This is how telling the Forgotten Friendship story goes in Captain Dememorize (CTaRAoMToLBaCn).

[The episode starts at Marinette's house. Ryan watches TV]

Matau T. Monkey: Hey, Master Ryan. What you're watching?

Ryan F-Freeman: Watching the Forgotten Friendship Movie, Matau.

Rikki: Say. Ryan? Can you tell the story of Forgotten Friendship but, your own way?

Ryan F-Freeman: Sure thing, Rikki. [to Matau] Wanna Listen?

Matau T. Monkey: I love to hear a story, Master Ryan.

Ryan F-Freeman: Ok. It all started at Marinette and Adrien's school


Crash Bandicoot:


Crash Bandicoot: At least I did got from killing Megatron to Meeting a...

[Crash hears Ty Rux coming]

Crash Bandicoot: A T-Trux!!!

Sci-Ryan: Crash. Calm down. He is a good one.

Crash Bandicoot: Oh. Right. I remember when I saw Ryan in his Wuya outfit, I think he was better then me.

Sci-Ryan: Cool. At least he and I are better then Morro.

Odette: Sci-Ryan, remember what Sci-Twi told you.

Sci-Ryan: I know. But, that could be forgotten.