Tessa Yeager is the daughter of Cade Yeager, in Transformers: Age of Extinction


It's not often that any child grows up to be more mature and maybe even smarter than their own parents. Tessa Yeager most certainly fills that category. While her optimistic father tends to be overprotective of her, and believes he's been taking care of her ever since her mother died, from her own realistic perspective, she's been taking care of him, and often wonders who will continue to do so after she graduates from high school and moves out on her own, since he's been spending more time and money on inventions than looking for a steady source of income. This, along with knowing that she was accidentally conceived into their lives before they even

graduated from high school, have created a barrier between them and leaves her yearning for her own future without her father. It does not ease tensions when she has secret and, barely-legal, relationship with a 20-year-old racecar driver.