Here is how testing the power he holds goes in Ryan F-Freeman's Adventures of Transformers: Prime.

[Apocalypse and his new followers appear on a hill top]

Apocalypse: Destroy what you want, child. Show us, what you are capable of.

Dark Nighlock: With pleasure.[walks into the Nevada military base]

Ryan F-Freeman: Nigh! Stop!

Dark Nighlock:[pins him against the ground with his telekinesis]

[he then starts destroying the base and disintegrating the soldiers who dared to stand against him, and the ones running away]

[Ryan struggles and grabs Apocalypse's leg absorbing his powers]

Ryan F-Freeman: Hello.

Ozai:[kicks him in the face]

Kylo Ren:[flys him up into the air, then drops him]

Ryan F-Freeman: [activates his jetpack] That's close. Who are you?

Kylo Ren: I thought you would recognize me without my mask.

Ryan F-Freeman:[shrugs in confusion] I meant the blue guy.

Apocalypse: I am En Sabah Nur. I am Apocalypse.

[we then see all the soldiers running, but some are disentegrated, while others are killed with their own weapons and artillery]

Ryan F-Freeman: Names, Ryan. Friend to the Autobots. Ryvine is afraid that he and Kylo Ren will never be as powerful as Darth Vader.

Dark Nighlock:[holds out his hand and looks as if he is trying to telekinetically tear out Ryan's heart]

Flash Fire: That is truly brutal.

Ryan F-Freeman: Not that they are brave to be strong like Darth Vader.

Dark Nighlock: [sighs and puts his hand down]

Ryan F-Freeman: Look. Here's the deal. You spare me and you can teach me your powers.

Dark Nighlock: No can do. Morins like them[in Iron Man's voice] killed my mom.[telekinetically slams him against a tree then completes the destruction just as the Decepticons arrived]

Evil Ryan: Whoa.

Ryan F-Freeman: Evil me.

Apocalypse: This is only the beginning my child.[teleports himself and his Horsemen away]

Ryan F-Freeman: Evil me... warn the Autobots.

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