Here's how the droid snipers go in The Beginning of the Chronicles.

[Meanwhile, Percy is chuffing to the Canterlot Mail Station]

Thomas: Percy!

Percy: Thomas! What brings you here?

Thomas: I was asked to help you out with the Canterlot Mail Trains tonight.

Percy: Oh, thanks.

[But when they pull into the mail station, Thomas looked depressed]

Percy: Thomas? Is something wrong?

Thomas: It's about Nyx.

Percy: What about her? Did she get in trouble?

Thomas: No. It's not that. It's something else.

Percy: What is it?

Narattor: Thomas knew he couldn't keep Nyx's origins a secret from Percy. One of his closest friends.

Thomas: [sighs] Alright, I'll tell you, but you must promise not to tell anyone else, what I tell you.

Percy: I won't

Thomas: Nyx isn't really Twilight's half-cousin. Twilight actually found her in the Everfree Forest inside a thornbush.

Percy: Inside a thornbush?

Thomas: Yeah, but we have reason to believe that she was created by the Sith.

Percy: I hope she isn't one.

Thomas: Well, so far, there haven't been any signs that she could be, so she may not be a Sith.

Percy: I hope so. Such a sweet little foal shouldn't be a Sith.

[Then gun fires!]

[the shot hits a cart of Mailbags]

Thomas: [gasps]


[the Royal Guards race in]

Royal guard: What is it?

Thomas: Gun shots! Over there!

Royal Guard #2: Come on!

[they race over to where Thomas pointed out, and draw thier lightsabers.]

[Then more shots arrived]

Royal Guard #3: There! [fires]

[then the droids fire back]

Royal Guard 1: [blocks it with his lightsaber]

[soon, it got destroyed]

Royal Guard #2: Check it out.

[they slowly approach the droid and see a Sith marking on it]

Royal Guard: A Sith Droid. The Sith is here!

Percy: Sith?!

Royal Guard #2: Tell this to Celestia at once, Percy! Thomas tell the situation, NOW!

Thomas: Yes sir! [he then races away back to the librabry]

[soon Percy reaches the main throneroom]


Princess Luna: Percy, would you kindly, not whistle so loudly? You might wake up Yuna and Sharon.

Percy: Sorry, but this is an emergency. Sith droids just attacked inside the Canterlot Mail Room just now.

Barret Barricade: Sith droids?

Percy: Yes.

[the the Royal Guards carry in the destroyed droid]

Royal guard: It's true your majesty. This droid attacked Percy and Thomas just as they were picking up the mailvans.

Princess Celestia: Take this to the exam lab.

[the guards do so]

Princess Celestia: Percy, while you deliver the mail, keep your eyes peeled for anymore droids.

Barret Barricade: And make sure your guns are armed too.

Percy: Yes, your royalties. [whistles as he reverses out]

[At the librabry]

Thomas: [races inside]

Twilight: Thomas! You're back early.

Thomas: Twilight. [sighs deeply] I need to tell you something.

Twilight: What's wrong?

Thomas: Sith Droids just tried to attack me and Percy at the Mail station!

Twilight: Oh, no!

Thomas: I know! It had a Sith marking! And I think Nyx is involved with this.

Twilight: What?! How could you say anything like that?!

Thomas; I don't know. But we must keep our guard up high.

Twilight: [in her mind] I hope Nyx isn't involved with this. She doesn't desrve any of this.

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