This is where the Wonder Pets get captured in The Littlest Pet Shop Pets Save The Wonder Pets.

[That night the Wonder Pets are asleep]

[then we hear the door creak open]

[6 figures walk in and slowly make their way to each of the pets]

[2 of them grab Linny]

Linny: MM!!

[then 2 snatch tuck]

Tuck: Hey!

[as the last 2 snare Ming-Ming]

Ming-Ming: Uh-oh!

[they then put cloths of cloraform over their faces as they pass out]

Figure 1: Let's get out of here.

[They leave]

[the next morning the room service comes in]

Room service: Wonder Pets? Your breakfast is here.

[but when they llok around one of them finds a the cloth of cloraform]

Room service #2: Oh dear, they've been captured!

[Later they run to the stand]

Room service #3: The Wonder Pets, have been captured!

[Every fan is shcoked]

Room service #2: Call the police!

Suite manager: [picks up phone] Get me the police!

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