This is how testing the potion and the next morning goes in Crash, Thomas and Ryan meet Shrek 2.

[Back in the woods]

Evil Ryan: Activate voice modulation. Shrek. [in Shrek's voice] Happily Ever After potion. Maximum strenth. For you and you true love. If one of you drinks this, you both will be fine. Happyness, comfort and beauty devine.

Ryan F-Freeman: You both will be fine?

Fixit: I think this might be a tra... tra.. tra... tra..

[Crash hits Fixit]

Fixit: Trap. Thank you.

Shrek: I guess that means it'll affect Fiona too.

Donkey: Hey, man, this don't feel right. My donkey senses are tingling all over. Drop that jug o' voodoo and let's get out of here.

Ryan F-Freeman: Donkey. It says "Beauty devine".

Shrek: How bad can it be?

[Crash sniffs the potion and sneezed on Megatron]

Donkey: Ah-ha. You see? Crash is allegric to that stuff. Shrek'll have a reaction. And if you think I'm gonna be smearing vaporub all over his chest, think again.

Bertram T. Monkey: Sunset. In case there is something wrong with the potion. Let me take the first sip as your bodyguard. It will be an honor to lay my life on the line for you.

Crash Bandicoot: Wow. You know that better then me. I can test this too. That's a Keyblade wielder's job.

[Crash sips the potion and gives some to Sunset, Bertram and Donkey]

Ryan F-Freeman: How do you feel, guys?

Bertram T. Monkey: We don't feel different.

Donkey: Do we look any different?

Ryan Tokisaki: You don't look like a mule to me.

Shrek: Well, here's to us, Fiona.

Sci-Ryan: Shrek. If you do it, there is no going back.

Shrek: I know.

Bertram T. Monkey: How did I do, Megatron?

Megatron: Very well.

Ryan F-Freeman: I think Shrek loves Fiona and I love Meg. I'll drink this thing.

Donkey: Shrek! No! Wait!

Megatron: Ryan, don't!

[But it's too late. The pressure builds in Shrek's and Ryan's bellies but it turns out they need to pass gas]

Matau T. Monkey: Ohh. Now that is silent but deadly.

Cody Itsuka: Maybe it's a dud.

Shrek: Or Fiona and I were never meant to be.

[Clouds build together and it starts to rain]

Ryan F-Freeman: Twilight! I don't know what's happening! I can't go offline! Primus! Help me, please! I'm rusting! And MELTING!

Sci-Ryan: It's just the rain, Ryan.

Shrek: Yeah.

Ryan F-Freeman: Oh. Right.

[They head over to a barn for shelter]

Ryan Tokisaki: Megatron? Are you dead?

Megatron: No.

Fixit: Don't worry. I know it's raining and Fiona's father have us getting wet.

Puss in Boots: [hisses]

Donkey: You'll feel better in the morning.

Megatron: Uhh. I feel so tired. [Faints]

Bertram T. Monkey: At least, we can see Fiona again. You see? The sun will come out~ [yawns] Tomorrow~

Sunset Shimmer: Bit your bottom~

Ryan Tokisaki and Shrek: Bit my bottom?

Crash Bandicoot: We're coming, Odette. [Faints with Sunset]

Ryan Tokisaki: Crash? Sunset?

Cody Itsuka: Hey, Shrek. Let's help Ryan-Ko snuff Megatron's spark.


Bertram T. Monkey: I feel woozy.. I'll protect you, SunShim... [falls on the floor]

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