This is how Tempest reveals Shadow Mane was her student goes in Ghost Story.

[The ponies, Autobots, and Tempest sit round a camp fire]

Tempest Shadow: I have something to tell you all. Something I should've told you a long time.

Applejack: Really?

Bulkhead: Is this about how the Storm King hired you to be his lieutenant? Or is it about Shadow Mane?

Tempest Shadow: Shadow Mane may have been my first student, but he was also my greatest regret.

[A flashback to when Tempest worked for the Storm King]

[She places a spear down]

Tempest Shadow: (voice over) Before he was a successor of the Pony of Shadows, it wasn't I who found him.

[A young Shadow Mane comes over]

Tempest Shadow: (voice over) But he who found me.

[Tempest gives him a bread piece]

Tempest Shadow: (voice over) My partner Grubber had just gone off to find more Storm King troopers, which gave me time to more teaching. Shadow Mane was the perfect student.

[Shadow Mane takes it and sits down]

Tempest Shadow: (voice over) He did everything I ask him to do.

[The other students beat up Shadow Mane]

[Tempest comes over]

Tempest Shadow: Get up.

[He does so]


Tempest Shadow: (voice over) I had shown him things he had never seen before.

[Tempest teaches him to petrify objects]

[Shadow Mane tries it on a bee]

[It turns stone solid]

Tempest Shadow: (voice over) And he had shown me a few things too. He had a power over the shadows I had never seen. He was a descendant of a pony who had previously brought the Pillars of Old Equestria together. It was then I thought I had found the One. Perhaps he would be the savior of Equestria when the time to launch our attack came.

[Rainbow Dash interrupts]

Rainbow Dash: Whoa, whoa, whoa, back up. You're saying Shadow Mane, the successor of the Pony of Shadows, was gonna be the savior of Equestria?

Arcee: Seriously?

[The wind blows slightly]

Smokescreen: Did that just happen? Maybe I don't like what we're going through.

Pinkie Pie: What happened next, Tempest?

Tempest Shadow: After I told him he could be the savior of Equestria, there was a hunger outbreak.

[Back in Tempest's flashback, Shadow Mane bucks a student]

[He blasts two others with his magic]

[He then pounces the final one]

Shadow Mane: Get up. Get up!

Tempest Shadow: Enough.

Shadow Mane: But Tempest, if I'm gonna be the savior of Equestria, I need all the...

Tempest Shadow: I said enough!

[Later, Tempest is in her quarters]

Tempest Shadow: (voice over) There was a problem. I feared I had made a terrible mistake. But it wasn't for me to decide. It was destiny.

[Tempest is later seen with the Elements of Harmony]

[Shadow Mane enters]

[He waits for the Elements to respond but they don't glow]

Tempest Shadow: (voice over) When the Elements didn't respond like they did to Twilight later, I knew Shadow Mane wouldn't become the Chosen One.

Shadow Mane: I'll train more. Learn more lessons.

Tempest Shadow: I'm sorry. Destiny has spoken.

Shadow Mane: Then I refuse to listen! I am the savior of Equestria! You made me believe!

[Shadow Mane runs off in anger]

[Tempest looks down. Shadow Mane is later seen packing his saddlebags and placing them on his back before walking away from Tempest]

Tempest Shadow: (voice over) He told me that he would go looking for Starswirl's journal to prove he was worthy. I told him it couldn't be found. He left no message. I had left the gate open in hope Shadow Mane returned, but he never came back.

[The flashback ends]

Tempest Shadow: I am saddened he was banished to Limbo, but what worries me more is that he escaped and for what reason.

Optimus Prime: [punches a rock in rage, shattering it]

[The others look at him]

Optimus Prime: What?

Fluttershy: Why are you so angry?

Ratchet: Is this about Twilight?

Optimus Prime: Yes.

[Fluttershy and Ratchet comfort him]

[Optimus starts to cry softly]

[Fluttershy looks down then up at the sky]