The way That night, Luke sees something and the Monster goes into Yuna and the Monster of Blue Mountain Quarry.

Later that night.

Princess Yuna: Thanks for spending the night, Skarloey.

Dusty Crophopper: Yeah, We really appreciated.

Skarloey: Thank nothing of it.

Princess Yuna: How's Luke doing, Rheneas?

Rheneas: Luke is doing well.

Sir Handel: He is brave!

Rusty: Spike is helping him.

With Luke and Spike.

Luke: it's okay how dark it is, Right?

Spike: Now, we can relax and enjoy the night.

Luke: Everything seems fine.

Spike: Good. We got the slate delivery to do.

Luke: Right.

With the others.

The narrow gauge engines: (sleeping)

Duncan: (chuckles and sneaks out of the sheds)

Princess Yuna: (sleeping, open her eyes and sees Duncan)

Dusty Crophopper: (opens his eyes) What's wrong, Yuna?

Princess Yuna: 

Dusty Crophopper: . Now, please, go back to sleep.

Princess Yuna: Okay, Dusty. Whatever you say. (went back to sleep)

With Luke and Spike.

Luke: (puffing along the line)

Duncan: (sinister chuckles as he pushed the flatbed of scrap)

Luke: (puffing along the line)

Duncan: Time to put my plan into action.

Luke: (sees something)

Spike: Remember, Luke, There's no such thing as monsters.

Luke: I know, Spike.

(Luke bumps into something that wasn't the haystack and it wasn't Canterlot. It could be only one thing.)

Luke: There's no such thing as monsters! There's no such thing as monsters! There's no such thing as monsters!

Spike: Look!

Luke: The Monster! The Monster! (runs away)

Back at the sheds.

Duncan: (goes back to the sheds and went to sleep)

Peter Sam: What's that noise?


Skarloey: It's Luke!


Sir Handel: He thinks he saw a monster.

Luke: IT'S THE MONSTER FROM BLUE MOUNTAIN QUARRY!!! IT'S COMING TO GET ME!!! (hides in the back of the sheds)

Spike: Luke, Didn't you remember what Gator said?

Princess Yuna: What's wrong?

Luke: I saw a Monster.

Dusty Crophopper: A Monster!?

Luke: Yes. It has claws, spikes, red eyes and sharp teeth.

Rusty: Calm down, Luke!

Luke: But the monster!

Spike: it's all in your head, Luke.

Sir Handel: (laughs)

Luke: Nobody believes me. But, I know what I saw.

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