Here is how Tegan Jovanka leaves the TARDIS crew in Pooh's adventures with Doctor Who: Resurrection of the Daleks.

Rabbit: So, you're certain that the duplicates are unstable, Doctor?

Doctor: Oh, yes. Yes, given time, they'll all be free of Dalek control.

Timon: May I suggest that we inform the authorities on Earth?

Pooh: Good idea, Timon. Let's go do that.

[Everyone begins to leave, except Tegan, who just stands there, looking shocked]

Pumbaa: Come on, Tegan, we're going now!

Spy: Yes. Let us move!

Tegan: I'm not coming with you.

[Everyone else comes back to her]

Tennessee: Hmm? What is it, Tegan?

Simba: What did you just say?

Moomin: You're not going with them anymore?

Tegan: I'm tired of it.

Blu: Is something bothering you?

Tegan: A lot of good people have died today. I think I'm sick of it.

Blu: Now, look, Tegan, none of us wanted it this way, now did we?

Tegan: No. It's just that I don't think I can go on.

Doctor: You want to stay on Earth?

Tegan: My Aunt Vanessa said, when I became an air stewardess, if you stop enjoying it, give it up.

Doctor: Tegan...

Tegan: It's stopped being fun, Doctor! Goodbye. [Shakes the Doctor's hand, followed by everyone else's hands]

Pooh: Goodbye.

Piglet: If you're sure, OK, you stay here.

Tigger: I'll miss you, Tegan.

Rabbit: Yes, I will too.

Eeyore: It was nice knowing you, Tegan.

Tennessee: So long.

Chumley: Duh, bye, Tegan.

Simba: I'm glad I met you, Tegan.

Timon & Pumbaa: Remember Hakuna Matata.

Shy: Have a safe journey home.

Poky: Yeah, hope you'll be OK.

Tip: Don't forget us, the great adventurers!

Dash: Slash explorers!

Blu: It was nice to have met you, Tegan.

Jewel: Keep aging gracefully.

TF2 cast: Bye!

Turlough: Goodbye, Tegan.

Tegan: I'll miss you all. [Turns to leave, stepping over bodies as she does]

Doctor: No, no, don't leave, not like this!

Tegan: I must! I'm sorry! Goodbye. [Runs out of the warehouse in tears]

Snorkmaiden: We'd better go and make sure she's alright.

Moomin: Hope to see you all again later!

Jewel: OK, see you later!

[Moomin and Snorkmaiden go after Tegan]

Spy: Not our finest moment.

Doctor: It's strange. I left Gallifrey for similar reasons. I'd grown tired of their lifestyle. It seems I must mend my ways. Come along.

Blu: Don't worry about it, Doctor, I'm sure she'll be OK.

[Our heroes enter the TARDIS and it dematerializes. Moomin, Snorkmaiden and Tegan return]

Moomin: Thank you for saving us again, Doctor.

Snorkmaiden: I hope we meet again in better light.

Tegan: Brave heart, Tegan. Doctor, I will miss you.

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