Yep, Sweetness and Delicious!

Takuya Kanbara: If you eat them. There very healthy.

Guilmon: (Eating bread) Yummy!

Takato Matsuki: This Linguine is very delicious.

Mimi Tachikawa: A Taste of Goodness and Sweetness!

Palmon: You Said it, Mimi!

T.K. Takaishi: Eggs with vegetables inside are so delicious!

Matt Ishida: Mmm! Steaks makes my mouth water!

Ash Ketchum: Eat well and sleep well. That's what keeps me healthy!

Gabumon: You can say that again.

Eddy: (Tries to pick it up. Each time he lifts his fork, the pasta falls off) How the heck you supposed to eat this stuff?

Double-D: (Raising his fork) It's all in the wrist, Eddy.

Zoe Orimoto: That's not how you do it, let me help you.

Diddy Kong: Bananas are healthy and delicious!

Donkey Kong: That's right buddy!

Tai Kamiya: This looks Really Delicious!

Agumon: Yummy! (Burps) Excuse me!

(Pikachu and Dedenne are Feeding the Poke puffs)

Biyomon: That's what I called, A Taste of Heaven.

Sora Takenouchi: Like a hint of Angels!

Glurt: Yummy, This looks Really Good Jawg!

Jawg: Me too!

Takato Matsuki: (Feeling Full) That was Very Delicious, Right Guilmon?

Guilmon: Yep so Delicious and Yummy!

Mordecai: Man, that steak was off the hook!

Rigby: I am so glad they have meatball sub! And pizza pouches! (Burps)

Bonnie: 'Kay, I'm gonna get some more. Do you wanna come, too?

Diancie: Uh, well... Yes! It would be my honor to accompany you.

Donatello: I'll come too!

Michelangelo: I'll go get more Pizza!

Bonnie: Come on!

Shuff: Let's Pick up some food while we wait.

Zaptor: Okay, Let's pick up some food!

Finn the Human: I'll go get more too.

Jake the Dog: Don't start it without me.

Tai Kamiya: Wait up we're going with you, coming Kari?

Kari Kamiya: Sure.

(Bonnie, Lunk, Slumbo, Vulk, Anna, Elsa, Kristoff, Bubbles, Tai Kamiya, Agumon, Simon, Theodore, Jeanette, Darwin, Daggett, Private, Finn, Jake, Eddy, Zoe, Magnifo, T.K. Takaishi, Patamon, Hoogi, Footi, Tigerman, Zaptor, Shuff, SpongeBob, Kari Kamiya, Gatomon, Gobba, Kraw, Donatello, Michelangelo, Dedenne, Aqua, Zorch and Diancie goes for a walk to A Restaurant inside)

Serena: Wow, that Diancie, Such lovely manners! Just like a royal princess!

Philmac: We always like princesses.

Clemont: Yeah, you're right.

Martin Kratt: So, let's me get this straight.

(Bonnie Gets some Desserts)

Diancie: There are so many kinds of food here.

Gobba: This looks Delicious!

Kraw: And cake!

Lunk: This looks really yummy and Delicious!

Bonnie: Yeah!

Tigerman: Me Too!

Bonnie: Let's grab them all!

Magnifo: Don't forget about us!

Hoogi: Yeah, Let's do it!

Footi: Let's Get them all and have a delicious Deluxe!

Agumon: Which Dessert should we choose?

Tai Kamiya: Strawberry Shortcake.

Agumon: Yeah, We can go with that!

Kari Kamiya: I'll go get Red Velvet Cake.

Private: Yeah, this is gonna be yummy.

(Elsewhere Adagio dazzle and the other villains looked at our heroes)

Jessie: Okay, Catch time.

James: And how.

The Chameleon: Well, if, by safe, you mean doomed, then I agree!

Adagio Dazzle: (Growl) Listen, if we want to get Diancie, Then we must find her!

Ollie: (holding a cup of tea) So, what crime are we gonna commit first Adagio?

Adagio Dazzle: (Sighs) Well listen, there's a princess that create diamonds here and we need to get her.

Verminious Snaptrap: (Angry) Aria, I don't pay you to Kidnap! In fact, I don't pay you at all.

Aria Blaze: Well At least we'll find out.

Ollie: (whispers quietly) We're completely out of Plans, Adagio.

Bowser: (Scowls) Ollie, will you please stop this.

Bowser Jr.: Do you want to capture Diancie? Or get us caughted?

Francisco: Why is that Sonata?

Sonata Dusk: I don't know, this will more harder than it looks.

Larry: (cheering) Sonata's Cute! Sonata's Cute!

Morton Koopa: Shut up!

Aria Blaze: Cut that out!

Adagio Dazzle: (Growls) Listen Larry, will you please stop this, We need to capture Diancie!

Ollie: (points) Sonata, why don't you get your revenge by Defeating your Enemies or the mixels? The Heart Diamond is going be mine.

Verminious Snaptrap: I might not have won anything yet, but if the other heroes are unable to attend the diamond, they'll have to declare me the winner! Can I get a whoop whoop? Whoop whoop or perish!

Sonata Dusk, Larry, Ollie and Francisco: (unemphatically) Whoop whoop.

Adagio Dazzle: Alright then, So let's get started.

Meowth: It's all happening now.

Sonata Dusk, Larry, Ollie and Francisco: Is there going be taco Tuesday?

Adagio Dazzle: (Groans) Well It will be.

Verminious Snaptrap: How could you think of tacos at a time like this?

Bowser: I heard about Spicy tacos.

Ollie: Okay, enough with the tacos, So let's get moving.

Donkey kong: (In Mikey's Voice Burping)

Ollie: (In Fenwick's Voice) What was that?

Bowser: (In Dr. Phillium Benedict's voice) Someone had better say excuse me.

(Meanwhile Our Heroes are taking a break)

Donkey Kong: Excuse me.

Mordecai: Dude, awesome burp.

Donkey Kong: Thanks.

Ken Ichijouji: Okay.

Wormmon: Clemont, please continue.

Clemont: You see, Ash, diamonds are extremely rare, beautiful and precious rocks, They actually take millions years to form. Millions!

Tommy Himi: Really?

Henry Wong: That's right, Tommy.

(Team Rocket and the other villains sneaks in to capture diancie)

Mickey Mouse: And what about some diamonds that the things are pretty.

Tai Kamiya: (Eating a strawberry shortcake and then swallow) You can say that again.

Serena: They're incredibly hard, and their bright shine is supposed to last forever, And that's why they're so valuable!

Dudley Puppy: Even Valuable things!

Keswick: Even Richful and Amazing Things!

Rika Nonaka: I Really Love Valuable Diamonds!

Renamon: Me too!

(Pikachu jumps to get more food)

Sora Takenouchi: Perhaps, we should have some ice cream for dessert.

Biyomon: Okay.

T.K. Takaishi: I'll go get hot fudge sundae for dessert.

Patamon: And I'll have some delicious sugar frosted cookies.

Hawkmon: That really was a Romantic Dinner, Biyomon is picking up some Desserts.

Yolei Inoue: Okay then, I'll go get Hot Fudge Lava Cake for dessert.

Tommy Himi: I going to get some milkshake.

(Pikachu was Walking to the Restaurant and looks at desserts, Bonnie is scooping up some poke puffs, While Diancie looks at Food, Suddenly Team Rocket and the other villains uses a sack To Capture Diancie and Snags her, As Pikachu Looks at Team Rocket and the Other villains)

James: And he's got it in the bag!

Team Rocket and Other Villains: Yeah! (Laugh Evilly)

Daggett: What was that Noise?!

Patamon: It's D.O.O.M.!

Sora Takenouchi: What?!

Biyomon: What's that?!

(Bonnie Accidently Spilled poke puffs on Pikachu, The Other Villains Runs in Pursuit)

T.K. Takaishi: Stop!

Patamon: Come back here!

Matt Ishida: What's going on?

T.K. Takaishi: We we're getting something for dessert then suddenly Diancie is captured by the D.O.O.M.!

Serena: It's Team Rocket?!

Sora: Also some villains?!

Dudley Puppy: Even D.O.O.M. Henchman?!

Rika Nonaka: Oh no! It's them!

Chris Kratt: Who?!

Takato Matsuki: It's those villains!

Emerl: After them!

Sonic: Tails! Knuckles! Everyone! We gotta save Diancie!

(As our Heroes then chase after the villains to help Diancie)

(That night at the clock tower, Honedge is Standing at the arrow of a clock)

Jessie: Well, that was the easiest heist I can remember, Diancie brought us good luck!

Francisco: So did I!

(She removes the Sack and found Diancie)

Verminious Snaptrap: There she is! The Princess of The Domain, Diancie. (Francisco, Snaptrap, Mole, Ollie, Larry, Adagio, Sonata, Aria, Bad Dog, Leather Teddy, Skunk, Madame Catastrophe, Dr. Rabies, The Chameleon, Seymour Orlando Smooth, Miss Power, Orbot, Cubot, Bowser, Dr. Eggman and Mecha Sonic applaud)

Diancie: You villains are thieves, aren't you?

Jessie: We're Team Rocket, smartie!

Verminious Snaptrap: And we're the D.O.O.M.!

Iggy Koopa: Of course, we are.

Dr. Rabies: Yes and we're only trying to sabotaged her.

Diancie: Thieves are people who take things that aren't theirs, right?

Madame Catastrophe: Well Duh, you were just trying to find her!

Orbot: And we're trying to get those diamonds.

Diancie: Thieves are bad people. That's just one of the things I've learned.

James: Aren't we smart?!

Larry: That's not a word! Use it in a sentence.

Sonata Dusk: It's a fruit punch isn't it, I'll make sure these heroes don't spot them.

James: Well, we're going to teach you lots of things!

Jessie: Welcome to the school of hard knocks.

Meowth: Yup!

Francisco: And we're just getting started!

Diancie: I certainly do appreciate your kind educational offer, but I must be going, So, Villains, I bid you farewell.

Jessie: Did it say farewell, Stop the Hopping!

Verminious Snaptrap: Honestly Diancie, do you ever call with good news? Stop the hopping!

Aria Blaze: But the punch is awful too.

Cubot: Excuse me?!

Orbot: Fruit Punch, Really?!

Leather Teddy: Diancie, Don't tell us your leaving.

James: We insist! This party's just getting started.

Meowth: We've got a little job we want you to do for us.

Leather Teddy: Yeah, if you don't, i'm gonna beat you up.

Orbot: Yes, but don't leave yet.

Diancie: Excuse me, but I've never had a job before.

Jessie: Our research shows you can make diamonds And research doesn't lie.

James: So won't you make us a few?

Ollie: Why do we share some diamonds?

Verminious Snaptrap: Sharing Some Diamonds? How will that work?"

Meowth: Make them Sparkle, Like Me!

Bad Dog: Sparkle is sparkly!

Diancie: Oh, so that's what you mean by little job, In that case, I'll be happy to do it.

Jessie: Really?! No joke?!

James: Smooth move!

Meowth: Dig that! Cooperation!

Diancie: But don't be disappointed.

Adagio Dazzle: Alright, then don't get so upset.

Cubot: Don't get Jealous.

Jessie: How could we be disappointed?! Now, get those diamonds rolling! Carat by Carat!

Francisco: Let's hit the Jackpot!

Diancie: Now. (She uses and glows, And create one Diamond)

(All of the other villains were overjoyed)

Jessie: There it is! Gorgeous!

James: Whoa!

Meowth: Whoa!

James: WOW! That will buy us the best meals for the rest of forevermore!

Meowth: Not to mention noodles galore!

Verminious Snaptrap: And To Build A Biggest Lair of All time!

Wendy O Koopa: Give me a diamond!

Roy Koopa: I want one!

Sonata Dusk: Give me!

Aria Blaze: I want it!

Adagio Dazzle: Perfect! This diamond will be mine!

Jessie: And for dessert, anything we want.

Meowth: Quick, whip up some more!

Cubot: Go Ahead!

Orbot: Fill er up really more!

Diancie: As you wish, but... (she creates another Diamond)

Meowth: Beautiful Yeah! Number two, sports fans!

James: I'll build a vacation villa!

Meowth: We're rich! Yeah! Yeah! We'll put together an entire Team Rocket resort! Oh YEAH!

All of the other villains: Or even the entire D.O.O.M. resort! Oh YEAH!

Jessie: All Right! Make more!

Larry: Come on, Big Money!

(Diancie Creates Even more Diamonds that makes a storm)

Team Rocket & All of the other villains: It's a Whirlpool!

(It Causes the Diamonds To Flood)

Meowth: I'm taking a diamond bath!

Verminious Snaptrap: (Cackles) I'm Rich!

James: I'm so filthy rich, I'm clean!

Francisco: Flooding and riches come true, this is awesome!

(James send out his inkay, who was in joy)

Jessie: Ouch! They're pointy, but it feels great!

(Jessie send out her wobbuffet, who was in joy)

The Dazzlings: We're rich!

The Chameleon: Ha Ha! We're In the money!

Larry: Nothing like a Richful day in Paradise!

Larry Koopa: I love diamonds!

Wendy O Koopa: I can't wait to have anything I want, when I'm rich!

(The Diamond jam the cog, Causing the clock to stop, As Diancie try to escape, The door was Locked)

Millis Steel: Get away from the door!

(Diancie Stands back, Chesnaught Bursts the door open and jumps over the grass, Millis Steel Arrived)

Millis Steel: Hurry! This Way!

(Meanwhile Our Heroes Began to worry about Diancie)

Flain: Where's Diancie?

Zorch: I Don't know.

Sora Takenouchi: Biyomon, did you find Diancie?

Biyomon: No.

Emerl: Where can she be?

Ash Ketchum: Look! Up there!

Kimiko: There she is!

(Our Heroes Rushed in To Find Diancie)

Ash & All The Heroes: Diancie!

Tai Kamiya: Finally!

Ash Ketchum: Are you Okay?

Serena: You're not hurt?

Elsa: (In Esmeralda's voice) You're not hurt, are you?

Diancie: I'm perfectly fine, thank you, after I made diamonds for them, the thieves allowed me to leave.

Palmon: Thank goodness.

Mimi Tachikawa: You're alright making Diamonds for the thieves.

Daring Do: Yeah, too close.

Clemont: So Team Rocket and the Other Villains grabbed you so you'd have to make diamonds for them!

Krader: And Stealing is wrong?

Percy: Also, stealing is a bad idea.

Raimundo: Yeah, stealing.

Ash Ketchum: Well, I'm just glad you're okay.

Pikachu: Pika!

Emerl: And you're not hurt.

Flain: Your safe for now.

Joe Kido: Good, Now we're perfectly fine.

Diancie: Thank you, But I'm fairly certain that by now those thieves are feeling rather disappointed.

Mordecai: Wait, what?

SpongeBob: Wait, what was the villains were upset?!

Gomamon: Hold it, Does that means the Thieves and the Villains are feeling Disappointed?!

Jawg: Wait, Did the other villains we're disappointed?!

Lunk: Relax, I'm sure they will be fine, no problem.

Gmerl: Yeah. It's not like they're diamonds are going to like, disappear.

(Meanwhile, The Cog Causes The Diamond to break, And the Bell Ringed and the clocks strikes at 8, and the diamonds began to disappear, Much to the Bad Guys' Dismay)

The Chameleon: What was that?!

Cubot: Wait, what's happening?!

Orbot: I don't know!

Ollie: It's Disappearing!

Meowth: Uh oh!

James: No. No. NO!

Larry: Not my lucky diamonds!

Team Rocket & All of the other villains: DON'T GO!

(The Diamonds All Disappear forever)

Verminious Snaptrap: (relents, then breaks into tears and falls to the ground) No! My Diamonds They're Gone! Please don't leave! Pleeaase!

Meowth: Going and GONE!

Francisco: Disappear and Despair!

Bowser: I can't believe this!

Sonata Dusk: Too Bad, So Sad!

Aria Blaze: How did this happened?!

Adagio Dazzle: How should I know!

Wendy O Koopa: I hate it when Diamonds disappear! I hate it, I hate it, I'll never be rich! (She throws a tantrum)

(Wobbuffet and Inkay appear)

Cubot: All the diamonds are gone!

Orbot: And Wendy can't stop tantruming.

(Meanwhile our heroes are having a night)

Diancie: I guess, I'm still not able to use my full powers to make real diamonds.

Anna: It's alright Diancie.

Serena: After you make them, they disappear!

Sora Takenouchi: Like magic!

Magnfio: That's really magical but disappear!

Princess Bubblegum: Yeah, we heard this.

Amy Rose: Wow, That's Really weird.

Diancie: Yes. And that's why I'm searching for Xerneas.

Ash Ketchum: Xerneas?!

Tai Kamiya: Xerneas?!

Emerl: Who's Xerneas?!

Clemont: The Legendary Pokémon, There's a legend that says Xerneas has the power to give life.

Bonnie: Wow.

Tentomon: He says that Legendary Pokemon can give life?

Izzy Izumi: That's right.

Princess Bubblegum: I heard of Xerneas before. It's the Legendary Pokémon that can give life to nature.

Henry Wong: I've heard of it too.

Takato Matsuki: Same here. Well that was back in the libaray in school.

Keswick: Legendary Pokemon of life, Xerneas.

Flain: Xerneas, neat.

Zorch: That's Cool.

Wizwuz: Yep, Being a Wizard of Life is very beautiful!

Krader: Yes, That's right!

Magnifo: I Would love to see Xerneas!

Glomp: Yeah, That will be amazing for the Mixels!

Double-D: I read history book of Pokémon and read the history of Xerneas back in Peach Creek Jr. High School.

Ed: Really Double D?!

Double-D: That's right. Xerneas is a Fairy type Pokémon, and can give life to Humans and Pokémon.

Princess Bubblegum: Wow, That's great.

Rocko: Neat.

Diancie: I was taught that Xerneas' Fairy Aura would help me to draw out my true power, I must find Xerneas.

Clemont: That's because you're a Fairy type, too.

Emerl: You never told us, she's a Fairy type Pokémon.

Anna: She is a Fairy type Pokémon.

Ash Ketchum: So awesome. I'd love to meet Xerneas!

Serena: Me, too.

Teslo: Me Too!

Bonnie: YAY! I would, too!

Jenny: I would love to see Xerneas!

Kraw: Yeah, i love too!

Clemont: Yeah. Me, too.

Olaf: Yeah, I like warm Hugs!

Mimi Tachikawa: I will Love to see The Legendary Pokemon!

Palmon: Wow, That's Really Amazing!

Ash Ketchum: Diancie? Do you think we could go with you?

Emerl: Please, let us come with you to help you.

Yoshi: We can always come too.

Kristoff: Are you coming with us?

Krader: Do you wanna join?

Toby: Do you wanna come?

Cody Hida: If we can come, Maybe we can go on a quest.

Armadillomon: That will be Great!

Magnifo: Please! We want to see the magic Xerneas is making!

Wizwuz: Me too!

Mesmo: Same here.

Diancie: I would be happy if you would. It is my greatest pleasure to allow you all to travel along with me.

Ash Ketchum: Allow us? Kay.

Tai Kamiya: That's the spirit!

Serena: You are a princess!

Anna: Just like I'm a Princess!

Bonnie: Wow! Diancie's a princess for real!

Dedenne: (Jumps into joy)

Yolei Inoue: I would love to see Xerneas too!

Hawkmon: Me too!

Rigby: Dude! We're going to see Xerneas!

Mordecai: Yeah, we are!

Max: Yes, That's Great!

Dudley Puppy: Amazing Spy Princess!

Fluttershy: How pretty.

Applejack: Howdy!

Rainbow Dash: So awesome!

Pinkie Pie: That was AMAZING!

Joe Kido: (In Muscle Man's voice) You're right, let's do this thing. On three. (The DigiDestined & their Digimon put their hands together) One, two, three!

The DigiDestined and Their Digimon: (They all raise their hands together) It will be so epic!

Flain: Awesome!

Krader: Yeah, yeah! we'll find Xerneas!

Michelangelo: Awesome, radical dudette!

Izzy Izumi: Yeah, Now were Talking!

Tentomon: That's Correct, And let's go and meet Xerneas!

Guilmon: I wanna see Xerneas too!

Takato Matsuki: Same here buddy!

Tai Kamiya: Alright gang! We're moving.

Agumon: Okay then.

(Meanwhile Millis Flies with Doublade, Returning to the Argus' Flying Airship and goes inside and closes the door, we cut to the scene, where Argus, Major Nixel, The Nixels, Zack Varmitech and Bird-Brain is watching Diancie and the Carbink also Leonard)

Argus Steel: (eating some chocolate) If Diancie gets back underground, we'll never be able to find her again. (he use his hand to move the page to see Marilyn Flame, Ninja Riot, Major Nixel And the other villains) Marilyn, Riot, Major Nixel and the others villains... they're serious as well. I must be careful... Huh? Who are they? Verminious Snaptrap, The Dazzlings, and also other villains or even thieves, or even the heroes, Or The Mixels, There's nothing to worry about with them! (Drinks Coffee)

Etemon: Oh great, it's those pesky DigiDestined again.

Zach Varmitech: (Groans) Not those Wild Rats again.

Bird-Brain: You want me to find these heroes?! IS THAT WHAT YOU WANT?! Anyway, I'm going to Find Thoses Good Guys, including The Mixels!

Major Nixel: Calm down.

Bird-Brain: How could I be calm at a time like this?!

Etemon: Bird-Brain, Don't sweat it.

Bird-Brain: Sweating with what, You don't like getting calm!

Joey: Well, i just don't remember how to find the mixels.

Marky: Maybe those Heroes.

Dee Dee: Even Marilyn and Riot is doing our job for the villains.

Bat: Where?

Bird-Brain: (Groans) I'll get to that later.

Joey: Okay then.

Major Nixel: Now listen you idiots! I want you to capture Diancie. So We can capture her, then the mixels and use her powers to make diamonds.

Nixel #1: Uh... Major Nixel I really want diamonds?

Nixel #2: Same here.

Major Nixel: (Kicks the Nixel) You Miserable Nixels! I know you want diamonds!

Nixel #3: Sorry Sir, We didn't know how are we suppose to defeat mixels along with Team Robot.

Major Nixel: (Growls) Just stop with the nonsense, You're being a blabbermouth!

Etemon: Listen Major, Do you want these Diamonds or not?

Major Nixel: Of course I want these Diamonds, Their very rich and Rare!

(Millis Opens and closes the door)

Donita Donata: Millis Steel and the rest of the villains are back.

Adagio Dazzle: (Groans) Thanks for the welcome home thing, Donata!

Pink Psycho Ranger: Whatever.

Leather Teddy: Don't mention it, Donita.

Millis Steel: Diancie's fine, Dad.

Owl: Who?

Bird-Brain: Very good.

Major Nixel: Well done.

Red Psycho Ranger: Nice.

Gaston Gourmand: Excellent job.

Argus Steel: Excellent work, Millis. How about a chocolate? (He Picks up a box of chocolate)

Zack Varmitech: (Cackles) that's was so very, evilly, heh Argus?

Nixel #1: Chocolate!

(He tries to eat a box of chocolate, but Major Nixel smack him in the head)

Major Nixel: This is no time for Chocolate, idiotic Nixel!

Verminious Snaptrap: Oh I'll Show you Idiotic Nixel!

(Verminious Snaptrap Grabs Major Nixel's Neck and Starts choking)

Major Nixel: (Choking) Please, No more, I was only Kidding!

Donita Donata: Easy, Guys.

Red Psycho Ranger: Calm down Guys, The Nixel wanted a chocolate.

Gaston Gourmand: He's right. Now let me make some food for dessert.

Adagio Dazzle: (Sighs) Well, okay then.

Master Zik: It would seem our peaceful days of capturing Diancie will have to wait.

Zavok: Yes Master Zik, our plan trying to capture Diancie is interfere because of Sonic and his friends.

Zomom: Hey. I like to have some chocolate for desert. Please.

Millis Steel: Dad, I think you're eating too many sweets.

Zippy: Why?

Ollie: What does she mean he's eating too many sweets.

Aria Blaze: I think it means that he started to like chocolate.

Argus Steel: They came out with a new chocolate mint.

Blue Psycho Ranger: Really?

Argus Steel: That's right.

Gazimon #1: Where did you get them?

Argus Steel: I had it specially delivered all the way from the Hoenn region. Don't forget, the cocoa that chocolate is made out of is good for you. It's got all sorts of...

Zomom: Cocoa?

Larry: Give me a break, what was that chocolate all about?

Zack Varmitech: Oh it was kinda evil since you were here.

Bird-Brain: Save me some Chocolate.

Pink Psycho Ranger: Save it for later, right?

Zeena: I would be in heaven If I have the diamonds, that Pokémon can create them.

Millis Steel: Can't you see I'm just worried about your health, Dad?! C'mon.

Zach Varmitech: You're daughter might be right.

Argus Steel: I know you are... (eating some chocolate) Mmmm!

Francisco: You can hear that coming! (He Picks up Chocolate from a Box of Chocolate and Eats it) Mmmm! Delicious!

Millis Steel: (Scowls) Dad.

Bird-Brain: (facepalm) Oh Millis, I am so disappointed... not just because my henchmen are idiots.

Millis Steel: (Scowls) Bird-Brain.

Bird-Brain: Sorry, It was kinda a mistake.

Zavok: Whatever.

Sonata Dusk: Confused and Chocolate, That's Pretty Funny!

Adagio Dazzle: No, it isn't!

Gaston Gourmand: Just ignore him.

Zor: Sigh. Gaston's right, will just ignore him, then he'll stop eating chocolate and go back to evil plans.

Zazz: Alright then. (Sighs)

Zomom: Save me some chocolate for dessert later.

Master Zik Please, have some Chocolate.

(The Next Morning, Ash, Emerl, Team Robot's Allies, The Mixels, The Company And Diancie are riding on the bus)

Ash Ketchum: Diancie?

Elsa: Princess?

Zoe Orimoto: Are you okay?

Ash Ketchum: Are you sure if we go this way we'll find Xerneas?

Pikachu: Pika?

Diancie: I would never ever tell a lie, I was taught that not always telling the truth is wrong.

Bonnie: So how do you know this's the right way to go?

Seismo: Tell us which direction where to go?

Shuff: Even where we find the legendary Pokemon.

Diancie: Because the Fairy Aura that surrounds Xerneas leaves a trail, And I am able to sense that trail.

Anna: Oh, now I get it.

(We View the bus to see several Flabebes and Floettes floating around, Diancie sees them, and looked surprised but she feels low self)

Diancie: I'm sure Xerneas will be there, I know it!

Emerl: We'll find Xerneas, I promise Diancie.

Sonic: We'll find Xerneas no matter what.

Krader: We promise.

Rigby: How long is this ride gonna take?!

Mordecai: It will takes us about twenty minutes.

Rigby: (Groans)

Armadillomon: Dang.

Cody Hida: I Knew it.

Slumbo: You gotta be Kidding me.

T.K. Takaishi: Yep, 20 minutes will take us a long time.

Matt Ishida: Don't Sweat it, taking 20 minutes is going to be a long drive.

(Matt Plays Harmonica, He Makes Balk really annoying)

Balk: Argh, That Harmonica drives me crazy!

Kraw: Chill Balk, let Matt play Harmonica.

Balk: Fine.

Flain: Boy, This Takes a while.

Krader: Yeah, Me too.

Guilmon: Let's Just take a rest while we get there.

Takato Matsuki: Yeah Guilmon, Let's Nap a while.

(Takato & Guilmon takes a nap)

Pikachu: Pika pika Pikachu. (Ash pets Pikachu, and starts cheer)

Emerl: Oh okay then.

Luke: Yeah, let's just find Xerneas then.

Twilight Sparkle: Alright then.

Rainbow Dash: Okay, I'm gonna take a nap.

Emerl: Let's just kick back and relax.

Gabumon: You got that right, Let's take a rest a moment.

Mesmo: Okay then.

(That Night while our heroes go to sleep, Pikachu went sleepy using his tail to hit ash a little bit, Diancie Attempts To Create a New Heart Diamond again, Ash, Emerl, Twilight Sparkle, Tai Kamiya, Agumon, Davis Motomiya, Veemon, Takato Matsuki, Guilmon, Rika Nonaka, Takuya Kanbara, Flurr and Teslo wakes up and find Diancie before failing creating a new heart diamond, Much to her despair)

Emerl: What's going on?

Teslo: Did I Heard something?

Twilight Sparkle: (Groan)

Tai Kamiya: (Yawning) What's going on?

Agumon: That glowing pink light woke me up. Didn't you know what time is it?

Davis Motomiya: Who turn on that bright light?

Veemon: Five more minutes.

Guilmon: Morning already?

Takato Matsuki: That Pink magical glowing light wake us up, Do you know what time it is, It's getting late.

Rika Nonaka: Oh please. (She goes back to sleep) Turn off that bright light.

Takuya Kabara: Was that a light?

Teslo: Where is that light coming from?

Emerl: It's Diancie.

Flurr: Come on, Let's go see what Diancie's doing.

Veemon: Okay Flurr.

Flurr: Well you coming or what Rika?

Rika Nonaka: Okay. Fine.

(They walk to see Diancie)

Teslo: What's the matter Diancie?

Diancie: I just can't do it...

Rika Nonaka: What are you doing?

Takuya Kanbara: How come your not sleeping?

Flurr: Why you're still awake?

Diancie: I can't create a heart diamond.

Emerl: Oh.

Takato Matsuki: So that's why.

Guilmon: It's Very hard to create A Heart Diamond.

Twilight Sparkle: Too bad princess.

Teslo: It's okay, See this Shooting Star there.

Takuya Kanbara: Look up there.

(Diancie looks up and sees shooting star, as she gasps)

Twilight Sparkle: A shooting star.

Ash Ketchum: They say if you make a wish on a shooting star before it disappears, it'll come true.

Teslo: A Falling star had found us, and you can make a wish.

Diancie: My wish will come true?

Ash Ketchum: Yeah.

Agumon: That's right.

Emerl: A miracle comet will wish that you'll believe.

Teslo: When A Lightning star comes true, it will work.

Tai Kamiya: Go on.

Agumon: Just do it, and make a wish.

Flurr: And you will be a miracle As a Heart Diamond.

Veemon: And I know what you can do.

Diancie: Okay. I think I'll try.

Ash Ketchum: I'll do it, too.

Emerl: Me too.

Teslo: Same Me.

(Another shooting star flies over the sky)

Teslo: There it is!

Emerl: Now!

Davis Motomiya: Go for it!

Ash Ketchum: (Gasps) Okay! My wish is that Diancie will be able to make the greatest diamonds ever. Beautiful and totally awesome.

Teslo: I Wish Diancie will Create A New Heart Diamond that doesn't break or Dissolve.

Emerl: And I wish that Diancie can finally have it's power and create diamonds.

Tai Kamiya: You made a wish.

Agumon: And that it will come true!

Teslo: I hope so.

Flurr: These wishes will come true.

Davis Motomiya: Yeah.

Veemon: Same here.

Takato Matsuki: Yeah. Me too.

Guilmon: I really hope so.

Takuya Kanbara: Soon.

Rika Nonaka: Diancie. We'll find Xerneas promise.

(Diancie, Ash, Teslo, Flurr, Tai Kamiya, Agumon, Davis Motomiya, Veemon, Takato Matsuki, Guilmon, Takuya Kanbara and Emerl Prayed, Suddenly Diancie's hand began to glow, Serena, Shining Armor, Kari Kamiya, Meta Knight, Yolei Inoue, Koji Minamoto, Anna and Elsa sees Ash, Emerl, Teslo, Flurr, Tai, Agumon, Davis, Veemon, Takato Matsuki, Guilmon, Takuya and Diancie Praying for a wishing star)

Meta Knight: (Talking in his thoughts) Ash, Diancie, Emerl, Tai, Agumon, Davis, Veemon, Takato, Guilmon, Takuya, Flurr, Teslo. I have seen you have making you're wishing came true to make Diancie's power work, I'm sure will find Xerneas tomorrow morning.

Yolei Inoue: Diancie, I'm sure will find Xerneas. So that way you can get your powers.

Koji Minamoto: Let's hope they're wish came true.

Anna: Teslo, You'll wish that Diancie will create a New Heart Diamond That Doesn't break and soon it will come true.

Elsa: Flurr, The Wish will be there soon.

Kari Kamiya: I really hope so. I hope they're wish will come true.

Kiva: (opens her eyes noticing the glow from Diancie's hand and thoughts to herself) Gee, I hope their wishes come true. (goes back to sleep)

Shining Armor: Yeah, I hope so too.

(Renamon jumps off the tree and walks up to Emerl, Ash, Diancie and the others)

Renamon: Let's go back to sleep.

Rika Nonaka: Okay.

Teslo: Renamon, That's so nice to take some rest.

Renamon: Thanks.

Twilight Sparkle: Good, I'm getting tired.

Tai Kamiya: Sure. First thing tomorrow we'll find Xerneas.

Agumon: Don't worry, I think we had better go to bed we'll need our rest to find Xerneas. Don't wanna fall asleep on the job do ya?

Diancie: (In Kari Kamiya's voice) Okay.

(They go back to sleep)

Tai Kamiya: You scared Diancie?

Diancie: (In Kari Kamiya's voice) Not really.

Tai Kamiya: That a Pokémon. We'll find Xerneas.

(The Next morning, our heroes are on the boat, Diancie and the Heroes are running down the staircase and are having fun)

Ash Ketchum: Wow.

Flain: That's Cool!

Tai Kamiya: Wait up!

Emerl: Slow down!

Percy: Catch me if you can!

Zaptor: Don't Forget about me!

Toad: Don't try to stop us!

Torts: Going Slippery is very fun, Catch me if you can!

Zoe Orimoto: Torts, Stop chasing, you're getting slippery!

Dudley Puppy: Chasing is fun!

Gatomon: Wait up!

Kari Kamiya: Come and Get us!

Dash: Let's go and have some fun!

Sweetie Belle: (Running and Giggling)

Krader: Slow down!

Teslo: You're going way too fast!

(We cut to the next scene where several dozens of buizel and floatzel, As all of the heroes looked at Buizel and Floatzel)

Zorch: Wow, This sea is Beautiful!

Joe Kido: Can you ever believe that Gomamon?!

Gomamon: This is too Amazing!

Kristoff: Indeed.

Gator: Yep, and look at those Pokémon!

Thomas the Tank Engine: Look down there!

Chris Kratt: What a seaful of paradise!

Martin Kratt: You said it Chris!

Clemont: A group of Buizel and Floatzel!!

Tommy Himi: Amazing!

Henry: That's my luck!

XJ-5: Hello Buizel and Floatzel!

XJ-6: Nice to meet you!

Bonnie: Hel-LOOOOH?!

Shuff: Hey Sea Weasels!

Olaf: Hi guys!

Jawg: (Laughing)

Clay: Talk about fun and swimming!

Amy Rose: Hey There, Have a great Swim?!

Glomp: Swimming means fun!

Sora Takenouchi: They're look so beautiful!

Biyomon: Tell me about it.

Pikachu: Pikachu!

Diancie: You all swim so beautifully!

(A group of Buizel and Floatzel are greeted and jumps into the air and splashed all over the heroes)

Emerl: Hey!

Takato Matsuki: They Splashed over us!

Ken Ichijouji: Now, you get us all wet, Wormmon.

Wormmon: Funny, But wet.

Kimiko: Wormmon and Ken, That's hilarious.

Double-D: (Soaked) Fellas, I'm so wet!

Ash & All The Heroes: (Starts Laughing)

The Eds: (Laughing)

Edward: Now you got me all wet! (Laughing)

Flain: I'm all Soaked!

Lunk: Cheer up Flain, it will reheat again!

Zorch: Yeah, you might get warmed up!

Takuya Kanbara: Looks like were all soaked up!

Zor Orimoto: It's okay, to be soaked.

XJ-4: Well you gotten reheated things to do.

Agumon: Don't worry, I can gave you this hottest look.

(He Breathes fire like a hair dyrer at tai to warm it up)

Tai Kamiya: Thanks Agumon, now it's the Mixels turn.

(He Breathes another fireball but it's hits Volectro)

Volectro: Ow! That hurts!

Agumon: Oops, Sorry Volectro, But look at the bright side.

Volectro: What bright side?

Zaptor: You have pointy hair.

Agumon: You wouldn't be soaked and wet anymore.

(Later Ash, Serena, Bonnie and Clemont switch to different clothes)

Emerl: Too bad We Gotten All soaked up.

Aqua: (Chuckles) Yeah, you think.

Donald Duck: Yeah, so did I!

Sora: You can say that again.

Tai Kamiya: They'll dry up soon.

Agumon: Yeah.

Kiva: I'm cool with it. Besides I like to cool off in the summer this way.

Torts: Summer is a great thing of all time!

Diancie: This is the most fun I've had since leaving, and it's because I'm on this journey!

Ash Ketchum: Traveling with friends is fun, Glad you're having a good time.

Terriermon: Of course it is fun.

XJ-7: Nut yeah, I'm too tired.

XJ-1: Wow, that was having with XJ-Sisters!

Huey: You always say that!

Yumi: Boy, now this more fun!

Sora Takenouchi: Traveling with our friends are so amazing!

Teslo: More Electrical than the others!

Dave: Yeah Electrical waters!

Diancie: I don't understand. What do you mean by friends?

Ash Ketchum: What do I mean? Friends are friends. Right?

Twilight Sparkle: Friends means helpful friends.

Ventus: Friendship, what is a friendship?

Tentro: Yeah even then, we were friends.

Scott: Even like Friendship.

Hoogi: Yeah!

Anna: For younger years, Elsa and I were having a great time doing playtime in the snow, but she locked me out.

Elsa: It's alright, we should be just okay.

Hoogi: Yeah you can hear that!

Mickey Mouse: Friendship, means heartful friends.

Flain: Even the mixels, with my pals.

Thomas the Tank Engine: Even the Engines.

Davis Motomiya: Mixels Are greatful for Digimon. Veemon is my Digimon Friend, and Ken is my best friend.

Veemon: So to Flain, Krader, Teslo, Flurr, Gobba, Kraw, Glomp, Scorpi and Magnifo!

N.A.N.O.: Engines and mixels, that's very nice.

Koji Minamoto: Same here.

Gmerl: Tell her, Serena.

Serena: Friends are people that you know and trust who really like to play with you and talk with you.

Bonnie: They help you and you help them.

Spongebob: Patrick and I are friends.

The Chief: Yeah.

Zoe: We Play and lots of fun.

Scorpi: Even with the Mixels!

Goofy: Gosh, Playing on a cruise line is simple and amazing.

Norbert: We enjoy ourselves doing our beach.

Daggett: Well, that what you get we goes on our Beach.

Sticks the Badger: Beach means summer paradise.

J.P. Shibayama: Summer in Orlando, Florida!

Eddy: Ed, Double-D and I are friends that we make scams back in the Cul-De-Sac.

Clemont: It's good for everybody involved!

Thomas the Tank Engine: That's right. Percy along with James, Gordon, Henry, Toby and the other steam engines are great friends.

Dudley Puppy: Kitty Katswell, The Chief, Keswick and I are friends that we're spies.

Mordecai: It's like this. Rigby and I we're best friends and the rest of the guys in the park. We help our friends Skips, Pops, Benson, Muscle Man & High Five Ghost helping each other working in the park and fighting bad guys.

Tai Kamiya: 'The Digidestined and I we're great friends, We help each other to fight evil Digimons. Like we fight Devimon, Etemon, Myotismon, The Dark Masters and Apocalymon.

Takato Matsuki: Guilmon is my best friend and so as Henry, Terriermon, Rika and Renamon are my friends as well.

Henry Wong: Yea, you see we did a great teamwork like we defeated the 12 Digimon Devas and the D-Reaper.

Rika Nonaka: Renamon is my friend, because we work together to fight Digimon. When we met our friends, we we're best friends we ever had.

Takuya Kanbara: Koji, Koichi, J.P., Zoe, Tommy and I are really great friends.

Agumon: Yeah, My Digimon friends and I we're pretty amazing!

Smitty: Making things right is helpful.

Sweetie Belle: Doing Passion things and generosity things.

Rich: Even amazing Friendship things!

Toby: Even though your friends right?

Diancie: Friends...

Sora: Yeah, that's right.

Twilight Sparkle: Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, Applejack, Fluttershy and I are also friends, together we have friendship.

Ash Ketchum: Like us. We're friends with you.

Pikachu: Pika Pikachu!

Emerl: That's right.

Skipper: Well you see, Kowalski, Rico and Private are friends as well that we help each other.

Private: Even like me.

Smitty: Sure, I Always like things about friendship.

Finn the Human: Jake and I are like friends.

Jake the Dog: Maybe like brothers!

Anna: Yeah, even my friends!

Rich: Like friends!

(Diancie starts hopping and stands)

Diancie: Well then, it that's friends are, I will hereby allow you all to be my friends.

Xion: That's right.

Michelangelo: That's correct Diancie.

Dewey: That's kinda nice.

Huey: Yeah, that's great!

Louie: Even like Friends!

Bonnie: There you go again, sounding like a princess!

(All the heroes Laughed)

Zoe Orimoto: Diancie, you're great!

Miles "Tails" Prower: That's amazing!

Volectro: Yeah, that's right!

Xion: You are kinda cute.

Magnifo: Friends like being a magician!

Yolei Inoue: Even with our Digimon!

Sora Takenouchi: You're the greatest princess ever, Diancie.

Diancie: Friends... I'm so happy! (She Claps then suddenly it began to glow and 2 diamonds flies up and Bonnie catches it)

Flain: Heads up!

(Shuff catches another diamond)

Shuff: Got it!

Seismo: Nice catch.

Flain: What was that?

Keswick: That's Weird.

Omi: What's weird?

Bonnie: Is this a...

Ash: It's a diamond!

Emerl: Did... Did you make that?!

Gmerl: I don't believe it!

Flurr: That's Cool!

Princess Bubblegum: That's Beautiful!

Scott: That is a neat Diamond!

Daring Do: That's a neat treasure!

Thomas the Tank Engine: Sprinkles and Sparkles, That's a cool Diamond!

Rika Nonaka: Is it just me or did Diancie create a diamond!

Mordecai: I can't believe it!

Rigby: I want one!

Ping Pong: Me too!

Dudley Puppy: Me too!

Mimi Tachikawa: I really want it too!

Sora Takenouchi: Me too!

Yolei Inoue: Hey give me one! Please!

Clemont: That's incredible!

Bonnie: Pretty!

Shuff: I got mine!

Aviva: That's amazing!

Emerl: What is a Diamond?

Riku: A Diamond of Joy.

Rarity: That's so pretty.

Gordon: Amazing!

Pinkie Pie: Sparkly!

Flain: Pretty and Amazing!

Oggy: (Meows in joy)

Jack: (Meows in joy)

Olivia: (Meows in joy)

XJ-2: Yeah, Sparkly and Pretty!

Kari Kamiya: Great and Pretty!

Diancie: But, it will disappear soon, sorry.

Mimi Tachikawa: What?!

Mordecai: Oh what?

Rigby: Boooo!

Joe Kido: Wait, what?!

Knuckles: You gotta be Kidding me.

Finn the Human: How come it will disappear?

Diancie: Because I don't have enough power to create diamonds.

Matt Ishida: (In Barry's voice) Major bummer, man.

Rich: What a Shame!

Mimi Tachikawa: I really wanted a diamond!

Jake the Dog: What a Shame!

Fluttershy: Uh... It's okay.

Pinkie Pie: Cheer up, Diancie!

Diancie: I will and Mimi, I'm sure you'll get a diamond soon.

Palmon: She's right. You'll wait until you get one.

Mimi Tachikawa: Okay.

Kitty Katswell: You're amazing!

Mark Evo: We want to keep that!

Percy: Yeah, we love to keep this!

Gatomon: Same here.

Ami: Yes! it's beautiful!

Shuff: I Really love to keep this!

Rarity: I really want it as well!

Max: We want to make more diamonds!

Rainbow Dash: It's 20% Cooler!

Footi: Much way cooler!

XJ-3: Yeah, Much more Cooler!

Dave: Yeah, it would be great!

Bonnie: I love it! Can I Keep it, please?

Kari Kamiya: You think it's okay if she can have it?

Diancie: Yes. I hereby bestow it to you.

Bonnie: (Jumps into joy) Yay! Awesome! (She puts a Diamond into a bag) Thank you so much. That's so nice!

Shuff: Me too! (He Eats a Diamond and swallows it) Delicious!

Krader: Shuff! You ate that diamond, what you were thinking?!

Rainbow Dash: Krader, Please don't even bother.

Smitty: Rainbow Dash, That's very funny.

Hawkmon: Mixels, That's just what you waited.

Dave: Indeed, Waiting is the best part.

Rarity: (Sighs) Wow, that's just a diamond lover.

Twilight Sparkle: You'll get a diamond soon, Rarity.

Kimiko: Very soon as well.

Kari Kamiya: You're so nice, Diancie.

Gatomon: You're kinda cute.

Diancie: (Giggled)

(Later, Our Heroes Arrived At Orsay City)

(Later Our heroes reached the mall and goes inside)

Skipper: Well there's something, you don't see that everyday.

Private: That's a weird castle here.

Kowalski: I don't think it's a castle.

Rico: (Blabbering)

Sir Handel: That looks new to me!

Anais: It looks like a castle here.

Eddy: It does kind of look like it.

Amy Rose: Pretty Palace, That's kinda pretty.

Rapheal: Even a tower here.

Skarloey: It looks like a shopping mall.

Duncan: Maybe it looks like West Edmonton Mall here.

Double-D: West Edmonton Mall is the world's largest mall in Canada.

Tommy Himi: Even St. Laurent mall.

Diancie: Tell me. Who does this castle belong to?

Ash Ketchum: It's not a castle.

Serena: It's a Shopping Mall.

Bonnie: A place to go shopping!

Emerl: What is shopping?

Xion: A Place that make things shopping.

Mordecai: Yeah, like shopping food store, cloth store or jewelry store.

Agumon: Shopping, That's nice and amazing!

Private: Even to buy cute things!

Kiva: Yes, even buy things.

Mesmo: Going shopping and buy things?!

Glurt: Yeah, that's right!

Takato Matsuki: My parents and I have our own store.

Emerl: Oh really?

Takato Matsuki: Yup, a Barkey store that is my house and our store.

Takato Matsuki: Yup, a Barkey store is my house and our store

Davis Motomiya: Maybe you should invite us here.

Veemon: I really like to come to the bakery shop too.

Mimi Tachikawa: I would love to come to you're house that has a bakery shop, Takato.

Palmon: I love to go too.

Tai Kamiya: Don't forget about me.

Takato Matsuki: Sure thing. When we're taking a day off soon.

Agumon: Can you like remind us. When we're done.

Takato Matsuki: I'll try.

Emerl: So what shopping you can buy?

Emily: Like t-shirts and shorts.

Hiro: Or even sports things!

Sir Handel: Yeah, I was right about that.

Tai Kamiya: You can hear that going to the mall.

Flain: And even with flameful things to go with.

Anna: Flain, can you please stop teasing.

Zorch: Sorry.

Veemon: Zorch, that was not a kind of a joke.

Rich: What kinds a place to go shopping?

Diancie: What is this called shopping?

Bonnie: You don't know what shopping is?

Riku: Well not really.

Terra: Same here.

Magnifo: This place is amazing.

Hoogi: You said it.

Aviva: So, that's a shopping mall.

Omi: Yep, I love shopping.

Shuff: Indeed, We love to see cool things.

Goofy: That is a big shopping mall here.

XJ-5: Well how this place is to go shopping?

Diancie: No!

Serena: Well! Let's go shopping! Why don't you forget about Xerneas for a while?

Zoe Orimoto: Yeah, Shopping will be Brilliant idea!

Daggett: But we able to find Xerneas, before the thieves find them!

Kiva: Later will find Xerneas, okay.

Diancie: I understand. I will allow this shopping.

Serena: Now that's a relief. Thanks!

Skipper: So did we and the others!

Lunk: Oh boy, what an attempter.

Luke: Me too!

(All the heroes Laughter)

Bonnie: Okay. Come on!

Serena: Wait for me!

Sandy: Don't forget about me.

Mimi Tachikawa: Yeah, Let's go Palmon!

Palmon: You said it!

Kiva: Oh, this shopping experience is going to be fun!

Sora Takenouchi: Let's get Dressed and become beautiful!

Biyomon: Let's have fun!

Rika Nonaka: Don't start the Party without us girls!

Renamon: You'll better go with us!

Zoe Orimoto: Same here!

Yolei Inoue: Let's go!

Hawkmon: Me too!

Rika Nonaka: Okay.

Pinkie Pie: Come on. let's get something to wear!

Rarity: Let's get this fashion things started!

(So the girls rushed to go shopping)

Emerl: Have fun.

Mrs. Botsford: Becky there you are, so ready for shopping?

Becky: Well all right then, come on bob!

(Becky and bob walks with her parents and TJ)

Kristoff: Well that was a relief for a mall.

Ash Ketchum: Whoa. They're gone.

Clemont: (Glasses shine) They don't miss a beat.

Takato Matsuki: Never.

Teslo: Not even a single beat.

Zorch: So did we.

Izzy Izumi: So what's for a snack?

T.K. Takaishi: I'm getting hungry too.

Patamon: Me, too.

Matt Ishida: Let's go have a snack.

Gabumon: Good idea.

Tai Kamiya: I'll take a cheeseburger, fries and a shake.

Anna: Let's go.

(The Girls Rushed into the dressing room and looked at fabulous dress)

Serena: Awesome! So cute!

Pinkie Pie: Wow, that's so party!

Rarity: Wow, well you look at that dresses.

Rainbow Dash: Come on you girls, let's get dressing!

Rarity: Sure thing!

(Serena picks up a dress)

Serena: Look at this!

Bonnie: (She puts on a Cake hat) And this hat, look!

Diancie: And shoes!

Mimi Tachikawa: (She puts on a Roses Hat) I'm look like a Beautiful Roses in my Garden!

Sora Takenouchi: (Putting her soccer uniforms) Who wants to play Soccer!

Yolei Inoue: (Putting her baseball uniforms) Check me out playing Baseball!

Rika Nonaka: (Putting her Rockstar uniforms) Check me out Rocking a Guitar!

Zoe Orimoto: (Putting her Groovy uniforms) Check me out, I'm Groovy like the 60's!

Biyomon: (She puts on a French Hat) Bonjour! That means Hello in French!

Palmon: (She puts on a Japanese Kimono dress) Konnichiwa! That means Good Day in Japanese!

Hawkmon: That's so French and Japanese!

(Serena, Bonnie and Diancie are in Sweet Sugary Costumes)

Bonnie: Ta-da!

Twilight Sparkle: Let's try something else.

(Mane 6 put on gala dresses)

Pinkie Pie: I look like famous gala princesses!

(Sandy Puts on Heart Shaped Sunglasses)

Sandy: I'm feel Lovely, Like a Heart!

(Kiva puts on sunglasses)

Kiva: Hey, look at me I look like a famous movie star!

(The Girls giggled)

(Serena, Bonnie and Diancie, put on Different Dresses and they have even more fabulous)

Apple Bloom: Oh, come on, let's put on our Costumes!

Sweetie Belle: Yes!

Scootaloo: Let's try nightmare night costumes!

(The cutie mark crusaders put on nightmare night costumes)

Apple Bloom: Look at me, I'm Frankenstein!

Scootaloo: I'm A Werewolf!

Sweetie Belle: I'm A Vampire!

(The Cutie Mark Crusaders Giggled)

(Serena, Bonnie, Dedenne And Diancie are pretended to at the beach and go swimming)

(Later Diancie Dresses like a Real Princess)

Fluttershy: You look like a princess.

Mimi Tachikawa: You look so beautiful!

Bonnie: Now you look like a real princess! Cool right?

Pinkie Pie: Wow, now that's A Coronation Princess!

Kiva: I love this costume.

Palmon: Me too.

(Suddenly Merrick, Bort, Allotrope and Leonard appears)

Leonard: Princess?

Diancie: (Gasps and hides in the curtains)

Serena: What, Diancie?

Bonnie: Is something wrong?

Zoe Orimoto: What's the matter?

Rika Nonaka: Did something scared you?

Sora Takenouchi: Yeah, it looks like you're acting paranoid.

Twilight Sparkle: Diancie, please try to resconsider and avoid it!

Scootaloo: Hold the moment!

Pinkie Pie: Wait a minute!

Rarity: What's your problem here, Diancie?

(Diancie was shocked to see this)

Zoe Orimoto: Who are those Pokémon and a guy dressed up as a wizard?!

Twilight Sparkle: Come on girls, Let's go tell the others about that.

Sandy: Yeah, let's go!

Pinkie Pie: Hey, Wait for me!

(The Girls walked, Serena uses a guidebook)

Bonnie: Clemont!

Shining Armor: Cadance!

Princess Cadance: Shining Armor!

(The Girls rushed to our heroes)

Tai Kamiya: (In Benson's voice) Ah. This strawberry milkshake is good.

Agumon: And this Cinnamon Roll is delicious.

Emerl: Hey girls.

Elsa: So, how'd it go?

Gmerl: How's your changing dress?

Sora Takenouchi: That was fun.

Rika Nonaka: Pretty nice.

Zoe Orimoto: It was pretty good.

Sonic: (In Thomas' voice) I'm glad to hear it.

Clemont: Are you done shopping?

Rainbow Dash: Yeah, we are.

Louie: Where have you been?

Micaiah: So where is the dress shop?

Gator: Yeah, but who?

Bonnie: No, not yet.

Ash Ketchum: Hurry up already.

Krader: This is Taking a While!

Kraw: Come on we haven't got all day.

Skipper: At this rate, we'll be capture by the villains if Kiva and the girls don't hurry up!

Rico: (Blabbering)

Hiro: Come on, this is taking a while.

Dudley Puppy: That's way too long.

Daggett: Well, this is taking too long.

Serena: We're comparing prices before we buy.

Twilight Sparkle: We're just finding some dresses.

Rarity: And even to make look fabulous.

Pinkie Pie: And we are having fun with these dresses!

Kiva: Yeah, I just want to get the heart shaped sunglasses.

Sunset Shimmer: Wow.

Kraw: You're kidding right?

Balk: Wow, you have got to be kidding me.

Princess Cadance: Look up there!

Seismo: What is that?

Mimi Tachikawa: That's an Odd looking thieves.

Palmon: They be the thieves again.

(Diancie Looks at 3 carbink servants and leonard)

(Diancie starts chasing in pursuit, 3 carbink servants and Leonard starts Chasing)

Ash Ketchum: Diancie?!

Bonnie: Hey!

Emerl: What's going on up there?!

Shining Armor: Uh, hey Diancie?!

Keswick: Wait for Me!

Patamon: Don't Forget about us!

(Diancie was running around in circles)

Diancie: They found me!

Aqua: Who?!

Joe Kido: Thieves?!

(They continue chasing, bumping Bonnie, Clemont and Ash Ketchum, And Merrick hits Ash and fell down)

Matt Ishida: You okay?

Becky: Uh oh! sounds like trouble!

Mr. Botsford Becky, Where are you going?

Tj Botsford: Yeah, we got shopping to do.

Becky: I'm just going to the toy store, be back soon, (They arrived at the toy shop, She and Bob Transforms) Word Up!

Eddy: Come on!

Knuckles: Let's hurry up!

Footi: Let's go!

(Diancie Passes the people, so to Leonard, Merrick, Bort and Allotrope, They Continue hopping)

Eddy: Come on! My nose runs faster!

(Edd grumpily quickens his pace)

Seismo: Uh, Watch out for the Shopper!

Double-D: Eddy, look out!

(Ash and the other heroes Accidently bumped into a shopper and throws soccer stuff)

Flain: I Got it!

Hoogi: Me too!

Gmerl: Oops.

Emerl: Gotcha!

Donkey Kong: Like a Football!

(Ash, Bonnie and Serena Catches soccer stuff)

Flain: Still don't got it.

Hoogi: No good.

Dudley Puppy: Darn, so close.

Diddy Kong: Darn.

Alvin: Next time, try again.

Fluttershy: Oh, we're sorry.

Vulk: Touchdown! Thanks Shopper!

Takato Matsuki: Honestly Shopper, It was an accident.

Tai Kamiya: Sorry.

Shopper: Nice save! (Ash Gives a soccer gift to him)

Shuff: Thanks!

Flurr: You're Welcome.

Rainbow Dash: Don't mention it.

Agumon: No problem.

Emerl: Now let's go save Diancie!

(Diancie Continued hopping, along with 3 Carbink servants and Leonard, while Ash & Other heroes rushed to look for Diancie)

Tai Kamiya: C'mon guys! Hurry!

Mordecai: Dude. This mall is huge and Diancie could be anywhere.

Ash Ketchum: Where'd they go?

Spike the Dragon: I Don't know.

Sunset Shimmer: Maybe it's difficult to find her.

Duck: Looks like some thieves are coming.

Mesmo: I can't think about searching for Diancie.

Applejack: Maybe, we should have just run away with them.

Twilight Sparkle: It looked crazy, Diancie is running from some guys!

Serena: Look! up there!

The Chief: What is that?!

Joe Kido: That's strange.

Koichi Kimura: What's Strange?

(They look at Diancie and The 3 Carbink servants, also leonard who was chasing)

Thomas the Tank Engine: Cinders and Ashes!

Percy: Bust my Buffers!

Theodore: What are they?

Kari Kamiya: Who is that wizard?

Tentro: Some baddies?

Martin Kratt: Zackbots.

Tentomon: What are Zackbots.

Chris Kratt: Zach Varmitech's Henchman.

Renamon: More enemies?

Serena: Oh no. Who are those Pokémon?

Bonnie: Friends of the thieves, I'll bet!

Gumball: Oh maybe some bad guys?

Zorch: Or Even The Nixels?

Kraw: Or Even D.O.O.M. Henchman?

Keswick: Or could Be The Dazzlings?

Omi: Jackbots I tell ya!

Kirby: Poyo?

Kiva: Or maybe they could be Diancie's servants?

Skipper: Sounds a little preposterous, Kiva. But just in case, we need to help her!

Ash Ketchum: Skipper's right, we've gotta help!

Simon: Yeah but how?

T.K. Takaishi: Think anything of Ideas?!

Scorpi: Clemont, Do you have any inventions that we can use?

(Clemont flashes his glasses)

Clemont: Just leave everything to me! The future is now, thanks to science! Clemontic Gear, on, Let's go!

(He Activates the gear and Aipom arm is activated and checks in Clemont's backpack searching, found A super-stretch ladder)

Huey: Wow!

Dewey: That's Incredible!

Louie: What is that suppose to be?

Spike the Dragon: That's A Ladder.

Zorch: That's not a normal ladder, It's a Special Ladder!

Magnifo: That's a magic ladder to me!

Princess Bubblegum: Wow Magnifo, You know that right.

Magnifo: Yes, we know it's a magic ladder.

Clemont: Presenting my super-stetch ladder! All Right! Get on, Ash!

Emerl: We're coming with you too, Ash!

Flain: We're coming too!

Krader: Yeah!

Teslo: Count me in!

Flurr: I don't have hands, but that's okay, I can fly and find Diancie.

Gobba: We're coming too!

Kraw: Same here!

Veemon: Be Careful guys!

Davis Motomiya: Mixels, you'll be careful!

(As Ash, Emerl, Flain, Krader, Kraw, Gobba and Teslo get on the ladder)

Ash Ketchum: Right!

Emerl: Let's stop those thieves!

Clemont: Now. Ready?

Ash Ketchum: Ready!

Flain: Right!

Teslo: Uh, ready for what?

Emerl: Activate!

(Clemont Pulls the lever, And makes the ladder Higher, Ash, Pikachu, Flain, Krader, Teslo, Gobba, Kraw and Emerl rushed higher as they scream, however it began to wobbly)

Ash Ketchum: Whoa, science is so amazing!

Emerl: I know right!

Teslo: I'm Feeling Dizzy!

Krader: I'm Think I'm gonna die! Or I'm gonna throw up!

Flain: Calm down, don't fall off!

Flurr: (Starts Flying) I'm not Falling, I'm flying see.

Gobba: I can hear that coming!

Kraw: Now Let's go and stop them!

(As Ash, Pikachu, Flain, Teslo, Krader, Kraw, Gobba, Flurr and Emerl Starts chasing to find Diancie, from Carbink and Leonard, they look at the mall bridge)

Flain: Guys, Duck!

Teslo: Watch out!

Krader: Take Cover!

Gobba: Incoming!

Kraw: Not the Mall Bridge!

Flurr: Don't worry, We can catch up to them!

(They ducked the mall bridge as they continue wobbly)

Ash Ketchum: Okay, Hawlucha! I choose you!

(He sends out hawlucha)

Flain: Come on Guys, Jump!

(As Ash, Flain, Krader, Teslo, Gobba, Kraw, Pikachu, And Emerl Jumped into Hawlucha's leg, they start flying)

(Diancie Continue Running from Leonard and the carbink)

Emerl: Hey!

Ash Ketchum: Diancie! Grab on!

Teslo: Hold tight!

Flain: Wait up, Princess!

Krader: We Almost got you!

Gobba: Come on!

Kraw: Catch!

Flurr: Fly to safety!

(As Diancie Jumps and catches, Carbink and leonard looks at them As he Catches Diancie, Much to Ash's, Pikachu's, Emerl's, Flain's, Teslo's, Flurr's, Gobba's, Kraw's and Krader's joy)

Emerl: We Got you princess.

Flain: We did it!

Teslo: I'm glad that's over!

Krader: Diancie, Your Safe at last!

Flurr: Thank goodness.

Kraw: That's over with.

Gobba: Wahoo, We rescue the Princess!

(Leonard and the carbink looked upset, Merrick upsetting knocks)

Leonard: Aw dang, We we're so close.

(Later at the park, our heroes discover that they are not thieves, they just carbink and that wizard guy)

Wordgirl: Wait a moment, who is that wizard?

Serena: Who were those Pokémon?

Gobba: Who were those guys?

Tentro: Is that a Big Problem here?

Matt Ishida: What are they?

Gabumon: You don't think they're the thieves and villains right?

Clemont: They're called Carbink, the Jewel Pokémon.

Emerl: Carbink?

Xion: Carbink, are Jewel Pokemon that lives in caves that have crystals.

Luke: They must love some jewels.

Simon: Maybe the wizard guy, Leonard.

Kiva: Who's that wizard guy?

Duck: Even, Crystals?

Zorch: Even diamonds?

Gator: Maybe Quartz or something?

Miles "Tails" Prower: How about Jewels?

Clemont: It's quite rare for them to appear in town like this.

Oliver: So did you tell what happened.

Alvin: Even the jewel pokemon starts chasing?

Diancie: They've finally found me.

Twilight Sparkle: Cheer up Diancie, I know you can.

Rapido: Maybe it's the only way to find out.

Martin Kratt: Yeah, we don't get it.

Serena: So they are with the thieves, aren't they?

Emerl: Yeah, go on.

Gator: Tell me all about it.

Diancie: Well.

Raphael: Well, what?

Michelangelo: Don't leave us hanging.

Chomly: Go on, tell us.

Wizwuz: Make things Magical!

Cody Hida: Please tell us.

Gabumon: Uh, guys did you heard something?

Renamon: I hear it too!

Matt Ishida: What is it Gabumon?

Rika Nonaka: What's the matter Renamon?

(Suddenly Marilyn Flame, Chuck The Evil Sandwich Making Guy, Theodore ‘’Tobey’’ McCallister III, Dr. Neo Cortex, The Psycho Rangers, The Deadly Six, Jack Spicer, Gazimon, Sheldon J. Plankton, The Butcher, The Whammer, Lady Redundant Woman, Granny May, Ms. Question, Dr. Two-Brains, Major Nixel, The Nixels and Dr. Blowhole Arrived)

Marilyn Flame: Diancie? Did you enjoy your first time out shopping?

Sonic: Marilyn Flame!

Sheldon J. Plankton: Well, well, well SpongeBob We meet again!

SpongeBob: (Gasps) Plankton!

Granny May: Hello Dearies!

Gazimon: Hello there.

Zazz: Good to see ya!

Ms. Question: Time to know the answer!

Major Nixel: So Mixels, at last I have found them now!

The Nixels: (Cackles)

Mixels: (Gasps) Major Nixel!

Raimundo: Let me guess, you follow our trials?

Jack Spicer: Correct, Your Pokémon is going to be Ours!

Pete: These Diamonds are going to be ours and I'm very greedy!

Blue Psycho Ranger: So, we meet again, Mixels!

Yellow Psycho Ranger: I got you now Guys!

Theodore ‘’Tobey’’ McCallister III: Well hello, there nice to be evil eh?

Gordon: Tobey III!

Toby: Trembling Tracks! What's Happened?!

Emily: Bubbling Boils!

Granny May: Did you find some candy for us?

Chuck The Evil Sandwich-Making Guy: Did you miss me?

Gumball: Chuck, I Thought I lost them!

Terra: How did you manage to find us?!

Mimi Tachikawa: Well, Palmon, did the thieves and the villains manage to find us?!

Palmon: Well, How did they manage to find us?!

James The Red Engine: I Don't know!

Dudley Puppy: They're back for more!

Miss Power: Enough, is enough, So let's let them have it!

Sheldon J. Plankton: We Agree with them!

Serena: That Thief and the villains from before!

(Marilyn's Delphox appears)

Lunk: Look, it's Delphox!

Razmo: That's a Wicked Sorcererss Fox!

Flain: It's a Fire and Psychic type Pokémon.

Cody Hida: Not those creeps again!

Princess Bubblegum: Them again?!

Anna: Just what are you trying to do for me?!

Alvin: Follow the footsteps?

Anais: Sneak Them?

Gumball: Tricked by a using teleport?

Darwin: Hold the phone, something is not right!

Leonardo: Don't you guys, ever give up?

Knuckles: Just what do you guys want?!

Daring Do: Marilyn and the other villains again.

Marilyn Flame: Now. We need you to come with us.

The Butcher: Give us Diancie, and no one gets hurt.

The Whammer: So we can wham things up!

Lady Redundent Woman: And multiple the diamonds, and become richer!

Rigby: No! No way!

Diancie: I refuse!

Gmerl: (In Skips' voice) We're not giving you Diancie!

Hiro: Don't Even bother!

Kirby: Poyo!

Oliver: Don't even get angry with!

Glurt: Or else I Glorp you to Slime all of you!

Rocko: Yeah, You're too rough!

Kitty Katswell: Leave us hanging with Diancie!

Hawkmon: Or Else I'll Digi-volve.

Dr. Blowhole: Very Well then.

Blue Psycho Ranger: Then have it you're way.

Major Nixel: Fine Then!

Marilyn Flame: Then We've got no choice. Go, Delphox!

Dr. Blowhole: Lobsters! Attack!

Chuck The Evil Sandwich-Making Guy: Let's Get them what we got!

Red Psycho Ranger: Prepare for our Revenge on the both of you!

Black Psycho Ranger: Diancie, will be ours!

Miss Power: Let's get them, and the Mixels.

Major Nixel: Nixels, Get Them!

Gazimon: It's time to pay!

Pete: Let's make sure we got Diancie!

Jack Spicer: Yes, Let's get them!

(Ash sends out his pokeball)

Ash Ketchum: Leave everything to me. You go on!

Tai Kamiya: Go guys, I'll battle them.

Agumon: We'll Battle them, Be careful pals.

Takato Matsuki: We'll battle too.

Guilmon: Okay.

Matt Ishida: Will help you buddy.

Gabumon: There's no way, we're not letting them kidnap Diancie!

Sora Takenouchi: Time to take them down a peg.

Biyomon: You run we'll take care of them!

Kraw: I'll Leave the rest to us!

Gobba: Don't worry about them, I'll battle as well.

Chomly: I'll take them down.

Jawg: Same here.

Emerl: I'll battle them.

Davis Motomiya: We'll battle them as well.

Veemon: You got it!

Yolei Inoue: Hawkmon, Let's stop Major Nixel and The Nixels.

Hawkmon: Right then.

Donkey Kong: I'm Pumped up to victory!

Eddy: Let's go Sockhead!

Ed: Protect Diancie, Double-D!

Double-D: Wait! Curse promotional giveaways.

(Delphox uses flamethrower to attack the heroes, But our heroes manage to dodge and flee)

Ash Ketchum: Run!

Emerl: Flee now!

Kiva: Run away!

Volectro: Keep running!

Patrick: Let's get out of here!

Lady Redundent Woman: Their getting away!

Marilyn Flame: After them!

The Butcher: They're are not getting away!

Ash Ketchum: Froakie, I choose you! (Ash throws a pokeball to send out Froakie)

Gobba: Let's do this guys, both of the group, Say Max!

Gobba & Kraw: (Use both Cubits)

The Fang Gang & The Flexers: Max!

(They Transformed into FangMaxGang & Flexers Max)

FangMaxGang: Time to Get Eaten!

Tai Kamiya: Agumon!

Matt Ishida: Gabumon!

Sora Takenouchi: Biyomon!

Yolei Inoue: Hawkmon!

Tai, Matt, Sora, & Yolei: Digi-volve!

Davis Motomiya: Veemon! Digi-armor energize!

Takato, Henry & Rika: Digi-Modify! Digivolution activate!

(Agumon Warp Digi-volve into WarGreymon, Gabumon Warp Digi-volve into MetalGarurumon, Biyomon Digi-volve into Garudamon, Veemon Armor Digi-volve into Flamedramon, Hawkmon Digi-volve into Aquilamon, Guilmon Digi-volve to Growlmon, Terriermon Digi-volve to Gargomon and Renamon Digi-volve to Kyubimon)

Aqua: Be Careful, these guys look tough.

Jeanette: I'll be more careful if I we're you!

Bubbles: I'll get more fighting skills!

Buttercup: Yeah I'm know how this is going to be tough!

Yolei Inoue: Bring it on!

WarGreymon: Let's Battle!

Flamedramon: I'm gonna turn you thieves and the bad guys into a toasted marshmallow!

Chuck the Evil Sandwich-Making Guy: I'm going to turn you into a Digimon sandwich!

Tai Kamiya: (In Slash's voice) Get 'em!

Ash Ketchum: Froakie, Water Pulse! Pikachu, use Thunderbolt!

Marilyn Flame: Use Flamethrower on those pests!

The Butcher: Let's get them!

Zavok: Deadly Six, attack!

Theodore ‘’Tobey’’ McCallister III: Let's stop those heroes!

(Delphox Uses Flamethrower, Also Chuck, The Whammer and The Butcher use Ketchup blaster, Wham supersonic, and meat to fire at them, however, they avoid the attacks, then Froakie Uses water pulse, Pikachu uses Thunderbolt, Flexers Max & FangMaxGang Fires At Delphox and hits and land on a tree)

Donkey Kong: Banana Slamma!

(Donkey Kong punches The Butcher and hits on the ground)

MetalGarurumon: You're about to get Defeated! Giga Missile!

(MetalGarurumon uses Giga Missile to blast the Nixels and they were hit)

Garudamon: Prepare to be Wham! Wing Blade!

(Garudamon uses Wing Blade and attacks The Whammer)

Flamedramon: Enjoy Your Fireballs! Flame Fist!

(Flamedramon uses Flame Fist to Blast the Dr. Neo Cortex away)

Aquilamon: Here's a Taste of your own Medicine! Blast Rings!

(Aquilamon uses Blast Rings to Blast Chuck the Evil Sandwich-Making Guy away)

WarGreymon: Terra Force!

(WarGreymon uses Terra Force to blast all the villains away)

Yellow Psycho Ranger: You ask for it!

Blue Psycho Ranger: Let's get them!

(The Pyscho Rangers charges towards the Digimon Tamers)

Growlmon: Pyro Blaster!

Gargomon: Gargo Laser!

Kyubimon: Fox Tail Inferno!

(Their attacks combined and blast the Psycho Rangers away)

Marilyn Flame: Well, I'm impressed. Nice Pokémon!

Major Nixel: Impressive, nice max power and Digi-power.

Gazimon #1: We're not giving up yet!

Red Psycho Ranger: Very impressive with that attack.

Blue Psycho Ranger: Very interesting with you're Digi-modify.

Chuck the Evil Sandwich-Making Guy: Good Pokémon.

Pete: Perfect timing with your attack!

(Delphox gets up, as Pikachu and Froakie Pumped in anger)

Buttercup: You want some more?

Blossom: You bad guys, are going down!

Bubbles: Diancie does not belong to you!

Diddy Kong: You're about to get smashed!

Emerl: Keep battling, we know will win!

Rika Nonaka: You guys are about to get pound!

Gargomon: One step, then I'll shoot you!

Tai Kamiya: We're getting warmed up!

Ventus: That's Right, Now your gonna get Smashed!

Zazz: You will pay For that, Now you're gonna get it!

Master Zik: Come on, Be an fighter of Wisdom, Now battle Them!

MetalGarurumon: You shall be afraid of me now!

Black Psycho Ranger: Then I'll turn you into a scrap metal wolf skin!

Flamedramon: You're about to get fired!

(Meanwhile The Remaining Heroes Rushed to the Rhyhorn Farm)

(Edd pulls out a calculator and look at the time. He then measures Ed's legspan and Eddy's angle of running. He punches the numbers in and comes up with a fearsome answer)

Double-D: Oh my. Hightail it, Everyone! At this rate we'll never find a place to hide to protect the princess!

(Our heroes pour on the speed. Everyone instantly plow forward, but Edd falls back)

Edd: Oh, who am I kidding?

Anna: Double-D's too exhausted.

Olaf: What do we do?

Elsa: If we might hurry, we are going to survive!

Flurr: But what is gonna happened if the heroes failed!?

T.K. Takaishi: Where can we get away from the bad guys?

Serena: I've got an idea!

Duck: There is a way here.

Kristoff: We can use these Rhyhorn, to avoid them!

Gator: That's a good idea!

Joe Kido: Let's go!

Gomamon: Roger!

Torts: Okay then!

Kirby: Poyo!

Gilda: Let's ride!

(Rhyhorn Wakes up and sees the remaining heroes rushing in pursuit)

Serena: Rhyhorn. Please help us out!

Volectro: Everyone hop on!

Gomamon: Let's rush in and hurry up!

Serena: Get on!

Kristoff: Sven, Let's go!

Serena: Rhyhorn, go!

Clemont: Wait!

Zaptor: C'mon Clemont! Let's Hurry up!

(Rhyhorn and Sven Rushed in a hurry, while the rhyhorn racers are racing, however, Rhyhorn and Sven moves out of the way and head to the forest)

Bonnie: Clemont, don't be such a baby.

Hiro: Pursuit, Pursuit!

(The Eds turn into a lane. Double-D pulls out a calculator and looks at the time. He then measures Ed's legspan and Eddy's angle of running. He punches the numbers in and comes up with a fearsome answer)

Double-D: Oh my. Hightail it, gentlemen! At this rate we'll never make it there in time!

(The Eds pour on the speed. Ed and Eddy instantly plow forward, but Double-D falls back)

Double-D: Oh, who am I kidding?

(Later, our remaining heroes are safe in the forest)

Bonnie: Thanks a lot, Rhyhorn!

Serena: That was a big help!

Kristoff: Yes, thanks to Sven.

Flurr: I'm glad were safe.

Aviva: That was close.

Rapido: Avoiding these villains are the bad idea.

Bonnie: Bye-bye!

Hiro: Thanks for the ride!

(As Rhyhorn leaves)

Diancie: I hope Ash, Emerl and the others are all right.

Razmo: Do not get worry Diancie, they'll be fine.

Serena: If I know Ash, he's just fine!

Xion: So did Emerl.

Ed: Will they be alright? Double-D?

Double-D: Yeah, I hope so.

T.K. Takaishi: I hope Matt's okay.

Kari Kamiya: I hope Tai's okay.

Mimi Tachikawa: I really hope Sora's okay.

Cody Hida: Hopefully Davis is okay.

Armadillomon: So to Agumon and Veemon.

Patamon: Not to mention Takato and Guilmon.

Ken Ichijouji: So to Henry and Terriermon.

Wormmon: So as Rika and Renamon.

Sunset Shimmer: I'll make sure if the Thieves and the Villains doesn't get there if they gonna pay.

Filburt: Yeah, I hope so.

Oliver: Hopefully it will be fine.

Diancie: Because of me, I've put you all in great danger.

Fluttershy: It's okay, sometimes it happens.

Kowalski: Yeah, Hope soon.

Clemont: Don't worry! Friends always help each other in a pinch!

Bonnie: Hey, that's just what I was gonna say!

Zoe Orimoto: Take it easy, Bonnie.

Diancie: My Friends.

Koji Minamoto: Yeah, that's right.

Koichi Kimura: We promise you'll protect you no matter what.

Diancie: Thank you.

Toby: Thanks, that makes me feel a lot better.

Sticks the Badger: Wow, that's better.

Luke: Me too.

(Suddenly, Oggy, Jack, Olivia, Captain Huggyface, Sam and Dedenne heard something)

Captain Huggyface: (Monkey Sound Effects)

Wordgirl: What is it now, huggyface?!

Sam: I Heard Something?!

Paxton: Watch out!

Rarity: Incoming!

Volectro: Take Cover!

Omi: Duck!

(A Water Shuriken flies down and avoid the heroes and bam)

Bonnie: What was that?!

Tommy Himi: I don't know!

Keswick: That's Water shuriken!

Armadillomon: Where did that come from?!

Zaptor: It's coming from there!

Raimundo: We have to be more extra careful!

Serena: Diancie!

Diancie: Don't worry. I'm just fine.

Filburt: That's good.

Toad: Diancie, Behind you!

Gordon: Look Behind you!

Oliver: It's Greninja's Tongue!

Slumbo: Look out!

(Greninja's Tongue grabs Diancie, But Serena, Bonnie, Clemont, Vulk, Slumbo, And Zaptor grabs Diancie, in order to break free, then Clemont uses Aipom Arm)

Serena: Diancie!

Bonnie: No!

Cody Hida: Greninja!

James The Red Engine: Oh no, it's taking the princess!

Sticks the Badger: Let her go you ugly frog Pokémon!

Emily: We Have to do something!

Cody Hida: And fast!

(After Struggling to pull Greninja's Tongue)

Bonnie: Quick, Dedenne! Use Nuzzle!

Zaptor: I'll do the best I can! Hey Greninja, Nuzzle on this!

(Dedenne Climbs at Greninja's Tongue and uses nuzzle and Zaptor Uses thunderbolt at Greninja Make him zapped)

Slumbo: Now's our Chance!

Vulk: Let's Jump while we can!

Clemont: All Right! (He Pulled Greninja's tongue out of the way, Diancie, Bonnie, Serena, Vulk, Slumbo and Zaptor lands on the ground, So to greninja. Serena, Bonnie, Clemont, Vulk, Slumbo, Zaptor and Diancie heard something)

Ed: Diancie, is alright?

Eddy: Yeah, she is.

Knuckles: It's a Greninja!

Glomp: A Water and Dark Type Pokémon!

Eddy: How did that Pokémon get here?! And who's Greninja is it?!

Double-D: Maybe it's Ninja Riot's Pokémon.

Ninja Riot: (Laughing eerie)

Amy Rose: I heard that Voice!

Ninja Riot: How amusing... How truly amusing. To defy my Greninja in such a primitive manner. (He Appears from a Tree) I find you all most entertaining.

Henry: Ninja Riot!

Ed: I knew it!

Emily: It's that ninja guy again!

Takuya Kanbara: You again!

(Then Francisco, Verminious Snaptrap, Mole, Ollie, Larry, Adagio, Sonata, Aria, Bad Dog, Leather Teddy, Skunk, Mal, Madame Catastrophe, Dr. Rabies, The Chameleon, Seymour Orlando Smooth, Miss Power, Cubot, Orbot, Bowser, Bowser Jr., Diesel 10, Devious Diesel, Koopalings, Dr. Eggman and Mecha Sonic Appears)

Dr. Eggman: (Laughing evilly)

Verminious Snaptrap: Well, Well, Well, I can hardly see that you manage to escape!

Anna: (Gasps) Snaptrap, Or should I say, the duke of D.O.O.M.!

Adagio Dazzle: Heh, thought you can escape eh? well no matter, I have company!

Francisco: And we're going to make things evil!

Seymour Orlando Smooth: And we're going win big money!

Diesel 10: You will be clawed.

Devious Diesel: And will be victorious.

Iggy Koopa: Yeah, victory things.

Serena: It's like lots after another!

Bonnie: You don't give up!

Oggy: (Hisses in Anger)

Jack: (Hisses in Anger)

Olivia: (Hisses in Anger)

Duncan: You we're trying to be mean!

Leather Teddy: Oh yeah, well your just playing things up.

Ludwig Von Koopa: And we're just being bad.

Bowser Jr.: And being so Evil!

Larry Koopa: That's what we do!

Elsa: You couldn't dare me to fight.

Armadillomon: You just Could not Catch up to them.

Mal: And you just doing some evil works.

Anna: Mal! wait who's mal?

Elsa: Mike's Evil Personality, Remember?

(Flashback plays with Mal who Reawakens, in the portrait)

Elsa: (Voiceover) Long ago, Mal was reawaken, after Mike was hurt.

Anna: (Voiceover) Then Mike and the other 4 good personalities decided to end Mal, And pushed the reset button, And Mal was Defeated. (Mal Disappears)

(Flashback Ends)

Mal: That's Right and now your mine!

Orbot: Me too!

Aria Blaze: You're Pokémon will be ours once it for all!

Xion: This is not good!

Ed: You shall not have Diancie, Villains!

Mordecai: Look leave us alone! We can't let you bad guys have Diancie!

Morton Koopa: Give us that Diamond!

T.K. Takaishi: Since you don't know when to quiet?!

Adagio Dazzle: Oh shut up you little brat! Attack!

Mecha Sonic: Time for our enemies to get Terminated.

Ludwig Koopa: You will be eliminated!

Wendy o Koopa: That Diamond will belong to me!

Bowser Jr.: Give me Diancie, or we'll destroy you all!

Zoe Orimoto: Never!

The Chief: Protect Diancie at all cost!

All Heroes: Right!

(As Riot Jumps)

Ninja Riot: Greninja, Double Team!

(As Greninja uses Double Team To attack the Heroes)

Kari Kamiya: Now what?

Michelangelo: Which one is the real Greninja bro?!

Raphael: How should I know Mikey?!

Sam: I Don't know which one is it?

Flain: Come on guys, let's mix!

Flain, Vulk & Zorch: (Uses 3 Cubits)

Scorpi, Footi & Hoogi: (Uses 3 Cubits)

Flain, Teslo, Vulk, Lunk, Zorch, Shuff, Scorpi, Glurt, Footi, Glomp, Magnifo & Hoogi: MIX!!!!!

(As Vulk, Lunk, Zorch, Shuff, Flain, Teslo, Scorpi, Glurt, Footi, Glomp, Magnifo & Hoogi mix 6 mixes into 2)

Vulk/Lunk Mix: Let's get them.

Zorch/Shuff Mix: I'm ready.

Flain/Teslo Mix: Let's Fight!

Scorpi/Glurt Mix: Prepare to get slimed!

Magnifo/Hoogi Mix: Time to cut out with magic!

Glomp/Footi Mix: Prepare to be glorp!

Leonardo: Battle stances guy's, looks like we got a fight in our hands.

Clemont: All right, Chespin, I need you! (He Throws a Pokeball to send Chespin)

Serena: You too, Fennekin! (She Throws a Pokeball to send Fennekin)

Joe Kido: Get them Gomamon!

Mimi Tachikawa: Don't let them take Diancie! Palmon!

Izzy Izumi: Take them down Tentomon!

T.K. Takaishi: Patamon digi-volve!

Kari Kamiya: You too Gatomon!

Cody Hida: Go Armadillomon!

Ken Ichijouji: Wormmon! You too!

Gomamon: Let's do it!

Palmon: You're going down!

Tentomon: Keep them away from Diancie!

Patamon: Right!

Gatomon: Okay!

Armadillomon: Sounds good to me!

Wormmon: Let's protect the princess!

(Gomamon Digi-volve to Ikkakumon, Palmon Digi-volve to Togemon, Tentomon Digi-volve to Kabuterimon, Patamon Digi-volve to Angemon, Gatomon Digi-volve to Angewomon, Armadillomon Digi-volve to Ankylomon & Wormmon Digi-volve to Stingmon)

Takuya Kanbara: Come on, let's evolve!

The DigiDestined (Frontier): Execute! Spirit Evolution!

(Takuya spirit evolve to Agunimon, Koji spirit evolve to Lobomon, J.P. spirit evolve to Beetlemon, Zoe spirit evolve to Kazemon, Tommy spirit evolve to Kumamon and Koichi spirit evolve to Loweemon)

Clemont: Chespin, Pin Missle, go!

Serena: Fennekin, use Flamethrower!

Flain/Teslo Mix: Attack Them!

(As 6 of the mixed mixels attack, Chespin uses Pin Missile And Fennekin uses Flamethrower At Greninja But Greninja's Double Team Jumps)

The Chameleon: Seize them!

Agunimon: Don't Let the Thieves and The Villains take Diancie!

Lobomon: Right, Let's get 'em!

Beetlemon: Okay!

Stingmon: Got it!

(Agunimon and the other 5 charges to take down the villains)

Agunimon: Pyro Punch!

(Agunimon unleashes Pyro Punch to hit Francisco and Verminious Snaptrap)

Verminious Snaptrap: (Screaming in pain) I'm on fire! I'm on fire!

Francisco: Ow! Ow!

Lobomon: Howling Laser!

(Lobomon fire Howling Laser to hit Mole, Ollie and Larry)

Beetlemon: Thunder Fist!

(Beetlemon unleashes Thunder Fist to punch Leather Teddy)

Kazemon: Hurricane Wave!

(She unleashes her attack to blow the Dazzlings, Skunk, Madame Catastrophe and the Chameleon)

Kumamon: Blizzard Blaster!

(He fire his attack to hit Seymour Orlando Smooth, Miss Power, Bad Dog, Orbot, Cubot. But Eggman and Mecha Sonic avoids the attack)

Seymour Orlando Smooth: It's cold!

Miss Power: I hate it!

Loweemon: Shadow Meteor!

(He unleashes Shadow Meteor to hit Bowser but Bowser uses his fire breath to block the attack. Shadow Meteor begins to be strong and it directly hit Bowser)

Ankylomon: You will leave Diancie alone you creeps! Tail Whip!

(Ankylomon hits Diesel 10, Koopalings, Bowser Jr. and Devious Diesel)

Ikkakumon: Harpoon Torpedo!

(Ikkakumon fires his attack on Mecha Sonic, but he dodge the attack)

Togemon: Needle Spray!

(Palmon fires millions of cactus spines out of her body and fires all the Villains but they avoid the attack and one of them was Ollie was hit by the attack)

Ollie: (Screams in pain)

Kabuterimon: Electro Shocker!

(Kabuterimon fires the attack at Skunk, Orbot and Cubot)

Agunimon: Take that you creeps!

Bowser Jr.: You'll pay for that!

Stingmon: Spiking Strike!

(He attacks Seymour Orlando Smooth, Miss Power and Madame Catastrophe)

Angemon: Hand of Fate!

(He punches Mal)

Angewomon: Celestial Arrow!

(She unleahes her attack. But Dr. Rabies avoid the attack)

Dr. Rabies: Stop them!

Ninja Riot: Water Shuriken!

(Multiple Greninja uses Water Shuriken to attack them)

Cody Hida: Look out!

(But Pikachu Counters using thunderbolt at Water Shuriken, Pikachu, Froakie, Other Heroes, Emerl, 8 DigiDestined and their Digimon and Ash Arrived)

Emerl: Sorry we're late!

Raphael: It's about time!

Rigby: Yeah, No thanks!

Tai Kamiya: We took some battling while we're in a hurry!

Takato Matsuki: That really took a tough battle against them!

Agumon: You okay?

Wordgirl: We're fine thank you!

Serena: It's Ash!

Xion: Emerl, You're alright!

T.K. Takaishi: So as my brother!

Kari Kamiya: And Tai, too!

Krader: Sweet Relief!

Seismo: Just in time!

Ventus: Thanks, But The Villains and Thieves are after Diancie still!

(Suddenly 3 Greninja Attacks using Water Shuriken, Ash and Emerl hides in a tree, Avoids the attack)

Henry Wong: Gargomon, stop them!

Gargomon: Okay! Leave her alone! Gargo Laser!

(Gargomon fire his Gargo Laser to shoot, but the villains duck and cover)

Ash Ketchum: Diancie, run away!

Elsa: We'll hold them off! You run!

Emerl: Go, I'll cover you!

Diancie: Right!

(Emerl and Diancie runs off hopping along with the heroes, however, Greninja Fired Water Shuriken to stay away from them, as Emerl and Diancie try to escape Multiple Greninja block their paths)

Emerl: Stay back!

(Multiple Greninja fire Water Shuriken at them, However, Carbink Servants And Leonard Jumps to Protected Diancie)

Merrick: Princess! (Jumping into this time was hit Merrick, Bort and Allotrope instead)

Diancie: Merrick!

Emerl: What?

Leonard: Are you three Okay?

Merrick: Princess Diancie! I'll protect you... (Merrick, Bort and Allotrope fainted)

Diancie: Oh no.

(Our Heroes we're shocked to see carbink was hurt)

Agunimon: It's them!

Serena: The Carbink from before!

Kazemon: And that wizard too!

Flurr: But how?

XJ-7: I don't know, but those Carbink are hurt badly.

XJ-6: That's because Carbinks are fairy and rock type and there weak against water.

Ken Ichijouji: That's A Worst type ever.

Dudley Puppy: Bad Type, Remember?

Stingmon: Pretty Bad Type.

Koki: Who is that Pokémon?

Anna: Carbink the Jewel Pokémon.

Kristoff: How did it get there in time?

Ninja Riot: Don't interfere! Get them!

Emerl: I don't think so!

(As Emerl is about to continue fighting. Diancie hops in front of our heroes and Uses her Diamond Storm)

Merrick: Princess!

(Diancie Creates A Huge Diamond, Making our Heroes surprised)

Merrick: It's... a Heart Diamond!

Jimmy Z: Cool.

Magnifo/Hoogi Mix: That is a Magical Heart Diamond!

Pinkie Pie: Oooh Pretty.

Dudley Puppy: Sparkly!

Mario: (In Pops' voice) Glorious.

Duncan: That's A Beautiful diamond.

Shining Armor: That's a neat diamond.

Adagio Dazzle: That's the most beautiful Diamond, I've ever seen!

(However, Greninja Uses Water Shuriken, and the Diamond Breaks into Pieces, Recoiling Diancie)

Kari Kamiya: Diancie!

Luigi: What happened?!

Twilight Sparkle: Oh no! It broke!

Sandy: Oh dang!

Yolei Inoue: That Ain't good!

Hawkmon: We almost had it!

Rika Nonaka: Diancie was so close!

Henry Wong: I thought Diancie can finally create a heart diamond already.

Verminious Snaptrap: Now, let's beat those mixels up!

(As all of the other villains Start beating the Mixels up, and splitting up and separated into 3 of them)

Zaptor: Teslo! Are you alright!

Teslo: That was very tough, plus their strong!

Gobba: That hurts me a lot.

Kraw: Plus, Their annoying.

Max: Even then, Their too many of them!

Magnifo: My Magic did not work as well.

Bad Dog: Now, Let's enjoy while we finished these annoying Carbink and capture Diancie.

Verminious Snaptrap: Time to capture the Pokémon!

(The Koopalings grabs Diancie)

Wendy O Koopa: Gotcha!

Diancie: Let me go right now!

Emerl: (In Baloo's voice) Take you're scaly skins off Diancie!

Ludwig Von Koopa: (In the Monkey's voice) Come on and get her! Champ!

Iggy Koopa: They ain't no champ they're jerks!

Morton Koopa: Yeah! Big hot heads!

Matt Ishida: (In Baloo's voice) Okay you guys asked for it, I'll-

(Roy Koopa uses his wand to make Matt tied up)

Matt Ishida: I can't move now!

T.K. Takaishi: Are you okay?!

(Matt falls off)

T.K. Takaishi: Matt!

Bowser Jr.: (In the Monkey's voice) That'll cool him off! (Laughs)

Hoogi: Give us back Diancie!

Larry Koopa: Here she is, come and get her!

(Hoogi jumps at the Koopalings but hits the tree and faints causing the villains to laugh)

Tai Kamiya: Ouch! That had to hurt!

Lemmy Koopa: That's how a Mixel can rest at ease!

Roy Koopa: Have some cubits!

(They fire they're fireballs at the heroes)

Zorch: (In Baloo's voice) Now just try that again you-

(Iggy throws fruits at Zorch)

Lemmy Koopa: What's that you hit him with Iggy?

Iggy Koopa: That was a cubit!

Mario: You let go of Diancie, or I'm gonna use a Mega Mushroom!

Loweemon: I'll stop them! Shadow Meteor!

(He unleashes his attack knocking the Koopaling away and let's go of Diancie and then Sonic catches her)

Sonic: I gotcha!

Diancie: Thanks!

Emerl: I'll take care of them!

Bowser Jr.: You'll pay for that!

The Mole: Ninja Riot, Finish Them off!

Ninja Riot: Right, Water Shuriken!

(Greninja Uses Water Shuriken at Merrick, Bort, Allotrope, Emerl and Sonic and was hit each, And Greninja's tongue grabs Diancie)

Sonic: Diancie!

Toad: Oh no!

Davis Motomiya: What are we going to do?!

Thomas the Tank Engine: Cinders and Ashes! Their taking the princess!

Tai Kamiya: This is bad!

Ash Ketchum: Diancie!

Pikachu: Pikachu!

Leonard: Princess!

Emerl: Diancie, No!

Verminious Snaptrap: (Laughs) Victory is ours!

Mal: Who can stop us now?! (Laughing Evilly)

(Suddenly, A Pin Missile came out of nowhere and fired at Greninja, Diancie falls but 2 Carbink saves Diancie)

Merrick: Princess!

Leonard: We gotcha!

Kristoff: What was that?!

Aria Blaze: Where did that Pin Missile attack coming from?

Adagio Dazzle: Look!

Devious Diesel: What is it?!

(Ninja Riot look in shocked around at Millis Steel, Chesnaught and Doublade)

Mal: What?!

Verminious Snaptrap: Millis? But it Can't Be!

Adagio Dazzle: (Shocked) What are you doing?!

Millis Steel: Now, Chesnaught, use Pin Missile again!

Sonata Dusk: Watch out!

Dr. Rabies: Get down!

(Every villains duck and cover from the Pin Missile attack)

(Ninja Riot Avoids the attack but hits Riot's Greninja & all of the Greninja disappears)

Gabumon: Matt!

(He uses his claws to slash the rope and frees Matt)

Matt Ishida: Thanks.

Thomas the Tank Engine: Cinders And Ashes! It's a girl!

T.K. Takaishi: Look! She's got a Chesnaught and a Doublade!

Serena: Who is that?!

Yolei Inoue: Who is that girl?

Percy: Is that a lady?

Tai Kamiya: That's A Good girl I bet!

Agumon: She might be on the good side!

Diancie: She's the person who rescued me after Team Rocket and the other villains made me make Diamonds for them.

James the Red Engine: That's Correct, I Knew it she saved us in a knick of time!

Olaf: Wow, She saved us from the Thieves and the Villains!

Bonnie: So she's a friend?!

Davis Motomiya: She's not like one of the villains.

Henry Wong: She's not one of the villains!

Slumbo: Like an ally?

Lunk: Or maybe a helper?

Flurr: Or Even a Good ice Friend?!

Anna: Maybe a Ice Worker?!

N.A.N.O.: Or even a good friend?!

Rigby: More like a Good dudette.

Twilight Sparkle: Even a Good pony.

Krader: Maybe a Great Helper?

Flain: Or a Flame Helper?

Dudley Puppy: Or even a T.U.F.F. Spy?

Mesmo: That's a magician girl of fighting type to me!

Agumon: Wow, I never knew you never told us that girl rescue you.

Diancie: Never.

Takato Matsuki: That's Very neat, So who is she?

Guilmon: I don't know, She rescued us from the Thieves.

Kimiko: Yeah, I know that, This is a good girl.

Millis Steel: Diancie, quick! Get away while you can!

(As Everyone Gasps, they made an escape)

Oggy: (Shocked)

Jack: (Shocked)

Olivia: (Shocked)

Emerl: Um... Okay! Thanks ma'am!

Merrick: Princess, this way!

Leonard: Follow Me!

Gmerl: Time to go everyone!

Tai Kamiya: Let's go!

Agumon: Okay!

Matt Ishida: Come on little bro!

T.K. Takaishi: Okay! Patamon!

Patamon: Right!

Thomas the Tank Engine: Let's hurry guys.

Max: Sorry to interrupt.

Sam: But we're going.

Takuya Kanbara: Let's get out of here!

Diancie: Yes. Please excuse me.

Flain: Mixels, Let's get going!

Krader: You got that Right!

Teslo: Wait for us!

Kiva: I Need a Moment!

Clay: Right.

Veemon: Let's go pals, And get away from the villains.

Mordecai: Let's go dudes and dudettes!

Ed: I gotta go! I have to get gravy!

Double-D: Wait!

Eddy: I gotta get me a jawbreaker!

Joe Kido: Right.

Pinkie Pie: Wait for me!

Takato Matsuki: Let's go guys.

Daring Do: We better hurry.

Rarity: I gotta go I have to get back to work on my dress.

Magnifo: I got to get back my magic spell training, Sorry.

Yolei Inoue: Don't start the party without me.

(As The Protagonists manage to Escape)

Bird-Brain: That's Right, now run along!

Bad Dog: I can't believe this!

Mal: Thanks a lot Millis! You let our enemies escape with Diancie!

Diesel 10: What a shame!

Devious Diesel: Yeah, for no reason!

Larry Koopa: Great, Just great, We lost them!

Adagio Dazzle: How could you?! We we're so close!

Ludwig Von Koopa: I was about to finish the Mario bros and their friends off!

Roy Koopa: And now look what you and your Pokémon have done!

Wendy O Koopa: Millis! What were you thinking?!

Chameleon: (In Ichy's voice) You let them get away!

Seymour Orlando Smooth: I really want a diamond! But you really have to let them get away!

Leather Teddy: (In Colonel Candy Corn's voice) I'm gonna kill you!

Ollie: Thanks a lot Chesnaught!

(As Marilyn Flame, Delphox, Chuck The Evil Sandwich-Making Guy, Theodore ‘’Tobey’’ McCallister III, Dr. Neo Cortex, The Psycho Rangers, The Deadly Six, Sheldon J. Plankton, The Butcher, The Whammer, Granny May, Jack Spicer, Pete, Ms. Question, Dr. Two-Brains, Lady Redundant Woman, Miss Power, Major Nixel, The Nixels and Dr. Blowhole Arrived looking at the other villains)

Marilyn Flame: Millis Steel, If you're here, then that means?

Zavok: Argus is here as well.

Dr. Rabies: That's Very Devious.

Madame Catastrophe: See, Now you get it.

Pete: Pretty Clever.

Miss Power: Millis Steel, I see you finally came here.

The Butcher: Yeah, We have a major plot to do our bidding.

Skunk: Argus Steel, that's neat.

Red Psycho Ranger: Did he sent you here?

Larry: Yes, He sent us there.

Sheldon J. Plankton: Bird-brain must have an idea!

The Chameleon: Looks like the thieves have arrived.

Dr. Neo Cortex: Millis, That's right I have a serious plotting to do.

Chuck the Evil Sandwich-Making Guy: So does as the Guys!

Francisco: Me Too!

Dr. Two-Brains: Same here.

Millis Steel: Hmmm, Maybe so, maybe not.

Major Nixel: That really kinds embarrassed me.

Leather Teddy: You could say that again.

Cubot: So did we. And she's looks kinda cute how she says that.

Orbot: Cubot, that's annoying, to say that eh?

(Later, Our Heroes are going for a walk with 3 Carbink and Leonard)

Merrick: Let it be known that our job is to protect the princess!

Henry Wong: Wait you mean to say your job is to protect Diancie?

Leonard: Protected the princess, thank you very much.

T.K. Takaishi: Wow, really!

Takato Matsuki: Cool.

Guilmon: You're Diancie's protectors right?

Leonard: Yup, and they're Diancie's servants.

Flain: So, what have gotten into you?

Serena: So, you're the princess's bodyguards, huh?

Bonnie: That is so cool.

Mordecai: Even Guards?

Sonic: Or Speeding Police Station?

Bonnie: Diancie's a real princess!

Rika Nonaka: Totally a real princess.

Flurr: Even you're a ice queen.

Elsa: Uh, I'm the snow queen now, thank you very much.

Emerl: So, what have gotten into you?

Merrick: Who might they be, princess?

Krader: Merrick, you know, since I found out, those carbink look cute.

Miles "Tails" Prower: What's have gotten into you, guys?

Ash Ketchum: Well, you see...

Tai Kamiya: We're trying to say that...

Diancie: They're... my friends!

Ash Ketchum: Right!

Tai Kamiya: Yes.

Emerl: Yeah.

Rainbow Dash: You got that right.

Dudley Puppy: You heard them.

Matt Ishida: Yep, I know that.

Eleanor: Even we're chipmunks, their is nothing to worry about a thing.

Bonnie: Yeah!

Sandy: Yep, i know that, jewels looked surprised.

Razmo: We agree with them!

Magnifo: That's very magical like carbink does!

(Bort and allotrope looked surprised)

(As the Heroes continue to walk)

Anna: So what has you told about Xerneas?

Merrick: We have been traveling and searching for many months!

Leonard: And we we're trying to find it but it was to hard we get so worried!

Serena: Searching for Xerneas?

Philmac: Finding the Legendary Pokémon?

Seismo: Of Life, Xerneas?

Merrick: Yes!

Mordecai: Tell us about it.

(Flashback plays with Leonard, Merrick, Bort, Allotrope and Diancie, who was in autumn in this land, later we cut to see Leonard, Merrick, Bort, Allotrope and Diancie who was walking, later we cut to this scene, where a snowstorm appears in the mountains, and Leonard, Carbink Servants also diancie, began to shiver, Later we cut the night scene, Who was searching everywhere to find Xerneas, The next morning Diancie and others heard something)

Diancie: (Flashback) I sense the Fairy Aura!

(Diancie blinds herself until we see a batch of sunflowers)

Merrick: (Voiceover) Xerneas is always moving, and because of that, we were never able to track it down...

(As Carbink servants and Leonard take a nap, Diancie looks at the city of Avignon Town)

Diancie: (Voiceover) One Day, I saw a city far in the distance...

(As Diancie Sneaks out to find Avignon town)

Diancie: (Flashback) I wanted to go there and see it, Somehow, it looked like fun...

(Flashback ends with our heroes arrived at the domain)

Leonard: So that's why you run off like that.

Yoshi: Searching for Xerneas for months is very long.

Teslo: Very long.

Kristoff: Tell me about it.

Emerl: And that's how we met and rescue you from the thieves and the villains, before they attempt to capture you.

Vulk: Yeah, so did we!

Terriermon: You're so lucky, you didn't get kidnapped by those bad guys.

Gomamon: Very lucky.

Merrick: We were always at your side, so I began to think that perhaps you felt trapped by our presence.

Diancie: I'm sorry I ran off like that.

Teslo: It's okay, you'll be fine!

Agumon: Yeah, look on the bright side, you didn't get captured.

Shuff: Ya. Cause we protect you.

Merrick: Please. I beg you not to ever do that again.

Diancie: Alright.

Duck: I found a location here.

Thomas: What location?

Gabumon: Looks like their is a way there.

Merrick: Here we are.

Yoshi: A Magic diamond room?

Shuff: The Domain of diamonds.

(As the heroes goes inside the domain)

Serena: What is this?

Olaf: What is this place?

Gumball: This place reminds me of walking inside the cave that has crystals.

Izzy Izumi: You mean walking inside the Mine.

Gumball: That too.

Diancie: This is one of our homes in the Diamond Domain.

Rigby: So this is where you live?

Leonard: Yes.

Merrick: You see, all our homes are linked together by the Diamond Road.

Princess Cadance: Even Crystals.

Shining Armor: Or Quartz.

(We View the dimmed Crystal Quartz to zoom in, We're Several Carbink greeted)

Krader: Hello Carbink, drop you off already?

Diancie: Thank you for your kind reception.

(Suddenly The Crystal Quartz began to break and dissolve)

Gator: What was That?

Rapido: It's breaking okay.

(As the heroes looked the domain in despair)

Kiva: What's going on here?

Xion: I don't know?

Sonic: This place is so dark.

Knuckles: Yeah. I can't see anything.

Dudley Puppy: That's the Earthquake alright.

Keswick: That's not an earthquake, That's The Quartz who began to break and Shatter.

Davis Motomiya: Something weird is happening.

Veemon: Neither did I, The Domain is in trouble.

(The Quartz began quickly to dissolve and breaks)

Elsa: Oh no, The domain has been dimmed?!

Bill: What is happening?

Ed: Maybe the mole mutant did this!

Double-D: Really Ed, do you think mole mutant did this?

Rika Nonaka: Have you've been reading too many comic books?

Eddy: Or maybe it's those Villains jerks who did this!

Knuckles: I think so!

Kraw: You think?

Kitty Katswell: Maybe, it's those D.O.O.M. or The Nixels!

Flain: Or Major Nixel did this.

Apple Bloom: (In Peg's Voice) We got a really big Problem!

Twilight Sparkle: I Heard the domain was in distress!

Spike the Dragon: So it wasn't the villains that did this?

Hawkmon: I think not.

Balk: It's Breaking up!

Ben: That's not good!

Dash: That's a Despair of Shutting down the domain!

Charlie: Something is not right!

Toby: What has happened here?

Pinkie Pie: Looks like the domain is shut down?!

Luigi: Mamma mia, What's going on?!

Keswick: I don't know.

Flurr: What happened here?

Sonic: How did this happened?

Izzy Izumi: How should I know?

Tentomon: I have no idea!

Diancie: What has happened?

Gobba: Look!

(Dace sadly Arrives)

Dace: Princess...

Diancie: Dace?!

Leonard: Grandfather!

Takato Matsuki: What happened here?

Guilmon: What did this?

Takuya Kanbara: I don't know?

Dace: I fear the Heart Diamond's life has finally come to an end.

Emerl: What?!

Diancie: That can't be!

Sonic: What?!

Oggy: (Shocked)

Jack: (Shocked)

Olivia: (Shocked)

Thomas the Tank Engine: Cinders and Ashes!

James the Red Engine: Oh no!

Leonard: That Can't be Good!

Krader: Wait, What's the heart diamond?!

Hawkmon: A Flashback remember?

(Flashback plays with The Heart Diamond Began to Break and shattered to pieces, And the whole domain began the dim)

(Flashback Ends)

Diancie: Oh no.

Jenny: What's oh no?

Gordon: Oh the Indignity.

Percy: Now what are we going to do?

Thomas: How should I know?

Kraw: This is the worst Diamond Domain EVER!

Flurr: Okay, this bad. The Heart Diamond has been Destroyed at the Domain.

Dace: My purpose in coming here was to deliver the awful news!

Pikachu: Pikachu?

Anna: But what's the Heart Diamond?

Donatello: The Heart Diamond, that we given!?

Gordon: Please tell me!

Bonnie: Tell us, please?!

Ash Ketchum: If there's anything we can do to help, we want to!

Pikachu: Pika Pika!

Twilight Sparkle: Tell us what can we do to help you.

Clemont: Right!

Emerl: We must explain it.

Sora Takenouchi: We have to tell us about it.

Biyomon: Xerneas.

Scorpi: So we can search for it about the legendary pokemon.

Ken Ichijouji: Diancie, please tell us what's a heart diamond.

Diancie: My Friends, The Heart Diamond is the sole source of all the energy and light that powers our entire kingdom, And now it will power our kingdom no more.

(We View map of the domain, Where the Heart Diamond is, Suddenly The Domain fades, We Cut to the scene the crystal quartz began to break and shatter)

Flain: Incoming!

Zaptor: Uh you miss it!

Volectro: Things are getting much worse!

Dace: The only one who can create a new Heart Diamond is Princess Diancie.

Diancie: But I still don't have the power I need to make that happen.

Dace: I have every confidence that Xerneas's Fairy Aura will awaken the true power within you.

Xion: If we learn the powers of fairy aura, that will be able to find it.

Ash Ketchum: Wow, so that's what's going on.

Flain: Yeah, I know.

Zorch: Indeed, Diancie might be able to find Xerneas, and show the true power.

Zaptor: Diancie's right with Flain and Zorch, We agree with that!

Diancie: (She view looking at the Crystal quartz began to break into pieces) I didn't even know what was happening in my own kingdom, I Don't deserve to be called a princess. (Starts Crying)

Anna: It's Alright Diancie, I know we can figure this out!

Emerl: Diancie, please don't cry.

Guilmon: It's okay Diancie.

Takato Matsuki: Please, don't cry.

Ash Ketchum: Now Diancie, don't cry.

Pikachu: Pika Pika.

Kari Kamiya: Crying will not help.

Tai Kamiya: Kari's right.

Terriermon: Momentai, Diancie.

Diancie: What's Momentai?

Henry Wong: It means don't worry or relax.

Fluttershy: You always be kind to ourselves.

Twilight Sparkle: We'll always help you save the domain.

Mimi Tachikawa: Because you're friends is made of diamonds, that's why I'm here to help you.

Sunset Shimmer: Even then, you are my kind of a special friend.

Krader: Diancie, Don't you cry, i'm here for you for the mixels to help you.

Ash Ketchum: Crying won't help to make everything right.

Pikachu: Pikachu!

Flurr: Sad things won't hurt them, because of your friendship.

Gmerl: Oh no.

Palmon: This is awful!

Biyomon: The Diamond Domain is like a haunted cave.

Elsa: We have to do something.

Anna: Like how?

Tai Kamiya: But how can we save the Diamond Domain and fast!

(Diancie Agrees, Then suddenly our domain continues to break, As She gasps)

Gabumon: This is a disaster.

Wormmon: There's gonna be a way how?

Emerl: But who would help us?

Dialga: Don't be afraid.

Elsa: That Voice, Could it be?

(It's reveal to be Dialga)

Emerl: Dialga?

Olaf: What's it doing here?

Joe Kido: How did you get here?

Dialga: Listen, Team Robot. Xerneas have a magic of fairy aura, You must find it, before it's too late!

Lunk: Dialga's Right! We can help them find Xerneas!

Cody Hida: We agree with that much.

Dialga: That's the Spirit!

Finn the Human: So where's Xerneas?

Dialga: It's in the allearth forest. Go to the forest hurry.

Koji Minamoto: Okay.

Jake the Dog: Perfect!

Renamon: Thank you.

Flain: Thank you so much.

Dialga: Anytime.

(Diancie Looks At Several Carbink)

Merrick: Princess!

Diancie: They are absolutely right. This is not the time for crying, Let's go! We'll find Xerneas!

Mario: You heard the Pokémon!

Ash Ketchum: Yeah, that's the spirit!

Pikachu: Pika Pika!

Peter Sam: We better find Xerneas Right now!

Edward: Right then, Let's do this!

Tentomon: You'll bet ya!

Kevin: Let's get going!

Elsa: Right then!

Dace: (In teary eyed) Princess. (He cried a little bit)

Leonard: Oh, Grandfather. Don't cry a little bit, will go find Xerneas and save the Domain.

Dace: (In teary eyed) My Grandson.

Davis Motomiya: Looks like we must go and see Xerneas.

Veemon: You got it!

Emerl: Alright, what are we waiting for Team Robot, lets go.

Gmerl: You heard the robot let's move out everyone.

Sora: We're right behind you.

Riku: Got it.

Kiva: Let's go.

Blossom: We're leaving.

Bubbles & Buttercup: Right.

Olaf: Are you with my guys, Then Let's Go find that Legendary Pokémon that can give life!

The Chief: We got a mission to do, find Xerneas and create a new heart diamond and save the Domain!

Riku: Right then, Let's go find Xerneas, And save the Domain!

Agumon: Move out!

Tai Kamiya: Your the mon!

Magnifo: So we can magic things up!

All 27 Mixels: To the Allearth Forest!

Rika Nonaka: Let's go!

Renamon: Right!

(Later we cut the scene where our heroes are walking in the rocky hill, we view the mountains, later in the caves, Diancie heard something, she hops off rushing)

Dace: Princess Diancie!

Kristoff: Follow Me!

(As They Escapes the caves, Diancie See the View of the Allearth Forest)

Takato Matsuki: Wow!

Guilmon: What is that?

Terriermon: Where are we?

All 27 Mixels: Allearth Forest!

Henry Wong: So this might be the Allearth Forest.

Sonic: Allearth Forest.

Teslo: (nervous, cowering behind others) I’m scared…

Gabumon: What's the matter, Teslo?

Magnifo: Don't be scared Teslo, I know we can find Xerneas.

Scorpi: We can do it.

Fluttershy: Yeah, will find Xerneas.

Rainbow Dash: This place is kinda cool!

Bonnie: Wowee!

Mimi Tachikawa: Oh my Gosh!

Scott: That's a Big and bigger Forest.

Victor: This is a biggest forest ever.

Skarloey: It's a Gigantic Water!

Mordecai: That's the world's largest forest I have ever seen!

Yoshi: So, this place it looks like the dinosaur kingdom.

Sora Takenouchi: This place reminds me of Niagara Falls.

Biyomon: Where is that?

Sora Takenouchi: It was in Canada.

Rika Nonaka: Yeah, Canada was pretty great.

Sonic: This forest it's huge!

Tails: Yeah. Xerneas can be anywhere.

XJ-8: I don't wanna get rusted.

Eddy: So tell us what did you see.

Izzy Izumi: I know I heard something.

Glurt: It's hearing something!

Toad: What did you heard something about a fairy aura?

Diancie: I sense a strong Fairy Aura coming from inside the forest.

Serena: So, that means one thing.

Tai Kamiya: That's-

Ash Ketchum: Xerneas!

Cody Hida: Of Course, It's in the Forest!

Armadillomon: Correct, So we don't wanna go and awake Yveltal.

Yolei Inoue: Who?

Hawkmon: Yveltal.

Magnifo: Yveltal the Legendary Pokémon who is the destruction Pokemon that can turn everybody else into stone.

Omi: Yeah, that will be scary.

Ping Pong: Yep, Indeed.

Bash: That's why we need to find them.

Ping Pong: Right, so we better go.

James the Red Engine: Yeah, we're right, let's go.

Ferdinand: So, that's why we need to find them!

Hiro: Yeah, that's why we are searching for Xerneas.

Tentomon: Excuse me, Xerneas, okay then let's go.

Luke: Right then.

Chris Kratt: I see something like a deer.

Coco: The Deer of X.

Double-D: Don't forget Xerneas is the Legendary Pokémon that can give life, and it's a fairy type.

Finn the Human: So, if we meet Xerneas.

Jake the Dog: We can save the diamond domain.

Spongebob: So what is this forest?

Dace: Princess, Everyone. That is the Allearth Forest!

Leonard: The What Forest?!

Sir Handel: The Allearth Forest.

Luke: That's how we're here.

(All of the heroes gasps)

Ash Ketchum: What's the Allearth Forest?

Flain, Kraw, Flurr, and Krader: WHAT?! WITH WHO?!

Princess Bubblegum: Shimmer down now.

Flain: Wait, What is the Allearth Forest?

Flurr: What is the Silence of Destruction & Darkness?

Oliver: The Silence of Destruction & Darkness of Yveltal.

Kimiko: That's right.

Theodore: Yveltal?

Alvin: Who's Yveltal?

Agumon: Yveltal is a very Pure Evil Pokémon of All Destruction, that will destroy everything in it's path.

Guilmon: Is Yveltal even pure evil than any other evil Digimon we face them?

Agumon: Yup.

Terriermon: Agumon, is Yveltal even more evil than the 12 Digimon Devas?

Agumon: Yes.

Krader: Who were those Digimon Devas?

Takato Matsuki: Digimon Devas are the meanest enemies of all time we face them long ago.

Terriermon: Yveltal is even pure evil than the D-Reapers?

Henry Wong: Yeah, Yveltal is pure evil and heartless than any other villains we face them.

Teslo: What's is a D-reaper?

Renamon: Teslo, The D-reaper is very scary and nasty red blob, they want to Control Humans and Digimon and take over their body and devour Humans and Digital World, they even also capture one of Takato's friends Jeri.

Matt Ishida: Yveltal is pure evil than them too?

Renamon: Yes.

Flurr: Why would they kidnap Jeri Katou for?

Takato Matsuki: I know about the truth, the D-Reaper was trying to kidnap Jeri Katou for controlling the body.

Teslo: That's why.

Gabumon: Yveltal is even more pure evil than Devimon, Etemon, Myotismon, Dark Masters and Apocalymon.

Chris Kratt: Yveltal is even more pure evil and heartless than Zach.

Anna: Yveltal is even heartless than Hans.

Flain: Yveltal is even more darkness than King Nixel.

Donkey Kong: Please, tell us a story about this.

Dace: You see, long ago, there was a major catastrophe there that obliterated every living thing.

(Flashback plays with A Black Tornado appears Turning The Whole Forest into stone)

(Flashback Ends with the whole waterfall)

Agumon: Wow.

Tai Kamiya: No way.

Leonard: Ever heard of Chernabog?

Guilmon: Who's Chernabog?

Joe Kido: The giant evil demon.

Gomamon: He's very Evil and scary.

Sora: Yea, we heard of him before.

Leonard: It's the same thing with him.

Takato Matsuki: What happened to him?

Sunset Shimmer: Tell us the Story about a Demon named Chernabog.

Leonard: I Know how this story goes, a long time ago, there was a demon and a dragon.

(Flashback Plays with Night on Bald Mountain, At the Stroke of Midnight, Chernabog Awakens)

Chernabog: (Flashback) At all last, the nightmares truly Begins! (He Raised his hands, using the shadow of hands to turn our town in ghosts)

Leonard: (Voiceover) A Long time ago, Chernabog unleashes the powers of the dead, and using ghost and nightmares come true.

(Chernabog Unleashed the flames of burst, sending his minions to take over and dance furiously, And Chernabog Raised his hands of Explosive Darkness)

Chernabog: (Flashback) Soon, All will be mine to control! and Everything will bow down! (Laughing Evilly)

Leonard: (Voiceover) Then Suddenly, Yveltal Appears!

Yveltal: (Flashback) You Betrayed me!

Chernabog: (Flashback) Huh, but why it can't be, I won't allow that!

Yveltal: (Flashback) How Dare you denied me! I'll Show you! (He Activates Dark Aura)

Chernabog: (Flashback) No, What are you doing, please no!

Yveltal: (Flashback) I Said Silence!

(Yveltal Fired Oblivion Wing At Chernabog & His Minions, and slowly turning them into stone)

Chernabog: (Flashback) How Could you do this to me?!

Yveltal: (Flashback. In the Geese's voice) You Lied to me!

Chernabog: (Flashback) NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!

(After Yveltal's Rage, Chernabog and his minions we're finally turned into stone, And Yveltal Flies and Escapes from stone on bald mountain)

(Flashback Ends)

Tai Kamiya: So That's how Chernabog and his minions we're Betrayed By Yveltal, and It Fired Oblivion wing At them turning them to stone, Pretty scary.

Mesmo: Yeah, Yveltal is very mad at Chernabog.

Terriermon: Very mad.

Aviva: So, continue on.

Dace: Since then, it has become a forbidden place that no one is allowed to enter, And there is one more thing you must know, about the being that caused all that destruction.

(As the Heroes Gasps)

Oggy: (Gasps in Shocked)

Jack: (Gasps in Shocked)

Olivia: (Gasps in Shocked)

Slumbo: Wait, what's destruction?

Double-D: Destruction is the action of process of causing so much damage to something that it no longer exist or cannot be repaired, like the Allearth forest.

Martin Kratt: It's like a dictionary.

Donald Duck: Uh, what is the destruction and darkness one?

Rheneas: How did you know it?

Gobba: How did Yveltal's Wrath becomes a rampage?

(Flashback Plays with purple flames, Then Yveltal Appears)

Dace: (Voiceover) The great Catastrophe was caused by the embodiment of Destruction, Yveltal.

(Yveltal Roars opening his mouth)

(we cut the scene where the stone trees, and Yveltal appears and turning into a giant cocoon)

Dace: (Voiceover) After sowing the seeds of so much destruction, Yveltal became a giant cocoon.

(Flashback Ends with Dace, Suddenly Honedge appears behind the bushes looked at the heroes)

Dace: And that cocoon is the reason that no one is allowed to enter the Allearth Forest.

Emerl: Wow.

Amy Rose: That's weird.

Kiva: I don't believe it.

Twilight Sparkle: Scary and Terrible.

Ash Ketchum: Yveltal.

Teslo: The Silence of Destruction and Darkness.

Ami: What's Yveltal become a Silence of Destruction and Darkness?

Kraw: Yveltal has ultimately becomes The Silence of Destruction and Darkness.

Magnifo: They're even say Yveltal is a Dark and Flying type Pokémon.

Clemont: The Legendary Pokémon who can steal the life force of everything around it.

T.K. Takaishi: (In Jimmy's voice) Jeepers Creepers.

Tentro: It is also say that Yveltal is more pure evil than any other villains, and it's very heartless.

Balk: Really?!

Tentro: Yup, really.

Donatello: Also turning Humans, Pokemon and everything else into stone.

Leonardo: Whoa. That's evil, what you said about that Pokemon can turn Humans, Pokemon and everything into stone Donnie.

Magnifo: I've learn that the book of spells, By teaching how to be magical, as Yveltal.

Zoe Orimoto: Really Magnifo, That's kinda Spellish.

Kimiko: Zoe and Magnifo, Your a genius as well.

Zoe Orimoto: Thanks Kimiko.

Magnifo: No problem.

Omi: Yveltal is even more pure evil and heartless than Jack Spicer along with other heylins and so as Chase Young and Hannibal Roy Bean.

Ed: I think there's a bug in my ear, guys. (He slaps the side of his head, and a TV falls out of his head)

Sora: Okay.

Rika Nonaka: That's a TV that was in your ears.

Davis Motomiya: Yeah, I know, That's way more clumsy than the others.

Veemon: Me too, and we're not allow to awake Yveltal.

Eddy: Uh... How did you know that? Sockhead, you know Yveltal right?

Double-D: Why yes I do. I read history books of Pokémon. (Flashback starts) Well it all started when I was in the Library in the Peach Creek School Jr. High. I read many Books of Pokémon and I found Yveltal in page 236. The Legends says It did destroy the allearth forest and it was stopped by Xerneas, then it became a cocoon. (Flashback ends) And that's how the forest has become a forbidden place that we're not allow to enter.

Mordecai: It sounds like you know that Pokémon?

Omi: Yep, I know about Pokémon.

Dace: It is also said whoever disturbs the sleep of the Cocoon of Destruction will receive harsh retribution, the judgment of fury!

Emerl: Oh my!

Gmerl: Oh no!

Double-D: Oh dear.

Teslo: (In Owen Grady's voice) Probably not a good idea.

Dudley Puppy: That's Dangerous!

Sora Takenouchi: Yikes.

Jawg: That's not good!

Glurt: Me too, I can't do that!

Rigby: I don't wanna go there!

Slumbo: Me too!

Footi: So did We!

Ed: I don't wanna go to the forbidden place where Yveltal lives, guys!

Wormmon: That's Terrifying!

Eddy: (Slaps ed) Ed calm down!

Ken Ichijouji: Stay Calm, Wormmon I know will find Xerneas.

Mordecai: Rigby! We have too! If we don't find Xerneas, Diancie will never have her powers and save the Diamond Domain.

Krader: The Place that isn't allowed to enter.

Seismo: That's Scary.

Zaptor: Less Talking, More Searching!

Volectro: He's right.

Teslo: So we better go now, and find Xerneas.

Joe Kido: Come on guys, we have to be more careful.

Gomamon: You got that right. Just remember Yveltal is going to destroy us if we wake it up.

Sticks the Badger: Okay, If you don't wanna get to the cocoon.

Kevin: We have to be more careful or less we're toasted.

Rainbow Dash: Defiantly!

Tommy Himi: Let's go because I'm not gonna cry and be afraid of this place.

Takuya Kanbara: Got it, We better not get scared of this place.

Toad: Okay then.

(Then the Heroes Agree to find Xerneas, at the allearth forest)

Meta Knight: Come on, we can't stay here.

Emerl: You heard the knight. Let's find Xerneas, before the thieves and the villains does, to capture Diancie.

Dudley Puppy: Yeah, let's go find Xerneas, Before D.O.O.M. Finds us!

Gator: We Agree with them!

Percy: Well, Okay then.

Scorpi: Let's go then.

Double-D: This would be so much more bearable if I had my provisions!

Eddy: What's that? (After a beat) I think it's the sound of no one caring!

Thomas the Tank Engine: Let's go guys.

Tai Kamiya: Let's Go gang.

Agumon: Right then, Let's go pals.

Eddy: Move it out!

Daring Do: Follow me!

Emerl: Let's remember we can't awakened the Legendary Pokemon of Destruction. Move out.

Dojo Kanojo Cho: Well, right, let's go then.

Raimundo: Got it. Now let's move.

(As Team Robot walks to find Xerneas, Pan up. Multiple Nixels are standing on the cave, muttering. Meanwhile the rest of the villains are seeing our heroes in a camera video)

Zach Varmitech: There they are.

Donita Donata: What is this place?

Major Nixel: So they're in the Allearth Forest huh?

Dr. Eggman: That's right. They say it's a forbidden place because the Destruction Pokémon Yveltal was sleeping in this place.

Bowser: Excellent.

Diesel 10: Great plan.

Dr. Two Brains: So this is the Allearth Forest.

Bird-Brain: Yveltal the Legendary Pokémon that will destroy everything.

Gaston Gourmand: When I get that Diancie, I will cook those heroes.

Wendy o Koopa: That diamond will be mine.

Etemon: Those pesky DigiDestined will never get in my way again, when we get Diancie.

Red Psycho Ranger: So as that boy and his pikachu.

Blue Psycho Ranger: So that's where Xerneas is here.

Black Psycho Ranger: But we have to be careful because we can't disturb the sleep of the Cocoon of Destruction.

Yellow Psycho Ranger: You're right.

Pink Psycho Ranger: I agree with that.

Verminious Snaptrap: Okay then.

Devious Diesel: You got that right.

The Chameleon: Then let's do it! (Laughing)

Bird-Brain: Yeah, Let's make Sure our Heroes found Xerneas!

Zazz: That's right I feel like trying to capture Diancie!

Zavok: That's what I like about you Zazz. You always ready for a fight and capture the princess.

Morton Koopa: Nice one.

Sheldon J. Plankton: Alright. Sounds good to me.

Gazimon: I am so gotta be rich.

(All of the rest of the villains laughing)

(Later our heroes began to search for Xerneas, all but Flurr, Rainbow Dash, Twilight Sparkle, Rarity, Applejack, Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy looking terrified)

Seismo: That's a strange forest here.

Ash Ketchum: So this is the Allearth Forest.

Clemont: It's hard to believe this entire area was destroyed.

Emerl: It's more like completely destroyed.

Gmerl: Ouch. That's painful how the forest is destroyed by that Legendary Pokemon.

Henry Wong: Tell me about it.

Tai Kamiya: Indeed, Maybe King Nixel did summoned Yveltal a Long time Ago.

Agumon: Like King Nixel is the sworn enemy of Digimon and the Mixels.

Torts: King Nixel is the Worst enemy of X and Y.

Agumon: Maybe the Nixels would not able to find us here.

Flurr: It did destroy the whole forest, just like Hiroshima is destroyed by a bomb in August 6, 1945.

Daggett: Like a earthquake disaster in California that hits San Francisco back in 1906.

Keswick: Also a Earthquake disaster in India that hits Nepal-Bihar back in 1934.

Izzy Izumi: Or more like a hurricane hits Florida and it destroys the railroad train bridge that travels to key west back in 1935.

Veemon: Indeed, It's like lots of Disasters Years ago.

Davis Motomiya: Like a Earthquake, Hurricane and Tornado.

Huey: Or it's more like Jurassic World is becomes an incident disaster.

Dewie: Wait you mean the movie we watched, the park was destroyed by the hybrid dinosaur Indominus Rex?

Louie: Yeah. It was destroying and kills anything for sport.

Flain: Wow, that was a disaster, just like a twister.

Kraw: Who can do such a thing?

Zoe Orimoto: Like a Hurricane.

Torts: Or a tornado.

Jawg: Or maybe a volcano.

Sonic: Or it's more like Chaos flooded the entire station square as Perfect Chaos.

Tails: Yeah.

J.P. Shibayama: This place is almost like the old abandonded visitor center.

Takato Matsuki: The visitor center was in the first Jurassic Park movie. But later we see the visitor center is now super old abandoned and there's plants and vines everywhere outside and inside.

Magnifo: Indeed, it's like the Jurassic Park the lost world.

Glomp: Even Jurassic Park 3.

Sora Takenouchi: The forest reminds me of Jurassic Park, we're being hunted by Meat-Eating Dinosaurs like Raptors.

Biyomon: What are raptors?

Izzy Izumi: Raptors is a short name for Velociraptors, not bird raptors, dinosaurs. They're pack hunters and they eat meat.

Mordecai: Rigby, CJ, Eileen and I see that movie Jurassic World. It was pretty good epic dinosaur movie.

Rigby: But it was so awesome! How the T-Rex and Blue the Raptor fight the hybrid dinosaur and gets eaten by a dinosaur that was in the water!

Mordecai: Yeah! It is!

T.K. Takaishi: Tell me about it!

Matt Ishida: That part of the movie was the best! I will never forget the moment because that is my favorite part of the movie!

Takuya Kanbara: Best Jurassic Park movie ever, baby!

Mimi Tachikawa: When I see one of the scenes is where...

Rigby: The lady, who was taking care of two boys was grabbed by a pteranodon and accidentally drop her into the water and was trying to catch her again but then another dinosaur pops out of the water and ate them both?

Slumbo: You mean the Mosasaurus?

Mimi Tachikawa: Oh yea, when I see that part of the scene I fainted.

Joe Kido: I almost wet my pants when that dinosaur jumps out of the water and ate the lady and a pteranodon!

Chomly: I almost had a heart attack when that thing eats them.

Kraw: Or when Blue the raptor breaks the window in the truck trying to eat Claire.

Henry Wong: That too. And Terriermon didn't get scared.

Terriermon: Momentai. That was only a movie.

Zorch: Every Jurassic Park movie, there's always an incident when dinosaurs breaks loose and attacks people.

(We View a Scatterbug who was sitting in a tree and Serveal Spritzee Arrived)

Dace: After many years, this ruined forest has come back to life.

Shining Armor: Look at these Pokémon.

Yoshi: This place is creepy.

Mario: Yoshi, don't get scared, just keep searching.

Shuff: I'm Feel scared.

Max: Don't feel scared Shuff.

Sam: We can continue find Xerneas then.

Krader: Guys, Don't get scared, just find Xerneas.

Seismo: Don't look so scared guys, We'll Find Xerneas if we might succeed.

Gobba: Can we use the Cubit now?

Kraw: Not yet, Gobba.

Joe Kido: I don't think we can use it.

Gobba: Should we use the Cubit now?

Krader: No, No, Gobba!

Izzy Izumi: Guys, Shimmer down now.

Elsa: They're right, there's nothing to be afraid of.

Kristoff: Even then, This place isn't scary.

Mimi Tachikawa: Let's just keep searching until we find Xerneas then.

Palmon: Look at those Pokémon!

(We See Combee, Oddish, Foongus, Amoonguss, Skiddo, Zigzagoon, Linoone and Gogoat)

Dace: Some even say that Yveltal caused the forest's destruction in order to awaken and invigorate the forest's vitality.

Lunk: The place is scary like skull or bones.

Olaf: I Don't have a skull, or bones.

Coco: It's almost like a haunted tour on halloween.

Teslo: You can say that again.

Finn the Human: Dude this place reminds me of a horror movie. Jake and I watched during Halloween.

Jake the Dog: When I watched that movie. That will give me nightmares.

Norbert: That's Spooky.

XJ-1: I'm kind Scared.

XJ-6: Come on, let's go search for Xerneas.

Anna: Wow, this place gives me the creeps.

Fluttershy: I think I might be scared of that place.

Rainbow Dash: That forest does not scared me like that. Because finding Xerneas is very important.

Twilight Sparkle: I hear this, Now the Forest's Are lurking into Danger, We might able to find Xerneas.

Thomas the Tank Engine: Hopefully, This isn't scary for all of us, because of the allearth forest.

Sticks the Badger: We'll that's okay.

Amy Rose: Maybe, this isn't scary.

Hawkmon: Yolei, Do you think we are Scared of this place?

Yolei Inoue: Don't be Frightened, I know will find it.

(Sandshrew, Sandslash and Starly appears)

Rigby: I think something has told me, where to see Xerneas.

Clemont: I guess it's possible that such total destruction could be a part of the balance of nature.

Ash Ketchum: The balance of nature?

Mordecai: What is the balance of nature?

Clemont: You could say that it's like a rule, A rule that governs both life and destruction.

Blossom: I never knew that.

Bubbles: Same here.

Buttercup: Me too.

Double-D: I've learn balance of nature before.

Eddy: By the way where's Ed?

Ed: (Holding two leafs to act like a frilled lizard And Laughing) I'm a Pokémon.

Flurr: Uh, that's a lizard and dragon, stop teasing me.

Slumbo: Flurr, why don't we just stop teasing, and find Xerneas, it's the only way remember?

Lunk: Yea, just let Ed have fun.

Flurr: Yes, i know.

Krader: Let's continue searching for Xerneas.

Glomp: Right then.

Glurt: Let's just continue going.

Applejack: You'll bet ya.

Rarity: Let's just get going.

Smitty: Right then.

Dave: Let's get us going.

Knuckles: Let's go and continue searching then.

Flain: Did I hear something?

Renamon: I hear it too.

Agumon: Same here.

Dudley Puppy: I heard something, let's go.

Gabumon: Xerneas is getting Closer.

Emerl: Alright, let's go.

(Meanwhile Team Rocket are on the Hot Air Balloon)

James: Word has it this forest is forbidden to enter.

Meowth: Yeah, but forbidden or not, Diancie's somewhere down there.

Jessie: Right. After coming this far, there's no turning back.

(Meanwhile the rest of the villains are seeing our heroes in a camera video)

Adagio Dazzle: That's right, keep going.

Aria Blaze: I Just know you'll get it.

Francisco: That's Right Mixels, you're getting closer and closer.

Major Nixel: Indeed, Now get going.

Miss Power: Victory will be ours.

The Butcher: You're Getting there.

Zavok: Yeah, that's it.

Red Psycho Ranger: Go on.

Bowser: You can make it.

Dr. Eggman: You're almost there.

Miss Power: When you and Diancie found Xerneas. We'll capture you.

Ollie: You're getting to see Xerneas for a while.

Bird-Brain: Yes, Perfect timing.

Sonata Dusk: She is going to be ours!

Zach Varmitech: I'm going to be rich, when I have diamonds!

(All of the rest of the villains laughing)

(Later The Clouds clear, and sun is out, A dozens of Vivillon appears, Until Diancie looks and hops into hurry, as the heroes rushed in pursuit, As Diancie rushes in, Multiple Vivillon flies at Xerneas in a Neutral Mode, Diancie Gasps, so does as the heroes rushing in pursuit)

Tai Kamiya: Look!

Agumon: What is it?

Sora Takenouchi: What is that?

Ash Ketchum: Is that.

Percy: Who is that Pokémon?

Emerl: Could it be?

Gmerl: It's...

(Xerneas opens her eyes)

Dace: Xerneas!

(As Xerneas jumps peacefully multiple times, Diancie is in a hurry, so does as the heroes)

Tai Kamiya: Follow Xerneas!

Agumon: Don't let it get away!

Diancie: Xerneas, wait, please!

(Then She pass the bush, then trips over the log to the ground, then she gets up and continues running)

Emerl: Diancie, be careful!

Flain: Go faster!

Joe Kido: Let's hurry!

Gomamon: Roger!

(Then she trips over the tree's Stem and falls off, But Xerneas Save her)

(As Pikachu and Dedenne looks at Diancie)

Pikachu: Pikachu!

Dedenne: Dedenne!

Takato Matsuki: (Stops running and panting) Did we found Xerneas?

Flain: Yes.

Renamon: We found it.

Guilmon: Finally.

Teslo: Do you think we found Xerneas?

Krader: Yes, I think so.

Emerl: Yes we did.

Dudley Puppy: There it is! The Legendary Pokémon that can give life!

(Diancie gets up, As the Heroes looked at Xerneas and Diancie)

Diancie: Xerneas.

(Xerneas Uses fairy aura)

Xerneas: You have been following me for some time.

Diancie: I finally get the chance to meet you.

Xerneas: I know why you are here. I am aware of what it is you seek from me. I will grant your wish.

(Xerneas Becomes an Active mode and Activates Fairy Aura, Feeling the heroes for great strength)

Ed: What is that power?

Kitty Katswell: That's Xerneas' fairy aura.

Mordecai: Whoa. What is that?

Rigby: Cool.

Dace: Fairy Aura.

Emerl: Cool.

Tai Kamiya: Wow.

Agumon: Neat.

Kraw: Oh, yeah! (Starts laughing, Gobba joins him)

Gobba: Fairy Aura is good!

Magnifo: Magical!

Mesmo: Very magical!

Takato Matsuki: Cool!

Guilmon: Nice!

(Meanwhile, Dialga Looks at the fairy Aura)

Dialga: Xerneas, You gave me strength.

(Palkia Arrived)

Palkia: Xerneas, I Believe in me.

Dialga: Well done, Diancie.

(Diancie Feels the fairy aura, to make things magical)

Xerneas: The power it nourish life lies within you yourself...

(As Xerneas Leaves and becomes Neutral form and Leaves)

(Diancie Hops to look at Xerneas had leave)

Diancie: Xerneas. I am truly grateful.

(Our heroes rushed in to look at diancie)

Dace: Princess Diancie!

Merrick: Princess!

Takuya Kanbara: You did it man!

Zoe Orimoto: That was Fantástico!

Volectro: Diancie, Did you feel it?

Agumon: That fairy aura is nice.

Gabumon: I'm happy you finally found Xerneas.

Matt Ishida: Same here.

Zaptor: That was Amazing!

Mordecai: I feel that power!

Jawg: It was kinda Magical!

Rigby: Xerneas is so awesome!

Krader: Yes, it was so a miracle!

Magnifo: Even Magical fairy aura!

James the Red Engine: And I can't believe this is the first time I see Xerneas.

Percy: Yes! It's amazing as well!

Yolei Inoue: Mystical means when you found Xerneas.

Hawkmon: So did we.

Pinkie Pie: And that, The Fairy powers are so amazing!

Fluttershy: And even then, Xerneas has found us to see this, because I always wanted to see it!

Izzy Izumi: Even you will Able to make a special Diamond!

Rika Nonaka: That fairy aura is not that bad.

Anna: You were able to create a heart diamond!

Dace: I sensed a powerful Fairy Aura.

Elsa: Since you Fairy powers are beautiful.

Finn the Human: (Laughs) I feel that Fairy Aura too.

Jake the Dog: Same here.

Ash Ketchum: I feel like I was given that power, too!

Pikachu: Pikachu!

Dedenne: Dedenne!

Serena: You'll be able to save your domain for sure!

Lunk: I know you might able to save the domain!

Flurr: And Create even more Diamonds!

Finn the Human: You're ready to create a new heart diamond!

Diancie: I wonder if I'm going to be able to create a Heart Diamond now...

Ash Ketchum: Hey, give it a try!

Zoe Orimoto: I can't wait!

Tommy Himi: Go on!

Bonnie: I'll bet you can!

Teslo: Go on, Give it a Try!

Mario: Go on.

Palmon: Let's do it!

Dudley Puppy: Come on, let's do it!

Takuya Kanbara: C'mon princess.

Dace: Please!

Kiva: Do it now!

Takato Matsuki: Let us see!

Rika Nonaka: Let's see how pretty the heart diamond is.

Twilight Sparkle: Come on, Cast a spell to create a new Heart Diamond!

Mimi Tachikawa: I really want to see a beautiful diamond!

Xion: We're right behind you.

Matt Ishida: Go ahead.

Michelangelo: Go on!

Sora Takenouchi: Do it Diancie.

Emerl: Go for it.

Olaf: We're rooting for you!

Fluttershy: Yeah, you can do it.

Rarity: I Know you can.

Veemon: I'm so Excited.

Gmerl: (In Silver's voice) You can do it, Princess!

Rigby & Mordecai: (Chanting) Diancie! Diancie! Diancie!

All the Heroes: Diancie! Diancie! Diancie!

(Just as Diancie is Ready to Create a New Heart Diamond, Suddenly Argus's Airship appears, As All of the heroes and Diancie Gasps, Millis Steel is on the top of Doublade and Argus steel is on the top of Aegislash, Along with Zach Varmitech, Gaston Gourmand, Donita Donata, Joey, Marky, Dee Dee, Bird-Brain, Zippy, Owl, Bat, Stymphalian Canadian geeses & Etemon who flying to encounter them)

Zach Varmitech: (Laughing Evilly) Well done Heroes, you found Xerneas!

Darwin: Zach Varmitech!

Anais: Not you again!

Gumball: What do you want?!

Donita Donata: Hello there, I Knew you make it.

Aviva: Donita Donata!

Bird-Brain: Haha!! I'm here to capture Diancie!

Elsa: Bird Brain!

Veemon: How did this happened where you Have been Spotted us?!

Gaston Gourmand: Yes, I was correct, I found out that you find Xerneas and gives it's power to Diancie!

Zoe Orimoto: You wouldn't!

Owl: Who?

Bat: Where?

Zippy: Why?

Anna: Because they wanted to capture Diancie.

Anais: Now I get it.

Kitty Katswell: Millis, how did you work with them?!

Etemon: Hello DigiDestined. Long time no see.

Tai Kamiya: Etemon!

Millis Steel: (Clapping her hands) Congratulations, Diancie! It seems you now have the power to create diamonds that are real.

Diancie: It's you.

Kari Kamiya: The Girl!

Thomas the Tank Engine: The Girl who rescued us!

Tommy Himi: A Lady who worked to save us!

J.P. Shibayama: Who is that man?

Flain: Look the Man is riding on Aegislash!

Serena: But didn't you help us out before?

Elsa: Like always helping for?

Patrick: Yeah, what's your problem?

Michelangelo: Don't tell us you guys are villains as well?

XJ-6: Millis, Did you Work for these villains too?!

Millis Steel: Yes, I did. But now we'll be taking Diancie! (She throws out her pokeball and Sends out her Chesnaught)

(As all of the Heroes Gasps in Fear)

Keswick: It's A Chesnaught!

The Chief: A Grass & Fighting type Pokemon!

Takuya Kanbara: How did Chesnaught Returned?!

Takato Matsuki: I Have no Idea!

Chris Kratt: That's A Wicked one of all!

Ash Ketchum: What's going on?!

Raimundo: That can't be good!

Sora Takenouchi: This is insane, what's going on, is this some kinda joke?!

Tai Kamiya: Your the thief who rescued us!

Millis Steel: That's correct.

Matt Ishida: How did you manage to rescue us before you reveal you're true color.

Rusty: Something tells me, it's not gonna be good.

Xion: (Brings out her Keyblade) Stand back.

Amy Rose: (Brings out her hammer) Move away.

Torts: I'll slime you to glorp you all!

Glomp: Yeah, Same here!

Verminious Snaptrap: Well, Well, Well, so you finally came to your senses!

Emerl: Snaptrap, I thought I left you Forever!

Rika Nonaka: Something tells me that girl tricked us?

Sora: Wait, what are things are going around here!

Riku: No, this is not happening, but they tricked us look!

(Suddenly Woolly Beavers, Chuck The Evil Sandwich Making Guy, Theodore ‘’Tobey’’ McCallister III, Dr. Neo Cortex, The Psycho Rangers, The Deadly Six, Sheldon J. Plankton, The Butcher, The Whammer, Lady Redundant Woman, Granny May, Ms. Question, Dr. Two-Brains, Major Nixel, The Nixels, Dr. Blowhole, Francisco, Verminious Snaptrap, Mole, Ollie, Larry, Adagio, Sonata, Aria, Bad Dog, Leather Teddy, Skunk, Mal, Diesel 10, Devious Diesel, Jack Spicer, Madame Catastrophe, Dr. Rabies, The Chameleon, Seymour Orlando Smooth, Miss Power, Bowser, Koopalings, Bowser Jr., Dr. Eggman, Orbot, Cubot and Mecha Sonic Appears)

Major Nixel: (Cackles) I see you manage to find Xerneas and gives the power to anyone for Diancie!

Red Psycho Ranger: Hello, there Team Robot!

Koichi Kimura: Not those Psycho Rangers again!

Dudley Puppy: Even D.O.O.M.!

Bowser: Hello there Mario! We came to capture the Pokémon who finally found Xerneas!

Dr. Eggman: Sonic, I see you manage to find Xerneas, and give it's power to Diancie!

Mario: Bowser!

Sonic: Eggman!

Lunk: Major Nixel, I Thought you were surrounded by the other villains.

Major Nixel: No, But I did work for them at the other villains, And soon you will be Nixed! (Cackles)

Tai Kamiya: What they're doing?!

Agumon: Hey, what is this?!

Matt Ishida: Don't tell me that your thieves as well!

Gabumon: What do you think Matt? It's those thieves I tell ya, You might help me digi-volve and fast before they capture Diancie.

Agumon: So that Girl who rescued us is a thief too!

Volectro: We Been Tricked!

Armadillomon: I Knew it this would have been happened.

Koki: Yeah, I was right about that.

Miss Power: Indeed, now Wordgirl, I need you to come with me and fight and hand over Diancie to us, nicely.

Wordgirl: No Way, We Refuse!

Granny May: You can give it to me. Because I want diamonds so I can be rich.

Diesel 10: Yes, and we're going to be powerful.

Pink Psycho Ranger: Do you think it was funny, Huh do ya?!

Dr. Blowhole: Hello, Penguins.

Skipper: Blowhole!

Jenny: What are you villains doing here?!

Koji Minamoto: How come that girl is one of the thieves who is working with the villains?!

Jimmy Z: Yes, Indeed!

Mordecai: Dudes & Dudettes what's you're deal?!

Knuckles the Echidna: (In Muscle Man's voice) Yeah. What's your beef with Diancie?!

Zach Varmitech: Why don't you try and tell them Millis.

Millis Steel: We knew that Diancie was going to come here to find Xerneas. Because the princess hadn't yet mastered the power required to create true diamonds.

(Honedge on Camera)

Millis Steel: Good work.

(Honedge was in joy)

Gaston Gourmand: Good plan Honedge.

Dr. Eggman: Oh and of course Argus' Honedge has a camera on it's forehead to spy on you and Diancie to find out where you are.

Rainbow Dash: No way!

Adagio Dazzle: Yes way!

Dr. Two-Brains: Pretty nice how we create a video camera huh?

Rigby: No, not pretty cool. You've been spying on us, so you can follow us and capture Diancie!

Mordecai: He's right!

Filburt: Yeah, and your not cool with these guys!

Princess Bubblegum: Yes, your very evil!

Argus Steel: It's hard to imagine Diancie not making diamonds, It's like eating chocolate without any cocoa in it, Totally worthless!

Sonata Dusk: And Also some Tacos!

(Meanwhile Team Rocket hides in the Tree looks at the Heroes and Villains)

James: That's Argus Steel.

Meowth: He's the thievingest thief out there!

Jessie: And he's got his daughter Millis with him.

(Back to heroes and villains)

Emerl: So you guys are the thieves and your working with our enemies!

Tentomon: (In Kuzco's voice) I can't believe this is happening!

Izzy Izumi: Tell me about it!

Henry Wong: I should've know that Girl and her Chesnaught are the bad guys after all!

Wordgirl: I never knew that!

Footi: Me too!

Yolei Inoue: I don't believe it!

Hawkmon: You fool us!

Finn the Human: First you save Diancie and us too! And now you reveal yourself to be the thieves!

Jake the Dog: And you're working with the Villains!

Princess Bubblegum: Yeah, That's very mean and evil!

Sora: (In the Virgil's voice) You lied to us!

Seismo: You better Stop this!

Gilda: Yeah, We think so.

Ventus: You tricked us into thinking your the good guys but your the thieves!

Terra: Yeah, That's Very Evil!

T.K. Takaishi: That's not good, how they tricked us!

Mordecai: You guys are sick!

Tai Kamiya: Very sick people!

Agumon: That Makes me Nausea!

Teslo: Yes, and you Make us Sick and Nausea!

Hoogi: And makes us Vomit!

Sora Takenouchi: (In C.J.'s voice) Yeah! We're gonna call the cops!

Yumi: Or we're gonna call Dialga and take you guys down!

Ami: And also, Palkia will arrive and Taking you villains down!

Bird-Brain: There are no cops and the police station around in the Allearth forest my friends.

Francisco: We're so evil, that we find these heroes and destroy them.

Dudley Puppy: Over my dead body! You creepy Crocodile!

Joe Kido: That is the most evil thing ever!

Gomamon: Get away from us and Diancie you creeps or I'll digi-volve into Zudomon!

Scorpi: Get back or I'm gonna cut you in half!

Lunk: And I'll freeze you all!

Zach Varmitech: Ooh I'm scared. (Laughing)

Donita Donata: You'll never defeat us.

Gaston Gourmand: Since you found Xerneas and it uses Fairy Aura to give power to to Diancie, we'll be taking her.

Mickey Mouse: I'm not letting you villains have Diancie ever!

Donald Duck: Come on, let's fight! I'm getting really angry!

Goofy: We're gonna take you villains down!

Agumon: Back off! Or I'll Digi-volve into WarGreymon!

Gabumon: Stop right there or else I'll warp digi-volve into MetalGarurumon, and freeze you villains!

Tai Kamiya: That's right!

Matt Ishida: You heard my Digimon!

Dr. Blowhole: (Laughing) Trying to defeat us, With your Digimon, That's Funny.

Bowser: You're pathetic Digimon can't stop us.

Millis Steel: We felt sorry for you, so we made sure nobody could get in your way. (She Snaps Her fingers) 'Kay, use Vine Whip!

(Chesnaught Uses Vine Whip to Capture Diancie)

Flain: Diancie, No!

Kari Kamiya: It got Diancie!

Sora: (Picks up his Keyblade) Hang in there!

(As Chesnaught Attempts to capture her, But Greninja Jumps and Grabs Diancie)

(As All of the Villains Gasps)

Major Nixel: Wha?

Mal: What?!

Bowser: What?!

Pink Psycho Ranger: Greninja!

Gaston Gourmand: What in the world?!

Dr. Eggman: How did it get there in time?!

Devious Diesel: Then who was it?!

Donita Donata: I know who's Greninja is it!

(Greninja Jumps on the ground and lands)

(As All of the Heroes Gasps)

Meta Knight: It's a Greninja!

Leonardo: Where did it come from?!

Goofy: We know who's Greninja is it!

Martin Kratt: I have no idea!

Wordgirl: Look up there!

(Ninja Riot appears along with his two ninjask and Floats on the ground)

Krader: It's him!

Zorch: It's Ninja Riot and he's got two Ninjask!

J.P. Shibayama: Not this guy again!

Ninja Riot: We're taking Diancie with us!

(As Ninja Riot, Greninja holding Diancie and two Ninjask escapes)

Red Psycho Ranger: Hey stop there!

Zach Varmitech: (Growls) There's no way to escape come on!

Black Psycho Ranger: Get Them!

Yellow Psycho Ranger: He's not getting away with Diancie!

Argus Steel: Honedge, after them!

Bird-Brain: No! The Villains is our plans! (Stutters) Never mind! I shall do it myself!

The Chameleon: Let's Get 'em!

Etemon: Don't let him escape!

(As Honedge follows, Millis Steel, Argus Steel Doublade, and Aegislash Hops on and in pursuit to stop them)

Major Nixel: Nixels, Stop them!

The Nixels: (Growls) Get Them!

Millis Steel: Chesnaught!

Diesel 10: Stop them!

(Chesnuaght Follows Millis, Argus, Honedge, Doublade, Aegislash and also all of the villains)

Ash Ketchum: Diancie!

Mordecai: Let's go Rigby!

Rigby: Right behind you!

Yolei Inoue: Stop thieves!

Hawkmon: After them!

Trixie: We better hurry.

Tai Kamiya: I'm not letting them get Diancie! Stop them!

Matt Ishida: You heard Tai, everyone after them!

Davis Motomiya: Veemon!

Veemon: Right!

Takato Matsuki: Guilmon!

Guilmon: Let's go Takato!

Takuya Kanbara: Come on!

The Chief: The Thieves and the Villains are going after Diancie! Don't let them escape with her!

Emerl: Team Robot let's go rescue Diancie!

Kristoff: C'mon, we gotta go after them!

Chomly: We're running out of time!

Dace: We must save the princess!

Riku: Hang in there!

Aqua: We're coming Diancie!

(Our Heroes Rushed in to stop the villains)

(We cut the scene to see Dr. Rabies, Ninja Riot, his Greninja and two Ninjask go down to the underground cave next to the pool while Greninja is holding Diancie)

Dr. Rabies: At last. You're mine.

Diancie: If you want diamonds, I'll make you some, please let me go I had to get back to my Domain!

Dr. Rabies: Be quiet!

(A Yanmega appeared, flying around the underground cave)

Dr. Rabies: A Yanmega.

(Suddenly a Marilyn's Delphox appeared using mystical flame on Ninja Riot and Greninja but they dodge it and Ninja Riot step on the water and suddenly water turns dark purple the Cocoon begins to reverberates, Delphox uses flame charge on Greninja thus let go of Diancie and Marilyn Flame grab her)

Marilyn Flame: Why thank you.

Diancie: Let me go!

Madame Catastrophe: Thanks for the diamond.

Ninja Riot: Marilyn.

Dr. Rabies: Madame Catastrophe. Give Diancie to me!

(Ninja Riot jumps out of the water, as Marilyn's Yanmega appears grabbing the pole where Marilyn Flame is holding)

Marilyn Flame: (Laughing) You look fabulous even when your angry Riot, you too Dr. Rabies, see ya later.

Madame Catastrophe: (Laughing) Sorry Rabies, but these diamonds are mine, see ya!

Leather Teddy: (Growls) I need Diancie!

Larry: We better stop Marilyn!

(Anna & Kristoff arrives)

Anna: How can this be what the villains started fighting over?!

Kristoff: I have no idea?!

Verminious Snaptrap: (Laughing) Fools! Soon you will all perish.. Starting with you Anna! (He Pushes Anna off)

(As Anna screams and lands on the water and suddenly water turns dark purple, the Cocoon begins to reverberates)

Kristoff: Anna! (as he jumps and lands on the water and suddenly water turns dark purple, the Cocoon begins to reverberates, he Picks up Anna) Are You Okay?

Anna: I'm Okay, Look like It's going to awaken soon, Just like Chernabog and His Minions Betray Yveltal.

(Suddenly, Chesnaught Fired a Pin missile at Marilyn Flame, But avoids them and hits the caves pieces, Delphox Fired A Flamethrower but Chesnaught jumps and lands on the water and suddenly water turns dark purple, the Cocoon begins to reverberates As Marilyn Escapes)

Adagio Dazzle: There she is!

Sonata Dusk: Stop her!

Aria Blaze: Don't her escape!

Chuck the Evil Sandwich-Making Guy: She is not going anywhere! (Chuck Fired Mustard At Marilyn but avoids them) D'oh miss!

Argus Steel: Wait!

Ms Questions: Stop right there!

Miss Power: Oh no, you don't!

(Argus Attempt to catch Diancie But Fail, However, Millis Try To capture Diancie but, Diancie Falls)

Dudley Puppy: Diancie, Oh no!

Kitty Katswell: Ash, Do something!

(Ash Holding Hawlucha's Leg came to the Rescue)

Ash Ketchum: Diancie!

Emerl: Princess!

Gmerl: We're Coming!

(Ash Rescues Diancie just in time)

Emerl: Gotcha.

(But Lands on the Water and suddenly water turns dark purple, the Cocoon begins to reverberates and began to glows red)

(Just then The DigiDestined & their Digimon arrives)

Tai Kamiya: Let's Hurry Guys!

Matt Ishida: We must Jump!

Gabumon: Right!

Agumon: Okay!

Joe Kido: What?!

Gomamon: What did you say?!

Takato Matsuki: What?!

Guilmon: I don't think we can do that!

Takuya Kanbara: No way, man!

Davis Motomiya: Are you guys out of you're minds?!

Veemon: Really?!

Cody Hida: You could get much worse!

Sora Takenouchi: I'm not jumping down there! I could get hurt!

T.K. Takaishi: But it's too dangerous to go down what could happened.

Palmon: Let's hurry up, and jump!

Mimi Tachikawa: I can't!

Zoe Orimoto: I don't wanna jump down there!

J.P. Shibayama: Me, too!

Kari Kamiya: Tai! I don't wanna jump in there!

Gatomon: It's too far to jump down! You know that!

Yolei Inoue: What's the worst thing can happened?!

Hawkmon: There's nothing to be worst of, We have to jump!

Tai Kamiya: We have too! We have to jump to save Diancie from those bad guys.

Agumon: Come on, guys!

Henry Wong: Tai's right. We have to save Diancie!

Renamon: Come on, we have too!

Rika Nonaka: Oh, fine let's go jump in there.

Takato Matsuki: Okay! We're coming in there too!

Tai Kamiya: Good. Everybody ready to jump on a count to three! 1. 2. 3. Jump!

(The DigiDestined and their Digimon jumps as they fell into the water it turns dark purple, the Cocoon begins to reverberate and glow red)

Takuya Kanbara: (Comes out of the water) It is just me or did the water turned dark?

Guilmon: You okay, Takato?

Takato Matsuki: I'm fine.

Agumon: Okay, Now let's stop them before Yveltal Awakens.

Tai Kamiya: (Comes out of the water) We better be careful.

(Eddy, Double D & Ed arrives)

Eddy: Uh? What are they're doing down there?

Double-D: I don't think we should jump in there!

Ed: Yveltal the Cocoon of Destruction is sleeping down there guys!

Eddy: Come on let's jump!

Double-D & Ed: What?!

Ed: I can't jump!

Eddy: Let's go, Diancie needs us! Jump!

Double-D: But Eddy are you crazy?!

Ed: Save Diancie, Double-D!

(Ed grabs Double-D & Eddy)

Eddy: Now Ed jump!

(The Eds jump all together and fell into the water, it turn dark purple the Cocoon begins to reverberate and glow red)

Tai Kamiya: You guys be careful!

Double D: (Points at Eddy) It's was his idea!

Eddy: No time for that Double D!

(Chris Kratt & Martin Kratt arrives)

Martin Kratt: Looks like we're gonna jump!

Chris Kratt: Okay bro, let's do it!

(They jump together and fell into the water, it turns dark purple the Cocoon begins to reverberate and glow red)

(Sonic arrives, jumps down and lands on the ground)

Sonic: I gotta remember, don't awaken the Legendary Pokemon of Destruction.

Dr. Eggman: Hold it right there Sonic.

Sonic: Leave my friends and Diancie now! Eggman!

(Eggman's robots appear behind Sonic)

Dr. Eggman: Why don't you try and stop me and protect the princess?! (Sonic chuckles as he dodges the gunfire from all Eggman's robots) Don't let him get away!

(All gunfires almost nearly hits Ash, Emerl, Diancie and the others)

Emerl: Hey!

Ash Ketchum: Hey watch it, where you're firing!!

Pikachu: Pika!

Veemon: You'll almost Shot us!

Davis Motomiya: Watch it, when your Aiming!

Yolei Inoue: Don't get us Shot!

Rika Nonaka: This isn't target practice!

Renamon: That's the rules!

Takuya Kanbara: That wasn't nice!

Dr. Eggman: Mark him and get Diancie, no matter what! (Sonic jumps in front of the doctor while all robots focuses the target) Ahhh! No hold your fire!

Orbot: Wait! Wait!

Cubot: Don't fire!

(They all continued firing but Sonic dodges while Eggman, Orbot and Cubot ducks to avoid the gunfire)

Dr. Eggman: That's it!

(As Sonic makes a run for it to save Diancie, D.O.O.M. stops him)

Verminious Snaptrap: (Laughing)

Ollie: Okay, while I say stop Sonic, say now.

Bad Dog: I think we should beat the living dog bones out of him!

The Chameleon: Let's do it!

Francisco: Alright then, is everybody ready. Let's do it!

(As the D.O.O.M. jumps trying to catch Sonic)

Ollie: I got his leg!

The Mole: I got him in the neck!

Owl: Who?

Bad Dog: Alright, let's put him out at a count to 3. 1, 2, 3!

(But the D.O.O.M. spins like a top and failed)

Leather Teddy: Where did he go?!

Sonic: Take that, D.O.O.M.!

(Larry uses a net to capture Sonic)

Larry: Don't worry guys, I got him!

(Sonic runs in a net, while Larry is screaming and then the D.O.O.M. catches Larry but rides with it, Sonic throws back The D.O.O.M. henchmen to Verminious Snaptrap and was hit like bowling)

The Chameleon: That blue hedgehog is fast.

Verminious Snaptrap: We can't let him and his friends rescue Diancie!

Francisco: Eh boss, I think the cocoon is going to be awakened soon.

Verminious Snaptrap: Just focus!

Zach Varmitech: (Growls) Did you denied me?!

Verminious Snaptrap: Wait, what did you do to me?!

Zach Varmitech: Then you have no choice, Zackbots, stop these two!

Verminious Snaptrap: Wait I can explain, it was an accident I tell ya!

Zach Varmitech: Too Late! Fire!

(Zackbots uses Flamethrower To burn Verminious Snaptrap and Francisco and hit their tails, however it hit Major Nixel)

Major Nixel: (Growls) You Asked for it, Nixels Get them!

The Nixels: Roger! (Growling rushes to Zach Varmitech)

Zach Varmitech: Attack!

Bowser Jr.: Oh really?

Lemmy Koopa: Then we got to get these nixels beaten!

Iggy Koopa: Diancie will be ours!

Larry Koopa: To battle!

Roy Koopa: Get 'em!

Morton Koopa: And don't let the Mario bros and Team Robot rescue Diancie!

Ludwig von Koopa: Don't let anyone take Diancie!

Wendy O Koopa: I really want Diancie!

Koopalings: Let's get 'em!

(As The Nixels and Koopalings fights Zackbots)

Verminious Snaptrap: (Screaming) NOOO! It's Too Hot! Now you'll never realize your dream of living in a fancy Fighters! It Burns me out so Badly!

Francisco: Quickly boss, to the Water!

(As Verminious Snaptrap and Francisco screams and lands on the water, cooling their tails off, However, the water turns dark purple, the Cocoon begins to reverberates and began to glows red)

Verminious Snaptrap: Oh yea.

Francisco: That feels good.

Bowser: I'll take Diancie.

Mario: Never! Come and get it!

Adagio Dazzle: We'll be taking her now!

Zor: No way ma'am, she's ours.

Zazz: (Jumps in the air) She's mine!!

Zomom: No she's mine!

Aria Blaze: No way mister!

Zeena: She's mine!

Gaston Gourmand: No, She's mine!

Donita Donata: Give it to me now!

Sonata Dusk: Get you're hands off Diancie!

Master Zik: Fear my wisdom!

Bowser: That's it, You're gonna pay!

Zavok: Hey! Get away from them and Diancie! You overgrowth half shell fire breathing lizard dragon!

Bowser: (Roaring in Anger) WHAT DID YOU CALL ME?!?!?!?!

Bowser Jr.: Hey, Stop calling his names!

Theodore "Tobey" Mccallister III: Nonesense! She's mine!

(The Deadly Six, Gaston Gourmand, Donita Donata, Tobey, Bowser and The Dazzlings start beating each other up in a dust of smoke)

Tai Kamiya: Is it just me or they're fighting over who should get Diancie?

Emerl: They might be fighting.

(The Chief, Keswick, Dudley Puppy and Kitty Katswell arrives)

The Chief: We have to jump!

Keswick: Right, But what was the rule?

Kitty Katswell: Don't Disturb the slumber of the Cocoon of Destruction!

Dudley Puppy: There's no time for that, Let's go!

(Dudley Puppy, Kitty Katswell, The Chief & Keswick jumps as they fell into the water it turns dark purple, the Cocoon begins to reverberate and glow red)

Dudley Puppy: Now, we're going save Diancie!

Kitty Katswell: Agree!

The Chief: Go protect Diancie, and stop the fight! Before Yveltal awakes!

(The Mane 6 arrives)

Twilight Sparkle: Let's go!

Rainbow Dash: Okay!

Fluttershy: I don't think I can fly down.

Applejack: Come on Fluttershy we have to jump!

Rarity: I don't wanna jump down!

Pinkie Pie: I can't!

Rainbow Dash: We have too!

Twilight Sparkle: We'll fly, you jump!

(Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy flies down. While Applejack, Rarity and Pinkie Pie jump and they splash into the water it turns dark purple again and the Cocoon begins to reverberate and glows red again)

Twilight Sparkle: Let's remember everypony don't awake Yveltal.

Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, Applejack and Fluttershy: Okay.

Pink Psycho Ranger: We'll be Taking Diancie too!

Lady Redundant Woman: No way! I want diamonds!

Seymour Orlando Smooth: No! I want the diamonds, so I can be rich!

Agumon: Villains, Thieves stop that!

Gabumon: You don't know what's underwater you guys! Stop fighting!

Krader: (In Buck the Weasel's voice) Stop fighting, All of you!

The Butcher: Oh Yeah, You wouldn't Stop Me! (He Fires Meat At The Psycho Rangers but misses)

Etemon: I'm gonna turn your own meats into a bananas!

Ed: You shall not have Diancie this time, Villains!

Yellow Psycho Ranger: Don't get in my way dim-witted boy!

Red Psycho Ranger: You think I'm going to be defeated?!

Granny May: Then so be it, Have a fight with me!

Blue Psycho Ranger: Well not for long, Granny!

Ms. Question: Try this for size! (She uses Question Mark Lasers at The Psycho Rangers but still avoids the Attack)

Red Psycho Ranger: You think you're question mark laser will defeat us!

Dr. Two-Brains: You wanna piece of this, Guys?!

The Butcher: You'll want some meat to go on it?!

Blue Psycho Ranger: I shall never have any Meat for us!

Black Psycho Ranger: You Asked For it!

Seymour Orlando Smooth: Bring on the Cash, Prizes and Diamonds!

Yellow Psycho Ranger: I Won't be defeated!

Miss Power: Then so defeat me and us too!

Lady Redundant Woman: Then so be it! (She Creates Copies of Lady Redundant Woman and fights but The Psycho Rangers Beats all of the copies turning into papers) No, I Can't Be Beaten!

(Dr. Two Brain press the button to activate the laser cannon but then Miss Power destroys it and grabs his lab coat)

Dr. Two-Brains: Hey! Watch it!

Wordgirl: I think you villains should stop!

Jimmy Z: Yeah, Stop all this fighting!

Sora Takenouchi: (In Ellie's voice) They're just fighting, what's so bad about that?

Krader: (In Buck the Weasel's voice) They die fighting!

Sora Takenouchi: (Thinking) Wait a minute. If we're in the allearth forest that is a forbidden place and we're underground then that means? (Gasp) Yveltal!

Biyomon: Oh, no! I have a feeling it's sleeping down there!

Sora Takenouchi: Stop fighting!

Zavok: That Diancie is mine!

Dr. Blowhole: No way Mister! She's mine!

Zavok: Strike brothers! Don't let them get Diancie, and bring her to me!

Dr. Eggman: Keep firing!

(All Eggman's robots fire everywhere thus almost nearly hit all the heroes and villains)

Wordgirl: Whoa! Watch it!

Anna: Watch it you almost shot us!

Red Psycho Ranger: Hey who you firing at?!

Pink Psycho Ranger: Who's side are you on?!

Dr. Eggman: Silence!

The Whammer: Oh I'll show you, Prepare to wham! (He Uses Supersonic Wham at The Psycho Rangers and Hits them) WHAM, WHAM, WHAM!

The Psycho Rangers: TOO LOUD! TOO LOUD!

Major Nixel: That's too loud, Make it stop!

Jack Spicer: No more! Please!

Ed: (Takes out a steak) A stake will defeat you! (He rushes towards The Whammer but The Whammer uses Supersonic wham to blow ed away, then splashes into the water again and the Cocoon begins to reverberate and glow red)

Koopalings: Charge!

Zach Varmitech: Don't let those reptile children, get in my way!

(They charge at the Zackbots, but the Zackbots uses flamethrower forcing Bowser Jr. and the Koopalings to jump into the water, it turns dark purple again and the Cocoon begins to reverbrate and glow red)

Red Psycho Ranger: (In No Rules Man's voice) Hey, look over there!

The Butcher: Where?!

Etemon: Uh oh.

(The Psycho Rangers hits Dr. Blowhole, Bowser, Major Nixel, Gaston Gourmand, Donita Donata, Etemon, The Butcher, Ms. Question, Dr. Two-Brains, Seymour Orlando Smooth, Granny May, Lady Redundant Woman, Miss Power, The Whammer and Eggman into the air and they splash in the water, it turns dark purple again and the Cocoon begins to reverberate and glow red)

The Whammer: I'm gonna blast you! WHAM! WHAM! WHAM!

(The Whammer creates a supersonic wham and make the Psycho Rangers fly into the air and splash the water, it turns dark purple again and the Cocoon begins to reverbrate and glow red)

Lady Redundant Woman: (Comes out of the water) Now Look what you done, you ruined my copy making machine!

Miss Power: Now you got me All Wet!

Etemon: Your make up is very running!

Gaston Gourmand: No, You got us all wet!

Donita Donata: Oh, that's it!

Red Psycho Ranger: See What you did, you got me all wet!

Blue Psycho Ranger: Me Too, you ruined it!

Ms. Question: My Questions got me all wet too!

The Whammer: The Whammer got me All wet!

Major Nixel: Thanks a lot Nixels, It's all your fault!

Nixel #4: Sorry sir, It was an accident I tell ya!

Donita Donata: Don't just stand there, get Diancie now!

Dr. Two-Brains: (Scowls) Now your gonna pay!

Dr. Eggman: No buster! You're gonna pay! Fire!

(They all fire but the Psycho Rangers and Dr. Two-Brains avoid, while Twilight Sparkle uses her magic to create a force field covering all members of Team Robot to avoid the gunfire)

Sora Takenouchi: Thanks, Twilight.

Twilight Sparkle: No problem.

(Just then Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello and Michelangelo arrives)

Leonardo: Let's jump!

Raphael: But, Leo?

Michelangelo: I think that Legendary Pokémon of Destruction is sleeping down there.

Donatello: He might be right.

Leonardo: Let's be careful okay. Now jump!

(The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles jumps and they splash into the water it turns dark purple again and the Cocoon begins to reverberate and glows red again)

Yellow Psycho Ranger: This is getting way too far!

Granny May: My Dearies are have a bath!

Black Psycho Ranger: This is Really Starting to make me mad!

Bowser: Oh, now you make me mad!

Zavok: You're making me mad too!

Gazimon #1: No, Quit it!

Gazimon #2: No, Diancie is mine!

(Two Gazimon fights each other)

Pink Psycho Ranger: You'll ruined my beautiful makeover!

Major Nixel: No, You'll ruined it!

The Butcher: My Meat powers are so wet!

Dr. Two-Brains: I'm gonna get you Egghead!

Dr. Blowhole: Hey I'm taking you down Two Brains!

Dr. Two-Brains: Stay out of my way Dolphin!

Seymour Orlando Smooth: Do you think that's going to splash my anwsers?!

Dr. Blowhole: Well, No! Because it was your fault!

Ms. Question: My fault?! No your problem is my questions are all messed up!

Jack Spicer: Geez, You're acting angry today!

Elsa: Oh no, The Cocoon is going to be awakened soon, Guys get out of the water now!

Verminious Snaptrap: Hey that's Bobo for you Elsa!

(Just then Rigby and Mordecai arrives)

Mordecai: Let's jump dude.

Rigby: Dude, no it's too far to jump down!

Verminious Snaptrap: Give me Diancie! Or else!

Anna: No! You Rat Stealing Diamond thing!

Teslo: Let's jump.

Gobba: But didn't you hear what Rigby said, it's too far down remember, you're terrified of heights!

Kraw: Who cares! Let's go save Diancie, Don't just stand there, Jump!

Lunk: Right!

Teslo: Fine by me!

Footi: You got it!

Glomp: Let's jump!

Gobba: Kraw, wait! (Kraw grabs him and falls down)

(Flurr and Mesmo Flies down. While The 25 Mixels jump and they splash into the water it turns dark purple again and the Cocoon begins to reverberate and glows red again)

Flurr: I told you I wasn't falling.

Mesmo: Same here.

Teslo: See nothing happens.

Gobba: That was too close.

Chomly: Same here.

Kraw: Is it just me? or I think the water is turning dark purple.

Flain: You'll think?

Hoogi: I don't know.

(The Deadly Six hits the three Dazzlings into the air and they both splash in the water, it turns dark purple again and the Cocoon begins to reverberate and glow red)

Adagio Dazzle: (Comes out of the water) You ruined my hair!

Sonata Dusk: You ruined my boots!

Aria Blaze: You ruined my dress as well!

Zeena: Do you know how long it took for me to do my hair?!

Adagio Dazzle: Oh like what?! About two days?!

Sonata Dusk: Make that Three!

Zeena: Ugh! You're going to pay for that!

Zazz: I'm gonna beat you girls up!

Dr. Two-Brains: Oh shut up!

Dr. Blowhole: No you shut up!

Dr. Two-Brains: No you shut up!

Dr. Blowhole: No you shut up!

Dr. Two-Brains: No you shut up!

Dr. Blowhole: No you shut up!

Zach Varmitech: Hey shut up! You guys are giving me a headache!

All of the Villains: Stay out of it! Zach!

Zach Varmitech: (Growling) Are you all shouting me like that?! Zackbots Attack!

Dr. Blowhole: Lobsters don't let him and his robots get in my way!

Seymour Orlando Smooth: Hey you listen to me!

Miss Power: Shut up!

Bowser Jr.: Diancie is mine you jerks!

Red Psycho Ranger: That Diancie is ours, pals!

Zazz: Shut up! Shut up!

Granny May: Hey, don't say shut up!

Chuck the evil Sandwich Making Guy: You guys are a bunch of greedy idiots!

Zach Varmitech: Stop calling me that!

Donita Donata: (Scowls) I really want you guys to get out of my way!

Etemon: Shut up all of you!

Zach Varmitech: No you shut up! You crazy no good singer sunglasses monkey!

Etemon: Excuse me?!

Theodore "Tobey" McCallister III: That diamond is mine!

Bowser: That Diancie is mine!

Dr. Eggman: I will burn your worlds, you rebellious scum! I will destroy everything you love and make you watch!

Zavok: No it's mine!

Zomom: I'm gonna eat you up!

Mal: Hey! I'm gonna perish all of you, if you get in my way!

Gaston Gourmand: Hey! No one Gives The Princess to anyone Else, It's mine!

Palmon: This is awful!

Biyomon: We have to stop them!

Dudley Puppy: Stop it all of you!

(But the villains didn't listen they still continue fighting and arguing over Diancie)

Tentomon: Unfortunately they're not listening to us, so they're nothing any of us can do about it.

Takato Matsuki: (In Benson's voice) No, no, no, no!

T.K. Takaishi: Tai! Stop them!

Tai Kamiya: Wish I could, but they never listen about the warning.

Guilmon: How are we suppose to stop them?!

Takato Matsuki: How am I suppose to know?!

Cody Hida: What do we do?!

Renamon: If they continue fighting over Diancie and get much worse, Yveltal will be awakened.

Biyomon: Things are getting much more worse!

Mimi Tachikawa: Oh, I had it! Someone please, Stop all of this fighting!

Matt Ishida: This is getting out of control!

T.K. Takaishi: Villains, you should stop arguing and fighting over right now!

Patamon: Somebody stop them!

Wormmon: It Looked Crazy!

Ken Ichijouji: We Must stop getting Crazy and out of control!

Hawkmon: We better stop the fight or else the Destruction Pokemon is going to awaken!

Agumon: Everyone, quiet it!

Emerl: Stop it all of you!

Sonic: They wouldn't listen!

Gabumon: What do we do? We have to stop them someway.

J.P. Shibayama: Make them stop!

Joe Kido: Both of you stop it right now!

Izzy Izumi: It's ridiculous!

Sora Takenouchi: You villains are just making things worst!

Gomamon: No more Arguing about Diancie!

Tai Kamiya: (In Buck the Weasel's voice) Don't you see? We're all gonna die!

Raimundo: Yeah, Don't you see, You're going to Awakened the Legendary Pokémon of Destruction!

Martin Kratt: Nothing seems to be working right now.

Chris Kratt: This is bad!

(All of the Lobsters and Zackbots begin to fight each other. While all of the rest of the Villains continue having a disagreement and fighting that finally feds up Mordecai)

Mordecai: I'm going for it!

(Mordecai jumps and yelling)

Rigby: Mordecai!

(Rigby jumps as well. As he and Mordecai fell into the water it turns dark purple, the Cocoon begins to reverberate and glow red)

Rigby: Mordecai. I have a bad feeling about this!

Mordecai: Me too, Rigby.

Elsa: No! The Cocoon is the silence, that Grand pabbie told us, Destruction will be your Enemy!

Larry: Snaptrap, I'm not sure it's such a good idea to always tell them our plans..

Verminious Snaptrap: You know what else I'm gonna do again?.... Drop you in the water!

Larry: Alri- (Elsa Throws larry) Aaaahhhhh!

(Larry lands in the water and suddenly water turns dark purple, the Cocoon begins to reverberates and began to glow red)

Ollie: Wait up Larry!

Bad Dog: Don't forget about me!

(D.O.O.M. Henchman fell and lands in the water and suddenly water turns dark purple, the Cocoon begins to reverberates and began to glow red)

Kristoff: Oh no, If they continue fighting, the cocoon of destruction will soon be awakened!

Rigby: Make it stop!

Mordecai: I just can't take this fighting and arguing over Diancie!

Slumbo: We have to Stop Fighting!

Lunk: And them from fighting too!

Vulk: We must stop them from awakening the Cocoon of Destruction.

Seismo: We Have to End This, Before Awakening Yveltal!

Hoogi: I Think we Began to shiver up!

Chris Kratt: Hoogi, You're wouldn't Shiver up now.

Hoogi: Oh, Right.

Kimiko: It's keep getting rage and anger.

Aviva: Even much worse.

Rigby: We gonna stop this!

Marilyn Flame: (Growls) You Pest.

Argus Steel: Excuse me!

(Aegislash Hits Marilyn flame And Falls off, but Ninja Riot Catches her, also Water begin to turn dark purple)

Marilyn Flame: But why?

Ninja Riot: Why? I just...

(Ninja Riot lets go of Marilyn Flame and Sunk her into the water. but Marilyn Flame Breathes and Gets up)

Marilyn Flame: What's all this?

Dr. Blowhole: It's Sounded like an earthquake!

Verminious Snaptrap: What ever it is it sounds louder than the earthquake.

Bird-Brain: How can this be when they continue fighting?

Zippy: Why?

Ninja Riot: I don't know...

Major Nixel: What are we gonna do?

Dr. Eggman: I got a bad feeling about this.

Bowser: Yeah, Me too.

(Suddenly The Villains, Honedge, Doublade, Aegislash, Millis Steel And Argus Flies up to Surrender Ash, Emerl and The Other Heroes)

Zach Varmitech: We got you now Wild Rats! Emerl and the rest of Team Robot!

Argus Steel: Now, give us Diancie!

Major Nixel: Alright then, That's is it, No more fighting, now hand over Diancie!

Flain: No! Not Cool!

Krader: Enough, Major Nixel!

Adagio Dazzle: Hand it over or will finish you all.

Ash Ketchum: No way!

Pikachu: Pika!

Zorch: Never!

Rigby: What you we're trying to capture and fighting over her is not cool!

Teslo: Get away from her!

Millis Steel: You should listen to your elders, kid!

Anna: No way, you're the one who shall listen to your own elders!

Dudley Puppy: You're elders have gone way too far!

Kraw: We Refuse to surrender!

Mordecai: Don't make me angry!

Tai Kamiya: Don't push me too far!

Glomp: Yeah, you're the elders that should have listen to us!

Verminious Snaptrap: You talk too much for you Emerl!

Emerl: Shut up! Verminious Snaptrap!

Tai Kamiya: Snaptrap, You evil Pack rat!

Agumon: Get out of here, or I'll burn you like a fireball!

Mal: Give her to us right now!

Emerl: (In Principle Prickly's voice) Hold it right there, Mal. You're trying to capture Diancie is over for you, pal.

Mal: (In Dr. Phillium Benedict's voice) Not so fast, Emerl, You might malfunction and miss the festivities!

Emerl: (In Principle Prickly's voice) Hey Mal, there's a spot on you're shirt.

Mal: (In Dr. Phillium Benedict's voice) Where?

(Emerl punches Mal)

Mal: That's it!

Emerl: Don't you dare come to the water!

Zoe Orimoto: Stop with this!

Koji Minamoto: She's right! You're fighting over Diancie is going crazy!

Matt Ishida: You guys better stop fighting, you don't know what's under the water!

Henry Wong: Matt's right we should stop this right now!

Omi: Or I'll Karate to use my Kung fu moves!

Raimundo: Yeah, and I'm with Omi!

Adagio Dazzle: Why? Bad things might happened?!

Matt Ishida: Of course bad things might happened!

Gabumon: And your going to make it worst!

Rika Nonaka: You're really acting like rocker puff dazzles!

Adagio Dazzle: What did you call us?!

Aria Blaze: Don't call us that!

Sonata Dusk: That's mean!

Dr. Rabies: You have gone Way too far, Now give us Diancie, Or Else!

Emerl: I said no!

Takato Matsuki: We said no, Dr. Rabies, I had enough of you!

Red Psycho Ranger: There's No way to escape!

Black Psycho Ranger: We told you give Diancie to us!

Gmerl: Stand back, or else I'll shoot all you villains with my powerful missile!

Emerl: You heard my friend!

Jessie: There's too many of them.

James: Now what?

Meowth: There's no way for us to slip on in.

Mal: As I told you give her to us!

Sonic: Shut up!

Martin Kratt: Yeah, Enough is Enough!

Emerl: We're not giving Diancie to you!

Major Nixel: Then we got no choice but to take her by force!

Zazz: Let's jump in and grab Diancie!

Gaston Gourmand: Give her to us or you'll be cooked!

Zoe Orimoto: (Gasping) You little brat!

Twilight Sparkle: Are you out of you're mind?!

Rainbow Dash: You can't!

Rocko: It Could be Awakened!

Filburt: Or even much way more worse for having bad luck!

Fluttershy: Please don't do it!

Applejack: It will cause more trouble!

Gmerl: Don't jump!

Emerl: Don't do it!

Twilight Sparkle: You can't jump in the water!

Verminious Snaptrap: Why not, Alicorn!

Terra: Don't ever listen Snaptrap, Or you're going to make it worse!

Aqua: Don't step on the water "Yveltal the Destruction Pokemon" is about to be awaken!

Francisco: Shut up!

Dudley Puppy: No you shut up!

Matt Ishida: Stop arguing!

Tai Kamiya: Please, Stop this Evil nonsense!

The Chameleon: Why? You think it's a prank?

Rainbow Dash: No! It's not!

Ventus: Please stop Arguing and fighting, Or Else Yveltal will be awaken!

The Chameleon: That Won't Stop Me Now!

Krader: Please, You must Stop this!

Takato Matsuki: That's enough already!

Guilmon: Stop it!

Tommy Himi: You don't what's going to happened!

T.K. Takaishi: You're going to awake the Legendary Pokemon of Destruction!

Red Psycho Ranger: (In Benson's voice) Shut up!

Mordecai: We're telling the truth!

Rigby: Stop fighting and stepping on the water!

Patamon: We're serious!

Dudley Puppy: Enough Arguing!

Teslo: Stop Jumping on the water! Or Else Yveltal will soon be awakened!

Kraw: Yeah, Enough with the Talking!

Heffer: You could get Scared!

Filburt: Or the worst part is, you'll be killed!

Adagio Dazzle: (Laughing) I'm scared.

Aria Blaze: Come on and stop us.

Knuckles: Shut up!

Henry Wong: (Growls) You better just back off, Dazzlings!

Jack Spicer: Or what?

Leonard: Stay Away from them, Lightning bolt, Lightning Bolt!

Dr. Rabies: Seriously?!

Adagio Dazzle: That's all the magic spell you got?!

Larry: Your Spells Aren’t powerful enough to stop me!

Zach Varmitech: Well, I guess your not strong enough to stop me!

Donita Donata: Give her to us!

Verminious Snaptrap: Come on you little goggle jerk, make up you're mind.

Tai Kamiya: Who're you calling a jerk! Jerk?!

Kiva: Well maybe my butt kicking skills will be on you no good villains!

Koichi Kimura: You're fighting over Diancie is getting much worse!

Zavok: Ha. What do you mean much worse?!

Koji Minamoto: He mean's you have to stop fighting, because you don't know what's inside the cave sleeping!

Major Nixel: Enough with the talking and lets get them!

Teslo: Don't do it Major Nixel!

Jawg: You'll know the rules!

Mario: No! Don't step on the water!

Jenny: Don't you see, Yveltal is about to Be Awakened and destroy us all if you awaken it!

G-Merl: It will destroy everything! Even the Villains!

Verminious Snaptrap: Enough is Enough, Let's Get' em!

The Chameleon: (to himself) 1.. 2.. 3.. Team Evil!

Bird-Brain: Wait! What on earth are you doing?! DON'T JUMP!

Dr. Rabies: Argus, Wait, DO NOT JUMP!!!!

Madame Catastrophe: No! Don't jump!

G-merl: Don't jump!

All Heroes & Villains: (Yelling in slow motion) NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

Emerl: (In Aladdin's voice) NOOOOOOOOO!

(Argus Steel step on the water and the water begins to turn dark purple)

Argus Steel: Huh?

Finn the Human: Oops.

Rigby & Mordecai: Crap!

Henry Wong: Oh no!

Terriermon: Uh, oh!

Tai Kamiya: Too late!

Twilight Sparkle: (Gasp in horror)

Verminious Snaptrap: Uh, Argus, I think you took one jump too late.

Sheldon J. Plankton: Oops, Now you've done it.

Diesel 10: See what you did?!

Major Nixel: What was That? Oh no, The Silence has Awakened!

The Chameleon: What in the Lizards was that?

Larry: Now, look what you did Argus, You jump into the water, And you know that's means, The Cocoon is Going to Awakened!

Takato Matsuki: Look!

Guilmon: Oh no.

Torts: The water is changing!

(The whole water begins to turn dark purple as the cocoon begins to rise slowly, Meanwhile the Carbinks, Serena, Bonnie, Dedenne and Clemont arrive at the scene to see what's happening)

T.K. Takaishi: (In Gus Griswald's voice) Whoa! What's happening?

Applejack & Clay: What in tarnation?!

Donita Donata: What have you done?!

Francisco: What's going on?!

Madame Catastrophe: I don't know?!

Dr. Rabies: This is not good!

Pink Psycho Ranger: Something tells me this isn't good!

Dr. Eggman: Oh No! That was a mistake, we awakened the Legendary Pokémon of destruction!

Dace: No! Princess Diancie! Ash! Emerl! Everyone! You got to get out of there at once!

Ash & Diancie: Huh?

Emerl: Oh no!

Leonard: Aw nuts.

Twilight Sparkle: This is bad!

Tai Kamiya: It's ready to be awakened!

Agumon: Now you've done it.

Dudley Puppy: It's rising up!

Scorpi: Let's hurry up!

Davis Motomiya: Come on Veemon, let's get out of the water!

Veemon: Right, Everyone, out of the water now!

Elsa: (In Jasmine's Voice) It's an Earthquake!

Anna: (In Sky's Voice) No! It's A Typhoon!

Olaf: (In Shawn's Voice) No! It's A Volcano!

Gumball: No it's not an earthquake!

Anais: It's not an typhoon!

Darwin: It's not a volcano!

Emerl: It's the Cocoon!

(Everyone look to see the cocoon pops out of the water as the clouds covers the sky and the sun)

Verminious Snaptrap: Not the big cocoon!

Tommy Himi: It's really happening!

Takuya Kanbara: Get back! It's going to awaken!

Tommy Himi: Got it!

Ollie: That's it, We're Trapped!

Zach Varmitech: More like, we're in big trouble now!

Donita Donata: It's going to awaken!

Gaston Gourmand: Let's get out of the water!

Thomas the Tank Engine: Cinders and ashes! What is that?!

Anna: It is the cocoon!

Emerl: Everybody! Get out of the water now!

Leonard: Everyone Out!

Twilight Sparkle: Go! Go!

Balk: It's Hatching!

The Chameleon: Oh darn it! I didn't think this through!

Kristoff: You heard Emerl! Everyone out, out, out!

The Chief: Quickly, Get out of here!

Sora Takenouchi: Right, Let's hurry Biyomon!

Biyomon: Okay then!

Koji Minamoto: Koichi, time to get out!

Koichi Kimura: Okay!

Takato Matsuki: Guilmon, Let's get out of the water!

Guilmon: Right, Let's go and Hurry up!

Rika Nonaka: Renamon, you too!

Renamon: Right!

Henry Wong: You too, Terriermon!

Terriermon: Okay!

Princess Bubblegum: Let's get out of the water, Before it awakens!

Ping Pong: Right, let's hurry!

Chris Kratt: Everyone out! Out!

(As everyone got out of the water the cocoon rises up out the water)

Mimi Tachikawa: (In Margaret's voice) What's happening?!

Palmon: I have no idea, But look!

Zach Varmitech: Oh no! No! It can't be!

Diesel 10: What is it?!

Granny May: Oh my gosh!

Daring Do: It really is!

Flain: (In Bokomon's voice) What's it doing?!

Zorch: (In Neemon's voice) It's rising up like a loaf of bread!

Fluttershy: (Begins to Terrified) What's going on?! What's happening?!

Kitty Katswell: I Don't Know yet!

Dudley Puppy: This isn't good yet!

Veemon: Look!

Sunset Shimmer: Is that a...

Dace: The Cocoon of Destruction!

Tai Kamiya: Oh, no!

Davis Motomiya: Oh, no!

Tentro: It's Opening!

Volectro: (In Bendy's voice) It's Happening Again!

Bird-Brain: NOOOOO!

Vulk: Earthquake Has Happened! It's opening!

Kraw: This is not a Good idea!

Tentomon: It's waking up!

Red Psycho Ranger: Oh no!

Takuya Kanbara: Oh man! Oh man!

J.P. Shibayama: (Screaming)

Dr. Eggman: Ughhhh! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!!

Rigby: No, no, no, no, no!

Bowser: This is very bad!

Emerl: It can't be!

Double-D: Not good! Not good!

Ed: I'm Freaking out!

(The Cocoon opens up revealing to be Yveltal who let out a loud roar, as everyone begins shocked to see it, Yveltal roared and activates Dark Aura)

Yveltal: (In the Cave of Wonders' Voice) Who disturbs my slumber!

(Yveltal Looks at everyone in it's eye vision and let out his roar)

Yveltal: (In the Cave of Wonders' Voice) INFIDELS!!!

Dace: Whoever disturbs the sleep of "The Cocoon of Destruction". Will receive the judgement of fury!

Clemont: Wait is that...

Ash & All the Heroes and Villains: Yveltal!

Pikachu: Pika!

Kraw & Teslo: (In Tuilo's and Miguel's voice screaming like girls)

Sweetie Belle: (In Peg's Voice) I am Totally Freaking out!

Devious Diesel: We're so dead!

Diesel 10: More like we're doomed!

(Spike the Dragon faints)

Oggy: (Gasps in Shocked)

Jack: (Gasps in Shocked)

Olivia: (Gasps in Shocked)

Kowalski: Oh! Sweet mercy!

Skipper: Mother of Penguins! It is Yveltal!

Private: The Legendary Pokémon of all Destruction!

Owl: Who?

Mordecai: Holy crap, It's Yveltal!

Rigby: Oh my gosh! Yveltal was sleeping down there!

Tai Kamiya: Yveltal, I knew this would been happened, Just Like Yveltal Betray Chernabog and his minions.

Matt Ishida: Yeah, I was right about that.

Agumon: Now Yveltal has gotten into it's rage.

Gabumon: Yeah, That will be much more worse than Cherubimon.

Sora Takenouchi: Even Parrotmon.

Gomamon: Or worse than the Dark Masters.

Izzy Izumi: Or worse than Apocalymon.

Joe Kido: Or even more powerful than Diaboromon.

Patamon: Or way worse than Devimon.

Biyomon: Or worse than Etemon.

Takuya Kanbara: This can't be good!

Koji Minamoto: Yveltal will also be worse than Lucemon!

Finn the Human: This will much more wosre than the Lich.

Jake the Dog: Or the Ice King.

Princess Bubblegum: Or even much worse than the other enemies.

Zoe Orimoto: Oh mio Dio, It's Yveltal!

Thomas the Tank Engine: Cinders and Ashes, Yveltal!

Kristoff: Oh My Ice Cube! It is Yveltal!

Twilight Sparkle: The Legendary Pokemon of Destruction!

Flurr: The Silence of Destruction and Darkness!

Rika Nonaka: Yveltal is awakened and it's very angry!

Takato Matsuki: It's awakened from the fight!

Henry Wong: That's not good, Yveltal is angry and it's going to be way worst than the Digimon Devas and the D-Reaper!

Cody Hida: This is not good!

Armadillomon: He's Really mad at us!

Double-D: Oh my lord!

Ed: Yveltal!

Eddy: Dace was right. Yveltal is in the forbidden forest!

Daring Do: I was right about that!

Zach Varmitech: I thought it was joke!

Chris Kratt: It wasn't!

Magnifo: That's Very evil, It's Yveltal!

Max: (In Abu's voice) Uh oh!

Guilmon: Oh nuts!

Terriermon: You can say that again!

Renamon: It's going to destroy us all and everything in it's path!

Izzy Izumi: Oh No! We've should've get out, and get back to the diamond domain before the thieves and villains does!

Tentomon: Now look what they've got us into!

Joe Kido: It really is Yveltal!

Sora Takenouchi: And It's not happy!

Yveltal: (In the Scarecrow's voice) You disturb my slumber! Now you will reap what you've sewn!

Agumon: Yveltal is a Destruction Pokémon, that takes all life away.

Gabumon: You better tell him that, He doesn't look very peaceful right now!

Jack Spicer: I don't want Yveltal to turn me into stone!

Black Psycho Ranger: This is very bad!

Sticks the Badger: Very bad, man!

Bat: Where?

Donita Donata: How my gosh!

Gaston Gourmand: Oh no! It's the Legendary Pokémon that will destroy us all!

XJ-8: I knew Yveltal has been Awakened!

Pinkie Pie: (Gasping in horror)

Patamon: (In Jimmy's voice) WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE!

Rainbow Dash: I knew we've should've come here!

Takuya Kanbara: We told you to stop the fight! But you villains won't listen and now at this!

Sunset Shimmer: We're in big trouble now!

Rarity: Yeah, But The Destruction one has Awakened!

Mordecai: And I though Yveltal's anger is way worst than Benson's.

Footi: It's gonna kill us!

Sonata Dusk: We better run!

Adagio Dazzle: They're right! Yveltal is sleeping in there!

Major Nixel: Yveltal is very angry big time!

The Whammer: Let's get out here!

Francisco: Retreat!

Verminious Snaptrap: We're So outta Here!

Yveltal: (In Scarecrow's Voice) You guys wanta turned to stone, let's turn to stone!

(Diancie backs up terrified as Team Rocket are about to snag Diancie, but Ninja Riot snag her)

Miles "Tails" Prower: He's got Diancie!

Sonic: Hey!

Koichi Kimura: Stop!

Sora: Get back here!

Tai Kamiya: Give her back!

Kitty Katswell: Ninja Riot's Getting away!

Gobba: He's not Getting away with Diancie!

Hawkmon: We have to Do something!

(As Ninja Riot got Diancie, he along with his Greninja and two Ninjask are out of the underground pool)

Yveltal: (In the Halloween Wizard's voice) You! You're going to pay for that! (Laughing Evilly)

Dr. Blowhole: We're gonna die here!

Francisco: (In Bocoe's voice) We better get out of here quick!

The Chameleon: (In Bebop's voice) You messed up big time Argus! I blame you! It was a stupid idea! (Screaming and running for his lives)

Verminious Snaptrap: D.O.O.M.! Let's get out of the forest!

Dr. Rabies: Run! Villains Run!

Zavok: We're getting out of here!

Bad Dog: Let's Escape while we can!

Chuck the Evil Sandwich-Making Guy: Yveltal is very angry!

Granny May: I don't want that Pokémon taking my life force away!

Dr. Eggman: Orbot! Cubot! We are leaving!

Orbot: Let's Hurry up! Cubot!

Cubot: We're with you!

Miss Power: Me Too, We're Leaving!

Madame Catastrophe: (In Aunt Figg's Voice) Dr. Rabies, Let's get out of here before we're turned to stone!

Dr. Rabies: (In Lickboot's Voice) But the Pokemon!

Madame Catastrophe: (In Aunt Figg's Voice) Forget her, We gotta save ourselves!

Adagio Dazzle: Dazzlings! We're out of here!

Aria Blaze: Right!

Sonata Dusk: Wait for me girls!

Dr. Two-Brains: Wait for me!

The Butcher: It's very angry!

Theodore "Tobey" Mccallister III: I'm getting out of here!

Bird-Brain: Flee to Safety!

Zach Varmitech: Zackbots! Donita! Gaston! Retreat!

Donita Donata: I'm too beautiful to be killed by that Pokémon!

Gaston Gourmand: My life of cooking animal's eggs will be ended pretty soon! I'm out of here!

Bowser: Everybody! Jr.! Koopa Kids! Get out!

Larry Koopa: Okay!

Bowser Jr.: Right you are!

Jack Spicer: Time to get out of here!

Major Nixel: Oh no, Nixels get us out of here!

Nixel #5: Got it!

Red Psycho Ranger: Psycho Rangers! Let's get out of here!

Mal: Go! Go! Go!

Yveltal: (In the Cave of Wonders' voice) Now you will never again see the light of day!!!!

(Yveltal roars and flies away)

Joe Kido: He's Flying to destroy the forest!

Gomamon: We better not let the Villains escape with Diancie!

Ed: Do not get hit by Oblivion Wing, lest you be turned to stone!

Hoogi: It's going after the nixels!

Filburt: Well, we gotta Stop!

Slumbo: (In Muscle Man's Voice) Come on guys, Let's bail!

Emerl: Let's go!

Keswick: Yveltal is getting away.

Dudley Puppy: Let's hurry up shall we?!

Mordecai: Run for it!

Tai Kamiya: Let's get out of here!

Agumon: Got it!

Omi: Hey, It's all your Fault, You'll Awakended Yveltal, And your gonna get it!

Emerl: Omi, Let's forget about blaming the Villains for awaking Yveltal, let's get out of here before It Fired Oblivion Wing and we can get turned to stone.

Finn the Human: So let's make a rush in hurry.

Jake the Dog: Okay.

Princess Bubblegum: Got it!

(The rest of the Team Robot & villains fly up to escape the underground pool)

Yveltal: (In Timothy the Ghost Train's voice) I'm gonna send you all to the graveyard!

(Yveltal fires his oblivion wing at the forest and hits Ninja Riot's Greninja and two Ninjask turning them into stone. Ninja Riot looked everywhere shocked in horror to see this, as Diancie makes her chance to escape from Ninja Riot. Suddenly Marilyn Flame grabbed Diancie and she along with her Delphox and Yanmega got away, as they try to escape Yveltal appears behind them)

Yveltal: Your next!

(Yveltal fired Oblivion Wing at Marilyn Flame's Delphox as Marilyn Flame holding Diancie jumps off and fell on the ground, she and Diancie looks at her Pokemon to see her Delphox and Yanmega we're turned into stone, Marilyn Flame gasped in horror to see her Pokemon turned into stone as Diancie escape)

Yveltal: My Destruction. RISE!!!!

(The whole lake and the waterfall turns into dark purple water. Meanwhile Xerneas turned it's head around to see what's happening. Meanwhile Diancie is hopping to find her friends)

Merrick: Princess!

Kari Kamiya: We're over here!

Sunset Shimmer: You're Okay!

Kimiko: Diancie!

(As Diancie is about to reunited with her servants and her friends, Argus Steel grabbed Diancie and got away)

Davis Motomiya: Oh no!

Guilmon: What?!

Zoe Orimoto: Diancie!

Takato Matsuki: Stop right here!

Mordecai: HEY!

Bonnie: Oh No! Diancie!

Mal: Bye Bye Team Robot! (Laughing Evilly)

Bird-Brain: Run! I shall fly to safety! (In the Duck Collector's voice) Ta-ta!

Verminious Snaptrap: (Laughing Hysterically)

Major Nixel: See ya later, Mixels!

Donita Donata: I'm going to be so rich!

Zach Varmitech: Thanks for giving that Pokémon to us, Wild Rats!

Martin Kratt: It's Wild Kratts!

Tommy Himi: Come back!

Rika Nonaka: Come back here with Diancie!

Rainbow Dash: Hey! No pony or evil kidnaps Diancie like that!

Gomamon: Come back here!

Chomly: They Got Diancie!

Knuckles: GET BACK HERE!

Rigby: That was not cool!

Hawkmon: You get back here this instant!

Raimundo: Give her back to us, or I'll blow you away!

Anna: (She Makes a Snowball) It Is Not Nice to kidnap Diancie!

Kristoff: Woh! Woh, woh! Feisty pants. Okay, relax. Just calm down. Calm down!

Anna: Okay! Alright! I'm Okay!

Kristoff: Just let the villains be.

Anna: I'm calm.

Yolei Inoue: Okay, good.

Zoe Orimoto: We'll get them.

(He lets her go and turns)

Kristoff: Great.

(Suddenly Anna tosses the snowball at the villains)

Kristoff: Oh, come on!

Rika Nonaka: Nice going Anna!

(The Villains avoid the Snowball, As they try to escape with Diancie, Yveltal appears in front of them)

Mal: (Growls) Get out of our way, Yveltal!

Major Nixel: Oh, no! Yveltal prepared to meet you're doom! ATTACK!

Red Psycho Ranger: We gotta stop it!

(The Nixels & Psycho Rangers run towards Yveltal, But Yveltal uses hyper beam hitting all of The Nixels and the Psycho Rangers screaming and lands then gets up)

Major Nixel: Or not.

Yveltal: INFIDELS! I'll destroy you too!

Verminious Snaptrap: It Can’t Be! It’s Yveltal! Villains Run!

Yveltal: No! Begone!

Blue Psycho Ranger: Oh I'll show you begone!

Chuck the Evil Sandwich-Making Guy: I’ll Stop Yveltal!

The Whammer: Time To wham!

The Butcher: Prepare to Meat Your Maker!

Zach Varmitech: Fire at will, Zackbots! I'll use my plane!

Bowser: My children fire at will!

Theodore ‘’Tobey’’ McCallister III: My robots defeat the Legendary Pokémon now!

Dr. Eggman: Fire At Yveltal!

Orbot: Locked a loaded!

Cubot: We're ready to fire!

Zach Varmitech: Ready aim!

Dr. Eggman: Fire!

Jack Spicer: Jackbots! Attack!

(Millis' Chesnaught using pin missile, Zach's plane and Zackbots Uses Missles, Jackbots uses Lasers, Eggman's robots fire, Koopa Kids use their wands to fire, Chuck Uses Ketchup, The Whammer uses Wham supersonic and The Butcher use meat to fire Yveltal, while Yveltal fired hyper beam and intercept the attacks, Tobey III's robots tries to take Yveltal down but Yveltal fired hyper beam and destroy them along with Zach's plane but the villains dodge and land on the ground as Yveltal is activating Oblivion Wing)

Yveltal: (In Nightmare Moon's voice) The Night will last...

Mal: Get down!

(Everyone duck and cover as Chesnaught uses Spiky Shield to block that attack)

The Butcher: No Good! Retreat!

Dr. Rabies: INCOMING!!!!

Gazimon: NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

Madame Catastrophe: WATCH OUT!!!!

Leather Teddy: Take Cover!!!


The Psycho Rangers: AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

The Nixels: NIX!!!! NIX!!!! HELP!!!! NIX!!!


Sheldon J. Plankton: That ain't good.

Granny May: Goodbye Kids!

Mecha Sonic: Does Not Compute!!

Cubot & Orbot: (hugging each other in fear) Not Good!

The Whammer: My whamming days are over!

Bird-Brain: Uh guys, Yveltal is set to fire oblivion wing at us!

Major Nixel: Oh no!

The Chameleon: Oh Lizards.

Pete: Darn.

Theodore ‘’Tobey’’ McCallister III: Bummer.

Lady Redundent Woman: Oops, this is not my lucky day.

Ollie: Game over guys.

Bad Dog: Time's up?

Larry: Help?

Bowser Jr.: Oh no.

Miss Power: D'oh, Game over?

Verminious Snaptrap: This is not good!

Dr. Two-Brains: Oh dang!

Francisco: Well, I guess it's been nice knowing ya!

Koopalings: That's not good!

Yveltal: (In Nightmare Moon's Voice) FOREVER!!!!!!

(Yveltal fired his oblivion wing and hits them, as the dust clears out the villains who survived looked shocked in horror to see Millis' Chesnaught along with Argus' Honedge and Doublade, Woolly Beavers, Stymphalian Canadian geeses, Gazimon, Eggman's Robots, Jackbots, Koopalings, Bowser Jr., Verminious Snaptrap, Larry, Ollie, Francisco, Bad Dog, Leather Teddy, The Mole, Skunk, The Chameleon, Dr. Rabies, Madame Catastrophe, Miss Power, Chuck the Evil Sandwich-making Guy, Dr. Two-Brains, The Whammer, Lady Redundant Woman, The Butcher, Ms. Question, Granny May, Seymour Orlando Smooth, Theodore ‘’Tobey’’ McCallister III, Dr. Neo Cortex, Mecha Sonic, Orbot, Cubot, Pete, The Psycho Rangers, The Nixels, Zackbots, The Deadly Six and Sheldon J. Plankton turning into stone)

Mal: What the?! No! Not Wordgirl's enemies! Not my Woolly Beavers and Stymphalian Canadian Geeses!

Major Nixel: No! This can't be! My Nixels swarm of entire army is turned to stone!

Bowser: No! My Kids and Junior!

Adagio Dazzle: Psycho Rangers, No!

Aria Blaze: No! Not Chesnaught, Honedge and Doublade!

Sonata Dusk: Deadly Six as Well!

Zach Varmitech: No! Not My Zackbots!

Donita Donata: Oh my!

Gaston Gourmand: It turned our friends into stone!

Jack Spicer: My Jackbots!

Bird-Brain: Oh My eggs, Not my D.O.O.M. Henchmen!

Dr. Eggman: Oh my Minions, Orbot & Cubot! Mecha Sonic!

Adagio Dazzle: Why are you Waiting for, Go!

Jack Spicer: She's right, we better get out of here!

Bowser: Roger!

Dr. Eggman: Let's get out of here!

Yveltal: Not For Long!

Bowser: Oh No!

Dr. Eggman: Run for your lives!

Jack Spicer: Do something!

Diesel 10: Oh no!

Devious Diesel: Not this!

(Yveltal fired Oblivion Wing and hits Bowser, Jack Spicer, Diesel 10, Devious Diesel And Dr. Eggman and slowly turning them into stone)

Aria Blaze: Bowser!

Sonata Dusk: Dr. Eggman!

Zach Varmitech: Jack!

Adagio Dazzle: Diesel 10, Diesel! No!

Bowser: Dazzlings, Go Now!

Dr. Eggman: Tell Emerl, Sonic and everyone to stop Yveltal!

Jack Spicer: Hurry!

Diesel 10: Save yourselfs!

Devious Diesel: Or we're doomed!

(Right after Bowser’s, Diesel 10's, Jack Spicer's, Devious Diesel's & Dr. Eggman's last words to go now until Bowser, Diesel 10, Jack Spicer, Devious Diesel and Dr. Eggman are finally turned into stone)

(Diancie, Argus Steel, Millis Steel, The Dazzlings and Major Nixel are shocked in horror to see the five Villains turned into stone)

(Yveltal roars and activates hyper beam)

Yveltal: (In the Scarecrow's Voice) I hope you like Death!

Adagio Dazzle: All is lost!

Aria Blaze: Oh No!

Sonata Dusk: I don't wanna die!

Bird-Brain: Me too!

Mal: I think this could be the end of us!

Zach Varmitech: (Screams)

Ash Ketchum: Pikachu use thunderbolt!

(Pikachu uses thunderbolt on Yveltal's hyper beam thus saving The Dazzlings, Millis Steel, Argus Steel, Aegislash, Zach Varmitech, Gaston Gourmand, Donita Donata, Etemon, Bird-Brain, Zippy, Owl, Bat, Mal, Major Nixel and Dr. Blowhole from their near death as Yveltal flies over and Diancie hops away to reunite with Emerl and the rest of the heroes)

Mal: Where did that thunderbolt come from?!

Adagio Dazzle: Hey, It's that Pikachu and He's Saved us from Yveltal's Hyper Beam!

Sonata Dusk: You Rescued us!

Aria Blaze: How come?

Ash Ketchum: Diancie are you okay?

Diancie: Yes thank you.

Emerl: Good.

Veemon: I'm glad you're alright.

Davis Motomiya: Yeah, same here.

Daring Do: Boy, That was a close call.

Sunset Shimmer: I'm happy you're safe.

Agumon: (Looks at the Villains are turned to stone) Hey did you see that!

Tai Kamiya: Did I, Yveltal turns the villains along with Millis' Chesnaught, Argus' Honedge and Doublade into stone.

Matt Ishida: Yes It did Turn them to stone.

Flain: So to the Nixels.

Gabumon: We Better not get turned to stone.

Vulk: Right, Gabumon.

Zach Varmitech: Emerl and his Team, you saved our Lives from Yveltal's hyper beam!

Chris Kratt: Zach, we don't have a lot of time for that.

Martin Kratt: Chris' right, If you and you're friends get turned to stone by Yveltal. You'll never capture Diancie again.

Adagio Dazzle: I can't believe you're saving us as you're worst enemies.

Emerl: True, but we have to stop Yveltal.

Mario: Come on time to get going.

Sonic: Right.

Zoe Orimoto: Yes, Everyone let's go.

Tai Kamiya: Let's go Agumon!

Agumon: Right then!

Mal: There's no way I'm not teaming up with you and the heroes!

Mordecai: Everyone, look out!

(Yveltal fired Shadow Ball at the heroes and villains but avoid the attack)

Mal: Okay, fine I'll join you guys!

Emerl: (In Benson's voice) Alright everybody! Let's hurry up, Split up and stop Yveltal!

All Heroes & Villains: Okay!

Tai Kamiya: I really hope you have a back up plan.

Yveltal: (In the Scarecrow's voice laughing evilly)

Gmerl: (In Muscle Man's voice) Scatter!

Aria Blaze: Hey, Where are you going?!

Major Nixel: Anywhere to Avoid that Monster! And We suggest you do the same!

Sonata Dusk: What about Diancie!

Donita Donata: Yeah, Sonata's right. We want to capture Diancie so we can get-

Adagio Dazzle: Forget Diancie and let's get out of here!

Martin Kratt: Right, We better hurry!

Chris Kratt: Time to get out of here!

Mordecai: Let's go, dude!

Rigby: Okay!

Etemon: I'll deal with you later.

Sonic: We'll settle this later. (He runs off)

Finn the Human: Right you are!

Jake the Dog: Let's go Finn!

Princess Bubblegum: Let's scatter.

Takato Matsuki: We must make a escape plan to stop Yveltal!

Guilmon: You got it!

Takuya Kanbara: Then let's hurry!

(As all heroes and villains split up as Yveltal flies around to find them)

Gmerl: (In Muscle Man's voice) Serpentine. Serpentine!

The Eds: Run away!

Yveltal: I shall destroy you Ventus, Terra and Aqua!

Aqua: Stop Yveltal Enough!

Terra: No More Rage!

Ventus: I’ll Fight!

Yveltal: (In BlackWarGreymon's voice while Activating it's Oblivion Wing) Enough!

Riku: Guys, Watch Out!

(Yveltal fired Oblivion Wing at Ventus, And Terra and hits them, turning the remaining Heroes into stone)

Aqua: Oh no, Ventus And Terra!

Riku: Aqua, We have to run away from Yveltal!

Aqua: Right.

(Meanwhile Spongebob and the others find a place to hide from Yveltal)

Razmo: Where can we find a place to hide?

(They enter and hide in an old abandoned shed)

Spongebob: (In Rigby's voice) There's no way he can get us in here!

(Suddenly Yveltal appears destroy the entire shed)

Yveltal: (In the Scarecrow's voice) Gotcha!

(Spongebob, Patrick, Sandy, Razmo, Rapido, Daggett, Norbet scream in terror. As Spongebob and the others try to escape, but Yveltal started activates Oblivion wing)

Razmo: Look Out!

Rapido: No! guys Watch Out!

Spongebob: It's Yveltal! And it's activating Oblivion Wing!

Patrick: Spongebob!

Daggett: Norbert, Watch Out!

Norbert: Huh? Oh My!

Sandy: Guys! Watch Out! Run!

Yveltal: (In Frollo's voice) And They will Smite the Wicked and Plunge them into DEATH forever!!!!

(Yveltal fired Oblivion Wing at Spongebob, Razmo, Rapido, Patrick, Daggett, Norbert and Sandy and hits them, turning into stone)

Kiva: Oh no, not Spongebob, Patrick, Daggett, Norbert, Sandy! Oh cheese sticks and fish sticks someone do something cause I don't want to be turned into a mouse statue!

Yveltal: Now! Who's next?!

Skipper: Stop this nonsense!

Yveltal: I Said Enough!

Skipper: Oops!

Kiva: Oh thanks a lot, Skipper.

Leonardo: Oh this is bad.

Donatello: Very bad.

Rapheal: That's a Bummer.

Michelangelo: Game over dudes, dudettes and bros!

Rico: (Blabbering)

Gumball, Anais & Darwin: NOOOO!!!!

Tigerman: Run for your Lives!

Sam: Let's hurry Max!

Max: Right Behind ya!

Eddy: Yveltal!!!

Ed: Extreme close up!

Double-D: Retreat!

Kowalski: Let's get out of here!

Yveltal: (In the Halloween Wizard's voice) Goodbye!

Blossom: Look out!

(Yveltal fired Oblivion Wing at Skipper, Kowalski, Private, Rico, Eddy, Double-D, Ed, Gumball, Darwin, Anais, Sam, Max, Blossom, Bubbles, Buttercup, Oggy, Jack, Oliva, Leonardo, Rapheal, Donatello, Michelangelo, Alvin, Simon, Theodore, Brittany, Jeanette, Eleanor, Kiva, Zoe, Philmac, Mark Evo, N.A.N.O., Micaiah and Tigerman and hits them, turning into stone)

Teslo: Oh no, Look!

Gobba: Skipper, Kowalski, Private, Rico!

Elsa: No, not the Eds!

Anna: Not Gumball, Darwin and Anais too!

Olaf: Sam, Max! No!

Flurr: Not the Powerpuff Girls!

Flain: Oggy, Jack, Oliva! Turtles! Chipmunks! No!

Kristoff: Oh no! Brittany! Jeanette! Eleanor! Kiva! Zoe! Philmac! Mark Evo!

Volectro: No, not N.A.N.O., Micaiah and Tigerman too!

Kraw: This is bad! Very bad!

Kristoff: Mixels, Do Something!

Zaptor: Let's Get him guys!

Kraw: To Battle!

Gobba: Hungry!

Seismo: CHARGE!

(The Mixels Try To Fight Yveltal along with XJ-1, XJ-2, XJ-3, XJ-4, XJ-5, XJ-6, XJ-7 and XJ-8, but Yveltal avoids the attacks)

XJ-7: Don’t You Worry Team Robot, we’re here to stop the destruction pokemon Yveltal, from turning them into stone, which ends up dying.

Emerl: Run!

(Yveltal fires shadow ball hitting all of the Mixels as they scream while being hit and falling down)

XJ-4: You shall really not try to takes a mess while being plummed!

Yveltal: This will come to an end when destruction begins!

XJ-5: Come on Mixels, let’s work as a team!

Volectro: You Heard XJ-5, Let's stop Yveltal!

Flain, Teslo, Krader, Flurr, Gobba, Kraw, Scorpi, Glomp & Magnifo: (Uses all 9 of the cubits)

The Mixels: Max!

(The Mixels Transform into Infernite Max, The Cragstermax, Frosticonmax, FangMaxGang, Flexers Max, Electriodmax The Glorp Corp Max, The Wiztastics Max & The Spikels Max)

Yveltal: Mixels, You Will Be Splitting Apart!

Frosticonmax: Freeze This! Fire!

Infernite Max: Let's get him!

The Cragstermax: Hey Yveltal, You're Chopped to the Wood!

FangMaxGang: You're bitten!

Flexers Max: Try This up for Size!

Electroidmax: You're Electrocuted!

The Glorp Corp Max: You're are about to get slimed!

The Wiztastics Max: Prepare to cast a spell!

The Spikels Max: You're are about to get spiked!

(All Mixels fire at Yveltal, but Yveltal manages to avoid them so easily)

Yveltal: I Said Begone!

(Yveltal fires Hyper Beam hitting all of the Mixels as the they scream and Split Apart while being hit and falling down)

Vulk: this is not right for yveltal going to crush us, at least they could do in a proper recycle.

Flurr: Why are you trying, Yveltal’s unstoppable with all that dark power.

Krader: Give me a Break, Yveltal is getting annoying!

Yveltal: Yes I’m unstoppable and now for them, you will all be destroyed!

Kristoff: Mixels, Retreat!

XJ-1: Run!

XJ-2: (In Sandy Cheek's voice) Run for your life!

Magnifo: Let's use our magic teleportation shall we?!

(Kristoff, The Mixels, XJ-1, XJ-2, XJ-3, XJ-4, XJ-5, XJ-6, XJ-7 and XJ-8 try to escape, However, Zorch pushes Flain & Vulk To Sacrifice to save both of them, also Teslo jumps to avoid the attack, Then Krader, Flurr, Gobba, Kraw, Shuff, Lunk Magnifo, Wizwuz, Glomp, Torts, Scorpi & Hoogi also jump to avoid the Oblivion Wing, The other 12 Mixels attempt to jump, But Yveltal Fired Oblivion Wing and hits them Except Kristoff, Flain, Krader, Shuff, Teslo, Flurr, Gobba, Lunk, Vulk, Kraw, Magnifo, Wizwuz, Glomp, Torts, Scorpi & Hoogi who manage to survive, Avoid the attack and slowly turning into stone)

Flain: My Flame, Not Zorch!

Zorch: Hurry Flain & Vulk, Stop Yveltal Before it's too late!

Kristoff: This isn't Good yet!

Flurr: My cold sense is been stoned, But I Survived!

Lunk: Well that was close, but not Slumbo too!

Slumbo: Flurr & Lunk, Please Hurry, Go Find Xerneas and Stop Yveltal!

Magnifo: Not Mesmo too!

Scorpi: Footi, No!

Glomp: Glurt, not you too!

Volectro: This is very unlucky!

Kraw: Not Balk and Tentro too!

Gobba: So to Chomly & Jawg!

XJ-6: What? I’m not good enough to turned into stone first?

Chomly: I'm getting weaker!

Krader: XJ-6, You said if we're not good enough to turned into stone first?

Vulk: Well not really, But Yveltal Got them!

Jawg: I don't want to get stone sandwich!

Balk: So did we, we are turning to stone!

Glurt: I'm So Slimy stoned!

Footi: I'm so Scissors to stone like rock paper scissors!

Mesmo: I'm think i will be like a wizard Statue.

Tentro: Yeah, me too!

Teslo: Guys, We hated it break it to ya, You're turning into Stone!

Zaptor: Go, Teslo, Defeat Yveltal!

Jenny: Mixels, XJ-1, XJ-2, XJ-3, XJ-4, XJ-5, XJ-6, XJ-7 and XJ-8!

XJ-5: It’s alright jenny, I know you’re gonna be okay, please go on without us!

Flain: Listen Yveltal is unstoppable, And has Dark Aura please we must Find Xerneas!

Jenny: No! We Can’t Stay!

Ami: It’s alright Mixels!

Shuff: Please Seismo, We're Not Leaving behind, i must protect Diancie, i wasn't hit by oblivion wing, along with the other mixels!

Seismo: Don't worry about me, Hurry and find Xerneas!

XJ-1: Please stop Yveltal!

XJ-3: You have to stop Yveltal without us!

XJ-5: You have to find the strength to Defeat Yveltal, please we love you!

Footi: Hurry, Stop Yveltal Before it's too late!

(Right after The Remaining 12 Mixels' and The XJ-Sisters' last words to warn everyone to use their strength and defeat Yveltal until they finally turned into stone)

Jenny: XJ-Sisters! No!

Yumi: XJ-5!

Flain: Zorch!

Krader: Seismo!

Teslo: Volectro and Zaptor!

Flurr: Slumbo!

Gobba: Chomly and Jawg!

Kraw: Balk and Tentro!

Glomp: Glurt!

Scorpi: Footi!

Magnifo: Mesmo!

Krader: We are all doomed, Yveltal is too strong!

Flurr: This bad, How are we supposed to stop Yveltal?

Kristoff: Calm Down, we might able to find some friends!

Wordgirl: We can’t Let them Die, We have to find Xerneas!

Ami: She's right. If we don't find Xerneas we could die as well!

Jenny: Calm Down, We Might able to Find Emerl and his friends!

Shuff: We're Only have 15 left, without the power of The Mixels or the cubits, we won't be able to say max, and we're gonna be turned to stone!

Flurr: We Have To keep Yveltal Away From destroying The Remaining Mixels until we find Xerneas!

Flain: Okay!

Lunk: We agree with that!

Wordgirl: We have to go now!

Teslo: Right!

(Meanwhile Team Rocket are running for lives trying to escape from Yveltal and get out of the forest)

Jessie: Let's get out of this awful forest!

James: Diamonds Sh-amonds!

Meowth: I rather save my own whiskers!

(As they try to escape Yveltal flies behind them)

Yveltal: (In Jafar's voice) Not so fast!

Team Rocket: OH NO!

Yveltal: YOU'RE NEXT TO DIE!!!

(Yveltal fired Oblivion Wing turning Team Rocket into stone)

(Meanwhile Inside the Domain, Dialga heard of something)

Dialga: Our crisis has begun, I Have To Stop Yveltal!

Palkia: Let's hurry up.

Zekrom: We're With you.

Reshiram: Let's hurry.

Giratina: Right you are!

Kyurem: Let's stop Yveltal.

Groudon: Same here.

Kyogre: I'm with ya!

Rayquaza: Yep!

Arceus: Legendary, Let's stop Yveltal.

Shawn: Did you heard something?

Jasmine: No! I mean yes!

Olliver (Olliver's Adventures): Guys, We need to see the pokemon of Destruction!

Jorge the Iguana: I Agree with that!

Jasmine: Dialga. Please be careful.

Dialga: Don't worry will be fine.

(All the Legendaries flies away to fight Yveltal)

(We see Yveltal destroying the whole forest)

Yveltal: Soon I will destroy anything in my way as revenge for disturbing my slumber!

Dialga: Stop Yveltal!

Yveltal: I Said Enough!

(Yveltal fires Oblivion Wing at Dialga, But Reshiram fires Fusion Flare To block the attack)

Yveltal: What?

Reshiram: Enough! Yveltal, stop this, 8 of them has arrived.

Zekrom: The Destruction will end.

Kyurem: You’ll think of battling them?

Palkia: How Foolish since they have a desire.

Kyogre: The Waves of water will come.

Arceus: The Judgement of destruction has come to an end!

Groudon: End This Destruction!

Rayquaza: Enough is Enough Yveltal!

Giratina: Prepare to go down!

Yveltal: Foolish Mortals did you think you’re going to destroy me, and my cause? Then I will destroy the forest!

Dialga: Legendaries, we have to stop the nightmare!

Reshiram: Yes, let’s stop Yveltal.

Yveltal: Then you shall be destroy!

Kyogre: Bring it on!

Dialga: Be careful, This Pokémon is too tough.

Palkia: Got it.

Groudon: Then let's get him!

(Reshiram fired Fusion Flare to attack Yveltal, but Yveltal used hyper beam to block that attack, Dialga fired hyper beam and Palkia fired aura sphere at Yveltal but dodges two attacks, next Rayquaza uses Ice Beam to freeze Yveltal but avoids the attack)

Yveltal: Give it up! You'll never win!

Arceus: Yes we will!

(It use flamethrower to attack Yveltal but dodges the attack, Giratina uses shadow force to attack behind Yveltal, but Yveltal avoids the attack and fire shadow ball at Giratina and gets hit, Zekrom uses fusion bolt to take the destruction Pokemon down, but avoids the attack and fire hyper beam and hits Zekrom)

Reshiram: Zekrom! No!

Dialga: Giratina as well!

Groudon: Take this!

(Groudon fire Solar Beam to hit Yveltal but Yveltal fire it's hyper beam destroying the attack)

Yveltal: (In Shredder's voice) Enough! The lesson is over.

Rayquaza: The lesson is not over yet!

(Rayquaza fires hyper beam attack trying to take down that Pokémon but misses)

Yveltal: Is that all you got?!

Dialga: Roar of Time!

(Dialga fired roar of time but Yveltal avoids the attack)

Yveltal: You must be destroyed too!

Dialga: Everyone, Avoid getting hit by Oblivion wing!

(Yveltal activates oblivion wing trying to turn 10 legendaries into stone, but they manage to dodge the attack nearly getting hit by that attack turning them to stone)

Yveltal: (Angrily growls when they dodge his attack)

Giratina: It's too strong.

Palkia: (Exhausted) Yveltal is too powerful than ever.

Dialga: Don't give up we have to keep fighting!

Kyogre: I'll stop it!

Groudon: Kyogre, no wait!

(Kyogre jumps out of the water and fire hydro pump, and it hits Yveltal)

Yveltal: That's it!

(Yveltal fired shadow ball and it hits Kyogre)

Groudon: You're gonna pay for that, Kyurem, Hurry stop Yveltal!

Kyurem: Right. (Kyurem transforms into White Kyurem and activates Ice Burn trying to freeze Yveltal, but Yveltal avoids the attack still) What?!

Yveltal: ENOUGH!!!!!

(Yveltal fire hyper beam and hits Dialga, Palkia and Giratina. Next it uses shadow ball hitting Rayquaza, Reshiram, Zekrom, Kyurem, Groudon and Kyogre)

Arceus: NO! You'll pay for that!

Yveltal: (In Lucemon's voice) If I'm defeated I'll take you with me!

(Arceus and Yveltal continued fighting)

(Next it uses Shadow Ball on Arceus, But Arceus Has no effect on normal type)

Yveltal: What?!

Arceus: It has no effect on me, Because I'm a normal Type, Now Freeze this!

(Arceus uses Blizzard on Yveltal but Yveltal avoids the attack still)

Yveltal: Fools, think you can defeat me? Then I shall turn 15 of the last mixels, Team Robot's Allies and the villains into Stone for disturbing my sleep!

Arceus That's enough! End this now!

Yveltal: (In Lucemon's voice) Powerful words, let's see if you have the power to back them up! (Activating hyper beam)

(Yveltal fired hyper beam. But Arceus dodge the attack, unleash flamethrower and hits Yveltal)

Yveltal: (In Lucemon's voice screaming) No it's impossible!

Arceus: (In Susannomon's voice) Guess again!

(Yveltal falls down to the cliff)

Arceus: It's over now.

(Yveltal flies up much to Arceus' surprise to see it's not dead)

Arceus: What?!

Yveltal: (In Zhuqiaomon's voice and laughing) Surprise! You dare believe you could defeat me?! I am a Destruction Pokémon, There will be nothing but left with you but stone when I'm done!

(Yveltal Flies over the forest to destroy them)

Arceus: Come back here! Their right, Yveltal's Too Strong.

(As Dialga, Palkia, Giratina, Rayquaza, Kyogre, Groudon, Reshiram, Zekrom & Kyurem gets up)

Rayquaza: We're getting knocked down there!

Reshiram: Listen, We can't be Defeated, We must Stop Yveltal!

Dialga: Yes, Let's Stop this nightmare and end Yveltal!

Palkia: We agree with that!

Giratina: Let's go!

Kyurem: You heard Giratina! Move it!

Groudon: What now? How are we suppose to stop it from turning the whole forest into stone?

Dialga: Just like it did long time ago.

Kyogre: How we gonna beat Yveltal?

Arceus: We have to work together as a team to stop it.

Zekrom: How?

Reshiram: We must think of a plan.

Arceus: You distract Yveltal, I'll do a sneak attack on it.

Dialga: Okay let's go.

Palkia: Right.

Zekrom: Let's stop him.

Reshiram: Got it, let's hurry.

(As the 10 legendary Pokémon Flies And go After Yveltal)

(We cut the scene to see Marilyn Flame sitting on a rock, crying)

Marilyn Flame: Who is that Pokemon? Look what it did to my Delphox!

(Marilyn Flame starts to cry, then Ninja Riot appears)

Marilyn Flame: Riot.

Ninja Riot: It's all over.

(Ninja Riot removes his mask)

Ninja Riot: Let's forget about Diancie.

(He open his hand to let Marilyn Flame go with him, then she feels happy and grabs his hand and lift her, then suddenly Yveltal appeared in front of them)

Yveltal: I found you!

Ninja Riot: Look out!

Yveltal: You will "Die"!!

(As Marilyn Flame and Ninja Riot hug each other, Yveltal fired Oblivion Wing at them turning them into stone. Later we cut the scene to see our remaining heroes shocked to see the whole forest is dying)

Yveltal: I'm The most Destruction Pokemon of all time!

T.K. Takaishi: What's happening?!

Patamon: This is not good!

Dace: Oh no! The forest is dying once again!

Anna: Oh No!

Rocko: Not good!

Krader: (In Raphael's voice) I'm freaking out! I'm freaking out! I'm freaking out!

Anna: Krader, Don't freak out!

Kraw: What are we gonna do?!

Elsa: No Clue.

Olaf: Same here.

Thomas the Tank Engine: Cinders and ashes!

Percy: This is bad!

James the Red Engine: Very bad.

Leonard: What are we going to do now?

Applejack: I don't know?!

Scootaloo: This is getting terrible!

T.K. Takaishi: Okay, Now were freaking out.

Patamon: Stay Calm, We might able to stop Yveltal.

Takato Matsuki: He's right. We better think of something quick!

Flain: We Have to hurry, Before Yveltal Finds us, and were gonna be the last of the remaining mixels.

Riku: This is really bad!

Sweetie Belle: Very bad!

Kristoff: Tell me about it.

Olaf: Calm down guys, we'll think of a way.

Luigi: Where is "Xerneas" when we need it?!

Ami: It left remember.

Luigi: Alright I forgot.

Yumi: We better do something fast everyone!

Mimi Tachikawa: I'm too young to be turned to stone!

Magnifo: Me too, and I don't want to be a wizard statue!

Sora Takenouchi: We have to do something fast.

Vulk: And fast!

Biyomon: Or we're finished!

Palmon: Don't worry, we have to find Xerneas.

Finn the Human: Jake, If we must think of a way to stop Yveltal, Then we are safe.

Jake the Dog: Right.

Princess Bubblegum: Let's just remain calm and find Xerneas.

Kimiko: If Xerneas was still here, Then it will stop Yveltal.

Martin Kratt: You could have a point Kimiko.

Chris Kratt: Xerneas, is the only way to stop Yveltal.

Heffer: (In Benson's voice) Aaaaah! How are we supposed to calm that Legendary Pokemon of Destruction?!

Mordecai: Who are we kidding we should've never done this.

Rigby: Yeah, we should've get out of the forest after Xerneas gives it's power to Diancie.

T.K. Takaishi: Me too, we're not very good.

Patamon: Yea, I would never go to the forbidden forest ever again.

Jenny: Uhm… What's do we do now?!

Meta Knight: I don't know.

Dudley Puppy: This is getting much worse!

Gordon: Oh the Indignity!

Shuff: I wanna go home!

Hoogi: Yeah, Me too!

Flurr: Relax, we'll think of something.

Elsa: Flurr, We Agree with that.

Veemon: How we gonna think about stopping Yveltal?

Davis Motomiya: Think of Any Ideas, Before we're turned to stone?!

Ami: If we don't do something fast! Yveltal will turned the whole forest into stone and us too!

Yumi: I agree with "Ami" we have to stop that Pokemon before it's too late.

Sunset Shimmer: We better hurry, Or else we're doom!

Filburt: Me too!

Aqua: (In Claire's voice) Everyone, remain calm.

Rika Nonaka: Come on guys, Renamon won't let anything happened to you, The Mixels and their friends are here to help you, not to mention me and henry, You'll be fine I promise you'll see, I'm not very good at this are we.

Shuff: Rika, that was confusing.

Mickey Mouse: We need Emerl, maybe he knows how to stop this.

Sora: I agree with Aqua we have to stop that Pokémon before it's too late.

Matt Ishida: We have no time to be running like cowards. We can't stand here like a bunch of statues and watch Yveltal turning the whole forest into stone and us too.

Teslo: Me too, And we just run away like cowards!

Flain: Teslo's Right, We need our time to escape.

Spike the Dragon: This will never work! This is a disaster! How will we ever control him?! We're doomed!

Henry Wong: If Yveltal found us and fired Oblivion Wing at us we're in serious trouble.

Terriermon: We're in trouble.

Flurr: If we must survive.

Lunk: Will be Okay!

Sonata Dusk: Same here.

Aria Blaze: Me Too.

Wormmon: We Agree with that!

Jimmy Z: Yep.

Flain: Yes, we can still stop it.

Teslo: Right then, Everyone Let's stop fighting and stop Yveltal.

Twilight Sparkle: I agree with you, let's stop fighting and rescue "Diancie" everyone and Team Robot. We have to stop "Yveltal".

Adagio Dazzle: Okay.

Kitty Katswell: Got it!

Dudley Puppy: Let's do it!

Rika Nonaka: Are we forgetting someone.

Pinkie Pie: Who?

Ash Ketchum: Hey everybody!

Emerl: We found you!

Mario: Over here!

Sonic: There you guys are!

Anna: That Voice!

Luke: Look Their Alive!

Elsa: Everyone!

(Everyone look at Ash, Pikachu, Diancie, Emerl, Mario, Sonic, Tai Kamiya, Agumon and Ash's Hawulcha are here)

Tai Kamiya: Hi guys!

Agumon: Sorry we got a little lost!

Dace: Princess!

Merrick: You're alright!

Anna: Ash, Mario, Sonic, Tai, Agumon & Emerl!

Flurr: Their all okay!

Takato Matsuki: You found us!

Guilmon: They're okay!

Sora: Ash and the Others!

Riku: Their Still Alive!

Aqua: Good to see you guys again!

Flain: About time!

Sunset Shimmer: I Knew you guys will come!

Fluttershy: What a relief.

Rika Nonaka: Finally, we're have you guys been?

Ash Ketchum: Hawulcha thanks a lot.

(He returns his Hawulcha back to his Pokeball, then Yveltal appears and he activates his hyper beam)

Yveltal: (In the Halloween Wizard's voice) What's up Infidels!

(Diancie creates her diamond shield to block Yveltal's hyper beam attack)

Dace: Look it's blocking Yveltal's power!

Merrick: Then finally!

Krader: (In Hugo's Voice) I think the cavalry's here!

Magnifo: It's getting Magical here!

Teslo: Just in time!

Leonard: Marvelous!

Adagio Dazzle: Pretty!

Huey: Fantastic!

(As Diancie is using her diamond shield blocking Yveltal's hyper beam, the diamond suddenly begins to crack and it finally broke into pieces blasting Ash, Pikachu, Diancie, Mario, Sonic, Tai, Agumon And Emerl, as everyone else are shocked to see this)

Merrick: Princess!

Luigi: Mario!

Tails: Sonic!

Xion: Emerl!

Kari Kamiya: Tai!

Scorpi: Oh no!

Jasmine: What was That?

Torts: Let's go!

(Everyone run to see their friends their okay, Ash, Pikachu, Diancie are okay and so as Mario, Emerl, Tai, Agumon and Sonic)

Xion: Emerl!

Luigi: Mario are you okay?!

Tails: Are you alright Sonic?!

Kari Kamiya: Tai! Are you alright?!

Mario: We're fine.

Sonic: Don't worry about us.

Tai Kamiya: I'm fine! But that hurts during the blast!

Agumon: This is getting much more worse.

Twilight Sparkle: What happened?!

Lunk: Diancie, Are you Alright?!

Gmerl: Diancie you're powers! What happened?!

Diancie: My powers, still not enough.

Teslo: Oh, no!

Emerl: So Close!

Rigby: That's not good.

Magnifo: Not magical enough!

Shuff: Look!

Keswick: That's Yveltal!

(Yveltal flies down and lands on a cliff, roaring)

Yveltal: (In Klorgbane the Destroyer's voice) Then after I defeat Emerl I shall destroy you all!

Gabumon: (In Reginald's voice) Never! You're evil Yveltal.

Fluttershy: (Still terrified of Yveltal) It's Yveltal!

Teslo: (In Kenta Kitagawa's voice) We could be next! We gotta get out of here I can't take this!

Vulk: (In Muscle Man's voice) Please, Yveltal, let us go. We didn't know that forbidden forest was serious.

Yveltal: (In the Scarecrow's voice) Of course it was! But you really have to break the rule and disturb me!

Vulk: You'll be happy and calm down, when we're out of that forest. Right?

Yveltal: (In Buttonwillow McButtonwillow's voice) Silence!

Krader: (In Stefano's voice) Or not.

Tai Kamiya: You better calm down man! You're way worst than those evil Digimon enemies we face them long ago!

Agumon: Yveltal, Your way worse than Myotismon!

Gabumon: Or you're even way worst than Cherrymon, who tricked Matt into thinking Tai is his rival and wants to defeat him! While I'm having a challenge against Agumon as WarGreymon, while I'm MetalGarurumon!

Sora Takenouchi: You're worst than Bakemon trying to eat Me and Joe!

Biyomon: You're way worst than Datamon kidnaps Me and Sora!

Izzy Izumi: You're worst than Vademon!

Joe Kido: Yveltal, You're way worst than Etemon!

Gomamon: Yeah, and you'll caused so much trouble destroying the whole forest!

T.K. Takaishi: Yveltal! You're worst than DemiDevimon!

Sora: This is way worse than Ansem!

Riku: Or even more worse than Marluxia.

Sunset Shimmer: Or even scary than I was a demonic form.

Rainbow Dash: Even more stronger than Queen Chrysalis!

Twilight Sparkle: Or worse than Nightmare Moon.

Takato Matsuki: Or worse than the D-Reaper!

Thomas the Tank Engine: Your even worse than Timothy the Ghost Train!

Rigby: Yeah, You're way worse than those Russians trying to steal and destroy our Park!

Emerl: That's enough!

Yveltal: (In Jebediah Townhouse's voice) Oh yeah? Well, GET OUT OF THE FOREST!

Henry Wong: It's no use! It's still angry!

Rigby: Why isn't Yveltal calm?

Riku: (In Skips' voice) Because it's using it's ability Dark Aura!

Glomp: (In Baloo's voice) Somebody do something with that Pokémon!

Hoogi: (In Dizzy's voice) Come on lads!

Lunk: (In Pumbaa's voice) Shall we run for our lives?

Spike the Dragon: (In Timon's voice) Oh yes lets.

(They both run like cowards)

Tai Kamiya: If Yveltal's Oblivion Wing touches us, we're gonna be turned to stone!

Agumon: You're right and I'm so scared I don't want it to turn me into Digimon stone!

Kari Kamiya: I even wish Xerneas was here.

Gatomon: Let's get out of here!

Ash Ketchum: Come on run.

Emerl: Hurry and Dodge!

Mario: Let's get outta here!

Sonic: Right Behind you Mario!

Vulk: Come on guys, Avoid getting Caught!

Dudley Puppy: Let's get outta here!

Tai Kamiya: Let's hurry up and get us out of here!

Agumon: Right Behind you!

Torts: Let's Get Faster while we can glorp!

Yveltal: (In Zhuqiaomon's voice) Prepare to meet your doom!

(Yveltal flies up and fired his Oblivion Wing, everyone dodge the attack)

Aria Blaze: Major Nixel, look out!

(Major Nixel try to dodge but too late it him and slowly turning him into stone)

Major Nixel: Gah, Oh No, I'm Hit!

Yveltal: (In the Jebediah Townhouse's voice) Aw Yeah, I gotta have Major Nixel.

Aviva: Oh dear.

Shuff: Did I heard a villain, who was hurt Badly?

Teslo: It Sounded like Major Nixel!

Vulk: It's Major Nixel and He's Turning into Stone!

Thomas the Tank Engine: Bust My Buffers, Yveltal Got Him!

Olaf: (Gasps) It got Major Nixel!

Joe Kido: It must have gotten Major Nixel So early!

Wizwuz: Gosh, Major Nixel was hurt badly by Oblivion Wing!

Gomamon: This is bad!

Major Nixel: Everyone! Mixels! Stop Yveltal before it's too late! We're running out of time!

(Right after Major Nixel's last words to warn everyone to stop Yveltal until he's finally turned into stone)

Adagio Dazzle: Oh no! Not you too!

Sonata Dusk: Oh, Poor Major Nixel!

Aria Blaze: He's Right, Yveltal must be stopped!

Cody Hida: (In Skips' voice) So what's the plan now? How do we stop this thing?

Flurr: We Agree To Stop Yveltal!

Teslo: Yes, Let's Stop this Nightmare!

Krader: Major Nixel has spoken to stop Yveltal Before Dying, So Let's do This!

Kristoff: Let's Hurry up, shall we?

Thomas the Tank Engine: We could be next soon.

Sunset Shimmer: Don't worry, We can still stop Yveltal.

Jenny: You heard her.

Matt Ishida: Yeah, let's go stop that Legendary Pokémon.

(As they run, Yveltal appears in front of Team Robot)

Yveltal: I don't think so!

Tai Kamiya: (In Aladdin's voice) Give it up, Yveltal! We're obliviously too much for you to handle.

Yveltal: (In Jafar's voice) You! You're a fool to challenge me, I am more powerful!

Tai Kamiya: (In Aladdin's voice) You're so powerful, you can't even turn the leader of the DigiDestined into stone.

Yveltal: (In Jafar's voice) A problem I mean to rectify right now!

(Yveltal activates Oblivion Wing)

Shuff: Oh no, I think We're too late!

Sora: Watch out!

(Tai & Kari embrace each other)

Tai Kamiya: Kari!

Kari Kamiya: Tai!

Hoogi: Look out!

Yveltal: Time to die!

Takato, Henry & Rika: Biomerge Activate!

(Takato and Guilmon biomerge to Gallantmon, Henry and Terriermon biomerge to Mega Gargomon and Rika and Renamon biomerge to Sakuyamon)

The DigiDestined (Frontier): Execute! Ancient Spirit Evolution!

(The spirits of the Ten Legendary Warriors combined together to Susanoomon)

Yveltal: (In Beelzemon's voice) Say goodbye!

(Yveltal fired Oblivion Wing as it's about to turn them into stone. Gallantmon uses Lightning Joust and hits the Oblivion Wing)

Yveltal: (In Shredder's voice) What?!

Riku: What was that?!

Gallantmon: That's enough Yveltal.

MegaGargomon: Stop that rampage!

Mickey Mouse: Right on time.

Vulk: That was a Close Call!

Adagio Dazzle: Oh great.

Lunk: Just in time!

Amy Rose: Thank Goodness.

Jimmy Z: Finally.

Gallantmon: Yveltal! Stop this nonsense!

Susannomon: We won't let you win!

Yveltal: Then so be it!

Takuya in Susannomon: Stand tough guys!

DigiDestined (Frontier) in Susannomon: Right!

Gallantmon: Don't let Yveltal turn you guys into stone!

MegaGargomon & Sakuyamon: Right!

Gallantmon: We'll hold it off! You run!

Emerl: Come on. Let's get out of here while we can!

Gmerl: You can do it, Takato, Takuya and the others.

Yveltal: (In Klorgbane the Destroyer's voice) We will just have to see about that, won't we?

Gallantmon: Bring it on!

Susanoomon: Attack!

MegaGargomon: Come and get it!

Hoogi: Let's go and hurry up!

Scorpi: Go for it DigiDestined!

Rigby: I'm so outta here!

Mordecai: Do it DigiDestined!

(Team Robot then retreats while the DigiDestined fights Yveltal)

Tai Kamiya: We have to go Agumon!

Agumon: Guys, Hurry, You'll Battle Yveltal, Don't worry!

The Chief: DigiDestined, Be Careful!

Aviva: I think We're better hurry.

Princess Bubblegum: Right then, Let's go.

Shuff: We'll will root for you!

Krader: Be careful Takato and Takuya!

Davis Motomiya: We'll Escape in time, no worries.

Veemon: Go and Save the forest without us I'm going with you too!

Jake the Dog: Then let's hurry!

Finn the Human: Got it!

(Meanwhile, Cameo Appearances watched in horror to see the whole forest is dying and they see Yveltal fighting against the DigiDestined and their Digimon forms)

Jorge the Iguana: What was heard that of Yveltal?

Eddie: I Don’t know about this.

Jasmine: Let me look at that, (looking through her binoculars) oh my word, the whole forest is dying!

Shawn: I think We’re Doomed!

Yveltal: Who said that?

Olliver (Olliver's Adventures): Did I heard something?

Dulcy the Dragon: Not me!

Yveltal: You will "Die"!!

Olliver (Olliver's Adventures): (In Baymax's voice) Oh no!

Jasmine: Everyone, Take cover!

(Yveltal flies up and fired his Oblivion Wing, everyone dodge the attack)

Shawn: Is Everyone all right?

Jasmine: Yes, I’m Fine so to Jorge, dulcy, beano, Oliver, Zoomirax and Eddie.

Yveltal: There you are!

Eddie: (In Alex's voice) Let's get out of here!

Jasmine: (In Gloria's voice) Go, go, go, go, go! Move! Now!

Yveltal: (In Jebediah Townhouse's voice) Hey, yo get back here fools! I know we're you live!

(Meanwhile, Ash, Emerl, Tai, Agumon, Mario, Sonic and 15 Mixels Battle Yveltal, Yveltal Preparing to Fire an Obilvion Wing)

Yveltal: (In Darth Vader's Voice) I Have You Now!

Tai Kamiya: Oh, no! Not Oblivion Wing!

Emerl: Look out!

Vulk: It's a death attack!

Agumon: We have to stop that attack!

Ash Ketchum: Pikachu, use Thunderbolt!

(Pikachu uses thunderbolt on Yveltal's oblivion wing but fail, Yveltal Fired Oblivion Wing at them, But The 3 Carbink takes a step and hits them, and they slowing turned to stone)

Emerl: Oh no!

Leonard: Carbink, No!

Gobba: Oh No, not those Servants!

Sticks the Badger: It must have gotten 3 Carbink by that Oblivion wing!

Krader: Merrick, Bort and Allotrope, Yveltal must have gotten them as well, No, Not my Favorite Carbink!

Tai Kamiya: Yveltal must have gotten them!

Agumon: This is very bad!

Kraw: Oh my word!

Merrick: Ash, Emerl, Everyone, please protect Princess Diancie...

(Right After Merrick's Last Words, Until Merrick, Bort and Allotrope are turned to stone)

Diancie: Merrick!

Teslo: This can't be happening!

Gobba: No!

Discord: This isn't Good yet!

Yveltal: (In Jafar's voice. Laughing Evilly)

(The DigiDestined and Their Digimon Arrives to look at 3 Carbink Servants was turned to stone)

Izzy Izumi: It turned the three Carbink into stone!

Kari Kamiya: (Covering her eyes) I can't watch anymore!

Tai Kamiya: I think We're Too Late!

Sora: This is bad!

Donald Duck: Very bad!

Goofy: We gotta stop that Pokémon! Before we're turned to stone!

Magnifo: That's very not magical! It's an evil spell!

Trixie: Yeah, That was Very mean!

Riku: What are we going to do then, we have to keep Yveltal away from us!

Oliver: Right!

Sir Handel: We must stop this!

Agumon: Let's Hurry up!

Rich: Same here.

Adagio Dazzle: Come on We have to hurry!

Sonata Dusk: Roger!

Aria Blaze: Wait for me Girls!

(As they tried to escape Yveltal stops them)

Yveltal: (In Piedmon's voice) Peek a boo!

(The Dazzlings stop and looked at Yveltal)

Yveltal: Dazzlings, Do you think you we're trying to Escape from me?!


Sonata Dusk: WHO ARE YOU?!

Yveltal: The Destruction Pokemon, YVELTAL!

Adagio Dazzle: The Destruction Pokemon, Yveltal?

Yveltal: Yeah, that's right. Prepare to turned into stone!

Adagio Dazzle: NO PLEASE!

Sonata Dusk: SHOW NO MERCY!!

Aria Blaze: Y-Yeah, we were just foolin' around! Can we talk about this thing?!

Yveltal: Too late!


(Yveltal fired Oblivion Wing at The Dazzlings and slowly turning them into stone)

Sora: It got Sonata, Aria and Adagio!

Sunset Shimmer: Not you too!

Trixie: This is Very bad!

Flain: Yveltal must have gotten The Dazzlings!

Olaf: Are You Alright?

Kristoff: They Are turning to stone as well!

Adagio Dazzle: Yes, I'm Fine but I was hit by Oblivion Wing!

Sonata Dusk: Me Too, And I was hit as well, so as Aria Blaze!

Aria Blaze: Hurry, Go Find Xerneas And Stop Yveltal!

(Right after The Dazzlings' last words to warn everyone to find Xerneas and stop Yveltal until they finally turned into stone)

Sora Takenouchi: Oh no not the Dazzlings too!

Yveltal: (In Beelzemon's voice laughing evilly) Those filthy Dazzlings finally got what they deserve! And now all that beautiful power is mine!

Rainbow Dash: Sora! You know they're trying kill us!

Sora Takenouchi: Yeah. But they said we need to find Xerneas and stop Yveltal.

Yveltal: (In Jebediah Townhouse's voice) Time for some dessert!

Sunset Shimmer: The Dazzlings are Right, We have to find Xerneas, Before Yveltal find us!

Mimi Tachikawa: (In Disgust's Voice) That's it, I'm done.

Sora Takenouchi: Mimi.

Mimi Tachikawa: (In Disgust's Voice) On a Scale of 1 to 10 I've gave this day an F, Palmon.

Palmon: Right you are 1 to 10 gave this day an F!

Sora Takenouchi: Oh, like that's gonna help.

Tentomon: Scale 1 to 10, That's Scary!

Rigby: Mimi, how come you said that scale of 1 to 10?

Mordecai: You're not scared are you?

Mimi Tachikawa: Do you think I'm Scared of Yveltal, I'm Terrified right now! And I'm still too young to be turned into stone!

Glomp: Everyone, Calm down!

Torts: Glomp, You'll calm down, We Didn't know what Yveltal's Gone Wild!

Gilda: Or even worse, It looked Super crazy!

Riku: Listen, We Can't get turned into stone by Yveltal, We must Find Xerneas!

Xion: Yeah, But Where's Ash, Pikachu, Emerl, Mario, Tai, Agumon And Sonic?

Sora: They're they are!

Yolei Inoue: Look, It's Emerl and his Friends!

Krader: Look out, Yveltal is coming this way!

Aqua: Yveltal! Stop it right now!

Davis Motomiya: Yeah, calm down man!

Veemon: Or I'll Digi-armor to Raidramon!

Yveltal: (In Buttonwillow McButtonwillow's voice) I don't care what you have to say! (He angrily snarls)

Trixie: Quick, Take cover and Avoid the Attack!

(Yveltal fires Hyper Beam trying to kill Team Robot, but they avoid the attack)

Discord: Oh dear, this is way worse than me!

Anna: Yveltal is way worse than Hans!

Dojo Kanojo Cho: Discord, We better do something and fast!

Raimundo: I can't believe It's too powerful!

Matt Ishida: Yveltal! Stop this!

Gabumon: We had enough of you Yveltal!

Joe Kido: Stop it right now!

Yveltal: (In Devimon's voice) You are fools! Don't expect to play silly games with you, I'm far too wise for that!

Hoogi: Stop Yveltal!

Scorpi: No more rage please!

Omi: Enough is Enough!

Discord: You We're trying to kill us!

Emerl: Yveltal, listen to me! Stop this destructive rampage right now or will have no choice but to--

Yveltal: (In the Halloween Wizard's voice while activating shadow ball) No one tells me what to do!

(Yveltal fires shadow ball at Pikachu, except Emerl, Ash, Mario, Tai, Agumon and Sonic who avoid it, and was sent flying)

Emerl: Ash, Mario, Sonic, Tai, Agumon, Pikachu! No!

Mario: We'll save you guys!

Sonic: Right behind you!

Tai Kamiya: We Won't lose you!

Agumon: Be careful Tai! We will Save Pikachu, No matter what!

(Ash Grabs Pikachu's hand to save him from falling off the cliff also Mario, Sonic, Tai, Agumon and Emerl holds Ash's Hand)

Emerl: Yveltal, Please Stop!

T.K. Takaishi: Yveltal you better stop it right now!

Yveltal: (In Klorgbane the Destroyer's voice as he laughs) What's the matter T.K.? Forgot how to use your digivice to make your Patamon digivolve?

T.K. Takaishi: (In Jack Frost's voice) I'm not afraid of you.

Patamon: (In Muscle Man's voice) If you're job was to kill people, you'd probably get punished.

Yveltal: How about if you be afraid of this!

(Yveltal Activates shadow ball and it hits T.K. & Patamon and they hit the ground)

Matt Ishida: T.K.!

Sora Takenouchi: Oh, no!

Yveltal: (In Jafar's voice. Laughing Evilly) Give it up fools!

(Yveltal fires hyper beam, but T.K. & Patamon avoids the attack)

Matt Ishida: Are you alright, T.K.?

T.K. Takaishi: I think so.

Yveltal: (In Devimon's voice) You will be mine!

(Yveltal fires Oblivion Wing preparing to turn our heroes into stone. Suddenly Dialga's Roar of Time blocks the attack and saves them)

Yveltal: (Angrily growls)

(The 10 Legendary Pokemon arrives)

Dialga: Stop this!

Yveltal: Not you again!

Reshiram: The Game's over, Yveltal.

Zekrom: Your time has come.

Arceus: (In Azulongmon's voice) We ask you to put a side you're destructive rampage to destroy the Allearth Forest!

Yveltal: (In Zhuqiaomon's voice) Senseless! They disturb my slumber! They must be destroyed!

(Yveltal activates Oblivion Wing trying to turn 10 Legendary Pokemon into stone but they dodge the attack)

Kyurem: (Transforms to Black Kyurem) This ends now!

Rayquaza: Time to put an end to this!

Arceus: Stop Yveltal! No matter what!

Twilight Sparkle: Where's Ash, Mario, Sonic, Tai, Agumon and Emerl?

T.K. Takaishi: There they are!

Chris Kratt: Oh no, This isn't good.

Ash Ketchum: Come on Pikachu, hang on!

Emerl: Hold on Ash!

Tai Kamiya: I gotcha! Whatever you do, just don't let go of my hand!

Agumon: Don't give up guys, hold on. Ah it's hopeless, I'm so tired and hungry now. I don't have any strength at all.

Mario: I can't hold on much longer!

Sonic: No!

(They Loses their grips, but Clemont, Serena, Bonnie, Riku, Sora, Xion, Luigi, Tails and Leonard Grabs Ash's, Emerl's, Tai's, Agumon's, Mario's And Sonic's Hand)

Emerl: Wha...

Agumon: Pals!

Kitty Katswell: Ash, Mario, Sonic, Tai, Agumon and Emerl! Don't fall off or else it's over!

Dudley Puppy: You have to hang on! No matter what!

Rigby: Don't you die, Just hang on!

Davis Motomiya: This looks bad!

Veemon: Very bad!

Cody Hida: Yveltal, Enough Rampaging!

Hawkmon: Please, Enough Or I'll Digi-volve into Aquilamon!

Yolei Inoue: You heard my Digimon!

Armadillomon: That's Right!

Yveltal: (In Kyurem's voice) As I told you! (In Halloween Wizard's voice) No one tells me what to do!

(Yveltal activates hyper beam but the 4 DigiDestined and their Digimon dodge the attack)

Yveltal: (In the Halloween Wizard's voice) How do you like it?

Veemon: Don't listen to Yveltal, You're making it much too worse!

Ken Ichijouji: Yveltal, Enough Please!

Wormmon: Or My Friends will Stop you, From Turning My Friends and us to stone!

Davis Motomiya: (In Muscle Man's voice) Huh? Wha...? Hey! Don't even think about turning us into stone, dude!

Veemon: Yeah, because we'll have no choice but to fight you!

Yveltal: (In the Scarecrow's voice while activating oblivion wing) You think it's that easy to Battle with me?! Don't get me started on Fighting!

Davis Motomiya: Run!

Veemon: Watch out!

(As The 4 DigiDestined and Their Digimon Tried to escape, But Yveltal Fires Oblivion Wing at them, Except for Davis and Veemon avoided the attack and slowly turning into Stone)

Davis Motomiya: My friends!

Veemon: Oh no, Not Them!

Hawkmon: Go, Stop Yveltal Without us!

Yolei Inoue: You Can't give up, Don't Lose!

Armadillomon: Save Yourself!

Cody Hida: Do Something about stopping Yveltal!

Ken Ichijouji: Trust me, Don't lose and Believe yourself!

Wormmon: You must remember find a way to find Xerneas and stop Yveltal!

(Right After The 3 DigiDestined and Their Digimon's Last Words Until They are turned to stone)

Krader: Oh no, Yolei!

Glomp: Hawkmon!

Gobba: Ken, Wormmon!

Teslo: No! Not Cody and Armadillomon!

Mordecai: No!

Fluttershy: Help Us!

Davis Motomiya: You're gonna pay for that you monster!

Yveltal: (In Broly's voice) You think I'm a monster? You're wrong I'm the Legendary Pokemon of Destruction!

Veemon: Where's Xerneas?!

Spike the Dragon: I don't know!

(Diancie Looks At Major Nixel, The Dazzlings, 3 DigiDestined and Their Digimon and 3 Carbink, who was still turned to stone)

Diancie: It's my duty to protect everyone, But I, can't do anything... (Started to whimpers)

Ash Ketchum: Don't give up, If you do, it's all over!

Mario: That's right!

Sonic: We're all gonna die here!

Emerl: Will soon be goners for good!

Tai Kamiya: It would be the end for us! And the forest too!

Agumon: We will lose Hope and I will not have enough Power of Strength to Digi-volve into WarGreymon!

Clemont: They're Right!

Serena: Stay strong, Diancie!

Bonnie: Just try!

Anna: I know you can do this!

Gilda: Stand tough!

Sakuyamon: You can do it!

MegaGargomon: You have too!

Gallantmon: We're right behind you.

Susanoomon: You can't give up or else is Over for us!

Spike the Dragon: Their right!

Vulk: Try not to lose!

Trixie: We have to Focus!

Sunset Shimmer: You cannot lose, Just try to win!

Mimi Tachikawa: Just Believing Yourself!

T.K. Takaishi: You can do it!

Matt Ishida: You must remember friendship never looses!

Mordecai: Do it Diancie!

Rigby: You have to be strong or we're all gonna die!

Magnifo: Make things Magical and Win!

Twilight Sparkle: You can do it! Diancie!

Rainbow Dash: We're with you!

Thomas the Tank Engine: We're counting on you!

Gator: Don't Lose and Fail!

Lunk: We're Believing you!

Veemon: We're Counting on you!

Davis Motomiya: Will be Okay! Believe!

(Pikachu Wakes up)

Percy: Hey look! Pikachu's awake.

Patamon: Sweet, Just in time!

Ash Ketchum: Hey, Pikachu! Are you okay?!

Pikachu: Pika!

(Pikachu hops, on to Clemont's arm and made it back to the top)

Ash Ketchum: Let's go!

Tai Kamiya: Let's hurry!

Agumon: Got it!

(As Everyone Rescued Ash, Emerl, Tai, Agumon, Mario and Sonic)

Kimiko: That was close.

Rigby: Too close.

Mordecai: Tell me about it dude.

Omi: Yeah, Yveltal's Too Strong.

Xion: Glad to see you guys are okay.

Emerl: Yeah. Thanks.

Agumon: Thank you guys.

Tai Kamiya: Without you guys, we would've died!

Davis Motomiya: I'm happy you're safe, But the 3 DigiDestined And their Digimon got turned to stone by Yveltal!

Tai Kamiya: Don't you ever give up, We know what to do.

Dudley Puppy: Too Close!

Matt Ishida: Are you hurt little bro?

T.K. Takaishi: Don't worry about me Matt, I hope soon will be fine, Just as Yveltal is getting calm.

Izzy Izumi: You alright?

Sonic: Yeah, Thanks Izzy.

Izzy Izumi: You'll think, will win?

Sonic: It will turn out okay, but Yveltal's more powerful than ever, So We'll need a plenty of help, Can we count on ya?

Izzy Izumi: You'll bet!

Sonic: Okay then, Let's do it!

(Diancie looks at Dialga, Palkia, Reshiram and Zekrom, who battles Yveltal)

Yveltal: (In the Halloween Wizard's voice) How did you like me being powerful? Don't think this is all over, because I'm just getting started. You're gonna pay.

Dialga: Listen, Go Save Everyone!

Palkia: Do your best Diancie!

Reshiram: Quickly, Stop Yveltal Before it's too late!

Zekrom: We're counting on you, Princess!

Yveltal: (In Lucemon's voice) You will not stand in the way of my destruction! Prepare for death! (Activating Oblivion Wing)

Dialga: (In Susannomon's voice) No! You can't win!

Ash Ketchum: Use Thunderbolt!

Teslo: Steady, aim... Fire!

Flain: Everyone Attack!

Lunk: Prepare to get iced.

Krader: That's it, No more mr. rock guy, It's time for you to pay!

Torts: Prepare to get Slimed!

Magnifo: Time to fight Magic with magic!

Yveltal: (In Buttonwillow McButtonwillow's voice) Now Die! Die! Die! Die!

(Pikachu and The 15 Mixels Fired At Yveltal's Oblivion Wing, However, The Oblivion Wing Split into 3)

Flain: Everyone Jump!

Krader: Take Cover!

Teslo: Watch out!

(Pikachu, The 15 Mixels, Mane 6, Jorge, Dulcy, Eddie and Xion Jumps and avoids it)

Twilight Sparkle: That was close.

Matt Ishida: Good timing.

Clay: You okay?

Applejack: We're fine.

Lunk: Avoiding the Oblivion Wing is such a helpful idea.

Xion: Tell me about it.

Spike the Dragon: (In Peach's voice) Find a happy place! Find a happy place! Find a happy place!

Raimundo: Spike, Don't you ever give up, We must stop this nightmare!

Knuckles: I had enough with Yveltal!

Sticks the Badger: That pure evil Legendary Pokémon is getting on my nerves!

Finn the Human: How are we supposed to stop that Pokémon?

Susannomon: We better stop that thing!

Davis Motomiya: How?!

Veemon: It's too strong!

Tai Kamiya: We have to stand tough to fight that Pokémon!

Agumon: Right!

(Davis & Veemon glance over Yveltal. It continues fighting the 10 Legendary Pokemon)

Rigby: That Pokemon's gonna kill us!

Gallantmon: Get back! We'll handle this monster!

(Dace Angrily Pumps up, However, Diancie is Ready to Battle Yveltal)

(Flashback plays with Xerneas, who gave the powers of fairy aura)

Xerneas: (Flashback) The power it nourish life lies within you yourself...

(Flashback ends, When Diancie Opens Her Eyes and her Diamond Begin to glow and mega evolve)

Diancie: I won't ever give up ever!

Takato in Gallantmon: We won't let Yveltal win! (Starts glowing in a beam of red light and becomes Gallantmon Crimson Mode)

Sonic: Time to calm Yveltal down and save the forest! Super Sonic style!

(Sonic brings the 7 Chaos Emeralds and transforms into Super Sonic)

(As Diancie Mega Evolves and everyone looked and see, The Diamond was Activated, and Mega evolves into Mega Diancie)

Elsa: That Pink Light!

Flain: Look!

Krader: Is That?

Shuff: Diancie!

Clemont: It Mega Evolved!

Mimi Tachikawa: Diancie Mega Evolved!

Twilight Sparkle: Mega Diancie!

Mordecai: Whoa!

Rigby: Awesome!

Henry in MegaGargomon: Whoa!

Rika in Sakuyamon: Beautiful!

Jimmy Z: Awesome!

Magnifo: That's Magical!

Gallantmon: Gallantmon! Crimson Mode!

Shuff: Twilight's Right, She is A Princess and She's Beautiful!

Teslo: Diancie, you can do this!

Vulk: Go for it Diancie!

Yveltal: You Dare denied me, Then You shall Die!

Super Sonic: I don't think so!

Gallantmon Crimson Mode: You're going down!

(Super Sonic & Gallantmon now fights Yveltal)

Yveltal: (In the Halloween Wizard's voice) You're going to pay for that!

(Mega Diancie Uses Diamond Storm and Creates A New Heart Diamond, However, Yveltal Fired Oblivion Wing At Them, But Diancie's Diamond Protected Them, The Diamond isn't Breaking or Shattered to pieces)

Bonnie: Oh boy!

Ash Ketchum: Way to go!

Flurr: She Saved us From Yveltal!

Mario: Great Job, Diancie!

Luigi: She protected us!

Tai Kamiya: Way to Go, Diancie!

Sora Takenouchi: You did it!

Matt Ishida: I knew you can do it!

Sunset Shimmer: She did it, She finally Created A New Heart Diamond!

Fluttershy: (Yelling in joy) She did it! She created a Heart Diamond!

Rainbow Dash: You did it!

Applejack: Yee-ha!

Mimi Tachikawa: Wahoo! Way to go!

Lunk: She finally did it! Yeah!

Agumon: You done it Well, Diancie!

Palmon: I knew Diancie we're able to create a heart Diamond!

Gomamon: Pretty amazing Like a Heart Diamond!

Thomas the Tank Engine: Way to go Diancie!

Krader: Alright! Diancie Finally Did it!

Dace: That's it! A Heart Diamond!

Magnifo: That is a magical Heart Diamond!

Kristoff: The Diamond That Protected us, And It didn't Break Anymore!

Anna: The Heart Diamond that Doesn't Break or Dissolve!

Davis Motomiya: Now that's a heart diamond!

Veemon: That was Too Close!

Aviva: Yeah, too close.

(Mega Diancie Returns to Normal and so as Super Sonic and the DigiDestined turned back to normal, And The Heart Diamond Disappears)

Arceus: Diancie, You have done well.

Dialga: Well done, It's a Heart Diamond, Now stop Yveltal and save the domain.

Palkia: She did Created the Heart Diamond.

Reshiram: Diancie Did it.

Zekrom: It Doesn't break or dissolve anymore.

Omi: Wow.

Finn the Human: Cool.

Sonic: (Thumbs up to Diancie) Nice Diamond!

Emerl: Now that's what I call, the coolest Heart Diamond ever!

Gmerl: Awesome!

Wordgirl: So now that, Diancie is able to create a Heart Diamond and save us from Yveltal, what's next?

Shuff: We've hit the Jackpot!

Leonard: Marvelous!

Xion: Look up there!

Vulk: It's Them!

Kraw: Oh my, an Airship!

Rainbow Dash: What airship?!

Twilight Sparkle: (Pointing at the sky) Look.

(Our Heroes look up to see Argus' airship flying in the sky)

Kristoff: Now I get it.

Yveltal: What is this?!

Sora Takenouchi: What on earth?

Olaf: Whoa! It's them again!

Chris Kratt: Zach!

Martin Kratt: You Again!

Aviva: Donita Donata!

Koki: What's she doing there?!

Jimmy Z: Gaston Gourmand!

Kimiko: He's also here!

Tai Kamiya: It's those guys again!

Agumon: And the Mutated Animals too.

Hoogi: I never knew, their get there in time.

Flain: NOT COOL!!! Not cool! Not cool!

Gabumon: Great, Now their ship have arrived.

Patamon: Wow! Mal Vs. Yveltal, A battle to the death!

Anna: They got that thing and the Villains are Fighting Against Yveltal.

Donkey Kong: Wow! I never knew they can battle that Pokémon.

Diddy Kong: And their's Mal, he's with them to.

Sonic: I never knew they would come.

Elsa: Bird-Brain and the others villains are here to fight Yveltal.

Takato Matsuki: What are they're doing here?

Magnifo: Their In Argus' Airship.

Flain: Why did they bring their battleship to fight Yveltal for?

Mal: (Laughing evilly) Hey, Yveltal you pure evil Legendary Pokemon! You're going to pay!

Zach Varmitech: (Cackles) So Yveltal, think you can defeat us, We're unstoppable!

Gaston Gourmand: Prepare to be cooked!

Bird-Brain: Ha Ha! Look at me I'm flying He He He!

Bat: Where?

Millis Steel: It's the boy and his Pikachu and the robot, thanks for saving us both, you three.

Donita Donata: Good job Wild Kratts.

Etemon: Awesome work DigiDestined, I knew you stop Yveltal. Now it's my turn.

Bird-Brain: Surrender now, (pause) I'm sorry, I thought this was the Allearth Forest, wait this is the Allearth Forest! Now, hand over Diancie, so I can blow up all the missiles At Yveltal, Takeover The Forest, and capture everyone in a giant bird cage! I'll take my missile cannon now Team Robot, and since it's attached to your princess, I'll be taking her too!

15 Mixels: NOT COOL!!! Not cool! Not cool!

Goofy: Gosh, what are they're doing here?

Sora: How should I know?

Sonic: Mal and the rest of the Villains! This time they're fighting on our side?!

Veemon: Dr. Blowhole and Bird-Brain, Working Together, That's Very clever.

Davis Motomiya: Even Zach Varmitech is also here fighting the Destruction Pokémon.

Takuya Kanbara: Mal and the Rest of the villains Against Yveltal.

Henry Wong: I don't think they can stop it.

Owl: Who?


Zach Varmitech: Blast Yveltal down and make it pay the price!

Mal: You heard him, Let's destroy that Pokémon!

Dr. Blowhole: Charge!

Gaston Gourmand: Let's get cooking!

Etemon: Let's take it down what we got!

Yveltal: (Laughing Evilly) It's that all you got?! I'm gonna destroy you all!

Joey: I think I have a feeling Yveltal is too powerful! Do we retreat doctor?

Dr. Blowhole: No retreat! We have to kill that Pokémon!

Bird-Brain: Ha-ha! Now I will escape, and wreak havoc on Yveltal!

Etemon: We're ready to launch the missiles.

Dr. Blowhole: We're ready to fire at your command.

Mal: You're through Yveltal! You must be punish for what you've done to all of the villains and destroying our plans to capture Diancie!

Bat: Where?

Argus Steel: Let's return the favor!

(Argus' airship flys towards Yveltal, Argus holding the lever press the button bringing out missile)

Dr. Blowhole: Prepare to be destroyed!

Mal: (In Dr. Eggman's voice) Front missiles! Fire!

(All missiles fire at Yveltal but Yveltal flies around)

Zach Varmitech: (Laughing) Victory is Ours!

Donita Donata: Excellent.

Gaston Gourmand: Now you're cooked!

Argus Steel: Yeah!

Millis Steel: You did it!

Dr. Blowhole: You Are Toasted Yveltal!

Bird-Brain: Ha Ha! Villains Rule!

Owl: Who?

Etemon: Oh yeah, Your finished!

Mal: (Laughing Evilly) Yes! Finally! Victory!

(Yveltal comes out of the black smoke, the group of villains begin to shock it didn't work)

Mal: (Gasp)

Dr. Blowhole: It Can't Be!

Zach Varmitech: No, We we're so close!

Gaston Gourmand: I thought Yveltal was cooked!

Donita Donata: Don't just stand there, Do something!

Etemon: Got it!

Bird-Brain: Oh dear, I hope it can fly better than I can.

Zippy: Look boss, Yveltal is headed this way!

Mal: Don't you stand there call the Zackbots!

Zach Varmitech: What are you waiting for! Capture Yveltal!

(They fly to attack Yveltal but the Destruction Pokémon fired hyper beam thus destroying them)

Zach Varmitech: There goes my Zackbots!

Joey: Cockroaches, what are you waiting for destroy it now!

(Cockroaches fly over to attack Yveltal, he looks at them as the cockroaches fly and fire their guns at Yveltal, they all manages to hit Yveltal but no effect)

Cockroaches #1: Take that you creep?! Had enough already?!

Yveltal: No it does not!!!

Cockroaches #2: Oh dang!

(Yveltal fires Oblivion Wing hitting all of cockroaches turning them into stone)

Cockroaches #3: I'm out of here!

(He tried to escape to go back to the airship but Yveltal grabbed the last one)

Yveltal: (In the Scarecrow's voice) Got a ripe one here! Just in time for, FALL!

(Yveltal let's go of him and fired Oblivion Wing turning the last Cockroach into stone)

Dr. Blowhole: It's no good! Retreat! Retreat! Retreat!


Etemon: Let's hurry!

Yveltal: (In the Halloween Wizard's voice) You think you can run for your lives and get away with it?! Now you're all gonna pay!

Dr. Blowhole: I Think We’re Too Late, NOOOOOOOOOO!

Zach Varmitech: This is not gonna end.

Donita Donata: Same here.

Bird-Brain: NOO! Now I'll have to go with my back-up plan: flooding the forest so people have to live in luxury yachts! Interestingly that sounded much worse in my head too.

Yveltal: I Said Silence!

Owl: Who?

Bird-Brain: This is not gonna get good.

Bat: Where?

Yveltal: I SAID SILENCE!!!!!!!!

(Yveltal fired Oblivion Wing turning Zackbots into stone)

Gaston Gourmand: I think we made it mad!

Yveltal: (In the Halloween Wizard's voice as he laughs) I told you you'd pay. Now you're next!

Zach Varmitech: Oh this is bad!

Donita Donata: This is not Great!

Gaston Gourmand: Oh no!

Bird-Brain: Yveltal is flying this way to us!

Dr. Blowhole: Don't sweat it, we got to get out here!

Mal: Get us out of here before Yveltal takes our life away!

Bat: Where?

Mal: (In Dr. Phillium Benedict's voice) Faster, you idiot! Faster!

Owl: Who?

Donita Donata: Hurry!

Etemon: Yveltal's going way too fast!

Zach Varmitech: It's coming this way!

Bird-Brain: (In Dr. Eggman's voice) Quick! Fire!

Dr. Blowhole: (In Decoe's voice) Too late!

(Then finally it fly towards Argus' airship it grabs airship with it's feet shattering the window thus making the airship stop and the camouflage device wares off and activates Oblivion Wing)

Yveltal: (In the Scarecrow's Voice as he laughs) Now, It's time to join you're becoming stoned!

Mal: NO!

Bird-Brain: Yikes!

Zach Varmitech: Not Good!

Gaston Gourmand: Help!

Donita Donata: Zoinks!

Dr. Blowhole: No! Not the Oblivion Wing!

Etemon: We're doomed!

(Argus Steel and Millis Steel embrace each other)

Argus Steel: Millis!

Millis Steel: Dad!

Mal: No, How can this be, I’m been turned to stoned? NO! I shall not be turned into stone, what's happening?! Noooooooo! (Screaming) Mine time! (Screaming Continues)

Yveltal: (In Doom Ma Geddon's voice) Goodbye. (In the Scarecrow's voice as he Snarl)

(Mal, Zach Varmitech, Gaston Gourmand, Donita Donata, Etemon, Bird-Brain, his Mutated Animals, Zippy, Owl, Bat and Dr. Blowhole along with the cockroaches scream to their deaths and Yveltal fired it's oblivion wing turning the last of the villains in Argus' airship into stone and also exploded the engine and falls down)

Yveltal: (In the Scarecrow's voice) That'll teach 'em.

(We look to see Mal, mutated animals along with the other villains, who was also turned to stone. Then Argus' airship fell down, down and finally crashed into the lake, Meanwhile our heroes in the forest looked, shock in horror to see this)

Tai Kamiya: Oh no!

Kari Kamiya: Yveltal turned them into stone!

Agumon: I don't believe this!

Joe Kido: So to Etemon!

Raimundo: Now that's one tough Legendary Pokémon.

Dojo Kanojo Cho: Game over!

Thomas the Tank Engine: Bust my Buffers, Not them!

Matt Ishida: (In Vince LaSalle's voice) Okay that right there? That was messed up.

Gabumon: Now that's more worst.

Mordecai: Did you guys see that!

Sora: Oh no.

Finn the Human: Yikes.

Emerl: It destroy Argus' ship and turn the bad guys into stone so easily!

Riku: All of the Villains are turned to stone as well!

Rigby: I think we're toasted!

Shuff: (In Skips' voice) This is not good!

Henry Wong: I told them they can't defeat that Legendary Pokémon of Destruction.

Wordgirl: Now their airship is destroyed!

Rika Nonaka: I can't believe it!

Glomp: That Ain't good!

Sora Takenouchi: That's not good!

Takuya Kanbara: Yep, we're doomed.

Krader: Oh Poor Millis Steel and Argus Steel!

Lunk: Oh no, Yveltal must have gotten these villains as well.

Fluttershy: I think we're next!

(Fluttershy screams and faints)

Rainbow Dash: Fluttershy!

Veemon: She fainted!

Jake the Dog: Oh my glob!

T.K. Takaishi: Patamon! Tommy! Daring Do! Help me wake her up!

Patamon & Tommy Himi: Right!

Daring Do: Got it!

Vulk: (In Benson's voice) What are we gonna do then?!

Sonic: Oh great! How we gonna beat it now?!

Teslo: I wanna go home!

Gobba: Me too!

Sweetie Belle: This is so awful!

Apple Bloom: This is getting much worse.

Scootaloo: Much more Worse!

Tentomon: (In Jimmy's voice) It's the end of the world as we know it!

Jasmine: Oh this is bad.

Gmerl: Very bad!

Kraw: (In Owen's voice) We're all going to die! We're gonna get turned to stone by Yveltal! Oh, the horror! Somebody help us! I want my mommy!

Scorpi: Kraw, Don't freak out, just calm down!

Flain: Stay Calm!

Guilmon: What do we do now?!

Takato Matsuki: I don't know?

Rarity: (In Jeri's voice) I just can't take it anymore Takato! I can't!

Takato Matsuki: I know, I don't like it either.

Mimi Tachikawa: Rarity, Please Try to Be Calm remember?!

(They try to walk towards Rarity)

Rarity: (In Jeri's Voice) Stop! Don't come near me, I just don't wanna see Yveltal turning everything and everyone into stone. Look around and look what it did to the forest, our friends and the villains!

(Takato & Mimi then looks around to see the entire forest along with the Team Robot members and allies and the villains including Team Rocket are still stoned)

Joe Kido: Hey Fluttershy wake up!

(Fluttershy wakes up and screams)

Fluttershy: Get away from me Yveltal! (She stops going crazy) What happened?

Sunset Shimmer: You fainted.

Davis Motomiya: Thanks for telling her.

Sunset Shimmer: I know.

Dudley Puppy: Now That D.O.O.M. and all of the villains was Turned to stone, I think We're gonna be Next!

Kitty Katswell: That's bad!

Rigby: Guys...

Mordecai: What, what is it?

Goofy: Gosh!

Sora: Not Good!

Agumon: Uh oh.

Gabumon: Look up!

(Yveltal roars)

Yveltal: And Now for the sentence, You Will All Die Forever!

Sonic: Uh, oh?!

Dialga: Ash, Emerl, Everyone, NO!

Krader: We're All Goners!

Kraw: For good!

The Chief: Me too, We're Soon be All goners As Well!

Takato Matsuki: Watch out, everyone!

Henry Wong: Get out of there!

Terriermon: Too late!

Yveltal: (In Klorgbane the Destroyer's voice) Give it up! Team Robot!

Emerl: Team Robot! (In Skips' voice) Never walks away from a Evil Legendary Pokemon!

Yveltal: (In Klorgbane the Destroyer's voice) Don't you see Team Robot! I rule this forest and everyone in it! You're a fool to challenge me! (Laughing evilly) I've waited a long time for this.

(Yveltal roars and ready to fire Oblivion Wing, And Fires At Ash, Emerl, Remaining Team Robot's Allies, The 15 Mixels and Company)

Rainbow Dash: It's firing Oblivion Wing at us!

Applejack: (In Cynder's voice) This can't be good.

Emerl: (In Leonardo's voice) I think this is it guys! Does anyone have anything that want to say?!

Fluttershy: This is not good! (Screaming)

Rarity: I'm Too Beautiful to be Turned To Stone!

Twilight Sparkle: Spike?!

Spike the Dragon: (In Timon's voice) This is it! Goodbye cruel world!

Shuff: We're Done Forever!

Sora Takenouchi: It's Been nice Knowing ya Since we we're good friends everyone!

Biyomon: This is the end!

Mimi Tachikawa: And I'm still too young to be turned to stone!

Palmon: This might be the end of the DigiDestined!

(Tai, Agumon, Kari & Gatomon embraced each other)

Tai Kamiya: I love you Kari, you too Agumon!

Agumon: This is it!

Kari Kamiya: I love you too Tai and Gatomon!

Gatomon: Kari!

(Matt, Gabumon, T.K. & Patamon embraced each other as well)

Matt Ishida: Gabumon! T.K.!

Gabumon: It's over for us!

T.K. Takaishi: Matt! Patamon!

Patamon: T.K.!

Davis Motomiya: Veemon! I just wanted to say you're the greatest Digimon ever!

Veemon: You too Davis! This is the end of us!

Yveltal: (In the Halloween Wizard's voice) Yup, that's it. (Laughing Evilly)

(Yveltal fired Oblivion Wing and gets closer and closer to our heroes in slow motion)

Rika Nonaka: (Screams in fear)

Tommy Himi: Goodbye my friends!

Takuya Kanbara: I so really have the memory of my little brother's brirthday!

Koichi Kimura: (In Michelangelo's voice) I so not understand the ending of lost!

Zoe Orimoto: I don't wanna become stone!

Keswick: We're Finished!

Teslo: Game Over, Guys!

Kraw: This is it, It's the end of the Mixels!

Mordecai: I'm scared dude! I'm scared!

Rigby: If we don't survive this, Benson will fired us!

Ami & Yumi: (Embrace each other in fear) And not to mention Team Robot!

Sonic: See ya!

Thomas the Tank Engine: It's Been nice knowing ya!

Magnifo: I guess the Show is over for ya!

Wizwuz: Me too!

Veemon: Thanks for telling me about the show Magnifo!

Magnifo: Yeah, Veemon Thank you!

Percy: It's the end of the engines!

Yveltal: (In Timothy the Ghost Engine's Voice) Prepare to be sent to the Graveyard, Team Robot, For your death has come, For I Am Yveltal, The Destruction pokemon of Allearth Forest!

Donald Duck: Somebody help us!

(Suddenly Xerneas uses Aurora Beam on Oblivion Wing thus Saving Ash, Emerl, Remaining Team Robot's Allies, The 15 Mixels and Company From their near death)

Yveltal: (In Shredder's voice) What?!

Tails: What?

Sonic: What happened?

Dudley Puppy: That's an ice type move!

Ami: Aurora beam!

Agumon: What was that?!

J.P. Shibayama: Where did that Aurora Beam come from?!

Shuff: We're Still Alive!

Terriermon: Look Over There!

Gobba: Could it Be?

Kraw: Is that a Legendary Pokemon That can give life?

Tai Kamiya: Look up there!

(Everyone look to see revealing to be Xerneas)

Ash Ketchum: It's Xerneas!

Tai Kamiya: Xerneas!

Davis Motomiya: Xerneas!

Agumon: I knew it would come!

Chris Kratt: That's right!

Magnifo: The Magical one!

Takato Matsuki: I knew it, it saved us!

Rika Nonaka: That was Close!

Vulk: Xerneas Has rescued us!

Teslo: It is Xerneas!

Jorge the Iguana: Right on time!

Kari Kamiya: Xerneas spotted us!

Tai Kamiya: Alright Xerneas! Now stop that Pokémon!

Keswick: The Fairy type Pokémon of Life, Xerneas.

Flain: The Legendary who?

Krader: The Legendary Pokémon of life, Xerneas.

Flain: Now i get it.

Lunk: Xerneas, You made it in time.

Olaf: You can do it Xerneas!

Dialga: Xerneas.

Palkia: Finally.

Kyogre: Xerneas has finally Arrived.

Groudon: Xerneas, Go for it.

Reshiram: I believe in you.

Zekrom: Xerneas, Try to win.

Yveltal: Go Away!

(Yveltal fires shadow ball at Xerneas, But Xerneas Uses Aurora beam again on Shadow Ball)

Yveltal: Huh? This Can't Be!

Reshiram: It is, Xerneas have to calm Yveltal using Fairy Aura.

Palkia: Look Xerneas is battling Yveltal, but it using Fairy Aura to Communicate Yveltal.

Dialga: It using Fairy Aura now at Yveltal!

(Xerneas Uses Fairy aura to Communicate Yveltal, Then later after communicating the fairy aura at Yveltal And Successfully Removes Yveltal's Dark Aura, It's Eyes Turned Purple into Blue and Roaring)

Yveltal: I'm Sorry, I Promise.

(The whole lake and the waterfall returned to their normal self)

Yveltal: It's Over, no more rampage.

(Yveltal Flies off peacefully)

Arceus: Well done Xerneas.

Kyogre: Xerneas did it.

Dialga: It's finally over.

Palkia: The Rampage has Ended.

Kyurem: Yveltal is finally Calm.

Reshiram: The Crisis is over.

Zekrom: No more Rage and Destruction.

Rayquaza: Xerneas, You did it.

Groudon: You'll Calm Yveltal.

Giratina: Finally, that's over with.

Spike the Dragon: Thank gosh, that's over.

Emerl: We did it.

Koji Minamoto: No, Xerneas did it.

Zoe Orimoto: That was close. For a second there I thought we're gonna be goners.

Princess Bubblegum: Yeah, us too,

Bonnie: Yveltal's gone...

Xion: For now.

Dudley Puppy: Yveltal has finally been calm and fly peacefully.

Mimi Tachikawa: Finally, That's over.

Knuckles: That was tough!

Clemont: We're safe now!

Takato Matsuki: Definitely.

Aviva: Finally, It's ended.

Teslo: So did we!

Gobba: Me too!

Kraw: That's was too close!

Elsa: Kraw, You're too close.

Rika Nonaka: It's finally over. Xerneas did it!

Gmerl: Thanks Goodness.

Mordecai: Well I'm glad this is finally over.

Sora: That was a really hard tough battle against Yveltal, but lucky Xerneas came and saved us all.

Lunk: Well that was easy enough.

Teslo: Tell me about it.

Davis Motomiya: Finally, that's over.

Veemon: It calmed Yveltal.

Zoe Orimoto: Yeah, that was a easy battle.

Rika Nonaka: That was amazing.

Gmerl: That was pretty cool.

Emerl: If it wasn't for Xerneas come to the rescue we would be done for.

Finn the Human: I know.

Tai Kamiya: Yeah. We almost got turned to stone.

Agumon: Same here.

Jimmy Z: Correct.

Goofy: But what about our friends.

Donald Duck: Along with the villains.

Flain: So to Major Nixel and the Nixels.

Anna: Major Nixel was Finally turned to stone, What a shame.

Kristoff: The forest is destroyed.

Sora Takenouchi: What a mess, Yveltal made.

Emerl: I'm glad The Nightmare is over, But the People, Pokémon, my friends, The XJ-Sisters, The Remaining Mixels, All of the Villains and The Mutated Animals are still turned to stoned!

(They look seeing Greninja, Two Ninjask, Delphox, Yanmega, Chesnaught, Honedge, Doublade, Woolly Beavers, Stymphalian Canadian geeses, Eggman's Robots, Jackbots, Gazimon, Koopalings, Bowser Jr., Verminious Snaptrap, Larry, Ollie, Francisco, Bad Dog, Leather Teddy, The Mole, Skunk, The Chameleon, Dr. Rabies, Madame Catastrophe, Miss Power, Chuck the Evil Sandwich-making Guy, Dr. Two-Brains, The Whammer, Lady Redudant Woman, The Butcher, Ms. Question, Granny May, Seymour Orlando Smooth, Theodore ‘’Tobey’’ McCallister III, Dr. Neo Cortex, Mecha Sonic, Cubot, Orbot, Pete, The Psycho Rangers, The Nixels, The Deadly Six, Sheldon J. Plankton, Bowser, Diesel 10, Devious Diesel, Jack Spicer, Dr. Eggman, Ventus, Terra, Spongebob, Razmo, Rapido, Patrick, Daggett, Norbert, Sandy, Skipper, Kowalski, Private, Rico, Eddy, Double-D, Ed, Gumball, Darwin, Anais, Sam, Max, Blossom, Bubbles, Buttercup, Oggy, Jack, Oliva, Leonardo, Rapheal, Donatello, Michealanglo, Alvin, Simon, Theodore, Brittany, Jeanette, Eleanor, Kiva, Zoe, Philmac, Mark Evo, N.A.N.O., Micaiah, Tigerman, Zorch, Seismo, Zaptor, Volectro, Slumbo, Chomly, Jawg, Tentro, Balk, Mesmo, Glurt, Footi, XJ-1, XJ-2, XJ-3, XJ-4, XJ-5, XJ-6, XJ-7, XJ-8, Team Rocket, Marilyn Flame, Ninja Riot, Major Nixel, The Dazzlings, Yolei Inoue, Hawkmon, Cody Hida, Armadillomon, Ken Ichijouji, Wormmon, Argus Steel, Millis Steel, Aegislash, Mal, Dr. Blowhole, Zach Varmitech, Donita Donata, Gaston Gourmand, Zackbots, Etemon, Bird-Brain, Bat, Owl, Zippy, Joey, Marky, Dee Dee and the Mutated Animals, who was still turned to stone)

Gmerl: Just Like Chernabog and his Minions was turned to stoned!

(Flashback Plays with Chernabog And his Minions, who was still turned to stone)

(Flashback ends)

Emerl: Yveltal destroyed everything. Like it did to the forest, long time ago!

(When Suddenly Pikachu, Mane 6, Jorge, Eddie and Dulcy collapse to the ground, As Ash looks at Pikachu, while Emerl and the rest of the team robot look at Mane 6)

Riku: What?!

AppleBloom: Applejack?!

Sweetie Belle: Rarity?!

Spike the Dragon: Twilight?!

Jasmine: Jorge?!

Scootaloo: Rainbow Dash?!

Percy: Fluttershy?!

Shawn: Eddie?! Dulcy?!

James the Red Engine: Pinkie Pie?!

Xion: Oh no.

Takato Matsuki: What was that?!

Guilmon: What's going on?!

Omi: Oh no.

Elsa: Pikachu, Something tells me what has happened.

Tai Kamiya: Oh no, are they're hurt badly?!

Agumon: What's the matter you guys?!

Davis Motomiya: Are they're okay?!

Veemon: Don't tell me this isn't right.

Flain: Are You Okay?!

Shuff: Tell me this isn't true.

Sora: What happened?!

Finn the Human: I don't know man!

Riku: Now what?!

(Ash picks up Pikachu, then the remaining friends and the 15 Mixels Rushed in to look at Mane 6, Jorge, Eddie and Dulcy to tell us what's wrong)

Ash Ketchum: Pikachu! Pikachu, tell me what's wrong?!

Vulk: Are you all Okay?

Magnifo: Something is not Magical!

Kraw: Look at that, their Tails and foot!

Koji Minamoto: What is it?!

Lunk: Oh no, they have been wounded, but they are turning into stone, Look!

(Suddenly, Pikachu's Tail, Mane 6's Tails, Jorge's Tail, Eddie's Tail and Dulcy's Tail began slowly turning them into stone, as everyone gasps in horror)

Terriermon: What the?!

T.K. Takaishi: They're turning into stone!

Xion: Wait, Oh my gosh, What did Yveltal do?!

Tommy Himi: How did this happened?! Why are they're turning to stone slowly?!

Flurr: I Remember that!

Anna: Flurr has Remember Something!

Kristoff: What is it?!

Patamon: How did this happened?!

Joe Kido: Of course!

(Flashback Plays with The 15 Mixels, Pikachu, Mane 6 and Xion, who avoids the attack, however, Pikachu's Tail was hit by Oblivion Wing, Mane 6's Tails was hit By Oblivion Wing, Also Yveltal Fired Oblivion Wing at Olliver, Jorge, Eddie, Dulcy, Beano, Shawn and Jasmine, But They Avoid it, However, Jorge's Tail was Hit by Oblivion Wing, Eddie's Tail Was hit By Oblivion Wing and Dulcy's Tail Was Hit by Oblivion Wing)

(Flashback ends)

Clemont: Back Before!

Meta Knight: They must've been hit by Oblivion Wing attack Yveltal used, on their tails! They're turning into stone!

Mordecai: Oh, no dude! Oh, no dude! Oh, no dude!

Takuya Kanbara: This is not good.

Jake the Dog: Yikes.

Rigby: They got hit by Yveltal's turning everything into stone attack thing!

Flurr: Oh no!

Hoogi: What's oh no?!

Gobba: Yveltal Must have gotten them as Well!

Davis Motomiya: Oh no, Yveltal Gotten them just in time!

Veemon: This is bad!

Shawn: So to both Lizards and as a bird!

Teslo: Same as the Mane 6, Dulcy, Jorge & Eddie!

Izzy Izumi: Now, they Tells me!

Filburt: That Oblivion Wing got them, just like I was turned to Ice and Stone.

Xion: Emerl, We have a Major Problem, Because They turning into Stone, Just Like Chernabog and His Minions.

Emerl: My goodness combo, how did this?

Xion: The Forest seems Dying as well, Including The Villains and Allies.

Emerl: Oh my, This can't be right, I'm know it's right, But oh my!

Thomas the Tank Engine: Please, don't leave Twilight Sparkle and the other ponies!

Shining Armor: She's my sister!

Rigby: What do we do?!

Xion: I think their is nothing we can do.

Rika Nonaka: Oh, no.

Kari Kamiya: Rika, What's oh no?

Teslo: What can we do?!

Xion: Unfortunately, They can't move, they turned to stone.

(We cut to the scene where Ash Ketchum holds Pikachu, since his tail was hit and slowly turns to stone)

Henry Wong: Don't go!

Terriermon: Pikachu! Please Don't leave! We're your friends!

Jorge the Iguana: We're all goners for good.

Pikachu: (Weakly) Pika pi...

Dulcy the Dragon: We're so lizards, dragons...

Eddie: And Birds...

Thomas the Tank Engine: Twilight, No!

Dudley Puppy: Rarity, Oh no!

Percy: Pinkie Pie!

Gordon: Fluttershy!

The Chief: Rainbow Dash, No!

Keswick: No, Applejack!

Twilight Sparkle:(Weakly) I'll miss... you all. You too Thomas, and my brother.

Thomas the Tank Engine: Twilight, My Friend, please don't die.

Shining Armor: Twilight no! Don't go!

Pinkie Pie: Well, the party's over.

Mimi Tachikawa: No, Pinkie Pie!

Rarity: Well, My Fashion days are over.

Sweetie Belle: Don't die, Rarity!

Applejack: My Apple Working days has come to an end.

Apple Bloom: Please don't go, my big sister please don't go!

Fluttershy: I'm Too Shy to turned into stone!

Edward: Fluttershy, please don't die you're my friend!

Rainbow Dash: Goodbye forever.

Scootaloo: No, Rainbow Dash!

(Pikachu, Mane 6, Jorge, Eddie and Dulcy was finally turned into stone)

Emerl: Oh my combo! There's goes My Friends!

Ash Ketchum: No, Pikachu!

Spike the Dragon: Oh no! Twilight!

Miles "Tails" Prower: No... You don't think...

Knuckles the Echidna: Pikachu!

Sunset Shimmer: Twilight Sparkle!

Mordecai: Oh no, They turned to stone as well!

Rigby: This is not cool, Petrified as in turned to stone!

(Diancie, Leonard and Dace Sadly Look seeing Pikachu dying along with Mane 6, Jorge, Dulcy, Eddie turned to stone)

Ash Ketchum: C'mon Pikachu! Pikachu! Come back Pikachu!

(Serena, Bonnie, Clemont, Luigi, Sora Takenouchi, Mimi Tachikawa, Palmon, Amy Rose, Thomas, Percy, James the Red Engine, Gordon, Henry, Luke, Hiro, Skarloey, Spike the Dragon And Jasmine Started to cry for their loss of their friends, As Olaf Come up seeing our heroes was turned to stone)

Olaf: Pikachu?

Aqua: No, This isn't happening.

Ash Ketchum: Pikachu?

Sonic: Ash, sorry, Pikachu along with the 6 Ponies, Eddie, Jorge & Dulcy was trying to stop Yveltal, but they turned to stone too.

Ash Ketchum: Pikachu!

Vulk: (In Owen's voice) WHY?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Emerl: I don't believe this!

Donald Duck: Oh, Pikachu, Twilight Sparkle, Fluttershy, Rarity, Applejack, Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie!

Sora: This is not happening.... It can't be happening.... It can't.

Gmerl: Pikachu... Mane 6... Jorge... Dulcy... Eddie... No!

Shining Armor: (Starting crying looking his sister turned to stone) Twiliy! I'm sorry! (In Simba's voice) It's my fault! It's my fault!

Shuff: This is so awful, Now that the other 12 mixels, also Pikachu got hit by that Oblivion Wing as well.

Xion: It's not your fault, You know that.

Keswick: So to Ventus and Terra!

Lunk: How can this be, when they turned to stone?!

Riku: No this can't be, no why, it cannot be.

Gordon: Oh the Indignity.

Agumon: The Indignity is oh the indignity.

Gabumon: What a Despair of fail!

Joe Kido: First, Yveltal turn our friends, our allies and the villains into stone. And now this.

Sora Takenouchi: (Crying and sobbing) They're gone!

Biyomon: We're sorry.

Takato Matsuki: I can't believe it. It's like they sacrifice themselves. There's nothing we can do.

Tai Kamiya: You're right, Takato. There is nothing we can do.

Izzy Izumi: I'm so sorry.

Tentomon: It's so sad.

Percy: Yeah, There's no one we can do, They turned to stone.

Tails: (Starts crying) Oh Sonic, why did this have to happen? It's just not fair. Now we'll never see them again. They're we're... they're we're our friends. Will miss them. They can't be gone. (Tails starts bend down his knees and starts crying)

Torts: I Guess Will never see them again! (Sighs Sadly)

Davis Motomiya: We lost Hope, and now There's nothing we can do as well.

Veemon: This is really sad.

Mordecai: We're so sorry.

Rocko: Yeah, We're sorry Fluttershy, We didn't know why.

Daring Do: I'm sorry I didn't protect you Rainbow Dash, and Thanks for being a great Adventurer.

(T.K. Takaishi & Patamon starts to cry)

Patamon: (Crying) They're turned to stone!

T.K. Takaishi: (Crying and Sobbing) I don't want this to happened!

Matt Ishida: Oh T.K., easy.

(Matt hugs T.K.)

T.K. Takaishi: (Continues crying) We'll never see them again!

Matt Ishida: Shh. I'm here little brother. I'm here.

Tommy Himi: There the best friends we ever had.

Takuya Kanbara: (Sadly) Oh, Tommy.

Kari Kamiya: Sorry, It's isn't Your Fault, Because I will be there, Shining Armor, Sorry about your sister.

Shining Armor: (Still Crying) Oh Kari, I'm Sorry!

Kari Kamiya: Twily was Your sister, I know.

Tai Kamiya: We're so sorry, we let you guys down.

Emerl: I Know, It wasn't your fault, Because we did survive, But the Ponies and Pikachu turned to stone. There is nothing we can do.

(Emerl, Gmerl, Sora, Donald, Goofy, Mickey, Riku, Xion, Aqua, Anna, Elsa, Kristoff, Sven, Olaf, Mario, Yoshi, Sonic, Knuckles, Sticks, Rigby, Mordecai, Kirby, Meta Knight, Dudley Puppy, Kitty Katswell, Keswick, The Chief, Omi, Raimundo, Kimiko, Clay, Chris and Martin Kratt, Aviva, Koki, Jimmy Z, Dojo Kanojo Cho, The DigiDestined & Their Digimon, Gator, Finn, Jake, Princess Bubblegum, Flain, Gobba, Krader, Flurr, Teslo, Kraw, Magnifo, Glomp, Scorpi, Jenny, Rocko, Filburt, Heffer, Daring Do and Sunset Shimmer Sadly look to see Pikachu, Mane 6, Jorge, Eddie, & Dulcy was turned to stone)

Mordecai: (Sniffs) Pikachu, Ponies, Jorge, Dulcy and Eddie. Thanks for being our friends and save us all.

Emerl: Rest in peace. Our friends.

Terriermon: (Sadly) Momentai.

(Dialga and Other 9 Legendary Pokémon looked in dismay at Ash, and Company Grieving over Pikachu, Mane 6, Eddie, Jorge and Dulcy)

Dialga: No, Pikachu, Ponies, they're turned to stone.

Palkia: I can't believe it! They're gone.

Kyurem: They Grieved Everything.

Groudon: Legendary, We're sorry, we did everything we could.

Kyogre: The Tears of Heartbroken has gained us.

Rayquaza: We failed. To protect all of you.

Giratina: Yes, we lost everything.

Arceus: Even with Legendary Pokémon.

Zekrom: They Did what we done.

Reshiram: We Grieve ourselves with the roar of dragons!

(As Dialga and the other legendary Pokémon roaring in anguish, Then Suddenly, a green light came out of nowhere revealing to be Xerneas Using Geomancy, Everyone looked at Xerneas glowing green)

Emerl: Was that?

Xion: That's weird.

Rigby: Where did that green light coming from?

Finn the Human: Over there.

Rocko: That's Fairy aura.

Daring Do: No, it's Geomancy.

Dialga: That Green Light, Xerneas.

Dudley Puppy: The Green light, that was coming from!

Mimi Tachikawa: The light is Xerneas.

The Chief: What is that Green light?!

Olaf: (Gasps in Surprised)

Serena: Xerneas.

Kraw: What is that?

Magnifo: The Magic one, Xerneas!

Elsa: Fairy Aura.

Olaf: Do you think what I think it is?

Anna: Geomancy.

Shuff: It is Xerneas! But what is it doing?

Vulk: It looks like it's glowing green.

Palmon: That's very Healing.

Tails: Xerneas.

Kari Kamiya: Something is feeling like Healing powers?!

Palkia: It's using Geomancy.

Davis Motomiya: Did you feel it Veemon?!

Veemon: It's Healing Powers!

Gmerl: Look our Friends!

Terriermon: look!

(Suddenly Pikachu, Mane 6, Jorge, Eddie, Dulcy, The other 12 mixels, The XJ-Sisters, 3 DigiDestined and Their Digimon, Major Nixel And The Dazzlings began to glow green, and restored them, Reviving Everyone)

Pikachu: Pika pi.

Aviva: Look, Their healing light came to life!

Omi: Wow, Geomancy!

Emerl: Wow, that's neat.

Xion: I can't Believe this!

Emerl: The Ponies and Pikachu Came back to life!

Xion: Twilight's Alive!

Terriermon: Oh my heavens, Their Alive!

Mordecai: I can't believe it!

Twilight Sparkle: So did I!

Emerl: Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, Rarity, Rainbow Dash & Applejack, I knew it, you're alive as well!

Shining Armor: Twiliy, Your Alive!

Spike the Dragon: Twilight, Xerneas Used Geomancy, to revive everyone!

Thomas the Tank Engine: Twilight, You're Back, I knew Xerneas Revived you!

Pinkie Pie: The Party's Back On!

Rarity: My Fashion days are Back for more!

Applejack: My Apple Working days are still alive!

Fluttershy: What was that, Xerneas, How Sweet, You are my kind deer, Thanks Xerneas!

Rainbow Dash: That Was So Amazing and Epic!

Sonic: They're Back, They're Alright!

Rigby: You're alright! Year of the Rigby!

Kirby: (Jumping in joy) Poyo! Poyo!

Rocko: Xerneas, That is the element of healing and it's reviving everyone!

Aqua: Their Alive, Yes, It's all coming back!

Gordon: Hurray for Xerneas!

Mimi Tachikawa: Wow, It Revived Ponies!

Palmon: I can't believe this!

Kari Kamiya: What a relief!

Gatomon: You could be greatful!

Tentomon: I don't believe my eyes!

Izzy Izumi: Pro-Digits! Xerneas is reviving everyone!

Twilight Sparkle: Xerneas saved us!

(As The Mane 6 Hug)

Chris Kratt: Look, 3 DigiDestined and Their Digimon are alive!

Davis Motomiya: Yolei, Cody and Ken, You're Alive!

Yolei Inoue: Davis, Your Okay!

Cody Hida: Veemon is alright!

Ken Ichijouji: So to Their Digimon!

Hawkmon: Geomancy Means Healing powers that Revived us!

Armadillomon: Wow, That's Incredible!

Wormmon: So did we!

Veemon: Pals, All of you are alive!

Davis Motomiya: We're alright, I'm glad to see you guys again!

Shuff: Look! The Other 12 Mixels are alive by Xerneas' Geomancy!

Flurr: Look everyone, Slumbo is back!

Lunk: All right, Slumbo!

Slumbo: Flurr, Lunk, You're okay!

Zaptor: Guys!

Volectro: Teslo, Your all right!

Teslo: Zaptor and Volectro! Your Back!

Kraw: Tentro and Balk is Alright!

Seismo: Shuff! Krader!

Shuff: Seismo, You're Back!

Gobba: Chomly, Jawg, you're back!

Chomly: Yeah so did we!

Jawg: Xerneas did revived us!

Krader: They all alive!

Flain: Zorch is Alive!

Zorch: So did we!

Krader: We're all back Together!

Lunk: We are Back Together!

Vulk: Forever Friends!

Footi: Scorpi and Hoogi, You're both alright!

Scorpi: I'm happy you're alive as well!

Hoogi: Yes, That's very Beautiful and amazing!

Glomp: Glurt, you're alive!

Torts: Yeah, You missed us so much!

Glurt: I'm Revived as magic!

Mesmo: Wow, i guess i'm magical!

Magnifo: Yeah it is, It's the magic of Geomancy!

Wizwuz: Yeah it sure does!

Flain, Teslo, Krader, Flurr, Gobba & Kraw: We're Back Together!

Zoe Orimoto: The Mixels are still alive!

Takuya Kanbara: It's a miracle!

T.K. Takaishi: Wow, The Mixels are Alive as well!

Dojo Kanojo Cho: Pretty cool.

(As the Mixels, The DigiDestined & Their Digimon Jumps into Joy)

Anna: Xerneas Saved the mixels!

Elsa: So did Slumbo!

Kristoff: I'm Glad the mixels are okay!

Olaf: An act of Xerneas Magic will be revived!

Kristoff: Mane 6 & Pikachu, I knew you came back to Life!

Anna: Yes, I Know, Xerneas saved them by using Geomancy!

Jasmine: Jorge you're okay!

Jorge the Iguana: Me a okay I'm fine!

Vulk: Look, Major Nixel's Back!

Major Nixel: Ow, My Head, But where my nixels?!

Adagio Dazzle: Girls, Major Nixel we must find the villains. Let's go!

Sonata Dusk: Roger!

Aria Blaze: Well, okay then.

Major Nixel: Okay. We'll get you very soon Mixels!

(The Dazzlings and Major Nixel manage to escape and find the rest of the villains)

Takato Matsuki: Looks like Major Nixel is sent to find the nixels.

Henry Wong: I guess Major Nixel is a lousy floater.

Terriermon: What a shame for the Nixels.

Joe Kido: Major Nixel, You mixed up.

Guilmon: Look, Pikachu's Alive!

Rika Nonaka: (Happily look to see Pikachu is alive) I don't believe it!

Teslo: All Right, Pikachu!

Ash Ketchum: Pikachu!

(As Everyone Rejoices, 3 carbink were revived)

Merrick: Princess!

Diancie: Merrick... All of you!

Sora Takenouchi: Wow, Carbink was Revived!

Renamon: Carbinks it's good to see you!

Biyomon: I'm so happy!

Martin Kratt: Talk about amazing Healing!

Jenny: XJ-Sisters, Your okay!

XJ-1: Jenny You Survived From Yveltal!

XJ-2: I Knew you stop us from Causing into trouble!

XJ-3: Yes, The Healing powers of Xerneas have saved us!

XJ-4: Yeah thanks to Xerneas, I'm Revived!

XJ-5: So did we!

XJ-6: Yeah! And it's all thanks to you!

XJ-7: Wow, Xerneas did revived us.

XJ-8: It used Geomancy.

Leonard: You're all right, Marvelous!

Mordecai: Xerneas did it!

Rigby: Whoo! Year of the Rigby!

Izzy Izumi: Wow, That's Beautiful!

Percy: This is so amazing!

Yoshi: Glowing Green is Xerneas' Geomancy!

Mario: Wow, Xerneas using Reviving powers to save everyone.

Dace: Xerneas... shared its life energy.

Gabumon: Wow.

Tails: Xerneas Saved us all!

Flain: Look, Something is happening to Xerneas!

(Xerneas Transforms into a tree)

Mordecai: What did Xerneas become?

Clemont: It's becoming a tree...

Jorge the Iguana: What for?

Eddie: Xerneas is a tree.

Dulcy the Dragon: To protect the balance of nature.

Ami: What does it do while protecting the balance of nature?

Meta Knight: To slumber.

Yumi: What?

Luke: Does it do?

Yolei Inoue: While protecting the Balance of nature?

Dace: Xerneas has chosen to slumber here in this land to protect the balance of nature.

Emerl: Wait, Xerneas was becoming a tree.

Bonnie: But does that mean?

Serena: Oh no!

Tommy Himi: That's Terrible!

Elsa: We'll never see Xerneas again.

Shuff: Oh dang.

Dudley Puppy: Shocker.

Mordecai: No way!

Rigby: Aw, what?!

Vulk: Well that was so weird to say.

Matt Ishida: Oh man.

T.K. Takaishi: We'll never see Xerneas again.

Zoe Orimoto: Cheer up everyone, We can see Xerneas again sometime.

Vulk: That's okay.

Shining Armor: (Starts Sobbing)

Teslo: Why is he Crying?

Princess Cadance: (Sighs) It's Alright. He always cries when Xerneas becomes a tree.

Shining Armor: (Sobbing Very Loudly)

Teslo: Don't Cry Shining Armor.

Shuff: It's Okay to cry.

Tails: There, there.

Mimi Tachikawa: Don't you ever cry.

Palmon: Yeah, will see Xerneas again.

Krader: We Can See Xerneas Next Time. Someday.

Hiro: Yeah.

(Diancie can feeling the fairy aura as the tree speaks)

Xerneas in a tree form: There is nothing to feel sad about.

Diancie: Xerneas is speaking.

Ash Ketchum: What's it saying?!

Elsa: Spoken, of Course!

Yumi: Someone has Spoken!

Gomamon: Wow, Xerneas is speaking!

Shuff: Yes, The tree of Xerneas speaks!

Xerneas in a tree form: You see, this is not death.

Diancie and Xerneas in a tree form: This is the promise of life and the beginning of hope.

Serena: The promise...

Clemont: of life.

Twilight Sparkle: And the beginning of hope.

Koki: Of Course!

Vulk: Yes, The promise of life, and The Beginning of Hope!

Fluttershy: Of True Love, The Promise of Life, and the beginning of hope.

Jorge the Iguana: I Know, the promise of life, and the beginning of hope.

Shawn: We Heard that, Xerneas Has Spoken that they will have the promise of life, and the beginning of hope.

Magnifo: That's very Magical!

Kimiko: Neat.

Tommy Himi: That's right.

(Xerneas' Geomancy Restored the trees, Suddenly Princess Celestia And Princess Luna appears at the Allearth Forest)

Princess Celestia: Princess Twilight Sparkle, you have done well.

Princess Luna: Everything is restored.

Twilight Sparkle: Celestia and Luna, I'm so grateful to you all.

Emerl: You see everything what happened right?

Princess Celestia: Why yes we do, Twilight along with you're friends, and Pikachu are turned to stone by Yveltal, you got us so worried and we manage to get here to revive you but Xerneas came and revive you.

Emerl: Oh.

Xion: Now I get it.

Princess Celestia: You we're Able to save Diancie from the Villains and Thieves and you're friends from Yveltal. We're so happy you are back.

Twilight Sparkle: But, What about those heroes and villains, Aren't they turned to stone, Or they have died!?

Princess Luna: No, Xerneas has used Geomancy, Reviving Everyone and transformed into a tree.

Princess Cadance: And now it's time to revive everyone.

Twilight Sparkle: Yes, let's do this.

(Twilight and the 3 princesses uses the magic of healing)

Shuff: Xerneas has believed us, that their will be the beginning of hope.

Toby: I knew they believed us.

Skarloey: Something is so better for Xerneas.

Hiro: Yeah, Xerneas is a greater Geomancy.

Luke: Pretty beautiful.

James the Red Engine: So did we.

Emily: It's so magical to me.

Duck: Spoken of Xerneas.

Henry: A New beginning has come true at last.

Ash Ketchum: I See, I get it, Thanks, Xerneas!

Emerl: And thank you for reviving our friends too!

Pikachu: Pika pika!

Balk: Celestia Believe me!

Teslo: So to Luna and Cadence.

Flain: Everything is Restoring.

Anna: I Knew you could do it.

Lunk: (Chuckled) Yes, Xerneas brought us good luck.

Takato Matsuki: (He and Guilmon hug each other) Well, whatever happens now. I absolutely know It will be the promise of life and the beginning of hope.

Emerl: What do you say we go back to the Diamond Domain before the villains and thieves strikes back again?

Gmerl: Let's go.

Tails: Sonic, Let's go.

Sonic: Right buddy.

Hoogi: Let's go and Restored the domain!

Torts: You got it!

T.K. Takaishi: Let's go guys!

Mordecai: Dude, shall we go back and save the domain?

Rigby: Yes, we're going back to the domain!

Patamon: I'm with ya buddy!

Matt Ishida: I'm with ya, little brother!

Gabumon: Don't forget about those Friends!

Tai Kamiya: What do you say, Kari?!

Kari Kamiya: Yes, Let's get back to the Domain!

Dudley Puppy: Let's go back to the Domain!

Princess Bubblegum: Don't forget the others.

Finn the Human: Let's go Jake!

Jake the Dog: Yes sir!

Tentomon: You'll bet ya!

Tommy Himi: I'm with ya!

Filburt: I'm so grateful to you all.

Sunset Shimmer: Thanks Xerneas, For saving our friends.

Fluttershy: Twilight, Celestia, Luna and Cadance, The Magic of Healing will revive everyone.

Agumon: Xerneas, Thank you.

Rainbow Dash: Don't forget we have to find our friends and allies.

Sora Takenouchi: Oh right, we almost forgot.

Biyomon: Let's go search for the others we'll catch up with you guys up.

Emerl: Okay.

Daring Do: Let's search until we can get back to the domain.

Rainbow Dash: Alright let's find them.

Mario: Well always remember and never forget what you did.

Yolei Inoue: You with me Hawkmon?

Hawkmon: Sure.

Ken Ichijouji: I'm with ya.

Wormmon: Don't forget about me.

Joe Kido: So Gomamon, are you willing to go back to the Diamond Domain?

Gomamon: Yeah, I'm ready to go back to the Diamond Domain, Let's go guys!

Gmerl: That's what I'm talking about!

Heffer: Let's go guys!

(Xerneas' Geomancy Restored the trees, Greninja, two Ninjask, Delphox, Yanmega, Chesnaught, Honedge, Doublade, Ventus and Terra to life)

Ventus: We're all Alive?!

Terra: Yes it is, Aqua.

Aqua: Guys, Your Alive, And you saved us from Yveltal, I knew you could do it.

Terra: They did it what we got.

Ventus: Xerneas has gain using healing powers of geomancy, thanks to Xerneas.

(Celestia, Luna, Cadance and Twilight Restore Spongebob, Razmo, Rapido, Patrick, Daggett, Norbert and Sandy to life)

Razmo: We're Fine!

Rapido: Yay!

Spongbob: Partick! We're Back!

Patrick: Spongebob, We're alright!

Daggett: We're Alive!

Norbert: So did we!

Sandy: That was refreshing!

SpongeBob: Come on, Let's go tell everyone that Xerneas revived us!

Patrick: Yeah, Let's just get going!

(Celestia, Luna, Cadance and Twilight Restore Skipper, Kowalski, Private, Rico, Eddy, Double-D, Ed, Gumball, Darwin, Anais, Sam, Max, Blossom, Bubbles, Buttercup, Oggy, Jack, Oliva, Leonardo, Rapheal, Donatello, Michelangelo, Alvin, Simon, Theodore, Brittany, Jeanette, Eleanor, Kiva, Zoe, Philmac, Mark Evo, N.A.N.O., Micaiah and Tigerman to life)

Skipper: I think we're fine!

Blossom: What just hit me?

Bubbles: Did we get turned to stone?

Buttercup: Yes. Xerneas revived us.

Michelangelo: I'm so happy!

Donatello: Xerneas, have done it!

Leonardo: You mean it revived us?

Donatello: No, Twilight, Celestia, Luna & Cadance revived us.

Raphael: We should thank them.

Leonardo: Ya, we should.

Alvin: Yeah, We should Thank Xerneas.

Simon: Yeah, Me too!

Theodore: Let's get back to the Domain and Save Them once it for all!

Tigerman: You got that Right!

Philmac: Yep!

Mark Evo: Sure does!

Kowalski: Okay penguins, Let's go find the rest of the team.

Oggy: (Meows in Joy)

Jack: (Meows in Joy)

Olivia: (Meows in Joy)

Gumball: Xerneas, has used Geomancy!

Darwin: That Revived us!

Anais: Wow, how did you know that!

Gumball: I solve it on my own.

Private: That's neat.

Rico: (Blabbering)

Eddy: Say, Double-D, What was Xerneas told us?

Double-D: You'll see, Xerneas used Geomancy reviving everyone and us too, they been turned into stone by Yveltal and becomes a tree, and I learned it's Xerneas' voice, that they will have The Promise of Life & The Beginning of Hope.

Ed: You got that right, Now let's go tell everyone that they revived us!

Kiva: Oh yeah sure, but next time why don't you just save me instead of having my tail be turned to stone Skipper.

Eleanor: Wow, Kiva, Let's get going and find these heroes that they done it!

Brittany: You can Hear That Coming, Let's go!

Jeanette: And we should thank Emerl and His Friends!

Zoe: Yeah, we hear ya. Now let's go and find the others.

N.A.N.O.: Shall we look for our friends?

Micaiah: Yep, Same here.

Sam: Yeah, You heard that right.

Max: Yep, Let's Find Emerl and the others!

(Celestia, Luna, Cadance and Twilight Restore Woolly Beavers, Stymphalian Canadian geeses, Eggman's Robots, Koopalings, Bowser Jr., Jackbots, Gazimon, Verminious Snaptrap, Larry, Ollie, Francisco, Bad Dog, Leather Teddy, The Mole, Skunk, The Chameleon, Dr. Rabies, Madame Catastrophe, Miss Power, Chuck the Evil Sandwich-making Guy, Dr. Two-Brains, The Whammer, Lady Redundant Woman, The Butcher, Ms. Question, Granny May, Seymour Orlando Smooth, Theodore ‘’Tobey’’ McCallister III, Dr. Neo Cortex, Mecha Sonic, Orbot, Cubot, Pete, The Psycho Rangers, The Nixels, Zackbots, Bowser, Dr. Eggman, Jack Spicer, Diesel 10, Devious Diesel, The Deadly Six and Sheldon J. Plankton to life)

Gazimon #1: We're alive.

Red Psycho Ranger: Ow. My head.

Blue Psycho Ranger: Did we die?

Yellow Psycho Ranger: No. Xerneas revived us.

Francisco: Did we get end up getting hit, or revived?

The Butcher: Yes, but someone had used healing powers.

Dr. Two-Brains: Did we die up as well?

Verminious Snaptrap: Well Not Really, but I'm alive.

Madame Catastrophe: Hey, did we end up by Oblivion Wing?

Dr. Rabies: (Groans) Well, who did revived by a Legendary Pokémon Using Geomancy?

The Mole: Well, didn't we get turned to stone by Yveltal?

Mecha Sonic: My Computes returned and Backed up.

Leather Teddy: Well, if Yveltal Fired Oblivion wing at us and turned to stone and us too, Then Xerneas Used Geomancy Restoring them as well, Then We're All alive?

Sheldon J. Plankton: Yeah.

Bowser: Indeed.

Diesel 10: Yes, we get it.

Ollie: And What was Xerneas saying?

Chuck the Evil Sandwich-Making Guy: We promised, we have the promise of life and the beginning of hope.

Larry: Now, I get it.

Black Psycho Ranger: Oh really?

Mecha Sonic: Yes.

Dr. Eggman: I know that. Let's get out of here before my day gets any worse.

Bowser: We agree with that.

Bowser Jr.: Koopa Kids, Let's go.

Larry Koopa: Right then.

Orbot: Yeah, Let's go Cubot.

Cubot: Yeah, Me too.

Zavok: Deadly Six, we're leaving.

The Nixels: Nix, Nix, let's find Major Nixel and the others.

The Chameleon: Well, alright then.

(The Villains walk away to get out)

(Celestia, Luna, Cadance and Twilight Restore Marilyn Flame and Ninja Riot to life, As Marilyn Kisses, Riot on his cheek)

(Celestia, Luna, Cadance and Twilight Restore Mal, Dr. Blowhole, Zach Varmitech, Donita Donata, Gaston Gourmand, Zackbots, Etemon, Bird Brain, Bat, Owl, Zippy, The Cockroaches, The Mutated Animals, Millis steel, Argus Steel And Aegislash to life)

Etemon: Feels like I've been knocked out for 2 weeks.

Mal: Huh? Where am I?

Joey: I Don't Know.

Marky: I think we landed into the water.

Donita Donata: Hey, Did we end up getting splashed?!

Owl: Who?

Dr. Blowhole: Ow, My head, Wait a minute, Did we crash?

Zippy: Why?

Zach Varmitech: Uh, what happened?

Mal: Yveltal turned us into stone and we crash into the water.

Zach Varmitech: Oh my, we have to get out of here before we sink into the water!

Gaston Gourmand: You got it, Let's hurry!

Bat: Where?

Bird-Brain: Not this again.

Dee Dee: Let's just ignore it and get out.

Bird-Brain: Okay then, everyone get out of the airship before we sink down.

Dr. Blowhole: Okay, got it.

Etemon: I'll get you next time DigiDestined and Team Robot.

(The Villains fly away to escape)

(Millis Steel and Argus Steel hops on Aegislash and flies off)

(Celestia, Luna, Cadance and Twilight Restore Team Rocket to life)

Meowth: Sure is pretty...

James: Feels good to stretch!

Jessie: it's a new lease on life.

Team Rocket: We're feeling good again. We give it a ten!

(As Dialga and the other 9 Legendary Pokemon look to see the whole forest is restored by Xerneas' Geomancy)

Dialga: The Beginning of Hope has begun, and Team Robot's Allies was Revived.

Kyurem: It's over, Xerneas did well and becomes a tree.

Giratina: The Light of Hope, It's sparkles and was a miracle.

Kyogre: It Restored the river, We will all live peace and harmony.

Groudon: It Restored everything, The mists of the beginning.

Rayquaza: It Did Revive Everyone, A True friendship of miracle.

Arceus: Yes, Xerneas did it. We'll never forget you save us and the forest.

Zekrom: The Battle has won, The Forest has restored.

Palkia: So did we, Everyone did well, Xerneas, Farewell.

Reshiram: We'll Remember you Xerneas, Someday we will meet again.

(as the other Legendary Pokemon leaves, the sun rises the clouds removed)

(Later, Mega Diancie Creates a New Heart Diamond, And puts in the Domain, Much to our Heroes' Joy, The Domain Began To Glow and Restoring the Domain, As Diancie turns back to normal form)

Merrick: Princess!

Dace: It's wonderful!

Davis Motomiya: That's so cool!

Pinkie Pie: Oh!

Rainbow Dash: Amazing!

Zaptor: Sparkly and Pretty!

Donkey Kong: Beautiful!

Aviva: Cool!

Oggy: (Meows in Joy)

Jack: (Meows in Joy)

Olivia: (Meows in Joy)

Magnifo: That's very Magical!

Jenny: Wonderful And Dazzling amazing!

XJ-5: Shine Things up are Wonderful!

XJ-6: Sparkly and Mystical Magical!

XJ-7: It's so beautiful!

Spike the Dragon: Pretty Amazing!

Amy Rose: Shine things up is pretty!

Glomp: Amazing!

Jimmy Z: Wow.

(As the whole Domain and Crystal Quartz began to glow and restored, Several Carbink Jumps into Joy)

Teslo: She Did it to save the domain!

Scorpi: Yahoo!

Kari Kamiya: Yipee!

Ami: It's Amazing!

Matt Ishida: Wonderful and Sparkly!

Mimi Tachikawa: It's so beautiful!

Palmon: That's the most beautiful heart diamond ever!

Princess Cadence: Pretty as the ocean.

Rocko: Awesome!

Diddy Kong: Sparkly!

Volectro: Magical and Sparkly!

Rarity: Pretty and Wonderful!

Applejack: Yee-haw!

Daring Do: Talk about Sweet Diamonds!

Sticks the Badger: Sparkly Pretty!

Dudley Puppy: That's Rich!

Hoogi: Rich and Famous!

Heffer: Spectacular!

Eddy: I really want to be rich! If I have that Diamond!

Double-D: I knew you can Mega Evolve!

Ed: I love Mega Evolutions!

Biyomon: I knew Diancie we're able to create a Heart Diamond!

Sora Takenouchi: Pretty as a Princess!

Yolei Inoue: That's the most beautiful heart diamond ever!

Hawkmon: So pretty.

Knuckles: Power to the sparkly!

Kitty Katswell: Mega Evolutions are Very Amazing!

Blossom: Wow, That's a Power of Diamonds!

Bubbles: Sparkly and Miracle Magic!

Buttercup: Greatness Gratitude!

Gabumon: Awesome!

Agumon: You did it Diancie!

Raimundo: Great job!

Clay: Well done!

Torts: Shiny Gems and Jewels means slimy things!

Mordecai: Diancie! Way to go!

Rigby: You did it!

Diancie: Ash, Pikachu, Serena, Bonnie, Clemont, Emerl, Everyone, I want to thank you all so much.

Armadillomon: You're very welcome!

Cody Hida: Me too!

Ash Ketchum: I'm happy I met you, Diancie!

Emerl: Yes! We did well! Everyone are happy they did.

Gmerl: I'm happy I met you too.

Davis Motomiya: We're so Happy we met you as well.

Ken Ichijouji: I'm happy too.

Veemon: All of our friends!

Wormmon: Me too.

Flain: Thanks for them we saved the domain!

Vulk: So did I, we can cool things up!

Zorch: And were just getting amazing!

Teslo: Even with things happier!

Omi: Pretty amazing!

Pikachu: Pika Pika!

Biyomon: Yeah!

Sora Takenouchi: Same here!

Serena: Me, too.

Clemont: Me, too.

Bonnie: Me, too!

Emerl: All of us are happy!

Mario: Because we made a really good team work saving you, and the domain.

Wizwuz: Even the Mixels!

Kimiko: You can say that again.

Gmerl: We made a pretty good teamwork helping you out.

Diancie: We will all be friends forever.

Thomas the Tank Engine: Always.

Gator: Even Then, I'm am so Special and Happy!

Riku: Even there, You are very nice, we will always be friends forever.

Sora: Riku, That's so nice, Because you are my special buddy.

Donald Duck: (Blushes) Thanks.

Wordgirl: An Elegant is an elegant.

Flurr: Friendship is cold for you elsa.

Elsa: Uh, wait that's, aw, that's nice flurr.

Ash Ketchum: Yeah!

Pikachu: Pika!

Kiva: Thanks to their pretty diamonds, I'm so grateful.

Amy Rose: And that diamond is so pretty! And I really want one!

Sonic: Amy!

Fluttershy: Friendship Is A Diamond best friend.

Mimi Tachikawa: Just like when your friendship like Joy & Sadness.

Sunset Shimmer: We always be their, friendship is Forever Love.

Flurr: Pretty Sweet and Friendship!

Tai Kamiya: That was the most epic adventure we ever had!

Agumon: Yeah it was!

(Tai & Agumon high fives)

Takato Matsuki: That was so fun!

Guilmon: And I'm happy we protect Diancie from those bad guys.

(Suddenly Dedenne pops out of the bag and found a diamond)

(Shuff hurl and spits out the diamond which doesn't disappear)

Bonnie: What's that? (Dedenne gives bonnie a diamond) My Diamond, It didn't disappear!

Sora: No way!

Tai Kamiya: Are you serious!

Mickey Mouse: I don't believe my eyes!

Goofy: Gosh! The diamond is not gone!

Donald Duck: Wow.

Anna: That's Wonderful!

Shuff: Yes, the diamond that did not disappear, that's great!

Thomas the Tank Engine: That's Amazing!

Percy: You did it.

James the Red Engine: Congratulations!

Gordon: We're so proud of you.

Henry: We knew you would never give up.

Cody Hida: That's A Spectacle Diamond!

Armadillomon: Yeah, Pretty Amazing!

Twilight Sparkle: Yeah So did we!

The Chief: Well done, Shuff!

Keswick: That's Amazing and neat!

Sweetie Belle: That's Sweet!

Apple Bloom: That's Perfect!

Scootaloo: That's Great!

Xion: That's Magical!

Ventus: That's Neat!

Wormmon: Say Ken, Neat Diamonds comes in handy.

Ken Ichijouji: You said it Wormmon!

Serena: Beautiful! That means, that's the first diamond that you ever made!

Diancie: Yes.

Mordecai: You did a good job.

Rigby: Sure does!

Leonard: Marvelous!

Takato Matsuki: It's pretty cool.

Takuya Kanbara: Yea.

Tai Kamiya: You know Agumon, You we're my friend, Just like a friendship of diamond.

Agumon: Yeah, Thanks for being so helpful!

Ash Ketchum: Then that's the symbol of our friendship!

Pikachu: Pikachu!

Diancie: Yes!

Guilmon: Why not if I can have bread of friendship.

Takato Matsuki: Oh, Guilmon.

Krader: We made rock of friendship!

Twilight Sparkle: Or maybe it will be like the magic of friendship.

Elsa: A Friendship of Diamond!

Mickey Mouse: Even a star of Hollywood studios.

Shuff: Even a diamond of true friendship!

Bonnie: Princess? I think you should have this.

(Bonnies Gives A Diamond to Diancie)

Diancie: I will cherish it.

Princess Luna: That's the spirit.

Flain, Teslo, Krader, Flurr, Gobba & Kraw: Cherish is amazing!

Rigby & Mordecai: Oooooooohhhhhh!

Princess Celestia: Princess you now have the mega stone called. Diancite.

(Our Heroes is pleased, As Diancie Raised a Diamond, We zoom in to reveal a symbol of Mega Evolution, and friendship, as the screen Turn white, the screen fades into leaves, Open My Eyes Can be Played)

Out of the darkness, into the sunlight, A whole wide world was waiting, Once I was so scared, now it feels so right, I'll cry one more tear and move on, But before this moment is gone,

I want to thank you for opening my eyes, Helping me realise just why we are here, To chase down new horizons, eyes or prizes, forgetting your fear, And though it's too soon to tell you goodbye, You'll always be close to me and my eye, Searching the corners of skies, You open my eyes.

Out of the darkness, into the sunlight, A whole wide world is waiting, First I was so scared, now it feels so right, The child I was once is gone, Now that I'm feeling so strong,

I want to thank you for opening my eyes, Helping me realise just why we are here, To chase down new horizons, eyes or prizes, forgetting our fear.

(After the End Credits, Primus and the Other Villains Appears in the Allearth Forest)

Primus: Hello, Is anyone there, Hello?!

(But no one can hear them)

Primus: (sighs) I can't believe those fools lost to them, Hello?!

Natalia: Those Lousy Americans and their friends is getting on my nerves!

Myotismon: Somebody explain something!

(They can't hear them)

Primus: (Sighs) Fine, if it's done right, we'll just do it ourselves.

Hans: Look over there.

Yokai: Where?

Ice King: Uh, over there.

(As they Continue walking, they sees the cliff)

Primus: Hello, Fine. I'll deal with them ourselves.

Natalia: Let's go.

(They walked to the waterfall and see Argus' Airship still crashed into the lake)

Hans: What is that?

Primus: A crashed Airship, wonder how did that happened?

Natalia: Mal, You foiled again this time, But I'm getting Started.

Myotismon: Well, what did we know?

Vexus: Now we gotta plan.

Shredder: Go ahead Scan.

(Primus scans then completes reveal the data of Legendary Pokémon)

Natalia: Excellent timing.

Vexus: What is that thing?

Shredder: That's Hoopa.

Natalia: (She hears her two way radio) Yes, Tirek. We lost them. Yes Primus has scan a Legendary Pokémon.

(We cut the scene to Tirek Hears Natalia with his two way radio alongside The Dark Masters)

Tirek: Yes, indeed and I have the Dark Masters right here.

Piedmon: (Silhouette) Hello, Natalia is going well.

MetalSeadramon: (Silhouette) Yeah, we think so.

Puppetmon: (Silhouette) The Russian spies are doing really well.

Machinedramon: (Silhouette) About Hoopa.

Tirek: Head to the desert city and find that prison bottle.

(We cut the scene to Natalia and the other villains)

Hans: Is there any ideas?

Primus: Yes there is one way-

Natalia: Goodbye. (She turns off her radio)

Primus: Natalia. What does Tirek want?

Natalia: He says he's going to bring more villains to help us out, capture the Prison Bottle to possesse Hoopa and destroy Team Robot, Primus.

Primus: Perfect, now all we gotta do is go to désert city and find that prison bottle and destroy Emerl and his Team Robot once and for all.

Myotismon: Then let's go.

(As They Leave)

The End.

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