This is how Terrorcons attack, Starscream frees his fellow Decepticons, and Knock Out joins the Autobots goes in Transformers Prime: Friendship is Magic: Beast Hunters: Predacons Rising.

Starscream: Greetings, fellow Decepticons.

Knock Out: Starscream. Thank the stars! We can finally escape this dreaded ship.

Starscream: No, doctor. We must, in fact, take this ship... by whatever means necessary.

Bumblebee: Primary fusion cannons, null-rays, ion blasters everything we need to stand a fighting chance against Unicron's army.

Arcee: B, in case I never get another chance to say this, you've really proved your mettle.

Bumblebee: I'd like to think my actions always spoke louder than my words, Arcee. But it didn't hurt to watch and learn from the best. It would be nice if Optimus showed up about now. I was referring to a powerful little two-wheeler I know.

Starscream: Autobots! Surrender this warship! Ah-Ah-Ah. Funny how the Immobilizer can freeze bots in their tracks... before it's activated.

Knock Out: And, in case you're wondering, Smokescreen is in no position to come to your rescue right now.

Applejack: Scrap.

Rainbow Dash: Nah, Scream won't use it. He needs us if he's gonna stand surviving Unicron.

Starscream: You misunderstand. I do not intend to use this warship for battle but for quickly getting as far aspossible from this doomed planet.

Rarity: Equestria would be nice, now that Unicron no longer seems to be calling it home.

Starscream: Shut up, you! Now move away from the controls, Bulkhead, or get stiff!

Bulkhead: There's just one thing you've overlooked, Scream. That device you're holding not the Immobilizer.

Starscream: What?! What do you mean?

Bumblebee: Aah-ya-yah!

Starscream: I will silence you forever. Huh?

Knock Out: Now will you believe I'm joining the winning team?

Bumblebee: Knockout, we needed that!

Knock Out: Wait. It... really was the Immobilizer?

Predaking: Ha! All hail..

Shockwave: Predaking. An impressive display for my creations. But would it not be more logical to employ your might elsewhere this time?

Predaking: Fine! I hope Unicron destroys you first!

Smokescreen: Why'd you do it, Knockout? Why'd you turn against Starscream?

Knock Out: Even if I had helped him seize this ship, he would have probably just fired me out of the first airlock. Oh and he's rude.

Rarity: Are we there yet?

Bumblebee: Right on schedule. And so is Unicron.

Unicron: Resistance?

Megatron: From my own warship.

Unicron: Demon hordes, take flight...and eviscerate them!

Knock Out: Maybe Starscream had the right idea.