This is how Jack Skellington introduce the Christmas Express goes in The Christmas Express.

Jack Skellington: All Aboard! All Aboard!

Princess Yuna: Jack Skellington?

Jack Skellington: Well, Are you two coming?

Snowdrop: Where?

Jack Skellington: Why, to Christmas Town, of course! That is the Christmas Express!

Princess Yuna: Count us in!

Snowdrop: Okay!

Jack Skellington: Climb aboard, Princess Yuna and Princess Snowdrop!

Inside the Christmas Express.

Princess Yuna: Snowdrop! It's our friends!

Snowdrop: Our friends are here too!?

Jack Skellington: Yes, They volunteered to climb aboard, We're going to see Sandy Claws.

Princess Yuna: Santa Claus?

Snowdrop: I'm so excited.

Sunbeam: We're glad to have you with us, Yuna.

Nyx: We're going to see, Santa.

Arthur Read: I can't wait!

Zenorita Cebra: Neither can I, Arthur Read.

Bart Simpson: Cool your jets, Zenorita!

Snowdrop: Where's Yuna?

Steve Smith: Over here where you'll be sitting, Snowdrop.

Princess Jubilee: Are you excited, Meg?

Meg Griffin: I sure am, Jubilee.

Jack Skellington: Is everyone ready!?

Princess Yuna: All set, Jack!

Jack Skellington: Alright, Everybody and Everypony, Tickets please.

Princess Yuna: Here!

Nyx: i got mine!

Snowdrop: Yuna has mine!

Zenorita Cebra: Here you go!

Princess Skyla: Here, Jack!

Jack Skellington: Thank you, We're off!

Princess Twila: Alright!

And the Christmas Express takes off.

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