Terrorcon Trouble is a new movie created by Transformersprimefan. 


Whilst chasing down an old demon from his past, Knock Out accidentally gets himself infected with Dark Energon. The substance turns him into a Terrorcon -- and will cause him to explode if the shard isn't removed. Now our heroes must do all they can to bring back Knock Out.


Knock Out Becomes Infected

Knock Out searches around in a forest for any sign of villain activity. Upon finding Airachind turning to his left, He chases her but she drops the Dark Energon she was carrying and it shatters. Suddenly, a shard hits Knock Out in the chest and it quickly infects every bit of his body, including his own Energon reserves. Due to this, Airachnid escapes. The rest of our heroes find Knock Out lying on the ground, completely knocked out.

Knock Out Turns Terrorcon

As Ratchet explains that Megatron once possessed the power of this substance, Knock Out wakes up, his optics now purple. He suddenly turns into a Terrorcon and begins attacking our heroes. Ratchet explains that the Dark Energon within Knock Out his infected every part of him, including his Energon reserves. Knock Out runs off and escapes our heroes' clutches and flees to feed on Energon.


  • Knock Out's optics will be purple from the Dark Energon.
  • Once Knock Out is returned to normal, Arcee will kiss him on the lips.


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