This is how that night and the next day goes in Crash's, Thomas' and Ryan's Adventures of the Angry Birds Movie.

[That night, the gang, Red, Chuck and Bomb walk together]

Ryan-Ko: Megatron. You think Ryan reformed you?

Megatron: Indeed he did.

Ryan-Ko: Yeah. When you and the evil robots attack my and my bro's village in the Kung Fu Panda world, my father sacriviced his life to save us. Finding a way to return the favor, I used a spell to transform myself to a Jiang-Shi and join the Autobots.

Chuck (Angry Birds): Evil Robots?

Ryan Tokisaki: He means Decepticons.

Bomb (Angry Birds): One thing. What does you look like as a Jiang-Shi?

Ryan-Ko: I have these long sleeves, big silver claws, blue skin and red cheeks.

Ryan F-Freeman: I do know that the Dazzlings and I can sing from time to time.

Sonata Dusk: Hello? We sing like all the time. It's how we get bad guys to do what we want.

Ryan-Ko: [through clenched teeth] Sonata...

Sonata Dusk: Sorry. You look so cute, Ryan-Ko.

Ryan-Ko: Thanks... You did think I am cute.

Ryan F-Freeman: I think he is a smitten kitten for Sonata.

Sci-Ryan: Yup. What Episode of Total Drama World Tour did you and Matau meet Ryan-Ko?

Ryan F-Freeman: Uh, Chinese Fake-Out?

Crash Bandicoot: You know Time-Skater as well, mate. He might be a smitten kitten.

Ryan Tokisaki: Um. Jessie? I think that I saw Megatron dead. But. He's reformed when Ryan removed Unicron. And he because friends with a girl who turn into a crazy she demon and try to kill Ryan and Twilight. [gasps. To Sunset] Uh. No offence.

Sunset Shimmer: None taken.

Megatron: Why you think I'm dead!? But, you said that Ryan redeem me. I'll let that slide. Right, Ryanumi?

[Kuryan nods and hugs Megatron]

Matau T. Monkey: So, let's just follow the script.

Evil Ryan: Besides. Ryan is working on a poem. It's about his friendship with all of us.

Matau T. Monkey: Megs? When we compete in Total Drama Action. I wager that Bertram will be Sunset's bodyguard.

Bomb (Angry Birds): Anyways, [clears his throat] I don't know what happened. I was doing the poses I was feeling all zen, Matilda was digging it, then I lost my grip on it. Let it slip and it just squeaked out.

Bertram T. Monkey:

[Roxanne's kwami, Silvia pops up]


Roxanne: I know, Silvia. Stay in my pocket.

Red (Angry Birds):

Ryan F-Freeman: Is it I have a cold? Bird flu?

Chuck (Angry Birds):

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